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Orfanou Efi / RC8 / Daniel Widrig

Efi Orfanou_ PostGraduate Student Daniel Widrig_ Tutor [RC8] MArch Graduate Architectural Design University College London december 2012


. bisymmetric hendecaedron . maya_ experimentation . final unit_ cluster . fatal error . from unit to system . fixed forms _ final model . versions

bisymmetric hendecahedron The unit is developed based on the bisym metric hendecahedron, which has a very unique way to be assembled with each other, creating very interesting patterns.

maya_ experimentation By using maya’s tools of extrusion, subtraction, deforming and subdivision, a number of different forms were created, so as to end up with the final unit’s shape.

final unit_ cluster The drawings and the rendered views of the final unit and a cluster of it.

fatal error When unit get aggregated, created an uninteresting image, basically due to its repetitive pattern. The most obvious solution was to turn my interest into the materialization of this unit and as a consequence, to the clusters of it.

paper _

difficult to achieve the connection at the core

SILICONE _ unfeasible to create mould SILVER _

still repeatitive pattern

FABRIC _ changeable, flexible, different forms, but still using the same unit

from unit to system

fixed forms_ final model

epoxy resin

pva glue






Fabric_ ation  

A booklet that presents a project made during the first term of Master of Architecture 2012-13, Graduate Architectural Design at Bartlett Sc...

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