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Nov 2013 Evergreen Academy PTO Meeting Minutes November 13, 2013 Meeting Meeting held from 4pm – 5pm. Meeting attendees: Jessica Peter, Kelli Davis, Vada Nevins, Sarah Bryans, and Miranda Eldridge. - PTO decided to wait until fall of 2014 to apply for Non Profit status, primarily due to lack of funds needed for Non Profit status ($450), as well as the generally agreed unlikelihood that the PTO will raise more than $500 this year, which is the threshold for filing taxes. In the meantime, the PTO will continue to deposit earnings/donations into the Evergreen Academy teacher’s account, with the stipulation that what the PTO deposits will be set aside for the PTO to use at that PTO’s discretion. - Two fundraising events were discussed and agreed upon: 1) A Family Dance to be held Friday, February 7th from 6-9pm. Currently, PT plans for it to be held at Evergreen Academy, split between the lunch room (dance) and the unused classroom across the hall (snacks, sale items and pictures). Tickets will be $1 per person. a) Jessica will look into lights, music equipment and DJing. b) Sarah will provide a DSLR camera, tripod and background for pictures. Pictures will be sold for $2 per 5x7” print. Prints will be sent home with students the week of February 10th. Vada and Sarah discussed a second camera for taking pictures to use in the 2013/2014 yearbook. c) PTO talked about selling carnations (or another inexpensive flower), and candy truffles. d) PTO will provide punch and cookies for the dance. 2) Poetry Slam/Auction. The idea is to have items/services donated from the community, as well as from Evergreen families. We will send home info on donating items in the New Year. We will ask Mrs. Farrell if she would be willing to contact local companies for donations. We also talked about having students do a small art project, and listing those for auction (usually parents bid $5-$10 for their child’s art). The auction is silent, and light snacks will be provided. After the silent auction, the poetry slam will begin. PTO needs to decide on how long the silent auction will last, and whether student’s art will be included.

- Ideas for future use of PTO funds. Some of these ideas would require Evergreen Academy Board and/or Foundation for Behavioral Resources approval. Ideas include: 1) Basketball hoops (both moveable and stationary) 2) Soccer goals 3) Other miscellaneous playground equipment. - PTO plans for fall of 2014. Ideas include: 1) Setting date for the September PTO meeting, and having that date available at the August Open House. 2) PTO hosting a family potluck, two to four weeks into the school year. It would likely be held on a Saturday afternoon at Evergreen Academy. 3) Having a PTO Meet and Greet during conferences. 4) Creating a large PTO calendar to keep all date information in one place.

Nov 2013 egapto meeting minutes  
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