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By: District Treasurer Emily Gicewicz

New York District Key Club

New York District Key Club

$6.50- Key Club International + $5.00- New York District Key Club + $1.00-$3.00- Your club (optional) $12.50-$15.50 per member

New York District Key Club International •International website ( •District Governor and Administrator training (GATCON) •International Convention •Awards •District Support •International Officer travel expenses

District •District website ( •District Officer Training •Leadership Training Conference •Board meetings •Pins •Board reimbursement

Club •K-Family visits •Officer Induction ceremony •Club celebrations •PR tools •Club website •Attendance to LTC or ICON •Pins •Awards

New York District Key Club

Today = Best time to start collecting dues

***October 1st-31st = Early Bird dues

November 1st- 30th= On time dues

December 1st= DUES ARE DUE

February 1st= If no dues are sent in, the club is suspended. {when/if club pays, suspension it revoked} (Please give International 2 weeks to process dues)

***Our goal is to have as many clubs as possible submit dues Early Bird!

New York District Key Club 

To get to the Membership Update Center  Or

 1. 2. 3.

Click on Leadership Click on Membership Update Center on the right side of the page Click on ANY underlined “Membership Update Center”.

When you arrive have your Club Key Number and Password on hand!  They can be obtained from ▪ Past year’s files ▪ Beginning of the school year district mail out ▪ Contacting Mr. Goldstein ▪

New York District Key Club 1.

Log in


Update new advisor (if one)


Click the “Click here to begin” to start to updating!


After that you will be able to click “yes” or “no” to delete members who are no longer in your club.


Then you will be able to click “yes” or “no” to add new members or to edit current members. (If you get more members during the year, you can always log back on to add them.)


When you are have all the correct members down, click “yes” to confirm .


Please review the list/roaster! Now click “continue”.


When you list is all set to create an invoice, click “yes” to submit it to Key Club International. Take a moment to read through the list. Now click “print” to move to list of members. Please print off 4, you will NOT be able to print more later.


All you have to do now is, write the check for the correct amount and the proper paper work out!

New York District Key Club 

Please send a copy of the dues check and a copy of the membership list for the District to: District Administrator John Goldstein 590 Mullock Road, Port Jervis, NY 12771

Please send THE dues check and a copy of the membership list for International to: Key Club International PO Box 6069 - Dept. 123 Indianapolis, IN 46206

New York District Key Club 

International takes 2 weeks to process dues, plan accordingly. (it is not when the dues are sent but when they are process that qualifies Early Bird clubs)

Your club keeps the optional $1-$3, DO NOT send it in with the District and International dues!!!!

You must update the Membership Update Center before you send in the dues check.

NO money is sent to Mr. Goldstein (New York District), International will give the money to our district.

New York District Key Club After you have sent in dues to the district (copy of the check and membership list) and the International (check and membership list), wait two weeks! Then check the links below to ensure your dues were submitted. 

Club Reports  click on Paid Membership Report under Key Club. Scroll down a ways till you reach

New York District.

New York District Dues spreadsheet-

(After 4 weeks if your dues do not show up as paid on either of the lists, please email District Treasurer Emily)

New York District Key Club

If any questions, comments, or concerns do arise please feel free to contact me by any means!  Email-  Phone- (518)763-7309  Facebook (Join the group/message)

New York District Key Club

How to Submit Dues  

This powerpoint (now in pdf) is a helpful resource for any treasurer who need to submit dues!

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