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such as fiction and nonfiction, logic and illogic, and reason and sensibility. When we think of the fact that art itself includes artistic meaning as well as technology, this book might be an art book and a scientific book at the same time. I even think my work resembles the book.

things can happen from inside and outside. Whenever anything happens it is important for me to keep calm and accept emotion and condition to create consistent work. ⊗

What’s your favorite motto or quotation? In Korea there is a saying ‘Il-hee-il-bee’. It means alternation of laughter and tears. In other words, even if there are ups and downs in life, you should have a faith in your own philosophy. It means so much to me living as an artist. Bad things and good

Myoung Ho Lee Tree...#7, 2014 © Myoung Ho Lee, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

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