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Stocking fillers

Christmas Guide g a big waster, If you’re after a traditional Crimbo, withouttibein s will help you look no further. These gifts, decorations and psea and yours have a super-savvy festive son

Turquoise plastic bag carrier, £4.95 from Bamboo coloured bulb vases, £10 each from

Shine a light on him and watch him fly! 3 bar box of artisan chocolates, £14.50 from Solar helicopter kit, £19.99 from

Make Your Own recycled paper train set, £24.99 from

Pants to Poverty boxer shorts, £20 from

Badger classic lip balm set, £7.95 from

How about... Making your own stocking?

Relaxing limited edition gift set, £20 from

Battersea Power Station cushion, £65 from greener Katherine Hamnett for EJF ‘No More Fashion Victims’ t-shirt, £40 from uk/shopforejf/

• Grab an old dress otherwise destined for the charity shop - or buy a cheap, second-hand shirt, dress or table cloth. • Make a card stencil in the shape that you want your stocking. • Cut two equal squares of material, bigger than your stencil. • On the back of one piece of material, trace the shape of your stocking in penicil, using the stencil. • Do the same on the other piece of material, but with the stencil the other way round. • Stitch together the two material shapes, while they are inside out, leaving the top open. • Fold and stitch a wide piece of ribbon around the open top. • Create a hook with the same ribbon. • Hope that FC makes a visit...

Drink neat as a classic winter warmer or with Champagne as a festive aperitif

Juggling penguin top, £18 from welovefrugi. com

ETHLETIC Hi Top Trainers, £36 from

Eat Slow Britain, £14.99 from

Handprinted Love Message, £41 from

Freeloader solar charger, £35.95 from ethicalsuper

Sipsmith sloe gin, £22.15 from Waitrose

It’s a wrap Orange and yellow Satin ribbon 9mm (10m roll), £4.10 from greenribbon.

How about...

Taking out the tape Sticky tape can take years to decompose in British landfill sites, so why not cut it out completely? Taking out the tape also helps your wrapped presents

Wooly hats brown gift tags,£1.95 from

Christmas tree wrapping paper (5m roll), £3.50 from greenribbon.

look much more appealing and makes them quicker to open too! All you need to do is fold the messy end edges of the paper underneath as you wrap your gift, then tie it together using ribbon or coloured string. You’ll find the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Deco plum earrings by Uncommonly Beautiful, £29 from kittydo

Pantone Autumn laptop bag, €40 from maxjenny. fashion

Harry the Gladstone bag, £225 from homeofmillican. com

Hand-painted tiffin set, £44.95 from natural

Deck the halls...

Sparkly star Christmas decoration, £12 from

Nude Balancing Collection, £44 from

Plant a Decoration (plant after Christmas!), £4.49 from nigels

Solar fairy LED curtain, £40.84 from nigels

Pembrokeshire organic hamper, £54.95 from theorganicgift hampercompany.

6 recycled card crackers, £10.20 from nigelseco

Mens Jura cardigan, £135 from Allegra necklace by Joanna Cave, £140

One for that special pooch...

Pair of tree teelights, £6.50 from natural

Snowflake decorations (set of 4), £10.50 from natural

Flamers natural firelighters (box of 24), £3.20 from

Exclusive hamper, from £27 from Hair of the Dog London Lowie mustard chunky knit headband, £22 from

Pyjamas, £20 from

12 Biodegradable Christmas pudding bin bags, £9.95 from nigels

Wooden Kashmiri stars, £15.95 from natural

Paper angel decorations (pack of 7), £9.95 from

How about...

A tree with a difference Next time you’re on a walk in the woods, look for a leafless fallen tree branch that’s small enough to carry, but big enough to decorate. They can make a lovely alternative to the usual pine trees and can look stunning adorned with twinkling lights and silver decorations. (N.B: This is not a free licence to disfigure live trees!)

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