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How do I “meaningfully use electronic medical records� and get federal grants for the same? The growing IT security concerns have spurred a campaign for effectively utilizing the federal grants in HIPAA/HITECH compliance. This campaign has received good response from healthcare organizations in gearing up to adopt new and improved security policies. The time is right for your healthcare organization to demonstrate responsible actions so that you qualify for the federal grants as well. The launch of the electronic health records incentive program was due to the fact that despite the existence of the HIPAA regulations the healthcare organizations failed to conduct risk assessment programs for identifying and mitigating the risks.

You need to assure the compliance authorities that you have a robust and dependable risk analysis program that deploys innovative encryption and user authentication processes. The program that you implement should furnish all the details such as audits with the audit logs. If you want the EHR incentives you must use a system that has capabilities to provide exclusive security solutions that deliver effective results. Training the employees regarding effective management of electronic medical records without any possibilities of tampering is one of the vital points to consider when aiming for the EHR incentives.

You must ensure that you have an efficient compliance management program that deploys advanced technologies during any uneventful incidents such as loss of mobile devices to control data pilferage effectively and account for minimal adverse effects. Many healthcare organizations are at the mercy of a third party that manages their risk analysis processes. As they have no control on the outsourced functions it can create a big risk for the organization. With so much at stake it is worth investing in the automated compliance management software that provides stringent end-to-end security services and enforces a comprehensive compliant environment.

The automated compliance management software ensures that all your governance, risk and security needs are fulfilled with the deployment of smart processes. It provides 24x7 monitoring services to intercept real-time risks and analyze the level of intensity to address them effectively. It keeps you informed regarding the compliance status with regular online reports and provides you with higher visibility of the ongoing process. The software facilitates regular audits and maintains an exhaustive audit log. It provides the best vulnerability management solutions.

The compliance management software has all the potential to project your healthcare organization as an avid supporter of HIPAA compliance and help you enjoy the federal grants.

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How do I “meaningfully use electronic medical records” and get federal grants for the same?