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Addressing IT Threats with effective Healthcare Compliance Solutions The proliferation of sophisticated IT threats has caused irreversible damages to the businesses. All business operations are heavily reliant on IT tools and these attacks can either temporarily disable the operations or cause permanent damage. Irrespective of the nature of the attacks business suffers and the remediation actions barely compensate the extent of the damage. To avoid such detrimental circumstances it is advisable to initiate some proactive measures so that the aftermath is less dismal.

Many health care providers had to bear these fateful experiences painfully. Your health care organization is responsible for affecting the privacy of your clients and your business if you cannot provide effective information security. You know the consequences that you may have to bear in case of any incidents of security breach. Deploying robust and reliable IT compliance and security policies will help to keep a check on these incidents, either caused intentionally or by accident. The deployment of an automated compliance management software helps to streamline your processes and establish a centralized healthcare compliance management process with high levels of transparency.

The software enhances cohesion and collaboration amongst the processes and helps in building an alert defense system. It supports integration and thus can accommodate all compliance frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, COBIT, SOX and other local compliance frameworks. It monitors the online threats consistently and provides you with real-time online analysis reports. This helps you to assess the compliance status existing in your organization and even gives you an idea on ways to improve your standards with tighter security controls.

The compliance management software maintains a strict and vigilant process with rigorous scanning and authentication processes to check for vulnerabilities. It conducts regular audits and maintains an exhaustive audit log. It automatically updates the organization’s security policies and aligns it with the current policies. It ensures a tenacious payment system for all credit card payments thus meeting every PCI compliance requirement.

The HIPAA compliance standards are exacting and the compliance management software ensures that your policies are in alignment with the HIPAA standards. The services are provided on the cloud giving you relief from investing heavily on additional infrastructure. Since the services are cloud-based you are provided with instant and accurate updates which help in amending your organization’s security policies without delays and eliminating the risks that may destabilize your finances. The software helps in identifying the weak areas and proposes effective remediation measures for any anticipated threats. Also read on - Vendor management, ISO 27002

Addressing IT Threats with effective Healthcare Compliance Solutions