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Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Our Mission

Core Value

EGAT’s core purpose is to create and improve the quality of life and strengthen the country’s competitiveness through reliable and affordable energy and services while giving due care to society and environment We generate, acquire, transmit and sell bulk electric energy via our transmission network which reaches all part of the country. We also produce lignite for our lignite-fired power plant and sell lignite byproducts for industrial uses. In addition, we provide energy-related service to external companies and private power plants. We also invest in electricity and energy-related businesses through our subsidiaries and affiliates-the EGAT Group.

Important Data Fairness


Core Value FIRM-C Mutual Respect

Responsibility and Accountability

Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Teamwork

Vision : To be a Global Top Quartile Utility in the

3,647.00 8,382.00 3,443.74 4.40 4.99 15,482.13

Power Transmission Facilities Transmission Line Length: Number of Substations: Transformer Capacity:

32,526.99 km 213 locations 88,461.44 MVA

Energy Purchase from Domestic Private Power Plants: Neighboring Countries:

electric power industry

EGAT set a vision to be an internationally leading organization in electricity business, with a top quartile performance and focusing on five key aspects:

Power Generation Facilities Thermal Combined Cycle Hydropower Diesel Renewable Energy Total

Strategic Direction


Total Energy Sales Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) Direct customers

A high performance organization

Building growth in EGAT Group and related businesses

Operational excellence

Being a caring organization for community, society and environment

National pride

Being a high performance organization

Financial viability


Million kWh

Enhancing competitive advantages of EGAT's core business

Good corporate governance

13,166.70 3,614.60 2,104.60 300.00 19,185.90


Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)

50,043.56 120,200.18 1,591.59

Standby power supply


Electricité du Laos (EDL) Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) - Malaysia Electricité du Cambodge (EDC) Other minor customers Total (as of December 31, 2014)

1,221.97 22.36 350.07 3.59 173,602.75

EGAT Group

Corporate Social Responsibility EGAT has carried out both CSR in process and CSR after process taking into account the participation of the public and sustainable development of the quality of life and the environment, in order to encourage the public acceptance. Environmental Conservation We promote and participate with all sectors in raising awareness and recognition of environmental conservation through the campaigns based on the Royal Initiative Projects in Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment. Environmental Quality Monitoring EGAT recognizes the importance of environmental quality monitoring in preventing and controlling the environmental impact from the operation. The activities include the control of air pollution from SO2, NOx, CO2, etc. as well as management and control of quality of water, noise, waste, and used materials in accordance with the standard specified in the law and improvement of the quality of the environment as a whole. Moreover, we support the establishment of a network of the communities around the power plants to monitor the environmental quality. Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 We have implemented the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 within our operation units to build confidence to the society and community. In 2013, 27 units of EGAT including power plants, dams, and mine were certified with ISO 14001. Moreover, EGAT substations also implemented ISO 14001 so that the environmental management system could cover from the power generation to the transmission system.

Biological Way of Life for Sustainable Development Project Being the project implemented since 1999, the Biological Way of Life for Sustainable Development Project is based on the royal initiative of their Majesties on the concept of sufficiency economy. The project focuses on the promotion and knowledge dissemination by EGAT employees to the communities in the vicinity of the power plants countrywide. It promotes the reduction and avoidance of chemical use replaced by effective microorganism among communities, farmers, schools, and public and private organizations. Demand side management (DSM) EGAT has implemented demand side management actively since 1993 until today. 35 projects have been implemented to promote the effective and economical use of electricity in all sectors including household, business, and industry as well as increasing the awareness of the youth in the effective use of electricity to prolong the availability of electricity. Among these projects, the Label No.5 project is the most successful and becomes well known among the consumers. The Label No.5 represents high performance electrical appliances which require less energy and help reduce the electricity cost of the households. Throughout 20 years EGAT has achieved satisfactory results as evidenced by the acceptance and participation of all sectors and the successful energy saving rate.




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