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Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

CrĂŠdit Agricole Asset Management presents its Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

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April 2009

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Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

Deliver absolute return via a bottom-up stock-picking Arbitrage strategies set in a UCITS III framework

►Provide Absolute Return on global equity markets using Long Short market neutral portfolios ►A bottom-up stock selection ►Daily liquidity of the sub-funds ►Risk constraints: VaR 8% p.a. - 95% confidence level

A specific strategy based on underlying prices

► The Equity Statistical Arbitrage strategy uses underlying prices to help calculate indicators and decide whether to sell or buy stocks EQUITY - ABSOLUTE RETURN

Global Macro approach

Long Short Equity Market Neutral approach

Statistical Arbitrage

Style Arbitrage

Discretionary Stock-Picking Page 2

Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

CAAM’s strategy has proven its robustness in 2008 A strategy adapted to the current environment Relevance of ► non-directional strategies ► selective process

Equity Markets: ► are uncertain & volatile ► offer dispersed returns A stable and decorrelated performance CAAM Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise (EUR)* 2008 – Net monthly returns (for indicative comparison purposes) Please note that the official benchmark of the strategy is EONIA 10%

5% 1,99%




2,11% 0,32%









0% Jan-08















01/01/08-02/27/09 CAAM Performance*

+13.2% EONIA Performance****


CAAM Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise* -15%




MSCI World **

SPGSCI Index *** * Using GIPS Composite – “Absolute Return: Global Equities Long Short”, gross performance as of 02/27/09 ** Indicative of the equity global markets performance, used here for comparison purposes *** Measures the total return of a hypothetical investment in the commodity futures market, used here for comparison purposes **** Compounded EONIA (O.I.S.) (360 basis) is the strategy’s official benchmark Past performance is not indicative of future results Sources: CAAM, Bloomberg

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Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

A dynamic combination of Mean Reverting and Momentum strategies Stock-picking based on 2 models Step 1 Systematic stock-picking

▌ Bottom-up selection via 2 statistical arbitrage models ▌ Combination of Mean-Reverting and Momentum strategies ▌ Diversification of the portfolios with ± 100 Long positions and ± 100 Short positions

Dynamic allocation based on systematic market monitoring Step 2 Dynamic allocation

▌ An allocation which constantly adapts to the market structure ▌ Market structure monitored via an in-house Volatility & Dispersion indicator ▌ 3 indicative levels of allocation 2 50% Momentum 50% Mean Reverting



80% Momentum 20% Mean Reverting

Low volatility & dispersion

80% Mean Reverting 20% Momentum

High volatility & dispersion

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Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

An active risk concentration management Systematic risk spotting Step 3 Risk monitoring

▌ Selection models have biases ▌ Risk concentrations are identified via: ► Abnormal portfolios sensitivity to major asset classes ► Abnormal sector concentrations measured in VaR ► Abnormal stock impact measured in VaR

▌ Risk management is implemented within the scope of a predefined ex-post VaR budget of 8% Active risk management Step 4 Discretionary hedging

▌ If any risk concentration is identified, the fund manager actively adjusts the total risk of the portfolios by: Reducing the whole leverage of the fund when needed


Reducing the asset class or sector exposure using derivatives

▌ Judgemental hedging decisions are implemented according to risk concentrations and are not based on macroeconomic views Page 5

Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes

CAAM, a European pioneer in Absolute Return A specialized team committed to deliver absolute return

► A senior manager along with two managers and a quant analyst combining their complementary backgrounds Æ An average of 8 years of experience ► A team constantly sharing views and blending 3 different investment approaches: - Statistical Arbitrage - Style Arbitrage - Global Macro

Olivier Avertin Head, Equity Arbitrage

CAAM’s strengths

► Products regularly rewarded for their innovation ► A rigorous and independent risk budgeting approach ► High level of transparency of the strategies implemented Absolute Return expertise at CAAM: 11 bn€ AUM* * Source: CAAM As of 12/31/08

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Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes


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Crédit Agricole Asset Management presents its Equity Statistical Arbitrage expertise in 5 minutes