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The great outdoors

The risks & rewards of taking your wedding outside

The finer points

Those little touches that add a lot of flair



Spectacular winter wedding Paul and Jocelynne Pringle wed on picturesque Delphine Glacier

You’re You’re invited to:


Three Three majestic majestic mountain mountain ranges. Two Two elegant elegant rivers. rivers. Countless Countless charming charming lodges.

RSVP ‘yes’ ‘yes’ to to Golden Golden BC. BC. RSVP Hillsidelodge lodge&&CHalets CHalets Hillside

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Personal touCH touCH Personal Hair, sPa, skin && laser laser Centre Centre Hair, sPa, skin

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HeatHerMountain Mountainlodge lodge&&Cabins Cabins HeatHer On your wedding day, surround yourself with On your wedding day, surround yourself with everything that you love, family, friends and everything that you love, family, friends and majestic mountains. Our classic Canadian timbermajestic mountains. Our classic Canadian timberframe lodge, located half-way between Golden and frame lodge, located half-way between Golden and Revelstoke, is the perfect private venue for your Revelstoke, is the perfect private venue for your celebration. celebration. Free Wedding Venue Free Wedding Venue

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Winston lodge lodge and and Winston ConferenCe Centre ConferenCe Centre

Wouldn’t it be great to do everything in Wouldn’t it be great to do everything in one place? 11 luxurious rooms, in-house one place? 11 luxurious rooms, in-house spa, sauna, hot tub and banquet room; spa, sauna, hot tub and banquet room; the perfect venue for any event. We do the perfect venue for any event. We do custom catering for all occasions. custom catering for all occasions.

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Dining Guide Featuring the best places to eat in the valley, from family friendly, to pubs, to fine dining, you’ll find it here!


Welcome to our nature-inspired edition


Best ways to pop the question


The thrifty wedding

Columbia Valley


The great outdoors

Meet the people behind the Columbia Valley’s top businesses.


Getting married in British Columbia


Beautiful bride


Wed in glacial glory


Summer ceremony amid the peaks


Oh no: it’s raining!


Capture the moment


The finer points


Spinning the tunes


Beautiful blooms


Sweet treat


Wedding service directory

Let your surroundings be the spark of inspiration for your big day. Special ideas for ways to ask the big question. The areas to spend & save for your celebrations. The positives & negatives of outdoor vs. indoor weddings.

Business Magazine

The need-to-know details to wed locally.

Columbia Valley

Homes Magazine

Walk down the aisle with a relaxed glow.

See some of the breathtaking local custom homes, gather inspiration, and learn the valley’s hottest home and lifestyle trends.

Paul & Jocelynne Pringle tied the knot in style on Delphine Glacier. Locals AJ & Andrew Patterson chose beautiful Nipika for their big day. How one married couple beat the rainy day wedding blues. Some points to consider when picking the perfect photographer.

Columbia Valley

Map Book

New to the area? This complete guide has absolutely everything you need. From Golden to Cranbrook, it’s all inside!

Special touches to add without breaking the bank. .From DJ selection to song choices, we’ve got you covered. Bring a little nature to your floral arrangements. Delectable cake trends & personalizing your design. Wedding stores & services of the Columbia Valley.

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Welcome to Columbia Valley Weddings

The natureinspired edition T

here’s just no beating Mother Nature when it comes to wedding inspiration. In the Columbia Valley that means dramatic mountain peaks, sparkling streams and lush green vistas. Whether you seek an outdoor wedding among the mountaintops or an indoor wedding overlooking the views, this valley is the ultimate wedding destination. Let our natureinspired edition of Columbia Valley Weddings show you how to incorporate this special place into your special day. Kate Irwin Editor

Kyla Brown:

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013



Best ways to pop the question

Do it right & you’re bound to get a yes 1

Make it personal


Cozy up from the cold

Most of us have got the basics of a proposal down: ring, bended knee, ask the most important question of your life. But the details are what make a run-of-themill proposal amazing. Personal touches like a favourite song in the background, favourite foods or a visit to a special place you’ve shared show that you care.

Winter is an incredibly romantic time of year, perfect to cuddle up to your special someone and ask them to be yours forever. Create the perfect romantic setting with candles and soft music at your winter ski cabin, pop the question during an exhilarating snowmobile ride or ice skate out onto frozen Lake Windermere and get down on one knee.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013



At your first date spot


If you’re considering spending the rest of your lives together, why not go back to where it all started for your marriage proposal? The site of your first date or first meeting is a great place to begin the rest of your lives together. It’s sweet, simple and romantic. The fact that you treasured the memory of meeting should be enough to melt anyone’s heart!


Treasure trail

If you like the idea of getting engaged above the clouds, take a ride up a chairlift at one of the nearby ski resorts and pop the question surrounded by beathtaking peaks. Kicking Horse, Panorama, Fairmont Ski Hill and Kimberley all offer gorgeous views. Imagine your partner turning from one beautiful view to find another: you on one knee with a ring.


Send your sweetie on a treasure hunt throughout the town, with a special surprise at the end. Start with a clue at home; then send him or her on a tour of your favorite sites around the valley. When they get to the last hint, the prize should be you on one knee. Not only is it a fun proposal, they’re bound to appreciate the effort!


Take a trip If your significant other is a travel buff or has always wanted to take that dream vacation, make that ideal memory last forever with a proposal. If there’s a chill in the air, try visiting somewhere warm, that way you can return with your husband or wife-to-be and an enviable tan!

At the top of the world

Under the stars Imagine watching the sunset together wrapped in a blanket sipping champagne as the sky fades to black. To make your proposal super special, time it with one of the regular meteor showers that happen throughout the year. You won’t have to wish upon a shooting star if your partner says yes!


Special occasions Special occasions are a wonderful time to propose. They already involve surprises, so your partner won’t be expecting the biggest surprise of all. A proposal on a birthday, anniversary, at Christmas or Valentine’s Day is sure to make a special day even more special.

Lisa Nail and David Marcial, from Calgary, chose a vintage theme for their engagement photos, taken in Invermere by Kyla Brown Photography. Using old suitcases, a floral blanket and a chalkboard, the couple customized their shoot to suite their personalities.

Kyla Brown:

The thrifty wedding Where to splurge & where to save on your big day


ou’re newly engaged and can’t wait to get on the phone calling venues, hunting down The Dress and booking everything to make it seem more real. Before rushing headlong into some expensive decisions, a wedding budget is essential. To prevent costs spiralling it’s good to figure out the most important areas to spend and save for your wedding day. n

Claire Dibble:

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013




The Venue

The Dress

The right venue can be a significant expense, but a nice ambience, friendly staff and beautiful location will all lend to making your big day unforgettable. Choosing a great place can also help you save on setup and decorations, while still providing the stunning backdrop you seek. Remember: there are savings to be had if you combine your ceremony and reception venues.

This may be a controversial one, but the wedding dress is a great area to save. There are some gorgeous dresses out there for less than a thousand bucks and your guests won’t know the difference. Buying a cheaper dress and getting it altered to fit perfectly will ensure you look just as stunning as a bride who spends thousands. Remember, you’ll only wear it once!


Wedding Favours

After the last crumbs of cake are eaten and the dress is safely tucked away, they quickly become fading memories. Your wedding photos are there to stay, so make sure they’re top notch. Shop around and find a photographer whom you feel comfortable with and whose style fits your tastes. Consider packages, which often give you better bang for your buck.

Wedding favours don’t contribute much to the lasting memory of your day, in fact many guests don’t even know they are there. Either cut them out altogether or go with a cheaper option, like some of your favourite candy in little bags, hand-tied with a ribbon. You can even get a crafty wedding guest to create them on your behalf as their wedding gift to you.

Food & Drink


Your wedding reception may be the biggest party you ever host. As a good host, you’ll want to ensure your friends and family are well fed. Remember, your guests have paid for their transport, clothes, gifts and hotel, so a great meal and a few drinks isn’t too much to ask. Creating a signature cocktail or two, plus beer and wine, rather than an open bar, can keep costs down.

If you choose the right venue, decorating costs should be minimal. Unless you have a lot of unsightly details to cover up, going small can look more sophisticated than an oversized display. Rent the decorations yourself and enlist friends and family to help set them up. If you pick a reception hall that compliments your wedding colours, everything will come together with ease.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


The great outdoors The pros & cons of indoor vs. outdoor


aying “I do” surrounded by the beautiful valley scenery is a wonderful start to married life. The sunlight shining on your happy faces as a light breeze tousles your hair and the birds chirp in the trees sounds idyllic. But making the move outdoors to get married also has its drawbacks. Ponder these points when determining if the security of an indoor ceremony or the drama of a wedding outside is right for you and your loved ones. n


The Cons

✓ The Columbia Valley has a wide array of locations, from beaches to mountaintops.

✗ Getting you and your guests to a remote spot can take time and cost extra money for transportation. Remember your elderly guests!

✓ Out-of-town guests will appreciate being shown the spectacular views.

✗ The weather! Mother Nature can wreak havoc at an outdoor location with no backup indoor venue.

✓ You can marry at a spot that’s special to you — maybe the bluffs overlooking the wetlands where you’ve taken romantic strolls, or a favourite scenic spot.

✗ Lugging chairs and all the staging needed for your ceremony into the middle of nowhere can be a time-consuming task.

✓ Your wedding photographer will appreciate the opportunities for pictures and the flattering natural lighting.

✗ Unless you bring a mirror and makeup supplies with you, the bride and bridesmaids can’t freshen up before the ceremony.

✓ An outdoor venue is more family friendly, giving the tots a place to run around and play.

✗ Your guests might not be comfortable if it’s too cool or windy. ✗ A good sound system might be required so that everyone can hear what’s happening.

✓ Nature takes care of the decorations, so you don’t have to! ✓ A more casual setting may better suit your lifestyles.

✗ Unwelcome wedding guests can include wasps, horseflies and mosquitoes.

✓ Marriage commissioners (and some ministers) are prepared to go pretty much anywhere.

✗ Site setup and breakdown will have to happen on the day, rather than in advance.

✓ An outdoor venue is often free and unencumbered by the need to stick to a rigid timetable.

✗ You may require a permit for some outdoor spaces.

✓ An outdoor wedding is pet-friendly, allowing the furry family members to join in too.

✗ An outdoor spot may find the general public wandering through in the middle of your vows.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Claire Dibble:


The Cons

✓ No matter the weather, season or time of day, the right temperature and dry conditions are guaranteed. That’s one less thing to worry about!

✗ An indoor venue can eat up a significant chunk of your wedding budget.

✓ Your guests will be seated comfortably in case of any delays.

✗ A small room can feel stuffy, whereas a large room may feel vast and empty.

✗ Artificial lighting may not enhance your wedding photos.

✓ Washrooms and rooms for final makeup and hair touch-ups are readily available.

✗ There may be rules on space or permitted decorations. Make sure your guests fit the maximum capacity!

✓ Your female guests wearing high heels won’t sink into the landscape.

✗ Higher demand during the holiday seasons and summer may make your ideal venue difficult to book.

✓ Lighting is continuous, giving your wedding photographer an easier task.

✗ If you don’t stick to your time slot, you could end up having to make way for the next event.

✓ Your sound system, decorations and lighting can be set up well in advance. ✓ The bride can make a grand entrance.

✗ The atmosphere or décor may work against the mood you’re trying to create.

✓ You may prefer a more formal, traditional ceremony or a religious ceremony.

✗ You miss out on the valley’s spectacular scenery as your backdrop for photographs.

✓ No worries about allergies, sunscreen or bug repellent.

✗ Limited parking at indoor venues could mean a trek up the road for latecomers.

✓ Your venue can double as your reception area, meaning more time to enjoy the party and less time spent traveling - plus significant price savings.

✗ Your photographer/videographer may not have many options for spots from which to capture your special day.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Getting married in British Columbia Obtaining a marriage licence • You don’t have to be a British Columbia resident to be married in this province. However, you are required to get a marriage licence in advance. • Anyone over 19 years of age is eligible to apply for a marriage licence in B.C. Anyone under 19 must first obtain the consent of both parents. • One or both members of the couple can go to the government agent’s office in Golden, Invermere or Cranbrook to apply for the licence. • The fee for a licence is $100. You need identification which confirms both of your full legal names, birth dates and places of birth. Also needed is proof of your present marital status and the date on which you are planning to marry. • The licence will be issued on the spot as long as all necessary identification is provided. The licence is valid for three months.

Marriage ceremony • In British Columbia, couples can choose a religious or civil ceremony, which must be witnessed by two people over the age of 18. • If you are planning a religious ceremony, you can choose a religious representative who must be registered with the Vital Statistics Agency. • If you are planning a civil ceremony, book a marriage commissioner registered with the Vital Statistics Agency as soon as you set your wedding date. Civil ceremonies may be conducted at any location. • Your commissioner will need to know the date, time and location of the wedding. You should also ask how they would like to be paid and when.

Registering your marriage and marriage certificates • The marriage commissioner or religious representative will help you to complete the marriage registration form. Within 48 hours of the wedding ceremony, the form should be sent to the Vital Statistics Agency, where the marriage will be registered and a legal record will be kept. A legal marriage certificate will be mailed to you by the Vital Statistics Agency. • After marriage, you can choose whether to use your maiden name or switch to your spouse’s name at any time. Taking your spouse’s name does not result in a legal change of name or any automatic change to your identification records. In order to legally change your name, you have to apply to do so. ` Amy Hoover:

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Beautiful bride Take some ‘me time’ before the bridal countdown


ll the hard work is done and the months of planning are over: it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Ease gently into your nuptials by taking time to incorporate pampering in the days and hours leading up to your big day. The good news is your happy, in-love glow will make you look and feel beautiful. A little help from the professionals at a salon or spa can sooth any pre-wedding jitters and leave you buffed and polished to perfection. Start two weeks prior to the big day with a trial run with your hair and makeup artistes. For top-to-toe readiness in the final weeks, book yourself a range of treatments at Invermere’s Fusion Spa. From

hair removal to a massage and mud wrap, they can provide deep relaxation to a busy bride or groom, and even offer professional wedding and bridal makeup on the day. The team at Valley Hair Styling & Tanning can create just the right hairstyles for your entire bridal party. And to ensure your makeup lasts flawlessly throughout the day and looks great in your wedding photos, enlist the help of a pro like Karla Ector of Karla Ector MakeUp Artist or April Williams, of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Putting those finishing touches in the hands of professionals just leaves you to slip into that dress, take a deep breath and walk down the aisle. n

Tracy Connery:

✓Planning ✓Vendor Liaison ✓On-site Execution ✓Set-up and Tear-down

Dreaming of a wonderful wedding? Lucky in Love will take the stress out of planning.

250-341-LOVE (5683) • Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Wed in glacial glory 14-15) Feature couple 1 – Jocelyn & Paul’s Delphine Glacier wedding

Jocelynne and Paul Pringle were helicoptered to top of the Delphine Glacier near Panorama Mountain Village to become man and wife. Kerilyn Pitaoulis:

Jocelynne & Paul tied the knot atop Mount Delphine


eing flown by helicopter to wed among the mountain peaks was a Canadian dream come true for British couple Paul and Jocelynne Pringle. Their deep love for the Columbia Valley saw the pair choosing to say their ‘I dos’ at 11,000 feet, on the pristine wilderness of the Delphine Glacier, near Panorama Mountain Village. The lovebirds,both 43, from South Hetton, England, met sixand-a-half years ago at a U.K. gym where they both worked out. “We had seen each other a couple of times but had never had the courage to speak to each other,” Jocelynne says. “Then one day after a workout, I was sat in the Jacuzzi and he walked past me. We smiled at each other, then he must have decided to get in.” After Paul had plucked up the courage to join Jocelynne in the tub, the two fell quickly into conversation. After two hours of chatting, and with pruney fingers and toes, Jocelynne left to find a sweet note on her car from Paul asking her out. “We started dating from there and after about six months he stayed at my place to watch my dog Molly while my daughter Jess and I went on holiday to Florida, and never moved back out,” Jocelynne explains. For the unconventional couple, a typical proposal was not on the cards. Three-and-a-half years into the relationship Paul popped the question via text message. “He is romantic really but I thought it was so funny and typical of Paul to send me a text,” Jocelynne says with amusement. But the groom-to-be redeemed himself when it came to wedding planning. Paul, Jocelynne and Jessica have been coming to the valley two to three times a year since 2007 to ski at Panorama Mountain Village. Early in 2011, Paul had the idea to turn the area they love into their wedding venue, proposing a glacier-top wedding to his eager fiancée. “He is very good at organizing things, so, to be honest, he was going back to Panorama that April for a friend’s stag week ... so he organized all of the main details,” she adds. “We wanted to do something different as we are not at all traditional and have both been previously married and wanted something completely different and extra special.” With the months of planning leading up to the big day done in England, Jocelynne picked out her wedding dress and accessories back home in the U.K. Her mother, Karen Dowling, was the one to find the ideal gown after dragging Jocelynne into a prom dress store. “She picked out the dress and I said that I didn’t like it until I tried it on, and then I fell in love with it,” Jocelynne says. “It was lovely that my mum found it for me as she couldn’t be at my wedding, so it was special that she helped choose it.” The non-traditional bride saw no need for a veil or a colour scheme, and was happy to let her small group of wedding guests pick their attire, while her bridesmaid, daughter Jessica, opted for an elegant royal blue dress. Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Jocelynn and bridesmaid Jessica kept toasty using thermal undergarments.

Chopper’s Landing Restaurant, at Panorama, was decked out for the wedding dinner.

Christmas-themed centrepieces were created by the couple’s friend Cathy Tyson.

The months flew by and before they knew it the couple, Jessica and a small group of their British friends, were flying out to Canada for the final wedding countdown. “The night before the wedding, Jessica and I stayed at Earl Grey Lodge [at Panorama], where we were really spoiled,” Jocelynne recalls. “We had a lovely meal then had a girly night and curled up on one of the beds and watched Mamma Mia together.” The mother and daughter team spent Jocelynne’s final night as Ms. Harrison falling about with laughter as they tried to apply false nails that wouldn’t stick. As the day of the wedding dawned on December 22nd, 2011, the pair enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in front of the fire. Nearby, at best man Neville Rodger’s house, the nervous groom fuelled himself with a large breakfast and champagne to quell the pre-wedding jitters, before getting ready to board the rented helicopter taking the couple to their dreamlike destination. With a capacity of 12, the RK Heliski helicopter was packed with eight of Jocelynne and Paul’s nearest and dearest, plus marriage commissioner Andy Stuart-Hill and photographer Kerilyn Pitaoulis. “The flight up to the Delphine was stunning and everyone was really excited,” Jocelynne exclaims. “When we got up there we couldn’t believe how surreal and stunning the backdrop was. We really felt like we were in the most beautiful place on Earth.” As thermal underwear and snow boots kept the bride, groom and guests snug in the minus 10 temperatures, the couple prepared to tie the knot. With no wedding flowers or aisle to walk down, the pair chose to play their special song to accompany the ceremony. As they wed, ‘Now We Are Free’ by Hans Zimmer echoed around the deserted peaks surrounding them. “We had it on repeat and it was amazing to have that playing with the stunning backdrop of the mountains,” Jocelynne recounts. “My daughter Jessica read out loud a poem about love

Kerilyn Pitaoulis:

and made everyone cry it was so lovely. “Just after we got married and Paul and I were hugging and we both started crying and he told me he would love me forever.” The small wedding party popped a champagne cork into the crisp glacial air to toast the newlyweds, who had an audience as another helicopter filled with waving skiers flew by. After a chilly photo session on top of the mountain, the group made its way back down. “We had a fab pilot who took us on an adventure ride in the helicopter on the way back down and everyone was laughing in the helicopter and saying how amazing the ride was,” Jocelynne says. They were met at their reception venue, Panorama’s Chopper’s Landing Restaurant, by 30 of the friends made on the couple’s frequent trips to the valley, plus some friends imported from the U.K. After a warming three-course meal of soup, beef tenderloin and veggies, and crème brûlée, the unconventional couple stuck to at least one wedding tradition, serving a beautiful fruit wedding cake decorated with a Christmas theme, made by their friend Cathy Tyson from Invermere. Cathy was also responsible for the couple’s table decorations: fresh festive flowers, and prepared candy favours for the guests. The 30-strong wedding party celebrated well into the night with drinks, dancing and much celebration at the resort’s T-Bar & Grill. “When we got home, we had a party for our friends and family at home, as none of them could make it to Canada, and we had a lovely time with them all showing them the video and photos,” Jocelynne adds. “Jess and I wore our dresses again. Paul and I had our first dance to our special song that we played on the mountain.” The couple plans to emigrate to Canada together sometimes in the near future. n

Summer ceremony amid the peaks Valley pair got hitched at a serene mountain getaway

A glorious fall day was perfect for AJ and Andrew Patterson’s ideal valley wedding on September 8th, 2012, at Nipika Mountain Resort. Kimberley Rae Sanderson:

The riverside beaches at Nipika provided a great spot for wedding photos.

The bride’s funky shoes matched the turquoise and eggplant colour scheme.

Canine companion Shadow was the ring bearer for AJ & Andrew’s ceremony.

W Cole Lord-May

hen local couple AJ Rouleau and Andrew Patterson got engaged there was only one wedding they wanted: a nature-filled day up at beautiful Nipika Mountain Resort. The pair were wed on September 8th, 2012, in a sundrenched meadow, surrounded by loved ones, with a ceremony and celebration carefully crafted by family and friends. The born-and-raised valley residents had been dating since meeting more than a decade ago at Invermere’s local high school, David Thompson Secondary School. “I was just finishing grade 10 and Andrew was in grade 11 when we met,” AJ says. “After 10 years of dating, we finally got engaged!” Little did AJ know that when she and Andrew left for a 10th anniversary hiking trip in July 2011, they would return betrothed. After an overnight stay at a cabin in Johnston Canyon, Andrew led his partner to her favourite hike up Stanley Glacier. “We hiked right up to the top of a waterfall, stopped for a bite to eat and when I went to turn around to get my snack, Andrew was on one knee with the ring in his hand,” AJ recalls. “I was very surprised and very happy! I always knew I would say yes if he ever asked and was very surprised when he did.” Andrew (who has a bit history of misplacing things, AJ jokes) spent a nervous few days on the trip trying hard to keep track of the ring he had picked out for his bride-to-be. The high school sweethearts spent a blissful few days together up in the mountains with their new secret before returning home to anColumbia Valley Weddings 2013


couple was to say their vows. They enlisted family help to ensure the simple setting was perfect. “My father, Guy Rouleau, and I handmade almost all our decorations,” AJ explains. “We made centrepieces that were five-inch pots with African violets … we also made seven large planters that were hand planted by myself and my closest family. Every planter was unique and reflected each person who planted it.” With rows of seats set up in the September sun for their guests, the pretty planters were spaced around the area. The trio of bridesmaids carried colourful bouquets filled with sunflowers and Gerbera daisies, created by The Stem Floral Design in Invermere. The beautiful bridal bouquet featured daisies, white freesias, sunflowers and a stargazer lily for AJ’s grandmother, who had recently passed away. Along with their human guests, AJ and Andrew had a four-legged friend involved in their special day. The ring bearer was their dog Shadow, who the couple rescued from an animal shelter in Cranbrook six years ago. Adorned with white bow tie and spats, he carried AJ and Andrew’s wedding rings Kimberley Rae Sanderson: down the aisle tied to his collar. “When we said our vows it was an incredible feeling, highly emotional to hear nounce the engagement to family and friends. Andrew tell me why he loves me, and he did very well keeping After many years spent enjoying the trails at Nipika Mountain it light so I wouldn’t cry,” AJ says. “When I said my vows I felt Resort — an hour east of Radium Hot Springs — when Andrew relief, telling Andrew things I vowed was a very important part popped the question, AJ knew where she wanted to be wed. of the wedding for me.” “I had always wanted to get married at Nipika, it was my The relaxed couple chose to have simple acoustic guitar music dream wedding spot, with the most beautiful mountain backplayed by local Bob Benvenuti to accompany them up and down drops, great staff and a rustic feel,” AJ says. “I knew the mothe aisle. ment I had the chance to book our day at Nipika that it would Following the midday ceremony, instead of a cocktail hour, be where I would marry Andrew.” AJ and Andrew left their guests to enjoy outdoor games and With so many special memories made in the local area, shar- activities while they had their wedding pictures taken by local ing the valley with their wedding guests was very important to photographer Kimberley Rae Sanderson. the outdoor enthusiasts. Afterwards, a wedding lunch of wraps, sandwiches, salads “Andrew and I spoke often on how we wanted our guests to and fresh fruits was served, created by AJ’s mother, Fran have the chance to enjoy the outdoors, see our home valley Rouleau. In the resort’s refurbished 1905 log barn, guests the way we often seen it, naturally beautiful,” AJ explains. “Our enjoyed lunch, a slideshow and speeches. AJ and Andrew theme was to stay natural, everything had to be either made or enjoyed their first dance in the barn as Mr. Benvenuti somehow related to nature.” plucked the guitar strings. The duo decided on an outdoor ceremony, with a colour The couple’s four-tiered wedding cake was made from scheme of turquoise and eggplant, and a modest guest list. scratch by Andrew’s mother, Lillian Burton. It featured four After an overnight stay at a friend’s house in Radium, AJ different flavoured layers from french vanilla confetti cake had her hair and makeup done in town before departing for with cream cheese filling on the bottom to banana cake with the resort to dress. She opted for a simple, elegant gown by coconut cream filling on the top. designer Moire Lee, from Calgary Bridal Centre, with a fun pop “We had a great time at our wedding, it’s something we of turquoise on her high-heeled shoes. will remember for a lifetime,” AJ adds. “The entire day was As AJ and Andrew got ready, their 87 guests began arrivperfect, from weather to company and fun with friends and ing at the meadow overlooked by mountain peaks, where the family. It couldn’t have gone any better.” n Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Oh no: it’s raining! Don’t fret just because the sky has opened


arcy and Kimberley Bell faced what most bride and grooms dread: a sudden downpour during their outdoor ceremony. The Calgary couple, who were wed on September 1st, 2012, knew that the ever-changing valley weather could put a dampener on proceedings, but went ahead with an outdoor ceremony at beautiful Heather Mountain Lodge, near Rogers Pass, Golden. Checking the forecast in the days leading up to the wedding, they heaved a sigh of relief. While a chance of showers was predicted, there was sun the day before and the outlook seemed bright.


Personalized Wedding Arrangements by Shandrea O’Brien CFD [p] 250.342.7559 [e] Unit 2, 305 Third Ave Invermere, BC Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Poor weather made for a striking photoshoot for newlyweds Darcy and Kimberley Bell.

“Since we were married in the mountains we had no idea what the weather would do,” Darcy says. “Things changed quickly and although there was sun earlier in the day and the day before, the weather turned for the worse right around the time of our ceremony. “When it sprinkled in the morning and then started to get sunny I thought we were going to be OK.” With dark clouds looming, the happy couple exchanged vows while a mist of raindrops began to patter down on their guests. While the worst of the weather held off until Darcy had kissed his new bride, as they proceeded back down the aisle ready for group pictures, the heavens opened. “Our wedding party shots were absolutely miserable to get taken,” Darcy says. “Of course along with the rain was the cold too, but in the end we turned out with some amazing shots thanks to our photographer.” Invermere photographer Kyla Brown — well versed in valley weather — had the right equipment to make the most of the downpour. “To get a shot like the one on the bridge you need a willingness to get soaked, an assistant ready to do the same, some backlit flash and a couple that can be fully in the moment,” she says. “I try to ensure there is an umbrella over my bride until the last minute…the whole thing becomes a bit of a dance between everyone involved.” Despite the unwanted precipitation, the couple can now see the upside to the misbehaving weather. “We ended up with some amazing pictures and an even more memorable day,” Darcy says reflectively. n

Kyla Brown:

Crowley Photography

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Inquiries: 250.342.9673

Kyla Brown:

Capture the moment

Kerilyn Pitaoulis:

You don’t take a good photograph, you make it


hat’s where a professional wedding photographer comes in. While casual snaps from friends and family are nice, your wedding photos will be the most lasting memory of your nuptials for years to come. They feed the stories that are told for generations. Long after the guests head home and the band packs up, the pictures remain. Here are our top hints to ensure that they’re all that you dreamed of. n

You get what you pay for. Although there may be exceptions, generally, better photographers cost more. But remember, you can often ask to trim down or customize the package they offer to suit your needs and budget.

Claire Dibble:

The right chemistry with your wedding photographer is essential. The biggest favour a wedding couple can do to their photographer is to trust them to do a good job. A relaxed, happy couple makes for a relaxed, confident photographer, allowing their creativity to blossom.

Make a list of requests. While leaving the miniscule details up to the photographer is strongly advised (nobody likes a micro-managing bridezilla!), it’s important to communicate the ‘must have’ shots to them as well as what you aren’t looking for.

Wedding photographers are many and varied, each with their own distinct style. Start browsing online portfolios to find the style you like most and then narrow down the shortlist with an in-person meeting.

Kimberley Rae Sanderson:

Recommendations go a long way. If you have friends and family who have used a photographer they love, check them out. Most photographers are willing to travel, so even if they aren’t from the area, they can be shipped in for your big day.

Get an air-tight contract. A written contract detailing all the services to be provided, the cost and the name of the photographer who will shoot your wedding is essential. Plan for the best and expect for the worst, so don’t skip over the cancellation and refund policy in your haste to sign on the dotted line.

Amy Hoover:

Tracy Connery:

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


The finer points A little attention to detail goes a long way


hether you’re planning a grand spectacle or a humble get-together, your personalities should shine through on your wedding day. Once the big things are checked off — venue, photographer, caterer, dress — it’s time to add a little creative spark. Friends and family are usually keen to help out in the months, weeks and days leading up to the big day. Enlist your own personal army of helpers to hand craft some of the decorations and tailor your wedding to your own specific style. As a bonus: making things by hand is great for your budget too! “Think about what you both love as a couple — travel, your pet, a sport, vintage, etc. — and get a theme going,” suggests Leanne Brooks, owner of Lucky In Love Wedding Design. “If you’ve travelled a lot you could use destinations instead of numbers for tables.” Tying together your reception with some kind of theme makes it easier to match all your bits and pieces together. Running with the travel theme, you could post table plans on

a world map at the entrance, with tables named after different countries. Globes could be used in the centrepieces, postcards as the invitations, while luggage tags make a fun name card to help guests find their seat. Even your photo booth can incorporate a theme by providing backdrops of different destinations and props to go with them. The first opportunity you have to introduce your event to your guests is with your invitations. From colour and motif to shape and style, these give all of your invitees a taste of the things to come. In addition, all of the paper element to your wedding — menus, programs, place cards, map cards, thank-you notes — can be coordinated with your invites to ensure a unified look. “Wedding favours are on the way out,” Leanne adds. “It is becoming popular to make a donation to your favourite charity in lieu of favours. Let your guests know with a note or signage on the table.”

Kimberley Rae Sanderson


professional photography •


Bigger Better & Closer

Bighorn is Bigger... Bighorn Meadows has an incredible selection of spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom vacation homes spread out over 10 acres with outdoor pools, playground, views and beautifully landscaped pathways.

Bighorn is Better... Luxury furnishings, quality finishes, linens and dishes. Stellar mountain views.

Bighorn is Closer... Bighorn Meadows Resort is a gorgeous 2 ½ hour drive from Calgary, Alberta, closer than any other resort in the Columbia Valley. Be here sooner! Big Adventures Await... Bighorn serves up good times indoors and out year-round. Ski, snowmobile, hike, dine, kayak, golf or simply relax in the natural mineral pools.

Call and ask how to receive FREE accommodation for the Bride and Groom on your wedding night and special accommodation rates for your guests. (250) 347-2323 Toll Free 1-877-344-2323 #10 Bighorn Blvd, Radium Hot Springs, BC Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Signs for the different areas at your reception, as well as to guide guests to your ceremony site or the party after, are a great place to customize without breaking the bank. For a rustic theme, make shabby chic signs out of wood and use fall leaves, pine cones and bark to decorate them. Chalkboards also make for cute signs and can be reused at the reception site. Touches of fabric in the table decorations and sashes around chairs are an easy way to bring your colour scheme throughout the venue. To keep costs down, buy a bargain bolt of fabric and get to work with the scissors! “Think simple décor, reuse as much as possible and be eclectic in your vision,” is Leanne’s cost-saving tip. Providing your guests with some of your favourite tasty nibbles throughout the evening is another great touch that they’re sure to appreciate. Incorporate local items into your menu and get creative when it comes to midnight snacks. From fresh-made mini doughnuts to teeny hamburgers, these are becoming an increasingly popular surprise ending to the party. Above all, Leanne advises bringing in outside help, like a wedding planner, to help get those creative juices flowing. “A wedding planner is most useful in relieving stress and tying all the loose ends together; all of those little things that many couples haven’t thought of,” she explains. “A lot of the time a couple have expectations of how the day should go, and a wedding planner can help bring that vision to life, as well as provide options when things can’t go the way they’d envisioned.” n

Claire Dibble:

Your happily ever after starts here A variety of reception venues, accommodation for everyone and the perfect backdrop for your special day. It’s clear that Panorama is your wedding destination. Our wedding specialists are here to make your day memorable.

Call 250.341.3051 or visit Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Spinning the tunes Hit the right notes with your wedding music


hile the right tunes will have the dance floor hopping, a poor selection of cheesy songs can clear your wedding reception faster than dodgy dad dancing. Make sure your wedding party rocks by hiring the right entertainment to suit the occasion. From the start of the ceremony until the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon, music sets the tone for the entire event. With live bands, DJs and entertainers from across the Columbia Valley to choose from, seeing some credentials from your tops picks is a good start. “Always check references and their background to see if they can provide what you expect,” says Mike Pecora of Elite Sound & Light, an entertainer and DJ with more than 30 years’ experience. “Most people I speak with haven’t got a clue what their vision is for the day ... I discuss with the bride and groom what they are hoping and will build their event right from scratch.” Before you even reach the reception at least three pieces of music are needed for the ceremony: the first as guests get seated; the second as the bride walks down the aisle; and the recessional song as the happy couple leaves down the aisle. Hiring a professional with experience of seamlessly blending

tunes is a great way to reduce on-the-day stress. They can race around setting up equipment and making preparations before your guests arrive, and then fill the lulls in activity throughout the day, while you concentrate on photo taking, cake cutting and dancing up a storm. “They should be there, set up and ready to go before any guests arrive,” says Wil Comrie, owner of Wil C Productions, who has been the DJ at more than 300 weddings. Not only should your DJ be able to step up to the mic and give directions and information to your guests, a professional can tweak the audio and lighting throughout the night so that all the speeches can be heard and the key people seen. “It’s quite an interactive role,” Wil adds. “Generally people will have an emcee, so you’ll work with them, give microphone lessons to anyone speaking … Hire a good DJ and you shouldn’t be stressing about the music or sound.” Beyond simple music, wedding entertainment will often feature a slideshow, videos or even a choreographed dance. While some DJs stick to spinning records, often value for money can be had from package deals including music, audio equipment and visuals. n

COMMUNITY HALL FOR RENT Scenic setting at Bella Vista Estates for weddings and groups up to 60 people. Just 5 minutes south of Fairmont Hot Springs. To Book Call Bob Walker • 403-861-2309 Wedding destinations Honeymoon packages

Canadian Ammolite


Silver Gemstone Jewellery Fossils • Minerals • Gifts

Enjoy special wedding celebration pricing when you bring this ad to River Gems 3 755 13 Street • 250-342-6987

613 - 12th Street, Invermere BC - 250-342-0177

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Beautiful blooms From bouquets to boutonnières


ringing the breathtaking, wild beauty of the Columbia Valley to your wedding flowers is easier than you think. While actual wild blooms can wilt, there are plenty of alternatives that florists can offer to incorporate your seasonal favourites into your bouquets, table decorations and centrepieces. “We have lots of great flowers around here,” says Shandrea O’Brien, owner of The Stem Floral Design & Giftware in Invermere. “Wild flowers do not usually do well cut — they droop quickly when they aren’t in water — but there are lots of flowers that we can order in that look similar.” Many favourite wild flowers have a cut flower alternative, she explains, with seasonal grasses, foliage, leaves and herbs always available to add a splash of green. “One thing to watch with wild flowers, if you choose to use them, is bugs,” Shandrea cautions. “They aren’t recommended for table settings — they’ll be crawling all over the tables!” If you plan to pair your flowers to your spectacular surroundings, always remember that some colours, such as blue, don’t commonly occur naturally. Certain shades are only available in dyed or painted flowers. Upcoming floral trends for 2013 are tending towards the whimsical, the florist adds, with soft tones and lots of different textures. Bringing a mix of shapes, colours and textures to your wedding blossoms is a special touch of detail your guests will be sure to notice. Put your head together with your florist and let your combined creativity flow. “We have good imaginations and ideas too, so if the bride and groom just want some ideas for something different, we can help,” Shandrea adds. n

Tracy Connery:

Invermere and District Curling Centre 250-342-3315 • 509-13th St., Invermere

Dance hall up to 500 people (Summer only)

Licensed lounge up to 120 people

karla ector

(All year)

403.830.2249 • •

Kitchen Available Rates start at $125

Columbia Valley Weddings 2013


Sweet treat Have your cake and eat it too


ith the trend for wedding cupcakes waning, modern styles and unusual flavour combinations will come to the forefront for 2013, valley cake makers predict. Although the ever-popular cupcakes — favoured for their convenience and lack of cake-cutting fees — will continue to feature during the upcoming year, fewer cupcake requests are coming through from brides and grooms-to-be, says Angela Mose, owner of The Cake Box in Fairmont Hot Springs. “I did a lot of square cakes in 2012; more of a modern sleek look,” she explains. “With flavours, red velvet continues to be very popular, as was lemon this year, which was a bit of a surprise; lemon and coconut icing was a very unusual request.” Chevrons, stripes and bold hand-painted designs also look to be on the rise for 2013, the baker predicts, along with cake pops: small, iced balls of cake that can be individually decorated. “Cake pops I think are really the next thing for wedding favours,” agrees Sabina Rodgers, wedding cake designer at Invermere’s Quality Bakery. “There are endless possibilities to customize your cake choices to show your personalities.” Sabina likes to start from the inside out, preferably with an in-person tasting for the wedding couple to steer them towards flavour choices. As for the outside, from a colour scheme to a

Kimberley Rae Sanderson:

full-blown design, our local bakers are happy to work from any starting point the couple can provide. “Some people like to draw a design, some bring a picture and want you to reproduce it exactly,” Sabina adds. “I’ve made a cake of the mountains for 120 people and I’ve made simple, elegant cakes for a small wedding party ... it’s your wedding so the cake should look and taste just the way you want it.” n

Tables & Chairs • Table Linen Dinnerware • Bar & Glasses Dance Floor • Arbor Tents • Grills • Coffee Urn Radium Hot Springs, BC

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Wedding Styles for the Bride and

Professional Disc Jockey Services

Bridal Party

Over 300 weddings with 12 years experience Weddings + Corporate + Private Parties Equipment Sales + Rentals

Valley Hair Styling And Tanning Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm, Sat: 9 am - 5 pm 1313 - 7th Ave, Invermere, BC 250-342-6355

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Anglz Hair & Tanning Studio - Invermere 250-342-3227 Annelis’s Hair Boutique - Radium 250-347-9815 Bare Hands Day Spa - Radium 250-347-2121 Bliss Hair & Esthetics - Invermere 250-342-6507 Cutloose Hair & Tanning Salon - Invermere 250-342-8880 Earthstone Mobile Spa 250-270-0091 Eclipse Hair Studio - Edgewater 250-342-1397 Fresh Professional Salon & Beauty Outlet - Fairmont 250-345-6665 Fusion Wellness Spa - Invermere (page 4) 250-341-3511 Fusion at Copper Point - Invermere (page 4) 250-341-3522 HAIR...a salon - Invermere 250-342-4050 Jigsaw for Hair Inc. - Invermere 250-688-1004 Karla Ector MakeUp Artist (page 27) 403-830-2249 Mary Kay Cosmetics (page 29) 250-341-1572 Mystique Studio - Invermere 250-342-7277 Natural Springs Spa - Fairmont 250-345-6007 Neighbourhood Hair - Golden 250-344-4949 Nelie’s Salon - Invermere 250-342-2446 Personal Touch Hair & Body Day Spa - Golden 250-344-6413 Pleiades Massage & Spa - Radium 250-347-2100 Rising Sun Massage and Spa - Radium 250-347-9311 Scizzor Sisters - Invermere 250-342-2446 Shear Perfection - Golden 250-344-7611 Sunsations Day Spa - Invermere 250-342-6899 The Naked Yeti Waxing Studio and Aesthetics - Cranbrook250-426-3089 Urban Roots Salon & Spa - Cranbrook 250-417-3417 Valley Hair Styling & Tanning - Invermere (page 28) 250-342-6355 Vivid Hair Studio - Golden 250-439-1001

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