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As with all great movies, we always want a sequel. Even the most popular gadgets and machines, also have their own sequel. Recently, Apple released the sequel to their iPad. The iPad 2 has hit the stores and taken Mac fans by storm. Ordinarily people nowadays get really confused with the iPad and the iPad 2. Some say there are not many changes between the old and new, and often people don't even consider them as two different products. But for the sake of answering the question of what's different between the first and the second, I have listed some basic stuff that has changed or that has remained the same between the two. 1. Screen size- No change. The iPad 2 still uses the same 9.7 inch LED back-lit IPS 1024 x 768 screen as the first iPad. Technically, it will just boil down to the graphics processor to be used on the iPad 2. The first iPad used a Power VR SGX 535 graphics processor. 2. Processor- Changed. Personally, I think this is the best upgrade to the iPad 2. It sports a dual core 1GHz A5 chip compared to the old single core A4 chips of the original iPad. The old A4 chip had 256MB worth of RAM so expect a hefty change in the iPad 2 with its dual core A5 chip. 3. Size- Slight Change. Apple decided to slim down the iPad 2. Thickness is down from 13.4mm to 8.8mm. The overall weight was also tweaked but the differences are not much to be noticed. 4. Storage - No Change. Same options as the original iPad - 16, 32, and 64GB. 5. Radios- Slight Change. Both the WiFi and Bluetooth remain unchanged in the iPad 2. Where the original iPad featured EDGE and HSPA. The newer iPad showcased EDGE plus quad-band capabilities. Different versions for Verizon and AT&T have different frequencies for GSM/EDGE depending on the provider. 6. Price - Slight to no change. Depending on where you buy your iPad 2, there is little to no difference as to the original price of the first iPad. 7. Cameras- New addition. This is one of the top benefits of the newer iPad. Equipped with 2 cameras, one VGA camera facing front and a 720p camera facing the rear, the iPad is a must have for people who are into video conferencing. In a nutshell, the iPad 2 is a refresh of the first one. All of the apps you can use on the iPad 2, you can readily use on the first one. No bigger difference other than the camera and the processor. Unless you video conference or do high-grade computing on your tablet, upgrading from the original iPad to the iPad 2 is not highly recommended. Although there are some people who stare at their iPad and feel a bit too uncomfortable with it and for the others, why stay with the old when you can get the newest, updated and better version. It's all a matter of choice. Functionality wise,

the iPad and iPad 2 have their own places, you just have to find out where.

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==== ==== Answer 3 Questions win FREE iPad 2 ==== ====


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