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Recently CNN's chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010

Gupta, hosted a special report on medical marijuana. One

to make preventive care—including family planning and

of the families profiled was the Figis of Colorado. Their

related services—more accessible and affordable for many

daughter, Charlotte, lives with Dravet Syndrome – a rare

Americans. While some provisions of this law have already

and severe form of epilepsy with seizures that cannot be

taken affect, more provisions will be implemented in this

controlled by medication. Matt and Paige Figi, after many

next year.

failed treatments, turned to medical marijuana as a potential treatment for their 5-year-old daughter.

Starting October 1st 2013, enrollment for the Health Insurance Exchange will begin. In MN, the Exchange is accessed via an online tool called the Health Insurance Marketplace (which helps people find, compare and purchase health insurance). In 2014, most people must be enrolled in a health insurance plan either through their employer or through the Marketplace. Additional changes to be aware of include: • Individuals with a pre-existing condition cannot

be denied coverage

• Eligibility for Medical Assistance will expand • Affordability will be increased through premium The Epilepsy Foundation is open and committed to exploring

tax credits and cost sharing reductions

and advocating for all potential treatment options for

Contact our Information & Referral service for resources

epilepsy -- assuming they are proven safe and effective. This

regarding the MN Health Insurance.

includes medical marijuana (cannabis). However, research into medical marijuana and seizure control is not complete. Visit the LOCAL NEWS section of www/ to read the Foundation’s full article about cannabis and epilepsy.

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Newsletter - Fall 2013  
Newsletter - Fall 2013