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The Invisible Monument a fairy tale

Once upon time, there was an Kingdom so great, that it decided to get rid of it’s King and to take care of all of it’s people equally and to house them in great monuments.

And the People were happy.

To be able to create a beautiful kingdom for all the people of the land, the King had to defend his land from the evil forces. A lot of people died in the battle. So they built a great Monument to the King.

One day the monument was gone. The people were shocked and sad.

Then they noticed that the the monument was actually still there. It had been covered with a magical cloth.

The people uncovered the monument and dicover that it is back , It was the greatest relief the people ever felt.

The people each took a piece of fabric and kept it safe so that they would never lose their momument ever again.

Yet, the event had changed them all, forever.

The End


a fairtale

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