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Enterprise Compliance Management through End-to-end Automation The global business enterprises today, though technologically enabled, are challenged to remain compliant to local and international regulations in force across various geographical locations. Achieving regulatory compliance involves use of various strategies, contracts, policies, and practices that are today included as a part of compliance management along with Governance and risk management and are referred to as GRC. Corporate governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance adopted by organizations as an integrated approach, facilitates easy solution for all compliance related issues. However, with workforce, customers and vendors spread across geographically distant locations, the compliance initiatives also become intertwined with the organizational requirements, which affect organizational efficiency. With the innovation of cloud computing, leading industry experts have designed and developed cloud based multi-tenanted automated Enterprise Compliance Management software that would cater to the requirements of both large corporate houses as well as small and medium enterprises cutting across geographical locations. Technology solutions like the Enterprise Compliance management provides an innovative and unified monitoring service and ensures that all security and IT-GRC functions for information security and compliance required for every organization to be compliant with, is achieved. Further, the built-in frameworks, for HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and ISO along with inference engines and alert processing features, facilitates easy adoption of the security framework. The integrated cloud-based security and GRC platform makes this solution a multi-tenant one, multiple users accessing the services. With builtin templates available at no extra cost for the best practices, policies and procedures, this is a low investment, high return model. Secure enterprise compliance management solution provides organizations, a complete end-to-end automation, for its security, compliance, audit and risk management needs. Further, this also helps reduce, the time required for regulatory compliance and certification processes and extends the builtin support for other compliance regulations such as HIPAA compliance, PCI, SOX, ISO,IT security and compliance. Further, being available as Software-as-a-Service model, ensures that all the critical data that is electronically saved never leaves the network, and gets updated automatically. Its real-time dashboards and extensive risk and compliance reports offer continuity of security and compliance. Enterprise compliance management solution is advantageous to the organization in a number of ways; apart from ease of deploying, it also facilitates easy integration with vendor management . The menu driven assessment makes it feasible for the organizations to understand regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, HITECH and others and facilitates a scalable and cost-effective compliance management. Also read more on - Threat management, meaningful use in healthcare

Enterprise Compliance Management through End-to-end Automation