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26 – Teach | Learn. A Student Created Content Course Book

YOUR LAST HOLIDAY Ask about a person’s last “BIG” trip or vacation. Be curious!


Go? Get there? Airline? Stay? How long?




Eat? Souvenirs? Get around? Come back? Language? Spend? Lost? Best?


Let’s talk travel

Flags of the world

Where the hell is Matt?

Summer Vacation / Listening

Teach | Learn . A Student Created Content Course Book – 27

YOUR LAST HOLIDAY Imagine you went on the perfect holiday. Ask your partner about their trip and answer your partner’s questions using the 5 Ws!

did you


1. When?

5. How / like …..

9. What / eat?

2. Where?

6. Where / stay?

10. How long / stay?

3. Who / with?

7. What / see?

11. Which …. / like best?

4. How / get there?

8. What / buy?

12. How / come back?

Send a postcard to a classmate! Write a postcard to a classmate. Decorate it and give it to the teacher who will deliver it! Be creative!

, 20

Hi ! Greetings from

! I’m in

ing an amazing


. The weather is

I’m going to visit Maybe, Be back

. Tomorrow,

and see

some ! See you

. !


28 – Teach | Learn. A Student Created Content Course Book

WHEN DID YOU LAST…? One person is being questioned. Ask them about the last time they did the following things. Ask 2 more questions about it. Decide if they are telling the truth. If you guess right, they stay on the hot seat!

A moment ago This ______ A few ____s ago Yesterday The day before yesterday Last week / month / year A long time ago I’ve never …

WHO?     WHAT?     WHERE?     WHEN?     HOW?     WHY?     WHICH?

Did you ?

I think you are lying! I think you are telling the truth!

When did you last handout

Real English video

Fling the Teacher game


Teach | Learn . A Student Created Content Course Book – 29

WHEN DID YOU LAST‌? Finish the sentences on your turn and answer questions.

How to play: 1. Roll. Finish the sentence. 2. Other players ask 2 additional questions. 3. Roll by holding out 1, 2 or 3 fingers. Add up to total with another person and move that many spaces. (max.6)

30 – Teach | Learn. A Student Created Content Course Book

IT TASTES GREAT! Connect the food topics (apples – oranges). Then, interview someone about their food preferences.

Which do you like better


? How come?

Which do you prefer or ? Why?

Let’s Talk Preferences

Fast Food flashcards

Brand Preferences

What is your favorite food?

Teach | Learn . A Student Created Content Course Book – 31

IT TASTES GREAT! Write down your own restaurant menu. Be creative! Then, practice ordering food at a restaurant.


I’ll have and .

For desert, I’d like

. What about you?

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