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Why Should You Choose Enterprise Compliance Management Software? Enterprise compliance management initiatives that focus on short-term goals and rely on manual processes generally result in recurring, high operational and audit expenses. These expenses can further spiral up with the enforcement of new regulations and policies. Moreover, manual processes increase non-compliance risk and usually require heavy investment in training. Furthermore, they impact the productivity as employees tend to spend excessive time in activities linked to compliance without focusing on their core, value added tasks. Another negative impact of adopting a short-term, manually oriented compliance approach is the lack of ability to proactively identify compliance issues. This restricts the enterprise’s ability to evolve their compliance capabilities continuously as required by law. Taking a strategic approach to enterprise compliance management By implementing a strategic approach, an investment in enterprise compliance management software will help to attain a significant reduction in financial and operational risks. It would also result in increased efficiency and enterprise-wide cost reductions. Today organization can benefit immensely if they opt for enterprise compliance management software. Advanced features of enterprise compliance management software Today leading managed compliance providers (MCP) specializing in vulnerability management solutions have introduced innovative enterprise compliance management software. A cloud-based automated IT security and compliance management solution catering to small and medium businesses, helps conduct a selfassessment of the organization's current security and compliance posture, closing all compliance gaps and thus reducing exposure to potential fines while maintaining continuous compliance. It comprises all the ITGRC and security functions needed for being compliant and other features such as: Easy to adopt and use compliance management framework High-end context based inference engines Advanced alert processing Simple and easy monitoring and logging solutions Integrated and automated security and compliance with low TCO Compliance activity email reminders Extensive compliance and risk reports on-demand A single, centralized repository for every compliance-related evidence Integrated external business partner and vendor management End-to-end security and compliance with real-time dashboards Customizable to suit business requirements The software minimizes and streamlines the time required for certification procedures and regulatory compliance. Simultaneously, it offers a comprehensive end-to-end automation for every compliance, security, audit, and risk management requirements. The in-built support for HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, ISO, SOX, COBIT and other compliance regulations can be extended without any hassle. The new enterprise compliance management solutions with their cost-effective ownership models require a minimal investment initially with high returns to lessen the TCO up to 10x.Enterprises that make use of knowledge, skills, and the latest technologies for compliance management, create a foundation for improvement in other areas and can fully leverage their compliance spending. Read more on - HIPPA compliance, IT security and compliance

Why Should You Choose Enterprise Compliance Management Software?