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New for 2013 two exceptional attached residences with 2077 square feet of living space.

Visit our new model home with prices starting below $350,000 with lot

• Large decks with panoramic views • Open concept living rooms, kitchen and dining areas • Large lower walk out levels of 750 square feet with fireplaces.

Elk Park Ranch road


2 Minutes from 4 way stop

Open House every weekend

95 Show home

For more information, call Scott at 1-877-347-6838

Radium Hot Springs


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Sales Centre

When I ask locals what first drew them to the Radium Hot Springs area the answers are broad-ranging. Some came here for the family friendly atmosphere, welcoming people and strong sense of community; others came for the many outdoor activities, beautiful scenery and the freshest, sweetest air you’ll ever breathe. Affordability, a huge range of property choices and true value for money top the list of anyone who has purchased property here. Being able to offer great value homes and land parcels for people looking to start a life in this unique area is what drives me. Not so long ago, the dream of a valley acreage, ranch or home was unattainable for many aspiring buyers. Soaring prices in Radium, and everywhere else, kept that dream out of reach — before the pendulum started to swing the other way. Maverick builders looking to make a quick buck started flinging together new developments and suddenly,

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while price was no longer an issue, quality was. Through it all, Schickedanz West has remained steady. Outstanding customer service, unbeatable quality and the confidence to stand by everything we do are the foundations of this company. After several decades in the land development business and having conducted extensive research into what buyers want and what makes a community outstanding, I know that we have found it here in Radium. To see for yourself, visit Elk Park Ranch’s brand new show home and sales centre near the four-way stop in Radium. Drop by or give us a call to schedule a tour. We look forward to welcoming you home.



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The Schickedanz Story The fascinating history behind the Schickedanz name


An Historical Slant A peek at the rich history of the local area


The Local Lifestyle The leisure and recreation choices here are endless


Home on the Range Elk Park homeowners invite us to share their slice of paradise


Nature in Your Backyard Nature’s bounty is abundant in Kootenay National Park

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Home On the Range

The Local L ifestyle


The stunning autumn colours light up the countryside at Brewer Pass, one of the valley’s many spectacular hiking trails .

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An Historical


Rugged ranchers and farmers were the first European settlers to tame the wilds of the Columbia Valley more than 100 years ago. While nomadic First Nations Elk Park Upper Ran ch, known to locals groups had been passing through the area for centuries, at the old Eaton Hou Annie McKay, of th se, was erected in 19 e pioneering McKay enterprising farming families and miners from Eng02. Pictured: family, in front of th e pretty farmhouse du land and Scotland were the first to call the valley home ring the 1960s year-round. The first European visit to what is now known as the Columbia Valley came from Sir George Thompson, governor of the Hudson Bay Company. He came in his absence for $160. 1841 to see the steaming, hot water that sprang natuAround the same time, the numbers started to rally from the rocks at the base of Redstreak Mountain swell in other small settlements that had sprung in what is now Kootenay National Park. After forming up south of Elk Park Ranch. Miners travelled a rock pool out of gravel, Sir Thompson also became the into the valley by steamboat along the Columbia first European to bathe at the springs. River after hearing of a second mining boom Permanent settlers started arriving locally during the in the area following the discovery of gold at 1880s and immediately struggled against the harsh cliFindlay Creek 20 years before. mate, lack of amenities and remoteness of the region. It By 1899, the new Canadian Pacific Railway John McKay was at this time — even before railways snaked through had begun employing Swiss mountain guides Western Canada — that the humble beginnings of Elk to help their passengers explore the breathtakPark Ranch got underway. ing beauty of the still largely uninhabited area. One of the first sets of settlers locally was the pioneering McKay famTourism — still a major driving force in the local economy — began to ily. In 1886, James Lorenzo (Jim) McKay and his father, John L. McKay, flourish. The turn of the century also brought a further influx of Britalong with Jim's brothers Cham and Jock, drove their cattle from Moose ish farmers, drawn to the area with offers of low land prices and swift Jaw, Saskatchewan, across the prairies and mountains in a multi-week immigration. Towns started to be laid out and businesses began to be trek to reach land near Radium. Jim, who was just 18, purchased 15,000 established. acres of land from the provincial government, spanning from Radium in A community blossomed in the farming hamlet of Edgewater, nine the south to Luxor (now Spur Valley) in the north. He called his slice of kilometres north of Radium Hot Springs, when the Edgewater Sawmill wild beauty Elk Park Ranch. was built in 1912, attracting workers from far and wide. Invermere, The area was divided into the Upper Ranch, which houses the beautiAthalmer and Windermere developed on the hills and banks of stunning ful green-and-white Eaton farmhouse building, and the Lower Ranch Lake Windermere, while Radium and Fairmont continued to draw visinear Spur Valley, where Jim's brother Cham homesteaded. The family tors with their famed natural hot springs. used logs hauled by horse to build log cabins to live in. The pretty greenMeanwhile, the McKay family were on the move. Jim sold the Upper and-white farmhouse, ordered from the Eaton's catalogue, came by Ranch to the Columbia Valley Syndicate and moved to Athalmer with steamboat along the Columbia River after Jim McKay married in 1902. his seven children: Gordon, Lionel, Harold, William, Dorothy, Marion The elegant, green-trimmed building was purchased for his young bride, and Marguerite. Their former home passed through several sets of Anne Elizabeth Harper. hands, including Kirk Christmas Tree Company and a string of ranchers, Jim was also the first person to stake the land around the famous before being purchased by Schickedanz. Radium Hot Springs, although the claim is credited to Roland Stuart. The proud ranching tradition is kept alive to this day at Elk Park Unfortunately, Jim was away in Winnipeg in 1890 when ownership reg- Ranch, where ranch managers Peter and Margaret Feldmann cultivate istration was required and the Englishman purchased the hot springs in the land for fruits, vegetables and hay to winter their cattle and horses.



More than

Meets theEye

s. The Village of Radium Hot Springs and the Elk Park Ranch community enjoy mountain views to the east and west. Here on the sunny side of the Rockies, the pace of life is a little more relaxed. Despite being just two and a half hours from Calgary, the Columbia Valley’s rural charm soon washes away the stresses of city living. This is a place to take a deep breath, detach from your electronic devices and enjoy a retreat from the hustle and bustle, while basking in your glorious surroundings. This mountain getaway is flanked by two ranges: the jagged Rockies to the east and the rolling Purcells to the west. Waterways criss-cross the lush greenery, with the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia River, bubbling from the ground near Canal Flats to begin its 2,000 kilometre journey to the Pacific. It was the Columbia that helped bring the earliest residents to the region, with paddle steamers ferrying in people and supplies to emerging ranching and farming communities. Tourism came shortly after the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed at the turn of the 20th century. Almost 9,000 permanent residents call the area between Spillimacheen and Canal Flats home and enthuse about the pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and friendly communities. Many more visitors flock to the area to enjoy the sparkling lakes, mountain trails and plentiful leisure activities. The Columbia Valley truly offers something for everyone. After a tranquil drive through breathtaking Kootenay National Park, the first point most visitors reach is Radium’s namesake: the naturally heated mineral pools at the park’s south boundary. The village of Radium Hot Springs lies just beyond. It is filled with small-town charm,

Kootenay Block, #7, 7527, Main Street West Radium Hot Springs, B.C.


offering a walkable community with sweeping views of the Columbia River Wetlands, the longest continuous wetlands in North America. The village has two golf courses, with another 12 easily reached within 45 minutes by car. There are parks, playgrounds, a baseball diamond, outdoor fitness equipment and the Sinclair Trail system, all within the municipality. Those visiting in the winter can enjoy the free outdoor skating rink Legend’s Park or try one of three nearby ski hills: Panorama Mountain Village, Kicking Horse Resort or the family-friendly Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area. Just two minutes north of Radium’s four-way stop, the Elk Park Ranch community is growing every day. The community ranges from beautiful ranches on the east of Highway 95 overlooking Kootenay National Park to homes and acreages on the west side of the highway overlooking the wetlands. Plans for Elk Park’s future include a large communal park with four-acre pond fed by a babbling creek, hiking trails and fitness facilities, including hot tubs and a pool for residents. Radium and Elk Park residents enjoy access to an expansive choice of outdoor pursuits on their doorstep including hiking, fishing, climbing, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, skating, sledding and water sports — to name but a few. When you hear the phrase, “So-and-so’s on valley time” it refers to locals’ relaxed attitudes towards the need for time constraints, deadlines and stress. Come and join us and you might find that while time marches on, valley time suits your pace of life as well.

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The Local Lifestyle

The Columbia Valley is packed with indoor and outdoor recreation and leisure choices throughout the four seasons. Here is just a tiny taste of the multitude of fantastic things to do in the local area. To find out about some of the great organized events at Elk Park Ranch and in the surrounding area, see the calendar of events on pages 18 and 19.

Summer Kayaking and canoeing

Elk Park Country Market

Glass blowing

Mountain biking

Rafting and float trips


ATV and quad biking

Explore the backcountry

Explore the backcountry

Beaches and parks

Spilli Chili Cookoff



Farmers markets

Baseball at Legend’s Field


Invermere’s Kinsmen Be


Bird and animal watching

Easter Egg Hunt at Elk Park

Horseback riding

Catch a movie at the Toby Theatre


Wings Over the Rockies Festival

Go gliding

Soak in the hot springs

Early season golfing

Visit Mount Nelson Skatepark

Panorama’s springs festivals

Road biking

Hike the Hoodoos

Visit national and provincial parks

Visit Fort Steele Heritage Town

Autumn Radium’s Classic Car Show

Hiking/ Trail running

Headbanger sheep tours


Fishing/ Hunting

Visit the local microbrewery

Hang gliding and paragliding

Watch the salmon spawn

Elk Park’s Halloween Howler

Art galleries

Rock climbing

Fall nature photography

Canoeing and kayaking

Windemere Fall Fair

East Kootenay Wine Festival

Winter Downhill skiing

Ski touring


Ice skating

Cross-country skiing





BC Pond Hockey Championships

Bonspiel on the Lake

Ice climbing

Ice fishing

Radium’s Winterfest celebrations

Lake Windermere Whiteway

the Radium’s hot pools provide perfect place to relax.

Skijoring on Lake Lilli an.

10 Valleytime

The Radium Show & Shine Classic Car Show.

Arrowhead Brewing Company The Columbia Valley’s Original

Craft Brewery Craftmanship of many kinds can be found throughout the Columbia Valley. The newest addition to this pool of genuine talent and dedication is the Arrowhead Brewing Company, located across the street from Kicking Horse Coffee in the Athalmer business park on the way into Invermere. The craft brewery is a dream come true for husband and wife team Shawn and Leanne Tegart, who officially launched the business in late 2012, but the company’s roots go much further back. Shawn, who is originally from Invermere, spent years living in Oregon as a professional snowboarder where he acquired a love for craft beer. When he moved back to B.C. 15 years ago, Shawn plunged into extensive home brewing while supporting himself with his own metal and woodworking business. Through friends, he was introduced to Larry Kerwin, a semi-retired Calgary-based brewmaster with over 40 years experience who took Shawn under his wing. With Kerwin as his mentor, Shawn decided to make the jump and go pro. Residents of the valley are no stranger to Arrowhead Brewing Company’s eye-catching logo — an arrowhead icon — which predates its tasty microbrews and has been appearing on locally-sold apparel for the last four years.

The arrowhead holds special significance to Shawn, who can trace his family history back to the valley’s early pioneer days. “It was a brand I wanted to create and get out there, something recognizable,” Shawn said. “Once I met Larry and decided I was going to do this brewery, I already had my branding, logo, everything.” It took almost a year of equipment building, engineering work and trial runs before Arrowhead Brewing Company officially produced its first beer, thus joining the elite ranks of Revelstoke, Nelson and Fernie as one of four craft breweries in the Kootenay region. To go from home brewing to running a start-up craft brewery in less than a year is no easy undertaking, but Shawn is quite humble about their achievement. “It’s the same basic principle,” he said. “Beer has been made the same way for thousands of years with the same ingredients; it’s just a little more hi-tech now and bigger scale.” For now, craft beer lovers can count on three Arrowhead mainstays — a light golden ale (Blond Bombshell), a dry Irish stout (the Blackjack) and an India pale ale — plus limited release seasonals throughout the year. All the ingredients are as local as possible, mostly sourced from Alberta, the Okanagan and just south of the border in Washington. “It’s a bit of an education process that we’ve taken on as well,” Shawn added. “It’s transitioning people off their regular corn-syrup based beers that’s everybody’s grown up on or used to… to helping them become more knowledgeable of what they’re putting in their mouths.” Arrowhead Brewing Company closely follows the Bavarian purity laws with just four main ingredients in its beer — malt, water, hops and yeast. Arrowhead beer is sold in restaurants and bars throughout the Columbia Valley, from Golden to Fairmont, with refillable growlers available for purchase at the brewery itself, as well as keg rentals. Walk-in customers can also treat themselves to five-ounce samples at the brewery bar and browse through a wide variety of stylish merchandise in the retail store. The Arrowhead Brewing Company is located at 481 Arrow Rd in Invermere. Contact them at 778-526-BREW (2739) or email

Valleytime 11

Radium’s Real

Ranch Community 12 Valleytime

Canada’s only master planned ranch community A ranch that gets real Just two minutes north of the Radium four-way stop resides Elk Park Ranch - some 4,300 acres of Rocky Mountain wilderness whose ranching history dates back to 1886. Within the boundaries of the Village of Radium Hot Springs, the Elk Park Ranch is establishing a mix of high-quality ranch-style homes. Right next door is a 600acre working ranch that extends the property’s rich heritage and invites residents to reconnect with the ranching way of life. On the remaining land - nearly 3,500 acres - are 16 ranches ranging from 36 to 480 acres that will make the dream of owning an authentic ranch in the Columbia Valley a reality for a lucky few.

Valleytime 13

Real Estate Smarts

Many people dream of owning a home or vacation getaway but fear a confusing, time-consuming search with no guarantee of results. The process of home and second-home buying is both thrilling and exhausting, yet with the help of the right real estate agent and a little insider knowledge, owning a dream home is easier than you might think. With dozens — maybe even hundreds — of decisions ahead of them, prospective home buyers must first choose the type of property they are seeking and the ideal spot for it. In terms of location, it’s hard to find more passionate property owners than here in the Columbia Valley. Locals wax lyrical about the incredible lifestyle, limitless recreation choices and enviable climate, with mild winters and gloriously sunny, hot summers. Just ask new full-time residents Jim and Lawanda Neilsen, who enjoyed almost a decade of summertimes in the local area before purchasing land and building a retirement home in the Elk Park Ranch community. “We bought a place in Radium in 2003,” Jim says. “It was just our summer house, but when we got closer to retirement we decided that this was where we wanted to be. It was the climate and lifestyle that really won us over.” Buying resale (a previously owned property) has obvious limitations in

the style and location of your prospective home. You may be able to customize the interior and perhaps add an extension, but short of loading your new house onto a flatbed truck, it’s probably staying put. With a relatively small difference in cost between a custom new-build home and resale property, Scott Sauermann, a realtor with Royal LePage Rockies West Realty who specializes in Schickedanz West properties, recommends finding the extra few thousand in your budget to get just what you’re looking for. “The price point between new-build and resale is not much these days,” he says. “For the little extra, isn’t it better to get exactly what you want?” The area in and around Radium Hot Springs has a huge selection of different property types at attractive prices. Plots of land start at costs as low as $75,000, with build options ranging from single family homes and bungalows to 500-acre ranches. It is integral to track down a trusted developer or builder, who has a proven track record of delivering quality homes and customer service, from the first consultation until months — or even years — after moving in day. “You need a reputable builder and developer,” Mr. Sauermann agrees. “You can’t go wrong with a company like Schickedanz that has been in

Intimate, casual setting Outdoor patio & garden


and Tapas!

Over 100 wines, many by the glass Specialty beers & other spirits Cheeses, tapas & unique desserts

4873 St. Mary’s Street Radium Hot Springs 250 341 5938

Home buying hints

business since 1951, has always stood by its product and promoted quality, and employs a knowledgeable staff.” Even if you want to go it alone with construction, buying a plot from a well-respected developer gives the inside scoop on recommended contractors to work with and second-to-none assistance in choosing just the slice of land to suit your building plans. “A Schickedanz representative always walks the lots extensively with clients to ensure they are just what they are looking for,” Mr. Sauermann says. “We sit down first and find out the type of home they want to build and their needs — views, flat or sloped land, trees, orientation — and then show them lots that will suit their build style. “We can do anything from simply helping set up initial meetings with builders or if they want a really easy process we can take take an owner’s architectural plan, price it up and build exactly what they want from beginning to end, from digging the first hole for the foundation to putting the last screw in the door.” For a large scale homestead or ranch, Schickedanz West’s Elk Park Ranch properties are the only option in and around Radium Hot Springs. They vary from 36 to 480 acres of beautiful, unspoilt land and many properties are bordered by the natural wilderness of Kootenay National Park. For owners seeking a magnificent wetlands view, on the other side of the highway sits Borrego Ridge townhomes and the Elk Park Ranch community, offering everything from duplexes to single family homes to acreages. Planned facilities for the community include hot tub, a swimming pool, fitness equipment and walking and biking trails. “There are tons and tons of options for buyers,” Mr. Sauermann says. “If people want to find out more about Schickedanz properties the grand opening of our new show home is on July 1st and this April our new sales centre will be open in the Elk Park development. Everyone is welcome to come and find out more.”

Alpine wildflower honey


976 Highway 95, Spillimacheen, B.C.

Beeswa x Soaps & Cand les


Always arrange for a home inspection before purchasing resale or newly constructed properties to ensure build quality. British Columbia is the only province in Canada to require that home inspectors be licensed, through Consumer Protection BC. Visit homeinspectionrightsbc. ca to check the credentials of your preferred inspector.


As of 1999, all residential builders in British Columbia are required to be licensed by the Homeowner Protection Office and must arrange third-party home warranty insurance on proposed new homes prior to construction. Even resale homes are covered by a warranty for a minimum of 10 years after construction. Check the terms and conditions of any home warranty insurance before purchasing.


In B.C. the payment of pay property transfer tax when you register changes to a certificate of title with the Land Title Office, such as adding or deleting a name. If property is valued at less than $200,000, the tax is 1% of the property value. For properties worth more than $200,000 the tax is 1% of the fair market value up to $200,000, plus 2% of the remaining portion of the market value.


As of April 1st, 2013 the 12% HST sales tax in British Columbia was eliminated for new home buyers! Only the GST will be applied, the same as all other provinces.


Always investigate the full range of tax credits, rebates and deferment programs, grants, loans, specialized mortgages and exemptions when buying property. Eligible home buyers can claim a variety of assistance from the federal and provincial governments, municipalities, financial institutions and other agencies. Rebates for energy efficient building choices are worth investigating.


A great relationship with your builder is integral when constructing a home. Unlike many decisions, this one will stick with you for a long time, so it’s worth doing your research, getting referrals and speaking to a builder’s past clients to determine the quality of their work.

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Honey Tasting & Guest C hef Events

Beeswa x& HoneyBased Body Ca re (100% natural)


Jim and Lawanda Neilsen retired to the Columbia Valley from Calgary, handpicking every detail on their custom built Schickedanz home, in the Elk Park Ranch community.

Turning a summertime retreat amid the mountains into a full-time retirement home is what many people crave; Jim and Lawanda Neilsen chose to go one step further and make it a reality. After years of planning their ideal property, the pair of Calgary high school principals on the cusp of retirement took the plunge, becoming one of the first purchasers of a lot in Schickedanz West’s Elk Park Ranch community in June 2010. “I looked at land forever,” Jim says. “All of a sudden one day Lawanda showed up and said, ‘I found it.’ “It didn’t even have a real road down here yet and the developers were still getting in and out with Hummers, but we came down here … and we knew this particular piece of property was really perfect.” The Neilsens chose a tranquil, sunny lot beside the Schickedanz show home on Morgan Lane. The choice to live in the village of Radium Hot Springs was a culmination of more than 10 years of knowledge gained during trips to the valley. Having owned a modest cabin in Radium since 2003, the Neilsens knew they wanted to remain close to the village they had come to think of as home. Once they had found the right lot, the husband and wife wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection for the design of their forever home. Lawanda had been dreaming for years of retreating to the ideal rural cabin. Using a software package given to her by Jim, she set about designing one. “I designed the whole thing, but then I had to turn it over to an architect — a family friend of ours. He tweaked a few things, but he made our dream come true,” she says. The couple is filled with praise for the Schickedanz team for helping turn

16 Valleytime


Home on the

their plans into reality. With a choice of four different builders to choose from, the Neilsens chose Schickedanz. The project got underway swiftly and at the end of August 2010, they were breaking ground on Jim and Lawanda’s new home. Within months, the building work was complete. “We have never been unhappy that we made the decision to go to Schickedanz,” Lawanda says. “They did all the contracting. It was a wonderful experience. There wasn’t a single person from all the different companies who didn’t take pride in their work.” The husband and wife say they could not be happier with the results and the level of involvement they had with the project. “From top to bottom it fits Lawanda’s vision that she created,” Jim enthuses. “We were intimately involved in all the choices made. We picked the fascia, the soffit, the shingles, the stain on the outside and inside pillars; even the railings were our choice.” The four-bedroom, 3,000 square foot home is designed inside and out with earthy, natural tones, to fit seamlessly into its surroundings. The property provides maximum accessibility on the ground floor, giving Jim and Lawanda the option to live solely on one level of the house if negotiating stairs ever becomes a challenge. Two bedrooms are located at ground floor level and two upstairs, with three bathrooms spread between the upper house and the basement. The basement is decked out with pool table and everything needed for when the couple’s four sons choose to visit. The open, airy home was designed to maximize the country vistas. “If you get out on the deck you can look north and south up the valley and west and east from the front of the house. We have the views all

The basement has been decked out with wine cellar and games room, perfect for when the Neilsens’ four boys choose to pay their parents a visit.

around,” Jim says. The extensive sun deck is one of Lawanda’s favourite features. During the summer months the couple says they spend as much time on the deck as they do inside, “maybe more,” Lawanda jokes. With an open plan kitchen and living area, the home is perfect for entertaining, which Jim and Lawanda have merrily been taking advantage of. Between the fellow retirees from Calgary in the local area and the welcoming residents, house guests have not been hard to come by, Lawanda says. “We love it here,” she adds. “It is rustic and comfortable … We try to go out every day and do something, whether it is a walk or taking a trip into town. “We love the lifestyle and the scenery and being close to our children in Calgary. It is a slower pace of life, but a welcome one.”

the s are a feature throughout Pretty stained glass window three a’s father. Pictured is one of nd wa La by d ne sig de , me ho operty. elegant bathrooms in the pr

The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People.


Calendar of May Wednesday, May 1st

Elk Park Ranch Open House Come down to the Elk Park Ranch discovery centre and check out the development being worked on. Take a walk around Elk Park and see all the available properties.

Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th Wings over the Rockies Hike at Elk Park Upper Ranch Head to Old Eaton House to register. For more information on this historical hike, please visit or phone 1-855-342-2473. Book early; the event fills up quickly.

Tuesday, May 28th Stained glass with Sharon at Elk Park Upper Ranch Elk Park Ranch presents a Stained Glass Workshop With Sharon Kamphuis at Elk Park Upper Ranch Radium. Please contact Sharon at Sharon@edgeart@telus. net for more information on dates and registration

Every Sunday, starting May 19th Elk Park Ranch Country Market 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. : Elk Park Ranch Country Market Opens May 19th and will also be open Thursday and

Friday’s starting June 20th our garden should be in full bloom with a variety of produce to choose from. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Stop by Eaton House for a great selection of country produce, farm fresh eggs and flavourful goodies including jams, jellies, homemade pies, cookies and breads, local honeys, arts and crafts, and collectable antiques. Fresh flowers are also available to pick or have a lovely arrangement hand-crafted for you by staff. The market will also be open on Fridays from 3 to 7 p.m. starting on June 14th.

Saturday, May 27th Spring Cleaning Old English Car Boot Sale Put some extra cash in your pocket before taking your treasures to the secondhand store. Bring unwanted items down to the Elk Park Upper Ranch to sell, trade or swap. No need to unload your goods, just sell them from the trunk of your car, truck or SUV. For more information, contact Karen: or 250-341-7987.

Every Thursday, starting May 30th Margaret in the Garden 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.: Bring your question, share some ideas and have a peek at what Margi is planting this year at Elk Park Upper Ranch.

June Saturday, June 8th Radium Days & Brits Best Car Show 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.: The Brits Best Car Show begins in Legend’s Park at 10 a.m., with the Radium Days Parade starting down Main Street at 11 a.m. Follow the parade to the park grounds for an afternoon of games and activities, kids’ crafts, local markets and MG classic cars. Be sure to buy a ticket for the famous Chicken Poop Bingo!.

Every Tuesday, starting June 18th Hit the Elk Park Trails - Hiking Club, Dogs Welcome (Free) Every Tuesday starting June 18th from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.: Hike the beautiful trails in Elk Park Country!!.... contact Karen for information and to register tklarsen1@ or visit us at the Upper Ranch Country Market Opening May 19th.

18 Valleytime

July Join Us again for a summer of Yoga with Roberta Hall at the Upper Ranch Starting in July. For more info, contact

Monday, July 1st Elk Park Canada Day Celebration Calling all proud Canadians! Bring the family and celebrate Canada Day with us at Elk Park Upper Ranch from 2 to 5 p.m. Games, wagon rides, hot dogs and cake will be available.

Saturday July 20th Country Barn Dance & BBQ at Elk Park Upper Ranch Remember how summer used to be? Bring your sweetheart to Elk Park Upper Ranch for a country-style dinner and dance. Gates open at 6 p.m. Tickets and information are available from the Elk Park Country Market or the Elk Park Discovery Centre, starting June 14th. Contact Karen at 250-341-7987 to learn more.

August Saturday August 17 and 18th Elk Park Ranch presents Farrier Competition and Mini-Rodeo Join Elk Park Ranch staff for an afternoon Farrier Competition between some of Canada’s champion blacksmiths. Horseshoeing competitions date back as early as the mid-19th century and involve the forging of a specimen shoe and for competitors to make, fit and nail one or more shoes to a horse’s hooves within a strict time limit. Event includes barrel racing and mini-rodeo. Look for posters and information coming this summer.

November Saturday & Sunday, November 23rd & 24th Elk Park Ranch Country Christmas Bazaar 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Get a jumpstart on Christmas with a barn packed full of festive gift ideas. There are many treats, toys and crafts to choose from. Vendors from across the valley bring a variety of crafts, food and fun to the Upper Ranch to make your shopping days easier. Enjoy a hot apple cider, some home baked goods and enjoy a visit from Santa. Christmas in the valley starts here!

December Canadian Pacific Holiday Train visits Radium For excitement and Christmas cheer to help ease you into the spirit of the holidays, come on down to the CP Holiday Train celebrations in Radium. Every other year, the holiday train makes a stop in the village, bringing Canadian musical talent and firing up your Christmas cheer. Visit to find out more.

September Saturday, September 21st 24th annual Classic Car Show & Shine 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.: One of Radium’s biggest events is this annual classic car show showcasing more than 800 antique cars and trucks. Vehicles are on display at the Radium Springs Golf Course. The parade starts at 8 a.m. heading down Stanley Street in Radium for the golf course, and finishes at 4 p.m. Call 250-347-9331 to find out more.

Saturday, September 21st Elk Park Upper Ranch Country Harvest Festival The Upper Ranch Country Market will host its first Harvest Festival showcasing and judging locally made jams and jellies, pickles and beets and delicious homemade pies. Come join the ranch crew for country fun and enter your fare to win a prize and bragging rights. Information and registration will be available at Elk Park Ranch Country Market this coming summer.

Saturday, September 28th Headbanger Trail Challenge Elk Park Ranch sponsors this 11-kilometre, endurance trail running race along stunning trails with fantastic views of the Columbia River and wetlands. A 3-kilometre run or walk is also available for families. For more information and to register for the event, visit www.

December 31st Radium Birthday Bash and New Year’s Eve Party 1 to 5 p.m.: Meet at the Radium Community Hall for an outdoor birthday celebration and New Year’s Eve party. Enjoy some skating on the two rinks available or launch a toboggan down the Legend’s Park hill. A blast for all ages! Hotdogs, chili and hot chocolate are served by village staff and council, followed by a spectacular fireworks display at the Radium Resort Golf Course.

February 2014 Saturday, February 15th Radium Winterfest and Curling Bonspiel 2014 Meet at the Radium Community Hall for the 4th annual Radium Winterfest and Curling Bonspiel. Kids can enjoy games and crafts, you can test your outdoor survival skills in the wilderness competition or enjoy skating and tobogganing. Curling enthusiasts can sign a team up in the curling bonspiel. For more information on this event, email

April 2014 Sunday, April 20th, 2014 Easter Egg Hunt at the Upper Ranch Elk Park Ranch Radium Presents 2014 Easter Egg Hunt Sunday April 20th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Bring your baskets and come and see what the Easter Bunny has left on the grounds of the Elk Park Upper Ranch.

For more information on other events and activities sponsored by Elk Park Ranch contact

Monday, July 1st: Elk Park Canada Day Celebration ns ! Bring the Calling all proud Canadia da Day with family and celebrate Cana h from 2 to us at Elk Park Upper Ranc es, hot dogs 5 p.m. Games, wagon rid and cake will be available.

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perfec ind your own 4 p.m. start: F e a scary (or funny) carv ke pumpkin and umpkin to ta p a t u o k ic p Halface, or just agon ride, fun ion w a y jo n E e. hom me fash the best costu s, ft a cr n e e w d snack lo hmallows an rs a m st a to , our show darkness falls, n e h W . g o ories of on a hotd uls will tell st o h g y it n u m ua com se and give yo u o H n to a E the old a good you’re up for if r, u to d e e id gu t 4 p.m. and th a n e p o s te a scare. G victim d after the last use. n e s n a ig n a n she ted ho om the haun nch and has escaped fr y Elk Park Ra e. b u o y to t h g itte Brou vents Comm the Radium E

The Time of

Your Life

The team at Schickedanz West aren’t just committed to creating quality homes; developing a thriving neighbourhood is of utmost importance as well. More than 15 community events hosted by Elk Park are planned for 2013 and the lineup of get-togethers, markets, outdoor activities and holidays celebrations is ever-expanding. With the encouragement of company owner Fred Schickedanz, the last few years have seen the selection of activities at the Upper Ranch grow from a single summer market to a year-round series of fun functions focused around introducing visitors to ranch-style living. It all started with a traditional vegetable garden. “It was about two years ago that I said we should start a garden,” says Margaret Feldmann, who has run Elk Park Upper Ranch with husband Peter for eight years. “I like home-grown food, having been raised on a farm in Switzerland, so in fall of 2010 we had the idea to start selling the produce to allow other people to experience it.” With Margaret’s green fingers working magic in the vegetable patch, the seed was planted for the very first Elk Park Ranch Country Market during summer 2011. Along with vegetables and fruit from Margaret’s garden, she and Karen Larsen, who helps coordinate the market, decided to showcase Karen Larsen and Marga quality local growers and small businesses, introducing visitors to the ret Feldmann enjoy welcomi ng visitors to the summer Elk Park Ranch Country M wide choice of produce and homemade goods originating from the Coarket, where a range of far m-fresh produce is sold. lumbia Valley. “We’re trying to allow people coming in from Calgary and other places to enjoy what we enjoy: some of the best quality produce in the valley,” Karen explains. events evolve and we have so much planned for 2013.” Soon the market’s array of goodies expanded to include antiques and Brand-new during the first half of 2013 will be an Easter egg hunt on the collectibles, locally raised beef, farm-fresh eggs, arts and crafts, homegrounds of Elk Park Upper Ranch, a Spring Outdoor Enthusiasts Trade made baked goods, local honey, pickles and preserves and fresh-cut Show in May, artisan workshops and a spring cleaning car boot sale. flowers. But Margaret and Karen did not stop there. Seeing the enjoyThe summer months will be devoted to true ranch-style entertainment people got from visiting the property, Karen began dreaming up ment. Ranch staff are launching a country barn dance and barbecue in more ways to allow people a taste of ranch life. July and a Farrier Competition and Mini-Rodeo in August. To fill the need for a fun, local Halloween event for families, the “A son-in-law of Margaret’s came out to our artisan bazaar and made Elk Park Ranch Halloween Howler haunted house was born in fall of horse shoes from scratch and demonstrated for everyone how to shoe 2011. More seasonal celebrations came in 2012, when Karen added a a horse,” Karen says, “We had the idea to combine that with a miniCanada Day celebration and Christmas bazaar to the ranch. rodeo filled with farm and ranch related activities and fun, educational With tickets selling out every year to the hikes held at the Upper Ranch activities for kids. during the Wings Over the Rockies Festival, she also decided to host the “We’ve also planned Elk Park’s first ever Country Harvest Festival for ranch’s own series of hikes once a week during the summer months. the end of the summer.” “There’s a really good sense of community here in this valley that we To discover more about the full range of Elk Park Ranch events, see want our guests to experience,” Karen explains. “It’s been fun to watch pages 18 and 19.

Formerly known as the Melting Pot Eatery

4935 Highway 93/95 Radium Hot Springs

At Fire’D UP, we serve mouth-watering breakfasts that are RATED #1 in the valley. Handcrafted burgers that range from classically simple to culinary perfection for an unparalleled lunch and dinner experience. We are proud to offer a selection of vegetarian dishes, as well as gluten-free bread. We invite you to come dine with us in our country chic atmosphere and see what all the fuss is about. We are also pleased to offer decadent handcrafted chocolates and preserves for your take-home pleasure.

Casual dining • Licensed • Warm and friendly atmosphere • Patio dining

Open 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. summer • Call for winter hours: 250-347-9848

Legends in Our Own Time Mickey and Marlis Hess (left to right)

Al and Nancy Mullin

Mickey Hess

Al Mullin

During her 68 years in Radium Hot Springs, Mickey Hess has seen a ceaseless parade of change. New buildings have sprung up, an untamed wilderness pool has been turned to a major tourist attraction and the village, after undergoing incorporation in 1990, became one of the fastest growing communities in British Columbia. When Mickey Hess and her husband Elim first arrived moved to Radium in 1945, amenities were in short supply. The village had no electric power until the couple’s second year in town and Mickey recalls the days before the Sinclair Creek was diverted and aquacourt construction at the hot pools began, when a collection of hotels and motels filled the area where the pool complex now sits. The husband and wife team first came to the valley when they and a business partner purchased the Radium Gateway Lodge. “There were a lot of people around then, more than there are now; Radium was a very busy place,” Mickey says. “There have been vast changes to the place and people living here.” The Hesses spent almost seven years providing accommodation for visitors at the lodge, during which time their first son, Emil Junior was born. The couple also worked at the nearby Blakley Hotel before moving into town to run the Junction Coffee Shop for many years. Three more children, daughters Marlis and Melva and a second son, Pat, arrived during the couple’s time living downtown. Melva and Marlis have many fond memories of growing up in Radium, and playing at Elk Park Ranch’s Eaton House during their childhood. “The barn was always full of hay and we’d play hide and go seek in there among the mice,” Melva says. “We’d go there after doing our chores and play for hours and hours at a time.” Although the community has diminished in size and friends have come and gone, Mickey says there is nowhere else she would call home. “I’m very glad we came here, even though at first it seemed a tough place to live,” she adds. “This is home for us. It was always a very friendly, warm, comfortable community.”

Some people leave a mark on their community long after they’re gone. Al “The Legend” Mullin was one of those people. A long-time village councillor, devoted father and grandfather and a pillar of the community, Al lived in Radium for 35 years with his wife Nancy. Remembered by friends and family for his booming voice, zest for life and infectious laugh, Al’s tireless dedication to Radium and its residents is commemorated at Legend’s Field — the sports facility he helped create and maintain. Al and Nancy moved to Radium Hot Springs from Calgary in 1975 with their children, Tanis and Darcy, to run the newly purchased Columbia Motel. “Al was a barber in downtown Calgary when we saw the motel for sale,” Nancy recalls. “We came and looked around the area and decided it would be a good place to raise the kids.” The former barber was a founding member of the Radium Fools baseball club, and spent many hours volunteering at the Radium baseball diamonds and playing ball there with his family. While the swift-armed pitcher could send a ball whistling into the catcher’s mitt, his running could be timed with a calendar, his friends all joked. The avid sports fan — a die-hard devotee of the Calgary Flames — was also a keen fisherman, golfer and curler. Next to sports and family, Al’s heart belonged to the village where he lived. He served four terms on council in Radium Hot Springs, from 1996 to 2008, and was admired by his colleagues for his dedication to the village. Most of all, his friends and loved ones remember him for the laughter he brought to every situation. “He always, always had a smile on his face,” Nancy says. “He totally loved Radium and loved this area. He loved the fishing and the wildlife; playing golf, curling, hockey and all of the many things there are to do here.”

Valleytime 21

Kootenay National Park For sheer visual beauty, Kootenay National Park is hard to beat, but the area has much more to offer than just a nice view as you pass through on your way to Elk Park Ranch. Designated as a national park in 1920, the awe-inspiring 1,406 square kilometre area that forms the western border of Elk Park’s ranch properties is filled with natural wonders, from cacti to hanging glaciers. Set in the stunning Kootenay and Columbia Valleys, Kootenay National Park is a protected area of lush grasslands, towering peaks, spectacular glaciers, verdant forests, colourful mineral pools and rugged chasms. The park is noted for its diversity of landscapes, ecology and climate, and draws more than 400,000 visitors a year to enjoy recreation and nature-watching opportunities. “Hiking and camping are probably the two most popular activities,” says Karin Smith, Promotions Officer for Yoho and Kootenay National Parks. “There are three campgrounds in the park that are most popular on weekends and holidays, and various hiking trails, biking trails and places to enjoy fishing and nature watching.” The tranquil, unspoiled area is bursting with flora and fauna, with many rare plant and animal species spotted within park boundaries. Some of the more commonly seen park residents include mule and white-tailed deer, bighorn sheep — the unofficial mascot of Radium Hot Springs — moose, elk, a huge range of bird species and, at certain times of the year, black and grizzly bears. Also seen regularly are mountain goats, the park’s official symbol. “Kootenay is an extremely diverse park,” Ms. Smith explains. “Along 94 kilometres of highway you have glaciers, rivers and fire affected landscapes, all the way down to grasslands in the south.” When driving through the park along Highway 93, there are three scenic viewpoints at Continental Divide, Kootenay Valley and Hector Gorge. There are also plentiful stopping areas from which hikers, bikers, snowmobilers and cross-country skiers can explore the park’s many trails. There are also 11 picnic areas and three seasonal campgrounds, offering visitors a wide choice of day-use and overnight options. Mountain bikers are encouraged to try out the extensive fire roads dotted throughout the area, many of which start near the Kootenay Crossing Warden Station. When next on your way to Radium, purchase a park pass and take the time to stop and smell the wild roses — you’ll be glad you did.

Mountain Goat

American Black Bear

Bald Eagle

The sure-footed mountain goat is a large-hoofed

The black bear is one of the most instantly

Bald eagles are majestic birds of prey found

ungulate commonly spotted on inaccessible cliffs

recognizable wild animals in North America. The

near large bodies of open water with plentiful

and bluffs throughout Kootenay National Park.

bulky mammals are generally solitary, except

food and aged trees for nesting. The majority of

Found exclusively in North America, this woolly

during mating season and when caring for cubs.

Canada’s breeding Bald Eagle population resides

mammal is a herbivore that grazes on grasses,

During autumn, they are seen near highways

in British Columbia. They are opportunistic carni-

plants and low-growing shrubs and conifers.

foraging for food to prepare for winter hiberna-

vores that will pick off a great variety of prey, al-

Both male and female mountain goats have

tion. Adult black bears grow up to seven feet in

though fish often comprise the majority of their

beards, short tails and slender, black horns. They

length and can be distinguished from grizzlies by

diet. The birds aren’t actually bald and the name

are well-suited to a high alpine and subalpine

their lack of back hump, straighter facial profile,

instead comes from the word “piebald”, mean-

habitat, with a dense wool undercoat and outer

larger ears and short claws. While bears are of-

ing spotty or patchy. They have a hooked, yellow

layer of long, hollow hairs to protect from the

ten feared, the shy creatures try to avoid humans

beak, large talons and oversized, featherless feet

elements and hooves well-adapted to climbing

and are not typically predatory, consuming a diet

equipped with small spikes, called spicules, that

rocky slopes, with a textured pad for grip.

of plants, berries, insects, nuts and carrion.

help the bird to grasp its prey during flight.

22 Valleytime

Live The Dream

For those who dream of living the ranch lifestyle on a grand scale. The ranches at Elk Park includes 16 ranch parcels in an exclusive gated preserve ranging from 36 to 480 acres — a rare and extremely limited opportunity to establish a Columbia Valley homestead wrapped in Rocky Mountain majesty.


Located at the northernmost end of Elk Park, Mustangs Ranch offers 62 acres of undulating and mostly forested land. Beautiful Rocky Mountain views are in abundance on this pristine property which borders crown land and is filled with nature trails; an ideal option for those with an interest in recreational pursuits.


gs Mustacnh


This unique property has the “wow factor” with strikingly beautiful frontage on Baptiste Lake, a running creek and direct access to crown land and the Kootenay National Park boundary just beyond. Choose your home site to face the sunlit Rocky Mountains to the east, or gaze westward at the Purcell Mountains. A true gem.


Undoubtedly the most authentic ranch property in Elk Park with a scenic blend of forests, a large open meadow and spectacular 360 degree Rocky Mountain and Columbia Valley views. Ward Ranch and its 316 acres may possibly be the most picturesque acreage in all of British es 6 AcrColumbia. 3 s and see for yourself ! eCome

McKa Ranc

rcle S i C h er c 0 Ac t 6 n a 1 a W R r lea ch C y n o set Ran n ted P u n S i a P r ck ch nch een 40oA wl c n r a a O g R R R r y e d w v e o E R s s n e 80aAycre anch s Wa1r60dAcr S Ranch s Ranches McK R cre Acr h Acre

Live The Dream


For those who dream of living the ranch lifestyle on a grand scale. This is a rare and extremely limited opportunity to establish a Columbia Valley homestead wrapped in Rocky Mountain majesty. 1-604-694-7628




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