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EFMP Newsletter April, 2011  Volume 1, Issue 1 EFMP upcoming events:

Young members of the community at the EFMP 2010 Meet and Greet

EFMP Newsletter Issue ONE! The USAG Daegu Exceptional Family Member Program today launches its first newsletter today. Aimed to keep enrolled families up-todate with EFMP news as well as events past, present and future, the EFMP Newsletter will be a monthly edition available online on the EFMP’s Facebook page ( eptional-Family-Member-ProgramUSAG-Daegu/138117352913114).

Respite Care Program The EFMP Respite Care Program is designed to provide temporary relief for ~ qualified Families with special needs children enrolled in the EFMP. Each Family will be assessed for eligibility based on specific criteria. Current respite providers include CYSS, and private providers. For more information about respite service or for reservations, please call the ACS EFMP at 768-7112.


15 April 2011 EFMP Easter event at ACS

16 April 2011 Easter Egg Hunt at the Evergreen

23 April 2011 Month of the Military Child @ Kelly Field

18 May 2011 IEP workshop @ Camp Carroll ACS

Stay updated on future EFMP eventson Facebook

or contact us at 7688329 for more

Extended Care Health Option (ECHO)


The Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) is a supplemental program to supplemental program to the basic TRICARE program. ECHO provides financial assistance for an integrated set of services and supplies to eligible active duty family members. There is no enrollment fee for ECHO, however, family members must have an ECHO-qualifying condition, enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), and register in ECHO through ECHO case manager in each TRICARE region. To learn more about ECHO, please visit the website at www.

| April 2011  Volume 1, Issue 1  E F M P  768-8329

Greetings From Your New EFMP Systems Navigator! My name is Naomi Johnson and I’m the newest member of the EFMP team. EFMP has a new service that I’d like to make you aware of. As you know, there are two components to the EFMP – the medical component which you were involved in prior to PCSing to Korea (and during updates) and the community/advocacy component. I work with Mrs. Houston, EFMP Program Manager, in the advocacy component. My role as EFMP Systems Navigator is to connect Families with special needs to the systems of care they need or in other words “navigate” you through the system. You can think of me as your own personal GPS for EFMP – to be used while in/out-processing a duty station, in transition, or having received new and/or complex diagnoses requiring multiple support services. Systems Navigation will assist Families with information and referral, obtaining community, social and educational resources and to advocate for the appropriate medical and educational care needs on the installation. Together, with your family, we will develop a plan to address your Families concerns, barriers to services, and goals. The plan will be regularly reviewed and updated as goals or circumstance change. As mentioned, Systems Navigation is a new service being provided by EFMP and Systems Navigators are located at 26 installations to include 2 in Korea – myself here in Daegu and a Navigator at Camp Humphreys. If you are located at Camp Carroll or are without transportation, I am able to meet with you in your home if needed. For any assistance you need, I can be reached at 768-8799 or

EFMP 2010 Fall BBQ Kelly Field, Camp Walker 24 October, 2010 – Families of the USAG Daegu had a blast at a BBQ organized by the Exceptional Family Member Program. Attended by EFMP families, the event provided members a chance to meet with CSM Gabriel S. Arnold. Not dampered by the grey weather, kids and adults alike indulged in half a day of fun with games and food.

Kids and adults alike having fun at the EFMP 2010 BBQ

EFMP 2010 Holiday Meet and Greet The EFMP 2010 Holiday Meet and Greet on 22 December was hailed a success and gave members of the Area IV community the chance to meet with USAG Commander, Col. Kathleen Gavle, and vice versa. The EFMP strives to support the need and interests of exceptional family members and events such as this give them the opportunity to connect with their leaders and share their views on their quality of life and well-being. A collection of photos from the Holiday Meet and Greet can be found at the USAG Daegu Exceptional Family Member Program Facebook page at:


From left: SSG Collins and daughter; EFMP Navigator Naomi Johnson; Area IV EFMP Manager Mirian Suber-Houston; volunteer Yenli Tan-Haynes; USAG Daegu Garrison Commander Col. Kathleen Gavle and Loleta Clary-Butler with Santa

| April 2011  Volume 1, Issue 1  E F M P  768-8329 Christmas 2004

Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Your Family’s Name

(242) 555-0193

Exceptional Family Member Program USAG Daegu

Ten Tips for Less Stress Take time out each day to do something for yourself.

parenthood is to let our hopes for


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, arrange for some outside help.

~ Ellen Goodman


Keep your sense of humor when things don’t go as planned.


Accept that children will sometimes make mistakes, are inconsistent and can act without thinking.


Unit#15746 APO PO 96260-5746 Phone: (053) 470-8329/768-8329

E-Mail: mil

Find us on Facebook! pages/ExceptionalFamily-Member-ProgramUSAGDaegu/138117352913114

“The central struggle of

our children outweigh our fears”


Count to 10 before you react or get angry.


Ease tension with a human touchshare a hug, hold hand or give a pat on the back.


Listen to your child and show you value your conversations.


Schedule in family fun or family fitness. Laughter and physical activity are great stress reducers.

“Do not fear the winds of adversity.


Spend time with friends talking about your parenting concerns and joys of parenting.

Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it."

10. Learn how children mature so your expectations for your child’s behavior are realistic.

EFMP Parent Corner Are you familiar with NICHCY? NICHCY is the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities and serves the nation. It has a wealth of information on disabilities and is a central source of information on the following: • Disabilities in infants, toddlers, children and youth. • IDEA, which is the law authorizing special education. • No Child Left Behind (as it relates to children with disabilities). • Research-based information on effective educational practices. NICHCY is a very valuable resource to all parents of disabled children and is linked to Browse Aloud text reader. This means all the information on the site can be read to you. Please visit for additional information

~ Unknown

Informative Web Resources Wrightslaw is another great resource for parents. It is also used by educators, educators, advocates and attorneys for reliable information about special education law and advocacy for children with disabilities. Wrightslaw includes thousands of articles, cases and free resources on dozens of special education topics. 3 Page 2

Have You Updated Your EFMP Information? Exceptional Family Member Program Information must be updated every three (3) months or if the Family member’s condition changes. All enrollments, updates and screenings are completed at Military Treatment Facilities. FromPlease left: SSG Collins daughter, EFMP Navigator Naomi Johnson, visit the and Wood Community Clinic EFMP office to EFMP Area IV your Manager Suber-Houston, Yenli Tan-Haynes, USAG update EFMPMirian enrollment. Daegu Garrison Commander Col. Kathleen Gavle, and Loleta ClaryButler with Santa.

| April 2011  Volume 1, Issue 1  E F M P  768-8329 March 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● EFMP ● 768-7112

April 2011 USAG Daegu EFMP Newsletter  

The April 2011 newsletter from the Exceptional Family Member Program USAG Daegu

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