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Accounts Payable Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX A quantum leap in making AP work easier, more fun and more productive. Less manual processes mean fewer errors and lower purchase-to-payment processing cost.

Azure – AX – Dooap Architecture

Microsoft Azure cloud

Multiple invoice channels

Dynamics AX

Invoice arrival

Receive goods & services

PO invoices

Cost invoices

Invoice approved

Approval workflow



Does the invoice match PO?

E-Invoices In-house scan & OCR External scan & OCR E-mail (pdf) Vendor portal


Purchase orders

Master data, Business logic, Users

Invoice is booked to GL

Pay the invoice

Dooap is a cloud-native solution with seamless integration to AX using standard AX purchase functionalities.

Bolt It on AX and It Just Works Dooap is available in Microsoft’s AppSource. Seamlessly integrated with AX by the leading provider of AX invoice automation in the Nordics, Dooap works “right out of the box” in conjunction with AX. It uses all the data already in the ERP, and follows the business logic built inside AX. Because it uses AX’s familiar business logic and standard web service interfaces, organizations using AX will adopt Dooap quickly. Dooap provides transparency and predictability in the AP process, leading to better business decisions and competitive advantage. And because Dooap is fully aligned with Microsoft’s AX and Azure best practices and roadmaps, it will never grow obsolete on you.

Just Swipe Invoices Off Your To-do List When designing Dooap, we first analyzed all purchase-to-pay workflows for the optimal User Experience. That is why we were able to re-think and re-create the app to be cloud-first, mobilefirst, taking mobile workforce and tomorrow’s needs into account. You can review and approve invoices as easily on a smartphone as on your computer.

Moreover, Dooap leverages Microsoft Azure features like single sign-on for Office 365 customers, as well as Microsoft-backed SLA and security certificates. Imagine the productivity gain if you can use your waiting time at the airport or your cab ride to securely and quickly get those pesky invoice approval routines out of the way.

From AP Professionals to AP Professionals Automation – giving your AP professionals more time to respond to anomalies than handling routines – combined with an easy-to use user interface makes work more motivating and less error-prone. In fact, 100% of users we surveyed said Dooap has the best user interface they’ve seen. Dooap’s top performing AP functions drive greater process efficiencies and deliver strategic value to your enterprise. When you have a tool that is both easy and fun to use across the organization, more work gets done in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

Take the Pain Out of Your AP Process AP shouldn’t be seen as cumbersome, inefficient and costly. AP processes should be automated, interesting and rewarding. Dooap is well-designed and secure software that manages your AP processes efficiently. • • • • • • • • •

Fun to use, increases motivation Easy adoption among end users and the organization Automation reduces errors and speeds up processes Mobile app makes work independent of time and place Allows reallocation of resources from routines to exceptions and planning Lowers the cost of the purchase-to-payment journey Cloud-native and scalable Fully Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics AX compatible Enhances the value of your AX investment

Solution Cornerstones

Full integration


Best practice processes

Advanced technology

ERP integration using AX business logic. Automatic matching of PO invoices and coding of non-PO invoices. Best invoice handling processes. Mobile-first, cloud-native, with machine learning capabilities, OCR and Office 365 integration.

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Dooap Inc.

Efima Oy

450 Lexington Ave

Mannerheimintie 3 B

New York NY 10017

00100 Helsinki, Finland

Telephone 1-212-653-8801

Telephone +358 10 470 5450


A quantum leap in making AP work easier, more fun and more productive. Less manual processes mean fewer errors and lower purchase-to-payment...

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