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We Created a Movement The Foundation was disappointed by media reports, after

Our work continues…people with epilepsy need public

Coach Kill’s September 14th seizures, that he and people

awareness and education, not pity. We are working to

with epilepsy are not capable of high-profile careers. The

continue our momentum into 2014, when EFMN celebrates

misinformed statements of select media called us ALL to

60 years of serving people with seizures. Stay tuned for


more ways to get involved, check out a video from the rally

We created to mobilize all of us to

on our YouTube channel.

advocate for people affected by epilepsy. Thousands of letters poured into media, hundreds of you contacted the Foundation to ask how you could help raise awareness and educate. Our social media spaces were buzzing! EFMN organized a public rally before the September 21st Gopher game to show our support for Coach Kill and the 60,000 Minnesotans with epilepsy. Over 500 people turned out and donned “Jerrysota” t-shirts. The Foundation heard from people in Colorado, West Virginia and Canada… wanting to know how they could join the movement.

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Newsletter - Fall 2013  
Newsletter - Fall 2013