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Yes, it’s that time of year again (whether you like it or not).

“What? Reporting season again?” It’s the kind of response we’re used to hearing around this time of year. It pretty much seems to be the anti-Christmas for all involved. Having worked for so many listed companies for over 15 years, we have found that preparation really takes the sting out of this potentially stressful time of year. At Egg, we will sit down with you and work out a plan of attack that is ideally suited to your business size, structure and focus. We find that one size does not fit all. The requirement changes for ASX listed companies in recent years have allowed for a wider range of of solutions to be offered. We would be happy to talk through wich options would best suit your situation. With a plan and timeline in place and good relationships with the service providers of our industry, we can ensure that there are no unexpected bottle necks in the design, production or delivery of your report. We hope you find the following examples illuminating. If you’d like to contact us, please give us a call on 9389 9300 or to email us, it’s just You’re also welcome to visit us at our studio; Suite 2, Chelsea Professional Centre, 145 Stirling Highway, Nedlands WA 6009.

Arafura Resources In the near future Arafura are planning to be mining rare earths from their Nolan’s Bore project in the NT. One of the challenges with rare earths is that not everyone knows what they are and therefore don’t necessarily get excited about them. Last year, as well as producing the financial document, we also designed a succinct document for shareholders that explained what it is that rare earths are used for and just why Arafura is strategically placed to capitalise in this increasingly vital market. Oh, and if you want to know what rare earths are used for, think flat screen tvs, electric cars, computers and pretty much most high-tech equipment.

Otto Energy Otto Energy Limited is a dynamic, rapidly-growing oil and gas company with projects in the Phillipines, Italy, Argentina and Turkey. Prior to the reporting season, Otto Energy approached Egg with a view to upgrading their marketing with a comprehensive program that would refine their logo, rebuild their website, develop a style guide to pull everything together and also design their annual report. The report was seen by Otto as an opportunity to produce a document that would also have marketing value. As such, the layout was designed to have a bit of an editorial feel, while remaining friendly and easy to navigate. At the same time, Egg also designed a trade show booth that tied in with their report and reinforce their message.

Brockman Resources

Reed Resources

Egg Design has been working with Brockman Resources since before they were Brockman Resources. Yilgarn Mining Limited had been having some confusion with a similarly named company when it was decided to rebrand.

The 2008 annual report for Reed Resources was designed with the web in mind. Only shareholders that specifically requested a hard copy received one.

Egg proposed a strong and iconic type based logomark and worked with Brockman in rolling out the new brand over the 2007 report season. While the Brockman mark was hinted at in the Yilgarn 2007 report, it’s debut was in the Brockman Resources 2008 Annual Report.

Egg designed an easily to navigate PDF based solution and provided the client with both a single page web size pdf and a larger print resolution option for shareholders that requested a hard copy. The cover featured an illustration of their proposed plant that we recreated from a basic diagram.

Lung Institute of Western Australia

Catalpa Resources

The Lung Institute of Western Australia has a big year ahead as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the past ten years they have had many successes. Part of the brief for last year’s report was to communicate the achievements of the various departments within the organisation in an accessible and interesting manner.

Having recently rebranded Catalpa Resources it was important that their annual report reinforced the image of the company as an emerging gold producer rapidly moving towards production.

This annual report was 210mm square, which looks great as it has a coffee table book feel about it. This format also makes the report quite economical to print.

Designing the report with a clear hierachy of headings, subheadings and copy made it easier for the reader to peruse the document at a number of levels. By quickly scanning the pages it’s possible to gain a snapshot of their activities. Allocating enough space to adequately present the various images also added to the inviting and legible format.

Gryphon Minerals

Blue Energy

This report was presented to Egg in Word for us to organise the printing. We designed the cover and as Word isn’t the easiest program to set up for print, we gave the client guidelines on how best to set up the text to minimise print problems. The result was a budget annual report that still looked smart and presentable.

The 2008 annual report for Blue Energy had it’s own look and feel based on the brief however it did share a number of design cues from the previous year. By working with clients from year to year we are able to offer reduced design costs when a similar style is employed.

Congratulations! If you still have this brochure then you must be the most intelligent person in the company as you have been entrusted to coordinate this year’s annual report! We can talk to you about the range of options available from traditional offset printing, to digital print, to online pdf, html web navigation, e-books and more. The first step is to get together and have a chat about what best suits your communication and budget objectives. Here’s our number again: 9389 9300 (ask for Paul). We hope to speak with you soon.


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