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Your eggs deserve the very best!

Pee-Wee Catalog Our best seller guide • Summer/Fall 2012

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Your eggs deserve the very best!

Our Story...

A long time ago (February, 2000) in a land far, far away (Manchaug, Massachusetts), an owner of a small campground & petting zoo spent two years in frustration looking for egg cartons on the internet so he could sell his small quantity of eggs in clean, new cartons. He was sure that he was doing something wrong, not being able to find them, so he kept on trying and trying. With his head in his hands and his fist punched through the computer monitor in frustration, the terrible jolt of electricity caused the light bulb to go off in his head! “Why not take the lemons and make lemonade?!” So began! Here we are, millions and millions of egg cartons later! Thanks for your interest in!

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egg-cellent selection of our best selling products

President, reserves the right to have typographical errors and shall not be held liable for incorrect information and pricing errors. Prices subject to change without notice.

Congratulations to Bruce Brown and Buckwheat his beloved chicken! Buckwheat is the lucky winner of our Pee-Wee Catalog Cover-Bird photo contest. Make sure to peck out some time to visit our facebook page for more contests and see our great deals.


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Egg Cartons

A carton of a different color.

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25 cartorder ns Visit EggC artons for a bigger .com selection


Why settle for plain cartons for your precious eggs when you can dress them up with high quality and sturdy, fun, colorful ones? Enjoy the most popular egg cartons we have ever had in our product line! Color is sure to stand out and grab your customers’ attention. Great for crafts. Made from 100% recycled paper.

{A} Color Egg Cartons

{A} Best



Fits: S-M-L-XL Available in blank and printed Colors: Hot Pink • Yellow Brown • Teal • Blue EGPG-TL | 25 Egg Cartons | $26.95

{B} ‘Glass Clear’ Snap-Apart Cartons

Fits: S-M-L-XL (Ribbon not included) OVBL-6 | 25 Egg Cartons | $19.95

{C} Printed Polystyrene Foam 12-Egg {C}

Carton Available in blank and printed Fits: S-M-L-XL (Aqua Available) EGF1-WH | 25 Egg Cartons | $26.95

Clever Idea!

Use your egg cartons to hold golf balls, crayons, screws, nuts and bolts. The possibilities are egg-less!

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Egg Cartons {A-D}


esllter! BSeou

Vintage style 3 x 4 (3 egg by 4 egg) paper egg cartons. Natural (gray) color. Made from 100% recycled fiber paper. This carton holds from small to extra large eggs. Printing includes newest regulatory printing, including FDA safe handling instructions, nutrition information and refrigeration instructions. There is ample room for grade size, pricing and your own custom rubber stamper (up to 5½” long). Also available completely blank.

{A} 3 x 4 Egg Box, Vintage Style Pulp Cartons, Printed, Blank Available. Fits: S-M-L-XL | FHP-34V | 25 Egg Cartons | $29.95


{B} Recycled Fiber Egg Carton

Fits: S-M-L-XL Available in blank and printed EGPC-N | 25 Egg Cartons | $25.95

{C} “Eggs From Our Farm” Flat Top {C}

Fits: S-M-L-XL Available in blank and printed FHP-26NM | 25 Egg Cartons | $24.95

{D} “Farm Fresh Eggs” Flat-Top

Fits: S-M-L-XL Available in blank and printed EGP1-FT | 25 Egg Cartons | $24.95


Did you know?

You can order your egg cartons 24 hours a day? No need to call, just visit

We offer Custom Rubber Stamper Packages Cluck on to see the packages we offer!


Egg Trays {E} Recycled Pulp

Egg Tray S-Lg, 30-Egg Fits: S-M-L Eggs Each Tray measures 12” x 12” ETP-30 | 20 trays for $17.95


Some Great uses for egg trays: Golf Ball Storage • Plant Containers or Seed Starters • Jewelry Organizer Christmas Decoration Storage • Craft Storage • Metal Parts Storage Packing Material • Mixing Paints • Art • Toys, etc.

{G} Best

{G} Recycled XL Egg Tray Holds

30 Extra Large Eggs Tray measures 12” x 12”. CX-30 | 25 trays for $24.95



{H} Recycled Pulp Egg Tray

Tray size 11 7/8” x 11 7/8” Available in various quantities. S-36 | 80 trays for $59.95


{I} Plastic Egg Tray, 30-Egg

Tray size 11.5” x 11.5” No color choice. Various quantities available. STK-30 | 20 trays for $77.95

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Nourish them {A-J}

{A} Mealworm Frenzy These dried mealworms offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of storing and handling live worms! No additives or preservatives! MWF | 10 oz. 19.95

{A} Paul’s chickens, Henn and Teller

{B} Treat Ball - Chicken Toy {B}

The Treat Ball from Happy Hen treats is the world’s first toy for your chickens! Colors may vary. TREAT-BALL | $4.95

{C} Super Bowl Heated Water Dish Super Bowl Heated Water Dish is constructed from a heavy plastic material, it will not rust or deteriorate after years of service. SBW-6 | $42.95


{D} Superbowl Poultry Feeder {D}

Large capacity poultry feeder is designed to provide continuous feeding for first-day poults. SBF-1 | $29.95


{E} Heated Poultry Fountain An all-seasons plastic poultry fountain with a custom built-in thermostatically controlled heater to operate only when necessary. HPF-100 | $46.95




House them {F} 4-Hole Wood Poultry Laying Nests This nest comes completely assembled and ready to use! One FREE Excelsior Nesting Pad Included. Other sizes available. FHP-4N | $127.95





{G} 6-Hole Wood Poultry Laying Nests This nest comes completely assembled and ready to use! One FREE Excelsior Nesting Pad. FHP-6N | $199.95

{H} 6-Hole Galvanized Front Roll Out Nest These roll out nests boxes are available in 4, 6 & 10-hole sizes. Constructed entirely of heavy galvanized steel. Hens lay their eggs, they roll out into a plastic basket for easy collection. FHP-FGN | $209.95


{I} 13” x13” Excelsior Nesting Pads {I}

Excelsior nesting pads help to provide cleaner, fresher, and more hatchable eggs. EP1313 | 10 Excelsior Nesting Pads $12.95

{ J } The Happy Chicken Tractor It has 5’ by 6’ footprint (cozy for up to 10 full-grown chickens) and comes in one manageable 10” x 10” x 72” inch package. 35 lbs. No tools! Assembles in minutes. CT-6 | $434.95 Visit • Call 1-888-852-5340

{ J} 7

Supplies {A-J}



{A} The Incredible Egg Washer This egg washer safely uses water and bubbled air to gently clean eggs. (Air compressor not included, sold separately). EWSHR1 | $118.95


Actual employee

{B} Healthier Homestead Egg Wipes


Want a faster way to clean your eggs? Try New Egg Wipes—Egg Cleaner! No Soap or Water Needed! WIPES | $7.99

{C} Egg Wash Starter Kit Package The Starter Egg Wash Package includes: 1 Lb. Egg Wash Powder (Trial Size) Egg Scrubbing Pad • Egg Brush #EWSP1 | All this for just $7.95!


{D} Egg Oil Spray {D}

This egg spray makes a great egg shell sealant. Apply the spray to the egg so that every bit of the shell has been coated. EGGOIL-A | $12.95

{E} Identifying Leg Bands Made of high quality, round, colored plastic rod; resilient, springy, non-brittle with full lap. Will not fade. Sold in bags of 50 leg bands. Various colors and sizes. LB | 50 leg bands starting at $6.95 8





{F} Egg Baskets

Available in 3 dz. • 8 dz. • 15 dz. size baskets. Coated wire cushions eggs to protect them from breakage and protects baskets from corrosion when washing eggs. EB-8 Shown | Starting at $17.95


{G} VetRx Poultry Remedy {G}

Natural formula that has been in use since 1874. Used to treat respiratory problems in all varieties of poultry. 2 oz. VETRX | $9.95

{H} Egg Scale The Incredible Egg Scale™ is a top of the line, Grade A, solid steel scale for small farm or home use. FHP-ES1 | $29.95




{I} Oyster Shell


For strong eggs Oyster Shell is a must have. Laying hens need a source of calcium to keep their egg shells strong. OYS 5 | 5 lbs. | $6.95

{J} Building Chicken Coops Book This book has how-to drawings and step-by-step instructions for 45 building plans. From strictly practical, to flights of fancy. Meets the needs of every chicken owner. SB-18 | $19.95 Visit • Call 1-888-852-5340

{J} 9

Best Sellers and New Items! {A} Barn Red Farm Fresh

New Item!


Eggs Sign w/Stand This barn red sign pops against the grass letting passersby know where to get the freshest eggs around. Double-sided sign. SIGN-BR DBL | $29.95

{B} Galvanized Processing Cones (S • M • L • XL) Make processing and clean-up easy by restraining the bird during bleeding. The edges have been rolled for safety and added strength, and the flat backs allow easy mounting. Small shown. FHP-KCS | $17.95







{C} Pinless Peepers Prevent your birds from picking at each others feathers by only allowing your birds to see down where the feed is. Various colors. PINLESS-P | 10 for $5.95

{D} Incredible Poultry Powder™

New Item!

100% natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Organic, environment friendly for use with poultry in coops, dusting bins and nesting boxes. Available in 1.5, 4, 8 and 20 lb. bags. FHP-IPP | Starting at $22.95

New Item!




{E} The Incredible Incubator Thermostat™ Finally you can measure the temperature right next to your eggs, not the air at the top of the incubator. Not recommended for table top incubators. Temperature range 95.5º-102º FHP -UT115 | $129.95

~ Proudly Introducing~

The Incredible Poultry Door™

The bottom line, we offer you safety from vicious predators. ➤ Super Easy Installation ➤ Stops Predators From Getting Inside ➤ Patent Pending “Screw-Drive” Design ➤ Stay Out Late Or Sleep In, No Worries ➤ Door Opens/Closes Auto-Magically ➤ Coming soon! Item #FHP-IPD


P Poultry y DOOR The


➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Easy Installation Stops Predators From Getting Inside Patent Pending “Screw-Drive” Design Stay Out Late Or Sleep In, No Worries Door Opens/Closes Automagically





The Incredible Poultry Door™ by Ordering Online and receive a FREE Egg Basket! #EB8 Holds 3-4 doz. large eggs! (Offer expires 9/30/2012)

Raccoon-Proof Patent-Pending “Screw-Drive” Design!

We also carry hatching and incubator packages! Visit our website to see what we have available!

Visit • Call 1-888-852-5340


PO Box 302 Manchaug, MA 01526-0302 Call 1-888-852-5340

Your eggs deserve the very best! Mini Catalog Summer/Fall 2012 Mini Catalog Summer/Fall 2012

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