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To everyone who contributed and made this edition possible, we would like to extend a massive thanks. Enjoy the work of many talented and eager artists, and get to know some of our members. Keep up the good work and stay motivated-you’re only as good as your last project. - EFG Crew

Everyone profiled in this member edition are members of www.efgmagazine.com. We’ve asked them questions such as “Why do you see yourself as part of the industry? What challenges can the industry pose for you? What tools do you use? Are you looking for work, or are you already working in the industry?” We also asked them to describe themselves in a few words-as few as five.

All work in this edition is copyrighted to its owner unless other mentioned. If you are interested in the work, please contact the member by clicking on the email link. If you don’t see an email, please visit their website.

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RICARDO Robles Ortiz


DAMIEN Fournet


RICHARD James Cook


ANDREW Corbitt


OLI Rogers


GIJS Witkamp


TOM Kyster


Concept Artist | Illustrator | Graphic Designer

2D Artist

Artist | Designer

Sound Design and Composition



Game Artist

URIY Danilov

CG Artist




Audio Director | Composer | Sound




Freelance 3D Artist

DANIK Yaroslav Tomyn

Concept Artist | Illustrator

RODRIGO Luiz Pereira

Senior Concept Artist

64 68


70 74 78 82 83

ROHAN van den Braak

Co-founder, BlewScreen

ANDRE Grahen Tavares Colares

Composer | Sound Designer

JOSHUA Calloway

Freelance Concept Artist | Illustrator

TOM van de Merbel

Game Artist | Media Designer


CG Artist | 3D Modeler

MAXIMILIEN Simard-Poirier

Sound Designer | Foley Artist | Multimedia Artist

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RICAR Robles O

Concept Artist - Illustrator - Graphic Sutton Coldfield, United


RDO Ortiz

c Designer d Kingdom


I was born and raised in sunny Spain. I grabbed my first pencil at the age of four, and I haven’t released it yet. I’ve always felt inclined towards traditional painting, especially watercolors. My work had basically a traditional approach until I discovered digital painting five years ago, but I actually try to maintain certain traditional principles applied to my digital paintings. My favorite themes are science fiction and dark fantasy. I enjoy designing all kind of creatures, characters and places. I’ve been working in Spain as a freelance illustrator and also giving concept design courses, until a job offer made me leave my country to go to the U.K.

A part of the game industry I’ve always been passionate about the worlds inside the games, movies and entertainment industry, and I think I have good ideas and approaches to offer to help people enjoy their time spent playing a game. My passion is to give shape to concepts; give them a face, a personality, an atmosphere. I am capable of transforming ideas into drawings, and drawings into something you can almost touch. That’s what the industry is about, so I believe I am in the right place.

Equipment Hardware: PC, Cintiq, 22HD, Bamboo. Software: Photoshop, Painter, ZBrush. Today I´m working in the industry right now. Currently I´m Concept Artist at Rare Ltd, Microsoft Studios. Future I´d like to be designing spaceships :)

Challenges I think there is a lot of people out there with great ideas and big projects going on, so I expect to contribute to any of them. In personal terms, I expect to grow as much as I can as a game artist.


a26parsecs@hotmail.com 7

RICARDO Robles Ortiz




Y E”


2D Montreal, Ca


EN net

Artist anada


I’ve always been more interested in drawing than in mathematics at school, so I guess I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else for a living… Had I been able to calculate a little, I would have tried to pilot helicopters, but maybe I would have also figured out that pens and paper are cheaper than fuel thanks to my maths skills, so, I guess there are no regrets to be had! I often see myself as a fan-boy, interested in about anything visual, and always amazed by the work of other artists, wondering if and how I could achieve it someday.

A part of the game industry I’ve always wanted to be part of the entertainment industry, be it video games, movies, comic books or even toys. As a gamer myself, I want to try and give other people some of the pleasure I took playing some games myself.

There’s so much to learn out there, and things evolve so fast I think there will always be something more to achieve. I haven’t always worked on games, and it’s not always that easy to enter studios, but it suits me really well and I love being involved in those kind of creations.

I like the idea that people will buy what I’ve made because they like it or are appealed by it, and not because they need it. It may sound superficial but I’m just pleased to think that the real reward is when someone chooses the game you took part in over another one!

So let’s say that from where I stand, having an opportunity to work on a AAA title would be challenging enough.

Challenges Considering I’ve only put a toe into it, I feel no lack of challenges for now.

From time to time I may also use other programs like Illustrator, depending on what suits my needs. Recently I’ve been trying to focus


Equipment Mainly I work with Photoshop, using a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.

on reanimating my 3D skills and learning a bit about Maya, and maybe I’ll switch to 3DS soon, but I’m not very confident with it right now. Today As I said I’m not working right now, even though I have a few projects lined up, but yes, I’m looking for work. Future Hopefully I’ll be with a great studio working on my 6th AAA title, or even in my own studio, counting my millions in my Jacuzzi. Did I mention the studio will be on a yacht? I would offer a free helicopter shuttle for all employees-I’ll drive!

http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/damien-fournet/50/471/601 11

DAMIEN Fournet





RICHA James Co

Artist | Orland


ARD ook

| Designer do, Florida


Games have pretty much always been at the forefront of my life. I was born five months before the NES made its debut in North America, so I’d like to think it was fate (laughs). Even when I wasn’t playing games, I was analyzing them. Quite often I would be running around the game world, zooming the camera in on textures and other things, and basically seeing how the game was built. I have always been fascinated with the way in which games are made, and the mechanics and aesthetics of them.

A part of the game industry Like many artists, I feel like I have ownership of part of it [the games industry]. As tacky as it sounds, I feel like I was destined for greatness in this industry. It’s been a long time coming, and I’d say that now, after ten years of pursuing it, I sincerely feel like I earned my spot in lieu of all the dedication, effort, blood, sweat, and tears I’ve given my work. I simply seek appreciation and respect in my craft. Challenges An artist never stops learning. No matter how far I’ve come, I seem to learn at least one significant thing with each work I complete or each task I take on. I’ve just recently extended my duties to include the roles of


designer and project manager, which is a whole new set of challenges for me. As long as I am learning more about my industry I am happy in any situation. Equipment My hardware is pretty outdated actually, but I make full use of every tool I have at my disposal. In fact, it makes it more challenging for me in a good way. It forces me to be more creative in order to get the most out of each thing I do. I currently use many programs for many specific uses, such as Maya, Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, ZBrush, Mudbox, Marmoset, Unity3D, UDK, Topogun, Crazybump, Roadkill

UV, and many more. I like to have complete control over each step of the process, so I prefer having specific tools for each one. Today I am currently seeking AAA opportunities anywhere in the world while I continue my role as an indie developer here in Orlando. I’m hoping that an already published title and my experience in the industry thus far can draw the attention of some prospective studios. Future Art Director at a major studio. Ubisoft preferably (wink wink). Or teaching at a game school.






RICHARD James Cook




G E”

COURTNEY James Howlett



ANDREW Corbitt Sound Design and Composition Dallas, Texas

Name of the composition: Main instruments:

Theme: Official length: License:

Mind|over|Matter Sound Demo Reel 2012 Pro Tools, Logic Pro, MIDI patches and so galore, various Sound Libraries (Hollywoo Sony, etc.), Personal recordings and sound Waves plug-ins, iMovie. Video Game Sound Design, Composition 3:40 Not available, not for sale. Video is intended promotion only.

What has been your inspiration? The games featured within the demo (Dead S Diablo 3) are hugely inspirational, as are othe the respective developers. Valve’s work was when creating this as I was playing a lot of Porta compositions throughout I’ve drawn inspiration Mansell, NIN, Atticus Ross, Cliff Martinez, Han and Rock/Progressive music I listen to frequen

How long did it take to make this from scra product? The original version took about 2 weeks, or hours from start to finish. I had no previous w clips from, so all sounds were from scratch fo trailer clips. Subsequent updates and edits h from a few hours to a few days; mostly just sp clips, remixing audio, and other minor edits.


Under what kind of scene would this fit? Video game trailers, gameplay (as all the sou has been created from scratch), game music,

oft-synths od Edge, d design,

d for self-

Space 2 and er works by s influential al 2. For the n from Clint ns Zimmer… ntly.

atch to final

r maybe 80 work to take or the game have varied plicing new

und design ambience.

My passion is creating sound, in whatever form, as innovative and unique as possible, and integrating that into a great narrative to leave an experience that any player will not soon forget.

A part of the game industry I’ve been a gamer as long as I can remember and have always been fascinated with the experience great games provide. Part of that experience is sound, and I’m especially interested in how much interactivity sound can achieve through games over other entertainment medium. Film and music recording will always be simply playback, template-based rehashes of previous stories and songs. Even live music is limited to the ticketholder simply listening and viewing the performance. Games are the only medium that provides interaction. I believe there is such power in that, and that we’ve only begun to integrate narrative, mechanics, audio and visuals in such a way to create truly original stories and experiences. I’m always pursuing advancement of audio technology and see video games at the forefront of it.

Also, I believe my talent is in my creativity. I love achieving a goal by starting with the idea, working from scratch and ironing out the kinks along the way. The hardest part is the polish at the end! If that mix isn’t just right, it won’t draw the listener in to start with. Kind of like cooking-the display of the final dish is important to stimulate your visual sense, which can enhance the meal’s taste, and when it’s all working together, everyone will come back for seconds. Lastly, more than anything else, I make the best use of my ears. I love picking apart sounds and will always do it compulsively anyway. Why not make a career of it with games? Challenges It’s always changing and advancing, and there is a lot of room for innovative advancement with audio. I’ve always wanted to be called an innovator. :)

http://mindovermattersound.com/projects http://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewcorbitt

Equipment Mac computers and laptops loaded with both Mac OS X and Windows, Avid interfaces, M-audio MIDI controller, Zoom H4n, other standard studio mics, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Wwise, Waves and AIR plugins, and I’ve just started using Kontakt. Today I am looking for full-time work with any developer across the world that would have me and throw in some health and family benefits! I’m also already working on mod development and other various freelance gigs. Future Audio Director or Producer of AAA titles, hopefully on the way to designing my completely unique and innovative audiofixated game. :)





OLI Rogers

Illustrator United Kingdom




I’m not happy unless I’m creating something – I don’t think I’m cut out to do anything else. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece or project come together, and learning new skills along the way. The work that I make is usually fantasy-themed, but I don’t like to put myself in one particular box. A part of the game industry I see myself as a potential part of any industry that values creativity, imagination and originality in illustration. The style of my work probably lends itself best to something with intricacy and intrigue like old-skool graphic adventures – I love classic games like Monkey Island. Challenges I’d love to get stuck into a project that lets me unleash even more of the creatures and characters that are currently residing within my brain.

Today I recently graduated with a first-class degree in Illustration; I’m currently working as a freelancer, although I’ve not been commissioned by any game studios… yet. So yes, I’m open to any offers! Future Hopefully I’ll be reminiscing about the time I joined Eye for Games and a world of creative opportunity opened up for me…

Equipment All of my work is drawn the old-fashioned way (there is no substitute for good drawing) before being scanned and painted in Photoshop.








OLI Rogers



GIJS Witkamp

Illustrator Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands



Well let’s start by the very original “I have loved drawing ever since I could hold a pencil”. And I have always had a passion for games. About a year ago I’ve finished Game-art/design at the Eindhovense school, wich is now called “SintLucas”. And as of now my dream is to be an accomplished indie-game developer.

A part of the game industry Well besides the degree in game art and a life long experience with playing games, I’d say because I see a lot of opportunities to make the industry grow, and I think there is a lot that can be explored.

Today I’ve finished the lower vocational degree in GameArt/design at the Eindhovense School (wich Is now called SintLucas) and I’d love me some more freelance work or a part-time job. ;)

And with that in mind I would like to make the games that seem “unreachable” as of now. It seems to me that exploring is almost necessary, and I’m hoping to be that fresh breeze sooner or later.

Future At a nice little game company which has heart for what they do, working with amazingly creative people, making games that anyone would love to play!

Challenges I think it’s the exploration of new possibilities in places where people don’t look anymore. And to create beautiful worlds, inhabitants and stories. Things that we haven’t seen before. Equipment As you can see, most of my work is digital and the tools vary a lot. I’m a quick learner so it doesn’t really matter that much which toolset I use for my art. But hardware-wise, I’m rocking an Intuos 5 Medium after having an old school Bamboo for about four years. A Wacom remains the best option for drawing/painting/illustrating digitally for me (and I think almost anybody would agree haha).


geiswitkamp@gmail.com 27

GIJS Witkamp




R, E”

TOM Kyster Game Artist Tujunga, California



I love the fact that I can make a living working on what I love to do most. I consider myself lucky to have worked in the gaming industry for the past five years and want to continue doing so till I die! I have a bachelor’s degree in Animation and Illustration. I’m constantly trying to push myself to become a better artist which is a never ending struggle. There are so many talented artists out there! I wish everyone knew just how hard it is to put all these games we love and enjoy out there.

A part of the game industry I have helped create some really fun online content the past few years. I’ve also been plugging away at putting together my own personal game on the side. Not only do I love doing concepts for games, I love playing them too. Challenges Learning… there’s so many new games coming out every year. I think my most difficult struggle in the industry is how to keep up to the point of being valuable.

Today I’m always looking for a new exciting opportunity, however I’ve been working at Nickelodeon Games for the past five plus years. Future Leading a team of talented and driven artists to the next level of gaming excellence! (I can dream right?)

Equipment I love looking at other artists for inspiration. Companies that put out art books are the best things ever! I currently use a lot of Flash and Photoshop and am breaking into Z Brush/Maya.





TOM Kyste

M er





URIY Danilov CG Artist Toronto, Canada



I have been an artist most of my life. I have tried all sorts of creative outlets and I believe that there is nothing better than using state of the art technology to bring joy and entertain millions of people all around the world.

A part of the game industry I have been making and contributing to independent games for the past two years. Challenges Getting in and learning new things. There are lots of techniques and trade secrets that I wish to have the privilege of learning. Equipment I’ve used just about every relevant program I can get my hands on, but to name a few: 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, C4D, Photoshop, AE, Xnormal, NDO-2, Crusher-D, Nuke, Unity 3D, Unreal (2-3), CryTech Engine, Mac-pc’s, Winpc’s, Dev-Ipad, Dev-Note, lots and lots of paper and my Wacom tablet. Out of all of these I can’t function without my Wacom and Maya/3DS Max.


Today I’m looking for a job on a full-time, part-time or freelance contract basis. It’s extremely hard to get your first “real studio” gig, but I’m optimistic that sooner or later I will have the skills that are required. Future In five years I hope to be working on a horror themed video game or film. In ten years I hope to have a family of my own and be teaching my kids about art.





URIY Danilov



KIRSTEN Nuyts Artist Belgium


N s


Games, movies, paintings, fashion and art in general have always inspired me. For as long as I know I have been drawing. Soon I realized that the gaming and movie industry was the path where I could find myself in, and let the creations in my head come to life. Now I am one of the lucky few to be able to work in the Industry, and it has been great so far. I had the chance to work on many interesting projects and I have met many great people in the industry. Still there is much more to learn, and every day I am looking for a challenge to improve myself.

A part of the game industry I feel that with my fresh look and creativity I can inspire other people in the industry. As a Concept Artist, being the first part in the process of making a game, I always want to create concepts which stimulate other people to make the best possible. Creating original concepts and seeing my work used or published are just a few reasons why I like my job so much. After five years I love my job now more then ever. I cannot imagine me doing something else then working in the game industry. And I feel that there is much more yet to come... Challenges Every single project is a new exciting challenge. Whether it is a AAA title or a mobile game project, I like to get the best out of me with every single task. The biggest challenge for me is to keep improving myself and learning new things every day. Equipment My laptop has always been my best friend for many years now. Just recently I bought myself a Mac computer because I felt I could use some more power and most importanly a good screen (shows the colors the way they are supposed to be).


So far I am really happy with my all my hardware tools. Also my six year old Wacom Intuos 3 is still working like a charm. I don t think the tools make an artist better, but they can help. As for software I use Photoshop the most. For modeling I use Maya, but I am also acquainted with Max and Softimage. Today I have five years experience working in the professional game industry as a general Artist (Concept Art, low poly 3D, UI and 2D Textures) but now I am looking for a position as full-time Concept Artist; my dream job. Future If I could keep working in the gaming industry for the next years I would already be very happy. I am very proud of the things I have achieved so far. However to work in a big AAA studio as a Concept Artist is my ultimate dream. At the same time I also love to teach and inspire young people who are trying to break in into the game industry.











GIANMARCO Leone Audio Director | Composer | Sound Designer Italy

I’m passionate about audio and music; I specialize in orchestral music but have worked so far on almost any genre genre of music. My style is often described as cinematic, but I prefer to call it *emotional.* A part of the game industry Working on a project for me is not only a matter of delivering requests, but understanding what’s needed for the project to succeed. Today I’m currently working as Audio Director at Indomitus Games, on the videogame “In Verbis Virtus.”




Dawn of Hope

In Verbis Virtus Main Theme

Album: Dawn of Hope Song: Dawn of Hope Main instrument: Orchestra Theme: Rising hope Official length: 2:00 License AVAILABLE

Game: In Verbis Virtus Title: In Verbis Virtus Main Theme Main instrument: Orchestra Theme: Exploration, Magic, Epic battle Official length: 1:41 License NOT AVAILABLE




https://twitter.com/leonegianmarco 45

VINICIUS Ragusa Student S達o Paulo, Brazil



Well, I’m a 19-year-old guy who loves videogames and has a passion for art. Any kind of art pleases me: sculpture, illustration, 3D, animation, traditional paintings, etc...

A part of the game industry I wanted to be part of the industry since I had my first videogame system (an N64). And because of that, I started some courses about art (game development, sculpture and illustration), to reach a minimum of knowledge to enter this world (which is like a dream for me). I also enjoy imagining fantasy stuff a lot. When I was a child I used to pretend I was inside a fictional world fighting against almost everything, but just in my imagination and without any kind of movement (because I used to to it in front of other people hahaha).

Equipment The ones I now the most: traditional drawing, Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, After Effects, Unreal Development Kit. Today I’m a student of Audiovisual Production actually, but I’m still looking for a job inside the game industry. Future Well, I see myself working in a big company, doing what I like the most: creating 3D characters and doing it for the rest of my life!

Challenges Becoming part of a team which will release a game that can innovate the game industry in its gameplay/idea.















TODOR Kolev Freelance 3D artist Plovdiv, Bulgaria


R v


I’m a 3D artist, specializing in digital sculpting with focus on organic characters and creatures. I’ve started as a gamer who enjoys artwork, not only CG but any type of well-crafted creations. Gradually, using the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet, I taught myself the process of building game assets. 3D modeling/sculpting is my craft, my hobby and passion. I am always striving to improve myself and what I do.

A part of the game industry I have already been involved in the creation of two titles, but even without that just being a gamer who really enjoys playing for the fun of it should be enough. Challenges The constant improvement of technology is an awesome opportunity to make much more compelling and believable art and to express myself much more freely.

Today I`m always open for interesting projects. Future If not still in the game industry I’d like to do some 3D printing. I think it comes naturally to 3D artists since our work is mainly enclosed in the virtual world.

Equipment My trusty Wacom tablet, my PC and a couple of great software packages such as ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop and occasionally 3DS Max.










DAN Yaroslav Tomy

Concept Artist | Illu Brickton, Nova


NIK myn

ustrator Scotia

Seeing the joy video games brought people is what fueled my passion all these years. My fondest memories are of my god brother and I playing the Final Fantasy series; I always loved seeing all the different monsters that you had to defeat. All of that spurred my interest in designing monsters; by far my most favorite subject matter. It’s my goal to become an in house concept artist for a gaming company and help create fond memories for a new generation of gamers.

A part of the game industry I feel as though I’m part of the game industry because of the way I look at games as I play them. I have played countless games and have constantly thought to myself “What elements of this game make it enjoyable?” With all the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years I hope to contribute it to the making of unique games. Challenges The game industry will challenge me to constantly improve my skills to create better concept art and illustrations along with developing new creative ideas to make interesting games for the gaming community.

Today I’m currently looking for a full-time position as a conceptual artist for a company and am ready to relocate anywhere for the job. Future In five to ten years I see myself working as an art director at a company helping direct a AAA game title or indie company project. I will have contributed to the release of a few games and been able to see my contributions enjoyed by those who play them.

Equipment For traditional mediums I use: 0.3 mechanical pencil, charcoal, and Copic markers. My digital tools are: an ASUS G75V series gaming laptop, Intuos 4 tablet, Photoshop CS6 and occasional use of 3DS Max 2010.





DANIK Yaroslav T




RODRIGO Luiz Pereira Senior Concept Artist S達o Paulo, Brazil


Currently I’m working as Comic Book Artist for a big publisher in Europe. In the past I worked as Concept Artist freelancer for Glu Mobile Games. Before that I worked as Senior Illustrator at Ciatech, the biggest E-learning company in Brasil. Before that, I worked on the game Legendary Heroes from Maya Labs, that reached more than 2 million downloads. In Australia I worked as an Art Director for Skysoul, where I had the opportunity to work on great online games such as Galaxy Online 02 and Sea Legend for the IGG company. Still in Australia, I worked for the videogame studio Fuzzyeyes Ltda. as a concept artist, doing concepts of characters, storyboards, promotional art, props and environments for a AAA video game called Edge of Twilight. I worked for a 3D animation movie company named Osmo Productions doing environmental images and concept designs for the movie entitled “The Legend of King Nal”. You can find some images of this project on this website - http://www.osmoproduction.fi/ I’ve worked as an Illustrator for the past fourteen years. During that time I penciled the comic book Star Wars “Outlander”, illustrated for Dungeons & Dragons (pencils and inks) and provided illustrations for the book character Angus (a Brazilian best-seller book, already published in many countries including China). I did the pencils for five issues of the American comic book “Black Tiger”. I also provided pencils and inks for a special French SCI-FI comic book with 68 pages entitled “Last Crusader”. Basically I have four passions in my life: Life, Art, My Beautiful Wife and my son.


A part of the game industry I think because I’m always creating new things, and the videogame industry is such a giant market to do that on so many levels where I can use all of my knowledge in art. And obviously, I love to play games and to think what could be better in the game in terms of Concept Art and Design. Challenges I think the challenges are infinite for creatives like me. Since I started to work in games, I’ve never stopped learning something from each game I’ve worked on. Equipment Well I use any tools that will make my job easy and fast. I love to work with Photoshop and Painter; they are my main computer tools. But I also love to do thumbnails using just a pen drawing in an A4 paper size. It’s pretty fast and fun too. Today I’m always open to new work. It only depends on how much fun I will get from it. Right now I’m working on a comic book in the U.S.A. and doing my own comic book that you can read for free on my website http://twoshotcomics.com/. Future Painting large canvases with acrylics or oil.






RODRIGO Luiz Pereira





ROHA van den Braa

Co-fou Tilburg, Netherl

Watch Wate Traile

Watch Syner


AN ak


under lands

erdunen er

rgy Trailer

I am immersed in games during the day and also during the evening. Sometimes I feel fused to a screen, either working or playing games or watching movies. Luckily not always, I cook Asian food and snacks, help my family, I teach TaijiQuan and Qigong and I ride a recumbent bicycle. Sometimes I wish there was a lot more hours in a week. Haven’t they made an app for that yet? A part of the game industry Daan and me wanted to start a studio of our own just before we finished our course at the HKU. At first we worked out of my living room but a year later we rented a studio in Tilburg and started working from there. A few years ago we decided to profile ourselves solely as a game developer and no longer as allround multimedia interactive performance studio. It made our story a whole lot clearer. Nowadays we work on assigned work and on games we started up ourselves.

Most of the games we produced for third parties are serious games, though we are open to all sorts of genres. One example is: http://blewscreen.com/ blewscreen/games_waterdunen.php We always try to make our games easy to play, accessible and a lot of fun to experience.

Responsibilities I communicate, conceptualize, work on sound design, keep track of projects, 3D-animate, devise a strategy for us and do all sorts of demeaning chores. Daan is the technical wonder between the two of us. We both work on concepts and how to breathe life into them.

Games by choice We choose games that are a lot of fun and that take you to another place than you are in. That doesn’t necessarily mean fantasy or odd situations; rather the sensation that you are contributing to the game world in such a way that the experience of the game echoes on even when you are no longer playing. A player should empathize with a game so that he forgets his physical world for a short period of time while he is experiencing the game he is playing. It doesn’t matter what genre the game is, as long as the player has had the sensation of visiting another world.

Blewscreen games We produce games initiated by ourselves and also assigned games. Both are a lot of fun to do. Most of the games we initiate ourselves are games with a physical component, like: www.synergy-game. com. But we are also working on mobile games and distributable PC games in that same capacity.

Goals We would like to keep on making games that have the BlewScreen touch. Our goals are to make more of these in shorter time span and to reach more people with them.It would be really nice if people would talk about our games with enthusiasm, and of course with impatience for our next up and coming game.


FABIEN Cazenabe



ANDRE Grahen Tavares Colares Composer | Sound Designer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Name of the composition: Main instruments: Theme: Official length: License:

Paprikazz Guitar, percussion, acoustic bass, drums, piano, mouth sounds. Dreamy, suspense, detective story, sassy 00:01:51 Creative commons - Anyone can use it if credit is given and if there’s no monetary profit involved. What has been your inspiration? I wanted to remake the opening theme music for the anime Paprika, but with a little spice. Also I was heavily influenced by Cowboy Bebop. How long did it take to make this from scratch to final product? 2 to 3 days non-stop. Under what kind of scene would this fit? An agitated opening sequence, where the main characters of a funny yet suspenseful plot are introduced.


I love music and video games. When you put these two things together magic happens. It’s amazing how game music can be a decisive element in the life of a gamer. My dream is to see people humming one of my pieces twenty or thirty years from now, with their eyes brimming, just like I do today to Zelda, Final Fantasy or Donkey Kong music.

Metal Gear MSX Orchestra Main instrument: Orchestral Sample Libraries Theme: Tactical Espionage Action, as seen in Metal Gear games. Official length: 00:04:00 All rights belong to Kojima Productions

Super Nova Main instrument: Orchestral Sample Libraries, Synths Theme: Sci-fi. Official length: 00:04:09 License: Creative commons - Anyone can use it if credit is given and if there’s no monetary profit involved. INSPIRATION: Sci-fi movies and their soundtracks, mostly DEVELOPMENT: 1 month WOULD FIT: Something beautifuly majestic and terrifying in space; like the death of a star.

A part of the game industry I’ve played video games since I can remember, back in the old Atari days, and I witnessed the evolution they went through all these years. Also, because I happen to be composing the soundtrack to a couple of indie games that might come out really soon, so stay tuned! Challenges Well, I sure hope it does! I think a good one to start would be having to score a puzzle game or a point and click adventure. Those could be hard. The greatest challenge I can think right now would be having to work with a full live orchestra. Oh, boy! Equipment I run a PC. Intel core i7 with 3.20 GHz and 8 GB of RAM; 64 bits. I record stuff in my home studio with an M-Audio Profire 2626 audio interface,


a PreSonus Blue Tube mic preamp, a Shure SM57, a MXL V67i and an AKG C414. I’ve got lots of instruments ranging from drums, strings, percussion, winds, keyboards and a trumpet (which I can’t play yet); also a good selection of virtual instruments and sample libraries. Today I am always looking for work! As a musician I’ll always be a student, as there is always something new to learn. But yes, I graduated in Music Technology and I’m already composing for some small projects in films, games and plays. Future With some great projects under my belt I hope! And steadily employed in a gaming company as lead or assistant composer/sound designer.

andregtcolares@gmail.com 69

JOSHUA Callowa

Freelance Concept Artist | Illustra Milwaukee, Wiscon


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My work is best described as a blend of futuristic concepts mixed with a vision that emphasizes attention to detail and fluidity. I am inspired by music on a daily basis and try to convey that energy in my artwork. A part of the game industry I have been attracted to games my entire life. Drawing for video games connects my two biggest passions, art and gaming. Challenges Always pushing to stay ahead of the curve. Always innovating and evolving.

Today I currently work Freelance in the games industry but I am always looking for work. Future As a professional with a well established portfolio and client base; I hope to utilize my skill set to break into the film industry as a high vision concept artist.

Equipment PC and Laptop, Photoshop, Painter, Sketchup.

http://www.ninjacart.darkfolio.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuacalloway

ninjacart@gmail.com 71

JOSHUA Calloway



TOM van de Merb

Game Artist | Media Des Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherl


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signer lands


Since childhood I’ve had a passion for games. Already as a kid I explored my share of tabletop dungeons and defeated ogres and trolls to narrowly escape with piles of treasure. Later, I got to play and love video games as well. I loved to create my own board and card games and experimented with all kinds of game mechanics. I’ve always felt that game development is like playing god, but without most of the ethical dilemmas that usually come with that kind of thing. It is a profoundly satisfying thing to imagine a world and then create it for you and others to interact with. I studied Communication and Media Design in Utrecht and graduated with a thesis on audience-driven game design. I learned valuable lessons working at Vertigo Games during my final internship and was fortunate to be able to cooperate on two international titles (Vertigo Games’ Adam’s Venture and Play Logic’s Fairy Tale Fights). Still fascinated with video games, I emerged from my studies as a Jack-of-all-trades; I had both technical knowledge and good artistic skills, but I soon found that I lacked an absolute expertise in either of them. Contrarily to what I had hoped, many companies don’t really seem to know what to do with people that don’t fit into a single role, so I decided to focus on improving my art skills first. I wanted to become an expert in 2D game art.

A part of the game industry I’m primarily contracted to create game art and have a background in game design and game art. Challenges I consider it a challenge to improve my skills and to find some place where I can use both my technical skills and art skills to create new and original games. Equipment Wacom Intuos 3, Adobe CS, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Flash, Dreamweaver, Unity, UnrealEd, Visual Studio. Today I’m already working in the game industry and am looking for freelance work or a longterm contract. Future Being at the head of, or having a primary role in my own game development company, creating original entertainment products.

When I finished my internship, the videogame industry in the Netherlands was in a bad state and full time jobs were hard to come by, so I chose to start as a freelancer instead. I ended up working on a large variety of casual games for an international clientele, improving my art skills along the way (some examples: Wings of Fury for Android, Resortico, World of Towers, Buildy, Ludo Deluxe for iPad).





TOM van de Merbel


“CURIOUS, knowledgeable,


DANIEL McCarthy CG Artist | 3D Modeler Southampton, United Kingdom



I am a multi-talented 3D Modeler with a 1st class honours degree in computer modeling, and two years experience creating content for games and television. While my career started creating environment props and assisting render production for BBC based children programs, my ultimate passion lies within creating content for the games industry. Over the past two years I have worked as a team member on various projects, from creating props and textures for the Cbeebies television show ‘Iconicles’, to modeling savage alien creatures and environments for ‘Unvanquished’, an upcoming team based game for PC and Mac. I am an avid gamer, playing video games for as long as I can remember, from memories of “Wolfenstein 3D” to “Sim Ant” and “Dungeon Keeper”, it was a natural progression for me to combine my biggest passions of video games and art to pursue a career in the industry. A part of the game industry Ever since watching “The Matrix” I’ve wanted to prove this world is just a fabricated simulation. The games industry is the best place to start right? Joking aside, I know I have the skill and determination to make an impact on the games I work on. I’m committed and ambitious with a strong imagination. I’m constantly thinking of new project ideas to help develop my skills, and I find no greater satisfaction than seeing my work come alive on the screen. Challenges I’ve faced many challenges so far, from tricky technical challenges to overcoming time-zone differences with fellow team members. The challenge I was faced with during my latest freelance project was being tasked with multiple assignments with very short deadlines. Knowing the importance of good organizational skills I was able to overcome this by being conscientious with regard to time keeping and prioritizing my tasks. Despite many of the obstacles I’ve faced so far, breaking into the games industry seems to be the toughest challenge!

http://www.danielmccarthycgartist.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielmccarthycgartist

Equipment I’d be at a loss without my Intuos 3 Wacom tablet, although one day, if things go right, I’ll upgrade to a shiny Cintiq! Programs I use for my work include 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush and Xnormal. A strong imagination, good source of reference and a healthy supply of coffee doesn’t hurt either. Today I’m currently working as a freelance game artist, although I’m continually on the lookout for full time opportunities. Future I’d love to be using my skills to create awesome models for future games. My dream is to work on some big titles such as sequels to the games I grew up playing or helping to develop new, exciting projects. Maybe someday I’ll be able to develop my own games!

dspmccarthy@gmail.com 79



EL rthy



MAXIMILIEN Simard-Poirier Sound Designer | Foley Artist | Multimedia Artist Montreal, Canada I used to study film production back in college. But I always found myself working more on the sound of the project than actually filming it. That’s when I got interested in post-production for sound and video editing. Video Games came naturally after that, I’m I huge geek when it comes to video games and it influenced my work greatly. I concentrate in sound because I see my work as being the “underdog.” Sound is always the smallest department and always has the smallest of budgets. So for us sound designers, our work is not only to create sound effects but also to convince the production team that the film/video game would benefit from more creative input from the sound team. I like that form of challenge.


A part of the game industry I deeply and truly believe that video games are going to be the next art form. So to be a part of that in any way is very exciting to me. Challenges Transitioning from fixed media sound design to interactive sound design in games. Equipment I’m a big Pro Tools fan. I really think the workflow is just perfect for me. I don’t like to “jump” from software to software so I try to keep it all inside the Pro Tools X/11. For effects I will use Camel Audio’s Alchemy as my main synth/sampler. I will also use MetaSynth 5 for more specific effects. For the rest I use Izotope’s IRIS and RX2, Cecilia 5 and Adobe Audition. For hardware I use Sony M10 portable digital recorders, sound devices and Zoom h4n. I have a modest collection of condenser mics for more specific work. I use RME audio interfaces and ADAM A5X speakers for my home studio. Today I’m looking for a job, either full time or as a freelancer. I was studying full time at the University of Montreal a year ago, but I started work in a post-production studio in Montreal so I have been studying part time ever since. Future Working on big projects that involve a lot of traveling to record sounds around the world.




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Featuring fifty members from our community. Discover new talent and some of their goals and ambitions.

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Featuring fifty members from our community. Discover new talent and some of their goals and ambitions.