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Welcome to by Alex Zaborac, Executive President of Student Council

Liberty High School is full of opportunities, and it is because of those opportunities that I have become the person that I am. I have learned that the easiest way to not only survive high school, but to find success in it, is to get involved. Join a club, sport, or organization, and believe me, there are plenty at LHS. Being involved allows you to not only meet new people, but to do things you never imagined you would do.


Coming into such a big school it is easy to get lost, and it can feel like the first day of kindergarten all over again. It is important to always stay true to yourself and never be afraid to be anyone but you. You do not have to be the most outgoing person in the room, but never let being shy or scared stop you from doing anything. After all, the kid sitting next to you could become your best friend; it just takes a simple hello.

Along with being yourself, high school has taught me another important lesson; failure. As odd as it may sound, failure can be the key to success. Throughout the course of our high school career, there is no doubt that mistakes will be made. Instead of dwelling on your mistakes, learn from them. And most importantly, never be afraid to fail. As they say, you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. There are so many remarkable teachers at Liberty who are here to help you. They can always provide a listening ear, andwords of wisdom in or outside of the classroom.

It is important to always stay true to yourself and never be afraid to be anybody but you.

However the learning experience extends from more than just the classroom. High school is the time to discover who you are and want you want to be. Cherish the moments, because believe me, it flies by. Be involved, be yourself and become the person you are meant to be. I cannot wait to spend another great year with all of you here at Liberty!

photos by Nathan Hunt

I am excited to welcome back all of the returning LHS students, and to the sophomores, welcome to Liberty High School! Whether it is going to be your first year of high school or your last, there is no denying it is going to be a significant year for all of us. We are at the point in our lives where the world is at our fingertips. Our opportunities are endless and the decision is now up to us.

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