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EFR part-time recruitment brochure January

apply now for our committees! application deadline: Wednesday January 15th

having fun with your committee

As a committee member, you are bound to have fun with your committee. You have meetings every week, but you can also go and have dinner, get some drinks in the city or have a committee weekend! Of course, your board supervisor would love to join you.

with the committee members

The committee member weekend, the EFR prom and the other activities the High Five committee organises are there for you as a committee member only! All the committee members join, which means you are partying with more than 150 students! You can also join the different trips the EFR organises, like the ski trip or the city trip. One thing is for sure: you are going to have a lot of fun as an EFR committee member. One thing is for sure: you are going to have a lot of fun as an EFR committee member!

What will you gain? personal


Learning to handle stress, providing

EFR organises tons of social activities

effective feedback, receiving criticism

each year. As a committee member

and making decisions around tight

you can participate in almost all of

schedules are important skills that are

them! From our own introduction

not easily picked up during lectures.

weekends, committee members prom,

You might have had a time

parties, committee members weekend,

management class, or read something

our monthly social drink and other

about giving feedback but it is only

get-togethers, there is always

after you have put it into practice

something going on. You will form a

that you begin to understand the fine

very strong bond with your committee

nuances of these soft skills.

and other committee members.

EFR board support

EFR Academy

As a committee member you are not

Starting this year, EFR offers its

alone in doing your tasks. The EFR

committee members the EFR Academy.

Board is there to support you when

This includes several general and

needed. Every committee has one

committee specific workshops. This

supervisor from the EFR Board, who

helps to contribute even more to the

will guide you through your year. The

professional development of our

EFR Board consists of eight senior

committee members. Furthermore,

students who are dedicating one full

social development is an important

time year to EFR. They have been in

part of your committee member

your position and are always there to

experience. Therefore, we will


organize structured feedback sessions and we bring committees in contact with their predecessors so they can learn from their experience.

testimonial Dieuwertje Borst Member of last year’s Activities Committee

Hi, my name is Dieuwertje, and last year I was part of the Activities Committee of EFR. The Activities Committee was responsible for many things, such as a city trip to Prague, and one of my favourite events: Het Nationale Lijsttrekkersdebat, where we organized a debate together with EenVandaag for the major Dutch politicians. I had a great time being a member at EFR, as I learned so much that helps me in my daily life. I learned how to organize large events, plan, and communicate, while also creating a great group of friends. I’d definitely recommend joining EFR if you are looking for a new challenge to improve yourself.

year of a committee member in photo’s

testimonial Amankwaah Bonsu Member of last year’s START committee

My adventure at EFR started last year as chairman of the START committee. This particular committee has organized several great events for first-year students to get acquainted with their new lifes as students, such as the legendary pubcrawl and the BBQ. My main tasks were to coordinate everyone in the group and maintain the good relations we had within the association. I’ve enjoyed every moment during my time with START. I can honestly say that they’ve become great friends of mine and so have the other committee members at EFR. At EFR, you get the chance to develop yourself in every way possible and I think that’s the most important reason for me to stick around for a long time.

year of a committee member in photo’s

sport comm workload

4-6 hours per week

focus network

Are you up for a challenge? Apply now at efr.nl/challenge


sport committee The EFR Sportco is responsible for getting our members out of their lazy chairs! This half-year committee will organize a sports tournaments. It is up to the committee to decide which sports are going to be played. As a committee member, you will be responsible for finding a venue, promoting the event and organizing the day to the last detail. Obviously, organizing a tournament like this is much fun. Furthermore, it can be a great learning expierience, as managing a project like this can be an organizational challenge to make this tournament a big success. We are looking for students that are eager to learn more about project management and are enthusiastic about sports. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to organize the EFR 2020 Sports tournament!

campaign committee workload

3-5 hours per week

focus network

Are you up for a challenge? Apply now at efr.nl/challenge

campaign committee Do you have affinity with creating exposure? Do you have a commercial mindset? And do you like organizing events which will attract loads of attention? Then the brand new campaign committee might be something for you! As a member of the campaign committee you will be responsible for organizing various on-campus promotional campaigns. The aim of those campaigns will be attracting as much buzz as possible to improve the on-campus presence of the EFR-brand. Since this committee is totally new, you will have a lot of freedom in coming up with stunts and other promotional activities. Also, contacting and working together with external partners will be an import part of your responsibility. Are you a daredevil that wants to see your creative ideas exposed on the campus? Subscribe now!

Eurekaweek committee workload

6-8 hours per week

focus network

Are you up for a challenge? Apply now at efr.nl/challenge


Eurekaweek committee The Eurekaweek is the introduction week for all new first-year EUR students. This week is filled with activities, stunts and parties from all student associations in Rotterdam. For EFR this is this is the perfect opportunity to get new ESE students in touch with EFR and everything EFR has to offer. As a member of the Eurekaweek committee, you will be responsible for the promotion of EFR and all the activities that will be organized during this week. You will learn how to use a helicopter view to make sure every event runs smoothly. The program includes promotional stunts during ‘Meet the Campus’, organizing an interesting faculty program with a renowned speaker getting, creating EFR gadgets and much more! If you think you are the right person to promote EFR to all the new students and you can handle the pressure of organizing such a big event, then you should apply for the Eurekaweekcommittee!

consulting c workload

3-5 hours per week



Are you up for a challenge? Apply now at efr.nl/challenge


consulting committee The brand-new EFR consulting committee is ideal for superb students that are looking for the next challenge in their student career. The consulting committee is responsible for doing research and advising the EFR board on certain issues.In this committee, you have freedom to think out of the box and share your thoughts! Topics you can think of are diversity and sustainability, but also underexposed industries. Do you want to receive a training to improve your consulting skills? Do you want to meet with experts in the field? Or do you simply want to get a taste of how it is to work as a consultant? Then apply for the consulting committee and prove to us and yourself that you can provide expert advice!

meet your ambition

www.efr.nl +31 (0) 10 408 11 46

Profile for Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR)

EFR January part-time committee recruitment 2020  

EFR January part-time committee recruitment 2020  

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