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+ We did it! We would like to express our gratitude for your support of our June 2013 Goats Advancing People campaign. Thanks to your generous contributions, we successfully reached our fundraising goal of 20 goats for families in Les Cayes.

About GAP


In rural Haiti, wealth is measured in livestock. Many individuals and families lack formal employment and struggle to make ends meet. Goats and other animals prove as valuable assets in this environment of economic insecurity. Started in March 2011 in Croix des Bouquets, our Goats Advancing People (GAP) program provides long-term benefits to disenfranchised rural families. Since 2011 it has grown to include rural communities in Petit Goave and Les Cayes. Our program provides a female goat to each family, as well as monthly check-ups. Goats require little maintenance and supply the families with nutritious milk, meat, and extra income. After the goats reproduce, each participating family returns two goats. One goes to another family and one goes back to HAC, ensuring the sustainability of our program. This June, we expanded GAP to include 20 additional families in Les Cayes.



GAP recipients express profound appreciation for our program. Our summer interns helped to distribute the goats in Les Cayes this past June. They had the opportunity to meet GAP beneficiaries and hear their thoughts on the program. The recipients stated that your contributions have given them hope. It heartens them to know that there are people out there supporting them. GAP participants hope to see the program continue and grow in the coming years.


+ About the June 2013 GAP recipients: •

Eight beneficiaries are members of Mouvement de Jeunes pour le Developpement de la Circonscription de St-Jean-du Sud (MJDCS). HAC supports MJDCS in its mission to improve the livelihood and education of individuals in the region.

The average age of recipients is 47. The youngest is 27 and the oldest is 78.

Most of the recipients reside in Petite Rivière, a riverside community outside of Les Cayes.

Over half of the recipients are landowners, while the rest are tenants.

Recipients include entrepreneurs, planters, fishermen, a teacher, and a mason.

Haitian-American Caucus - Haiti #64 Rue Double Harvest Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti Phone: 509-3848-6587 HAC-Haiti strengthens communities through education, training, and empowerment initiatives. Our programs provide the tools, skills, and setting for individuals to take control of their destiny. By educationally, economically, and socially empowering women, children, and families, HAC-Haiti believes it can help build a better Haiti.

GAP Newsletter June 2013  

Thank you to all our June 2013 donors!

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