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Primer ensayo. In the first class Student. School. Work. Adjectives examples Sad. Angry. Forgetful. It was also nouns eg in male is: King. Prince. Actor. Waiter. In women Queen. Princess. Actress. We saw what complaints process was: I'm sorry to bother you. can help me with this. I fear that there maybe a misunderstanding. Adverbs of time early. Earlier. Late

Later. After Afterwords Today. We make a crossword museum. central fire Market. pet store and also saw the relative this book is that they are children. The guy who was working is my nephew. That is the way to MĂŠxico who owns this pen. What he wants is love. We saw what was the past continuous. She was playing hockey. They were swimming in the pool. It was raining. Negative: She was not playing hockey. She was not swimming in the pool. He was not raining.

These are some words we saw and how meanings are: Bomb: bomba-flop-Bombardier. Shout, scream. Board: table-board-mass. We also saw what was in the descriptions Checked. A mole. Acrylic. Alto. Size-measures Grande. Huge. Small. Heavy. and saw the forms square. Redondo. Oval. Triangular

primer ensayo  

los} visto en el primer y segundo parcial

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