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Temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly referred to as TMJ, is a fairly common problem. Because it affects the area of the mouth, it can be painful at the best of times and even debilitating at the worst of times. It can be difficult to decide what exactly to do when you are experiencing jaw pain. It is a very specific ailment that many dentists only handle when it is related to teeth and one which doctors may charge you for expensive tests in order to diagnose. The good news is that many TMJ disorders are related to simple problems and are treatable by a chiropractor. What is TMJ Disorder? Understanding what is causing the pain is the important first step in deciding what to do. It is often the case that the fear of not knowing what is wrong can contribute to the problem, especially if the problem is related to stress. The numerous muscles which comprise the two joints of the jaw are the source of the pain with TMJ disorder. The pain is often related to stress issues such as gun chewing or nervously clenching the jaw. This pain may also be accompanied by grinding and popping when the jaw is articulated. However, you must keep in mind that there can be much more serious issues causing TMJ disorder, such as infection or neoplasm in the jaw. Is TMJ Disorder Dangerous? TMJ disorder can be a sign of something more severe, such as infection or an impacted tooth causing a misalignment. However, there are also many stress-related and non-medical reasons for TMJ disorder. Since the mouth is used so often during a regular day, it can be difficult to get the problem to go away on its own. If the pain is directly related to gum chewing or another form of oral fixation, getting the pain to go away can require a lot of mental exercise rather than just physical treatment alone. What Will My Chiropractor Do? Chiropractors specialize in working with the connections between muscle and bone in the body, while they are often stigmatized and only working on the back, neck, and limbs. The jaw is still a very intricate connection between bone and tissue, meaning that chiropractors are able to treat many problems associated with jaw pain.

A good chiropractor will always perform a test first to make sure that your problem does not require medical attention first. If it turns out to be something they can treat, they should be able to help you overcome the problem. You should never rely on your own gut or internet searching to treat any kind of pain. Always visit a professional if you are experiencing signs of TMJ disorder which are not subsiding on their own. If you pay a visit to the chiropractor and they are able to treat your problem, you can go back to a healthy pain-free life without the need for invasive medical treatments.

Dr. Daniel Bannard is a Chiropractor in Cary NC, besides helping people with back and neck problems he can also provide relief from TMJ pain with chiropractic techniques.

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==== ==== Help from the Doc...walk with a smile check it out ==== ====

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