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Resurrecting the Deadbeat Health Care Industry with Practical Compliance Management Strategies An insipid and complacent attitude towards healthcare compliance management has become a primary concern. Despite strict legal actions, the air of nonchalance continues to hover alarmingly creating an uncomfortable and risky environment for the patients. Controlling the threats has been a futile effort as the compliance management solutions have limited capabilities to stop them effectively. The health care organizations are also dumbfounded due to the consistent failure to restrict these menacing attacks.

If health care organizations wish to put an end to these threats, they need to employ a comprehensive compliance management plan that can address all the security risks effectively, help in identifying the areas that lack or hinder in enforcing a competent security system, make a prognosis of the threats and their intensity levels, and provide effective remediation measures. Many organizations either implement the solutions post the attack or concentrate on only the affected area leaving the other areas unmanned and vulnerable. They overlook the need for an overall governance risk policy that has the capability to estimate the risks and launch appropriate defense measures.

The automated compliance management software deploys a structured and centralized process. A single repository helps in increased transparency of the processes and provides an opportunity to control the processes in an effective manner. It deploys a constant monitoring process to track the threats and provides real-time updates promptly, which helps the health care organizations to make critical business decisions with accuracy. The software ensures that the existing security policies are automatically updated so that they are in sync with the latest regulations. The software has an extremely flexible framework that helps in integrating with all types of compliance frameworks. It strictly follows and meets the HIPAA compliance requirements. It provides extremely secure payment processes that are in adherence with the PCI compliance. It enforces rigorous scanning procedures to check for any malevolent content and allows access to only those who have successfully cleared the authentication processes. It conducts regular audits and maintains an exhaustive audit log. The compliance management software provides intelligent solutions that help in detecting the weak areas and implementing corrective measures. The software can be easily deployed on the cloud for on-demand services. This also helps in saving costs on additional infrastructure. The healthcare industry can revive their operations with focus as it is cordoned off from any threats with an efficient, reliable and costeffective IT compliance and security policy.

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Resurrecting the Deadbeat Health Care Industry with Practical Compliance Management Strategies