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In handling Credit Cards, how compliant are you with the PCI-DSS requirements? Though Credit cards have made commercial transactions easy and have eliminated the risks of carrying cash, it has opened up new kinds of threats.. Stealthily capturing the sensitive credit card online, or resulting from a physical loss of the card, the credit card owners are at a tremendous risk of financial losses with such fraudulent transactions. . From a liability and compliance perspective, the worst affected are the businesses that deal in credit card transactions, wherethe customers’ details are extracted, stored, shared, and transmitted across the network, if such businesses have not enforced sufficient and reliable security framework. Every business that is involved in any credit card operation needs to have in place a competent, efficient and robust IT compliance and security policy that provides comprehensive, intuitive, and intelligent solution to meet the PCI Compliance requirements. The solution provided should help in protecting the card holder’s data through encryption while transmitting on public networks. It should deploy stringent authentication measures and enforce a regulated vulnerability management program. Weak authorization processes lead to inefficient detection of malicious activities and the absence of regular scanning and auditing procedures provides a free reign to the illegal entities. Inadequate controls make it impossible for a business to assess the lurking risks and their intensity. Due to scant focus on addressing and curbing these risks, the businesses become easy victims of liability from such credit card frauds. The PCI Compliance solutions should be able to provide consistent monitoring support to the businesses and conduct tests on the security processes and vulnerabilities at regular intervals. A credible solution provides a centralized dashboard view of the compliance status existing in all departments. High level of visibility and transparency is provided to help the business control its processes and make amendments promptly without any additional costs. The solution also provides an automated audit log with an exhaustive audit trail which helps in reducing wastage of time for maintaining compliance and simplifies the processes. The businesses that take the initiative to employ the automated solutions for PCI compliance are rewarded with immense benefits. They experience enhanced ROI and reduced total cost of ownership as the solutions are on-demand cloud based services with optional on-premise deployment capabilities, which does not require any large and extensive costs. The solutions are flexible, reliable and extremely supportive as it addresses all issues related to compliance and governance risk without any negligence. Also read on - Healthcare compliance, Audit log

In handling Credit Cards, how compliant are you with the PCI DSS requirements