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Steer Clear of HIPAA Crackdown When the department of ‘Health and Human Services’ office for civil rights imposes the first ever civil penalties for violation of the HIPAA privacy rule, it is no wonder then that even legal experts are warning medical practitioners of heeding to HIPAA compliance requirements down to the last detail. The penalties of $4.3 million and $1 million were just the drastic measures for small time healthcare providers to wake up and take HIPAA enforcement seriously. With the OCR reacting to breaches seriously, there are indications of more fines and lawsuits in case of compliance, risk assessments and incident planning failures. From failure in providing medical records to patients, to being careless about medical records, all such compliance failures can prove costly for healthcare providers. HIPAA enforcement asks for every covered healthcare provider to responsibly protect their patients’ health information. Such providers need to understand that the OCR is unwilling to accept human errors as excuses for non-compliance. Especially, small health care providers and practices should ensure that they are fully HIPAA HITECH compliant and in order to do that, they need to put in place the right infrastructure and effective and economical solutions. Most of such small medical practices face problems when it comes to processing, storing or handling personal health information. They are unable to manage the high costs of setting up IT controls and maintaining ongoing sustainability. What such small medical providers need is an inexpensive, yet efficient solution that meets all their compliance requirements. This is where SecureGRC from eGestalt can be a great answer to the compliance woes of such small medical practices. SecureGRC can assist in identifying, remediating and maintaining HIPAA and HITECH compliance for such healthcare providers. This unified security monitoring solution understands your concerns pertaining to HIPAA and HITECH compliance and comes with the added advantage of being delivered as a cloud service. This ensures that it is always up to date with the latest versions and revisions of healthcare compliance regulations as well. A patent pending solution, SecureGRC is a multiple award winning solution that has been designed keeping the small healthcare provider in mind. Read More On: iso 27002 audit log

Steer Clear of HIPAA Crackdown