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This one time at band camp by Molly Meeks

Temperatures soar, but the band keeps marching into a season that features popular Potter melodies. Hogwarts castle was the musical destination for the Blue Jay Pride Marching Band at their annual band camp this summer. Theme music from the popular Harry Potter series will highlight the 2012 marching season. Instead of battling Voldemort, band students battled the heat and a lot of sweat, marching in temperatures from 98 to 103 degrees. When the heat became too intense, practices were moved inside to the gym or

band rooms. “Marching in the heat is miserable, it’s really humid and hot.” junior Caroline Craven said. “It makes stuff like four count marches even harder when I already have short legs.” The other challenge the band faced was memorizing the complex Potter music while learning new field routines. Music used for marching band is generally not as difficult as music used in concerts, although this year’s music is challenging. This year’s field routine is not

as difficult as in past years. “I really like the music this year, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. Although the music is kind of repetitive,” Craven said. Along with the new music and drill, the band had to break in some new members with all the new sophomores coming in. Sophomores must learn all the fundamental skills, such as the correct way to walk and hold their instruments, keeping them towards the audience. “I’d say the hardest part is learning to march five yards

in four steps,” junior Alexis Vroom said. “You squat and have to take huge steps.” This year’s band camp work will make its debut at the first home football game on August 24. The entire field routine may not be completely finished, but most should be ready. The band put a great deal of work, not to mention sweat, into this year’s band camp and the new routine. Spectators are welcome.

the bell

Above: Trumpet player Tyler Allee braves the heat. Below: Senior Brittany Stokes marches in formation playing her saxophone. photos by Molly Meeks

Junior Laurel Cross gets her mind off of the extreme temperatures by concentrating on marching with the wood winds.

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