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Why the Lack of Money, Education, and Unemployment Cause the Growth of the Population of Poor People in Senen Slum Area

Jakarta is a concrete jungle. There are many skyscrapers to sightsee and shopping malls to shop. But, the other side of Jakarta, the slums, is growing and taking place of the good area of Jakarta. People of the slumsobviously do not have the same income as those aristocrats living in a good mansion or own a 5-star hotel. It is well known that people in the slums tend to have low income from jobs they have, the lack of education from its local place, and unemployment, not to mention the need of clean water and good food to consume, good place to live, and a good education for all of the people in the slums and not just the kids. Their daily lives would be getting water for their mothers, running all the way from home to the nearest social health center, sleeping near the train while ignoring the obnoxious and loud sound it makes, cooking food for the whole family, or just cooking to sell them to the local people.People are always trying to make business. But, people of the slums need much more business than we do because they need the money to survive, unlike those people who can make enough money to eat enough, sleep enough, and some work done by paying other people using the money they have. Therefore, even the poor people must pay for public toilets because they do not own enough money to build their own in their own house. These kinds of people are the one who needs very much attention. As the population of the world grows, the population of the slums also grows.One of the places that gets less attention is the Senen Slum Area. The people of Senen Slum Area lived in a place where the trains coming from god-knows-what pass by very loudly. Have you ever heard of this place? Well, there are countless places like this in Jakarta, let alone the whole Indonesia. Do you know that if the government does not make an act, people of the slums are increasing into a larger population? And, do you know why would the population increase? It is because poor people do not have good income, lack of good education, and unemployment. So what is the reason why the population of poor people grows? Low income is one of the answers. When a person does not have a job, or the lack of money needed for living, then a person can simply not have a family to take care of because to take care of a family, especially for men, one must have enough money to feed the whole family he or she has. Even if that person does not plan to have a child or children, one must pay for the wedding finance. Without money, he or she cannot take responsibility of marriage and family. If one is funded by his or her parents, then there would be no problem, but that is less likely to happen because in a region of poor people, people are most likely to be busy taking care of their own money and job. If that person makes family anyway, then the family, including their kids will be doomed because, without money, the kids cannot have education from schools that need financeunless

they go to a free public school which they have in Senen Slum Area and is not a very effective choice as not many children go to that school. Although there are many jobs offered in the slums of Senen Area such as marketing, work in small tavern, constructing houses, some people just don’t get the chance or just be too lazy. If money means anything, men who do not work but need family should at least work in any type of job including what is mentioned above, because making family means a population has grown, including the population of poor people, and that’s not the kind of population growth this world needs. Financing is a problem that the world is facing, but for the people in the slums, it becomes a harder struggle to conquer. There are people who are not good at doing their work, and there are people who does not have a job at all. These people who does not work tend to make themselves in a more threatened place for living. The reason for this is because when people don’t gain money, people can’t pay taxes the government is sending to them, and when more of people like them don’t settle their taxes, the area in which they are living in is considered poorer. And, when the next generation of these people are born into the world of the slums, they will find out that they need to work multiple times harder than the work of its predecessor. So why don’t homeless people just get jobs? There are reasons why people don’t have a job to make money for a living, such reasons include not having a job vacancy, incapable of doing the necessary job, not even wanting to work at all, et cetera. Sometimes, even if they do have jobs, the income of their work is too minimum that it does not provide enough money to make a good living of family, or even themselves. If people chose not to work at all, one of the reason is because the tend to have problems with previous jobs, e.g. got fired many times, or felt the incapability of working because he or she in the previous times have been blamed by his or her boss. Another reason is that some people in the slums lack the right ambition to fight for money they actually need but do not know. In a matter of gain and loss, most people in the slums lose money more than to gain.As generations pass their predecessors, more people become poorer and and the population of these people grow like a seed that grows into a giant tree. So, what does all of this lead to? When someone does not have the ability to work as good as possible or chose not to work at all, then the reason for this to happen is because: people lack the necessary education to live well. If the poor people do not have a good kind of education, then automatically they will not be as smart as a normal people can be. Normally, people get education from schools because they provide teachers that can teach them about basically anything. The problem is most people do not have access to most schools because of a problem: again, some poor people do not have enough money to pay for the finance of schools. When they try to conquer this problem, they do it by trying to find a school that does not need any payments. As a result, the local school will be filled with local kids that have parents with low income. With this problem, the education they have gained is not so much, and therefore would affect their work later on when they are a grownup. The bad work in their job can affect

greatly on the family as the better a work gets, the better the income will be, and as the income becomes greater, the family’s life becomes more prosper. Not only does the education affect in prosperity, but the education of their kids can be affected as well. Most people know that when a child is born, his or her character is not that distinct from their parents. Thus, for example, if the father lacks a good education, there is a very high chance that the son or daughter would be the same. A child may grow up into the same person as his or her parents, and be a part of population. So, if the child’s parents are poor because of the lack of education, then the child has a great chance of being the same, and the population of poor people will grow as there are many families that have this kind of problem. So the conclusion is, when someone does not have the necessary ability to work in their own way, or sleep in a place where trains ride every day, or eat in a not-so-fancy place, or to have the right manners with other people, one of the reasons is because people of the Slums in Senen Area, to be specific, do not have the good education they need that most of the other people in the city have. Some people just don’t have the ambition to fight for money, or to have a family without making enough money for the rest of the members, or go to school in a legit way. Why? Because they do not have what aristocrats have. They have only bad income, less education, and unemployment. This causes a growth of the population of poor people in a world where space is very much needed as people fear that the drown of South Antartica causes places to shrink in width.

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It is about why education and no money expand the population of poor people