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The Gestalt perspective of leading-edge technologies

Profile of eGestalt Technologies eGestalt is a world-class leading products and technology solutions provider in the areas of ITSecurity, GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance), eGovernance, Digital Infrastructure and cloud based on-demand Services. eGestalt is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with presence in Asia-Pacific and Middle East. eGestalt Technologies was founded in 2007 by former Intel™ solutions services team and global information technology leaders with fortune 100 companies’ experience. eGestalt is pioneering automation and on demand delivery of integrated IT Security and compliance management, through SecureGRCTM products and services. In addition, eGestalt is a recognized technology leader for eGovernance and digital infrastructure in emerging economies of Asia. At eGestalt Technologies, we continuously innovate and partner with world’s best technology solution providers, to bring our customers most effective overall value realization, from both cost and technology perspectives. Our mission is to be the most reliable product solutions and services partner to our customers. Today, we proudly say every customer is a reference. We carefully select each and every technology and services for our customer success.

Integrated Information Security and IT-GRC Information Security and the regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges all businesses have been struggling to integrate and manage. One can easily get lost in the thousands of security and compliance offerings in the market. There is a need for simpler, completely automated, manageable, comprehensive and integrated solution that works. It is very important to bring costeffective security, governance, risk management, compliance, and audit management capabilities for businesses world-wide. eGestalt’s SecureGRC™ team is continuously engaged in selecting the right products and solutions that provide a compelling value to our customers. SecureGRC™ solution is a leading edge

product, with technologies and practices that are futuristic, and evaluated to provide best return on investments. eGestalt’s customers spend less time evaluating multitude of incomplete technologies and solutions. SecureGRC™ solution is built by highly experienced security and compliance management professionals with vast experience in government, banking, health care, telecom, and service provider industries. SecureGRC™ will continue to provide integrated security and GRC solutions to customers including cloud based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for small and medium customers and hybrid models for enterprises and large customers.

Cloud Solutions and Services The emerging cloud computing technology is bringing new challenges to the business owners for securely adapting and managing them effectively. eGestalt Technologies started offering services to manage multiple cloud providers, easy solutions to adapt and manage new cloud based products and services, helping

secure migrations and cloud compliance. Easily adaptable cloud transaction and session balancing makes it a key differentiator for the cloud administrators of the businesses.

eGovernance Solutions eGovernance brings citizens closer to governments. It enables their rights to information and services through easily accessible technologies such as kiosks and robust servicing framework. eGestalt provides end to end eGovernance infrastructure starting from standards definition to commissioning. eGestalt is actively helping

many governments in the emerging economy with technology solutions across Middle East and Asia Pacific region for rapid adoption of eGovernance.

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Digital Infrastructure Solutions Modern infrastructure needs futuristic technology when it comes to digital infrastructure and low voltage applications. The gap between high-technology state of the art solutions and traditional technologies used for infrastructure is quite large due to lack of participation from high-technology companies. eGestalt defines, evaluates the right technology, optimizes cost effectiveness and provides supervisory support for modern digital infrastructure. eGestalt

engineers are actively helping large airports, data centers, multi-storied offices and housing complexes with complete digital solutions. Architects and builders need one partner, eGestalt Technologies, to build green, futuristic and best value digital infrastructure for their end customers.

Customer Success At eGestalt Technologies, we believe our customer success depends on our diligence in understanding customer’s needs and providing the best products and services to address their needs. This is one of the reasons why all our customers are our references. Our customers are government agencies, banks and financial Institutes, project architects and contractors, oil and energy

businesses, large service providers, business process outsourcers (BPO), manufacturers and high-technology vendors. Our motto is, “every customer is a reference customer”.

Management Chandra Sekhar Bilugu, Chairman and CEO Anupam Sahai, President Sayi Tigadi, Executive Vice President - Technology

Locations & Contact Information North America

Asia Pacific

eGestalt Technologies Inc.

eGestalt Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

California 3080, Olcott Street Suite # 200-B Santa Clara CA 95054, USA

Bangalore th th 1606, 7 Cross, 20 Main Road, HSR Sector - I Bangalore India- 560102

Mumbai Building. No 130, Block No. 3581 Pantnagar, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai India- 400075

New Delhi No - 47, Ansal Palam Vihar Gurgaon India - 122017

Singapore Block 515, #09-135 Woodlands Drive 14 Singapore – 760515

Inquiries: Email: North America, Europe: +1-408-905-7236 Asia Pacific, Middle East: +91-98210-17695

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The Gestalt perspective of leading edge technologies  

eGestalt is a world-class leading products and technology solutions provider in the areas of ITSecurity, GRC (Governance, Risk Management...

The Gestalt perspective of leading edge technologies  

eGestalt is a world-class leading products and technology solutions provider in the areas of ITSecurity, GRC (Governance, Risk Management...