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CEO COMMENT UNITED IN INDUSTRY BASED OWNERSHIP The Brisbane Markets® has long had the reputation of being resilient through flood, drought, political pressure and economic challenges. As 2016 draws to a close there is one more character trait that must be added – united. Twelve months ago, Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) was facing a bitter and hostile takeover bid to topple its industry based ownership with a Sydney-based private equity firm jostling to take control. Twelve months on, BML’s shareholders have stood firm, united, and despite the cost of fighting the bid, the company remains financially and collectively stronger. That’s the strength of unification. Despite the upheaval, BML has again delivered a record net operating profit after tax for the year ended 30 June 2016. Take a look at how we have performed on pages 6 and 7.

SAFETY KUDOS It’s with great pleasure that BML has received a Highly Commended award in the Most Significant Improvement to Work Health and Safety Performance category of the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2016.

BML has worked hard with its tenants and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland to imbue a safety culture on site. Such a safety focus is particularly important when it’s considered we have more than 4,000 people doing business daily mixed with 400 forklifts, the highest concentration on any work site in Queensland.

HORTICULTURE CODE CONTENTION Much has been said and written about the Horticulture Code of Conduct, particularly after a late 2015 Review that has not progressed, with the legislation due to sunset in April 2017. Amid the finger pointing and disagreements between growers, wholesalers and now the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), there are two points that all agree on: the Code is unworkable in its current form and it needs major reform. As to what that reform will be has yet to be revealed with the Federal Government tipped to make a decision before the end of this year which, until publication time, had not been made.

PLANNING THE YEAR AHEAD With our latest development, the Puma Service Station, nearing completion and studies underway to assess the feasibility of a number of other projects, 2017 is already looking like a busy year. Investing back into our 77 hectare Rocklea site has been a priority for BML with the ongoing upgrading and improvement of our facilities creating a more competitive and professional environment for or tenants to work from. Take a look on page 10 of the future development plans on site. Pages 18 to 20 spotlight much of the hard word that we have already achieved throughout 2016. If this year is any indication, it should be an exciting year ahead.

MERRY CHRISTMAS On behalf of BML and Brismark, I wish everyone a safe and happy festive season, and with the successes of the past 12 months behind us, a healthy and prosperous 2017 ahead.

Read more about it on pages 14-16. Andrew Young, Chief Executive Officer, BML and Brismark

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Fresh Source is the magazine of Brisbane Markets Limited. New editions of the magazine are printed quarterly. Advertising and editorial inquiries are welcome and media outlets are invited to use material with or without acknowledgement. Fresh Source is printed on Australian made recycled stock.

fresh source

Summer 2016–17


updates ICONIC BRISBANE MARKETS® A MONOPOLY LANDMARK Brisbane Markets® has become one of the iconic landmarks to appear on the newly released Brisbane edition Monopoly game, with a colourful launch at South Bank’s Streets Beach in October. Mr Monopoly, the board’s famous moustached mascot, was on hand to raise the Brisbane Markets’® board image high to announce its inclusion, along with other iconic landmarks such as the Story Bridge and the Gabba.

Mr Monopoly raises the Brisbane Markets’ image high at the launch of the Brisbane edition Monopoly game.

Brisbane Markets is found in the pink section, where Pall Mall appears on the original board, and is joined by Eagle Street Pier and Queen Street Mall in the same category.




when they for personalised service Customers are looking

Summerfruits and cherries are back in season, with Your Local Fruit Shop (YLFS) stores arming their shoppers with the latest knowledge on selecting the best produce. Customers can pick up store brochures, or talk to staff with “Ask Me” badges. Cherry lovers who bought them from their YLFS stores in late November and early December entered a competition with a “scratch and win” card as part of a campaign in the lead up to the busy pre-Christmas rush.


Firm or soft


1/2 cup low-fat

3-4 ice cubes Mint leaves


Generally, the the best produce is heaviest produce.

Check for bruises, blemishes or signs of pests.

Heaviness can indicate the how juicy and crisp with produce is, especially citrus and melons. Very hard fruit is often not ripe.

Generally the flesh should hard, be firm, but not rock squishy or limp. it is not No aroma can mean can ripe, and a strong aroma indicate over-ripeness. If possible, let your

If it’s stinky, it’s past its prime.

customer taste-test

a sample of

skin entirely saturated with colour. Check for bruises, blemishes or signs of pests. A dull colour may mean it’s not fully ripe or has been deprived of sun and nutrients.

it’s A dull colour may mean Weight been not fully ripe or has A good rule of thumb is to pick the deprived of sun heaviest produce. Heaviness can indicate and nutrients. produce how juicy and crisp the

is, especially with citrus and melons. Pick up two pieces of a similar size, and compare.

Pick up two pieces of a similar size, and compare.

Vegetables need to breathe so pack them loosely.

Don’t wash produce until it’s ready to be eaten.


Bananas ripen very quickly and will speed up the ripening of any nearby fruit, so be careful about what they are placed next to.


Should yield to gentle pressure when ripe.

Firm, plump and shiny without any spots or bruising and with stems still attached.

Summer 2016–17

Firm, plump, and heavy for their size.

Eat more es first perishablLychee Keep the hardier ones until later. Mango

Bright red shells that are heavy for their size.

Firm and plump with a sweet smell and gives slightly to gentle pressure.



Appealing blush and no green. Fragrant, slightly soft but not mushy.



fresh source


onions Store potatoes, Avocado and garlic in a cool, dark, dry place, but CherrY don’t refrigerate them.




water 1 tsp icing sugar DIRECTIONS 1. Place the skim milk, low honey and vanilla into fat sour cream, stevia, temperature a saucepa n heat for 3-4 and whisk to combineover moderate minutes until over the Remove just starting from the to boil. heat. 2. Mix the gelatine with Ripen in a paper bag complet at ely dissolve the boiling water until room temperature hot d and then milk and sour cream whisk this intoPlump in the refrigerator. the and firm and BEAN mix. 3. Whisk in the a bright green If it is lumpy yoghurt until smooth you may . mixture need Firm fruit can take 4-5 days through a strainer. to pass the 4. Divide the berries to ripen at room temperature. in half and small amount place Once ripe, store in the refrigerator. moulds leavinginto 4 glasses Capsicum a Firm, smooth skin and the remaind or panna cotta a fresh green stem. bowl to use er berries as garnish. in a In refrigerator5.asTop soonup the moulds or glasses as possible aftermixture with the yoghurt purchase,pouring 120ml Refrigerate into each for up to one week until set, mould. Firm, unblemished stalks. approxi Recipe supplied CELERY mately 1 hour.Look for green, not yellow, courtesy Market chef stalks and leaves. ambassador of Brisbane Produce Throw awayPutia Pure any that are brown, Food Kitchen Dominique Rizzo and her . and store the remainder in the refrigerator in the bag they came in. Glossy, smooth CHILLI and unblemished skin. In a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Firm, and a natural sheen CUCUMBER to the skin. Avoid those that At room temperature and away from appear yellowish. the sun until ripened, then keep ripe mangos in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Smooth, heavy for their size EGGPLANT with a naturally shiny skin. At room temperature Flesh that gives slightly when until ripe, then place gently pressed. in the refrigerator.

A quick guide to picking and storing


Avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, fruits melons, apples, pears and stoneto ripen (except cherries) will continue if left on the bench. Capsicum, grapes, citrus and berries will deteriorate so should be stored in the refrigerator.


Of course, nothing beats taste-testing your fruit and vegetables for yourself, if you can. Ask Your Local Fruit Shop staff if you can sample a piece before you buy.


Yoghurt and Orange Blo ssom Berry Panna Cotta


Brisbane Produce Market is smelling a lot like Christmas with the aroma of mangoes, cherries, summerfruits and cooking celebratory sausages marking the festive season on site.

Give the fruit or vegetable a good whiff! Ripe produce smells of how it is meant to taste. No aroma can mean it is not ripe, and a strong aroma can indicate over-ripeness . If it’s stinky then put it back, it’s past its prime. A light, pleasant smell is a good indicator that your produce is fresh and ripe.

How to store your produce



For more recipe s, www.yourlocalfr visit uitsho

vanilla yoghurt

smooth. 2. Pour into

different a glass, produce add but leaves to generally the flesh garnish and mint should serve.but be firm, not rock hard, squishy or limp. Very hard fruit is often not ripe. However this doesn’t apply to everything (figs, for example, are best very soft). If in doubt, ask the staff at Your Local Fruit Shop.

Once you’ve picked the freshest produce, you’ll want to keep it it’s very best until you at are ready to eat it. It also saves on wastage and your wallet. Here’s our top tips for storing • Separate your fruit fruit and vegetables. and vegetables. • Don’t wash produce Fruits that produce the until it’s ready to • Note that doesn’t apply ripening agent Avocados, tomatoes, be eaten. The moisture called for ethylene can prematurelyrip mangoes, melons, will encourage en and to everything, as figs, apples, pears and stone bacteria and make them spoil the vegetables in fruits (except more likely their company, so soft. cherries) will continue to spoil. make sure you keep them example, are best very to ripen if left apart. on the bench. Capsicum, SERVES grapes, citrus • Most fruit can4 be • Bananas ripen very and berries will deteriorate left on the bench 150ml skim quickly and will so milk to ripen (place speed up the ripening them in a paper bag be stored in the refrigerator. should 50g low of any nearby fat sour cream a careful about if you want to is be fruit, so speed up the process), 1/2 what they are A light, pleasant smell stevia • Vegetables need to and thentsp placed next to. refrigerate breathe so pack them in a plastic bag produce 1 tsp honey loosely and don’t seal or sealed good indicator that container. in airtight bags. It 1/4 tsp vanilla • Store potatoes, onions suffocates them and they’ll bean paste and garlic is fresh and ripe. spoil faster. • Keep 1fruit in a cool, dark, dry place, 1/2 tspand vegetables powder but don’t ed gelatine whole • Eat your more perishables until ready 100ml boiling refrigerate them. It’s to use. Cutting them first, such best to keep them water as strawberries and green makes 250g separated so their flavours them more low fat susceptible beans. Keep natural don’t mingle. yoghurt the hardier ones, such to mould. 400g mixed as apples and . berries carrots, until later in 3 drops orange the fruit and vegetable the week. blossom

ABLES TIPS FOR STORING FRUIT AND VEGET Separate fruit and vegetables as some fruits produce a ripening agent that can prematurely ripen and spoil the vegetables.

Keep fruit and vegetables whole until ready to usE.


A handy guide to show you the best way to pick and store your SUMMER PRODUCE.

DIRECTIONS 1. Combin e all ingredie nts in a blender and blend until

inviting Look for vibrant and colours, with the skin entirely saturated with colour.



Peach and Raspberry Smoothie

No one knows fruit and vegetables quite like the staff at Your Local We are experts in our Fruit Shop. field,1 and are passionate SERVES about bringing you the produce each day. We’d freshest 1 cup peach loveslices; to share our expertise peeled with you, so we’ve put guide to show you the 1/2 cup together this best way fresh to pick and store your raspber ries fruit and vegetables 1 cup apple this summer. juice

tips you can share How to get the best pick look, Eating is all about the senses, so when you’re Here are some great buying, come ready smell, feel, taste and to even listen to your fruit about picking and storing Appearance and vegetables. with your customers Firm or soft Look for vibrant and e. inviting colours, Aroma This will vary for with the their summer produc



shop at their local fruit

Picking & storing fresh produce

Mostly red and blushing. No wrinkly patches. With a slightly sweet and flowery scent. Ripe peaches give a little when gently pressed. Firm with a full rich colour that yields slightly. Juicy-looking, brightly coloured fruit. Check for signs of mould or spoilage. Uniformly red with no green or white at the tip or stem. Check for mould by looking at the bottom of the container for moisture.

Ripen in a paper bag at room temperature then keep in the refrigerator for up to five days. Ripen in a paper bag for up to three days or until they give slightly to gentle pressure, then store in the refrigerator for up to five days. Highly perishable and fragile, so store them in the refrigerator and use within two days. Sort straight away and remove the soft ones, or they will ruin the rest. Store in the refrigerator.

summer produce




Fresh, green top and should snap when broken in half.

Fresh, green husks with clean silk ends. Choose ears that are well-covered with plump, bright-colored kernels.

ToMATO Plump with smooth skin, an even colour and a sweet woody smell.


Firm, particularly at the stems, with bright skin. Select smaller zucchini as the vegetables can become bitter the larger they grow.

STORE Keep unwashed in a plastic bag with small holes and store in the refrigerator for up to five days. In a plastic bag unwashed and place in the refrigerator for up to five days. Place stalks in a glass of water and place in refrigerator. Change water every few days.

Pull out the stems and place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, or freeze for a longer life.

Keep refrigerated for up to a week.

Refrigerate in a plastic bag.

Refrigerate in a container rather than a plastic bag. In the refrigerator for up to two days. If husks have been removed, store ears of corn in a plastic bag with small holes for up to two days. At room temperature and away from direct sunlight for up to five days. Only refrigerate when cut or cooked.

Refrigerate in a plastic bag.

Asian Prawn & Noodle Salad with Cori and Lime Dre ander ssing

SERVES 4 500g fresh green prawns 1/2 red capsicu m, seeds sliced thinly removed and 1/2 green capsicum, sliced thinly seeds removed and 2 spring onions (eshallots), sliced thinly 2 cups shredde d cabbag e 1 small Lebanes e cucumb thinly sliced er, deseede d and 1/2 bunch coriande r leaves Good handful of mint 2.5cm piece fine matchst of ginger, thinly sliced icks and cut into 200g rice noodles DRESSING (MAKES 1 CUP): 1/2 bunch coriande r stalks 1 clove garlic 1/2 teaspoo n sesame oil 1/4 cup sweet chilli 2 Tbsp fish sauce 1/2 cup sweet style vinegar 2 Tbsp lighter tasting oil

DIRECTIONS 1. Combin e all the dressing processor ingredients or blender and combine in a food This will keep until smooth in the fridge . for up to 2. Steam a month. the prawns for 8 – turn pink. You can also 10 minutes until they use fresh cook them cooked prawns. in a frypan or 3. Soak the rice noodles in boiling softened water until and then drain. Rinse water and them with allow them cold to drain 4. Combin completely. e all the with the prawns ingredients for the salad and noodles Spoon over and toss a couple together. of tablespo and toss again. ons of dressing Serve chilled. Recipe supplied courtesy Market chef of Brisban ambassador e Produce Putia Pure Food Kitchen Dominique Rizzo and her .

Pack in the Veggies Stir -fry

SERVES 2-4 250g – 500g sliced chicken As many , pork or veggies as beef possible! capsicum, Try sliced sliced onions, red broccoli, snow peas, sliced red baby corn, chillies. Your choice of cooked noodles or Fresh basil brown rice leaves 1 Tbsp vegetab le oil SAUCE 1 Tbsp soy sauce 1 Tbsp sweet chilli sauce 1 Tbsp honey soy DIRECTIONS

1. Heat oil in a wok over fry meat in batches medium to high heat. , transfer Stir 2. Cook vegetab to a plate. les over a or until tender-c high heat for 5 minutes risp.. 3. Add meat back to the noodles, wok along mix in the with the sauce and 4. Serve heat through with fresh basil leaves. . Recipe supplied Athlete Ambass courtesy of Your Local Fruit ador, Alana Shop Boyd

Each year, the 4,000 people who work or do business on the site daily are invited to a Christmas sausage sizzle cook up so they can breakfast and tap their toes to the beat of Christmas carols. Brisbane Markets will be closed for trading on: Monday, 26 December: Boxing Day Tuesday, 27 December: Christmas Day holiday Monday, 1 January: New Year’s Day holiday Thursday, 26 January: Australia Day holiday

Oh deer! Brisbane Markets Limited’s Wendy Utz caps off a fun Christmas barbecue on the Brisbane Produce Market trading floor.


Fresh Updates 4 4 4 5 5


Fresh Markets 6 AGM predicts a bright future 6 Chairman delivers his report 7 Annual Report released 7 2015/16 Financial Year highlights 7 About Brisbane Markets Limited 8 Highly commended for site safety 8 Updated Brisbane Markets® Regulations released 9 A fairway to help charity 9 Fire safety kudos 10 Service Station nearing completion 10 Future development plans 11 Murray Bros’ warehouse expansion 11 Solar project expansion 12 Two new faces on Brismark Board 12 New members for Brismark Committees 12 Special kids receive a fruity surprise

BILL BRYNE RETURNS AS AG MINISTER Queensland’s horticulture sector has had another shake up with the reappointment of Bill Byrne to the Minister for Agriculture’s role after the shock departure of Bundaberg’s Leanne Donaldson. Mr Byrne was agriculture minister for 10 months until December last year before being promoted to another portfolio.


Ms Donaldson vacated the ministerial position after revelations she had not paid more than $8,000 in outstanding council rates and had driven an unregistered car.

Feature: Horticulture Code of Conduct 14 14 14 15 15 15 16 16

Returned Queensland Minister for Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne.

RURAL YOUTH AMBASSADOR VISITS Queensland’s 2016 Rural Youth of the Year Kaila Ridgway, a Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF) development horticulturist in Atherton, dropped into the Brisbane Produce Market to discuss avocados. The 26-year-old, who took out the title at this year’s Royal Queensland Show, is working with avocado growers, and made the journey south to better understand the Central Market system. She was shown the ropes by QDAF Business Manager Jody Campbell, a regular face checking the success of new varieties on the Brisbane Produce Market floor.

“Ask me” about Summerfruits Smelling a lot like Christmas Iconic Brisbane Markets® a Monopoly landmark Bill Bryne returns as Ag Minister Rural Youth Ambassador visits

18 22

ACCC report sparks more debate FMA responds to ACCC report Who is FMA? Documented trading terms a must Monetary penalties challenged “Retribution” fears hotly disputed Horticulture Code timeline Code must deliver balance

Feature: The Year That Was

Fresh Industry 22 22 23 23 24 25 25


New mango quality standards National Vegetable Extension Network launched What is a Traffic Management Plan? Increased focus on having a traffic management plan Bundaberg’s regional update BFVG’s Gala Dinner caught on camera AHEA meets with Fijian ginger study group

Fresh Retailing 26 Mango fundraising that’s AOKay 26 New look ‘Your Local Fruit Shop’ website 26 BuyFruit has a great delivery deal

28 30

Fresh Business 28 Financial Health is an important part of being happy 29 Managing Generation Y

Fresh Calendar

From left, 2016 Rural Youth of the Year Kaila Ridgway and Business Manager Jody Campbell on fruity QDAF business.

30 30 30 30

Holiday season trading hours Save the dates Foodbank at Christmas time Looking for growing leaders

fresh source

Summer 2016–17


O w C 6 g



BML Chairman Tony Joseph

BML directors (seated from left) Tony Kelly, Andrew Young, Tony Joseph and far right, Noel Greenhalgh with shareholders at the November AGM.

AGM PREDICTS A BRIGHT FUTURE The strength and resilience of industry-based ownership of Queensland’s wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower markets has again been underlined, with Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) delivering another strong operating result for the 2016 financial year. BML held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November, announcing a record net operating profit after tax of $9.35 million, an increase of 11.2% over the 2015 financial year. BML CEO, Andrew Young, ran through an impressive list of development projects completed during the 2016 financial year, including the $6 million redevelopment of the Brisbane Markets’® Commercial Precinct and the development of the soon to be opened Puma service station. When asked about the immediate plans regarding BML’s shareholding in Perth Markets Limited (PML), Mr Young confirmed that it was a longterm strategic investment. “We will continue to have a close working relationship with PML where we can share our knowledge and look for opportunities to synergise,” said Mr Young. BML reported that the investment in PML, along with its ongoing development portfolio, has contributed to total asset growth of 21% to $294.2 million at 30 June 2016. 6

fresh source

Summer 2016–17

CHAIRMAN DELIVERS HIS REPORT Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) Chairman Tony Joseph has thanked the Board and BML Management for their efforts to stave off a costly, hostile takeover bid in the past financial year, a sentiment echoed by other shareholders. Mr Joseph delivered his report at November’s BML Annual General Meeting where he raised the issue of the failed takeover attempt by private equity firm, VGI Partners. “The bid was an unwelcome distraction which drew heavily on BML resources and resulted in a significant financial impost on the company,” Mr Joseph said. “Our continued profits, teamed with strategic development, have shown that industry-based ownership is the most effective way to manage the future.”

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Brisbane Markets® is the third largest Central Market in Australia, with more than 600,000 tonnes of fresh produce through its gates annually worth more than $1.3 billion.


Chairman’s message On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to present the Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) Annual Report, including the summary of financial results, for the year ended 30 June 2016.

Future development will be progressed in the 2017 financial year, including the construction of the new Puma Energy service station commencing in September with a target completion date of December 2016.

The strength and resilience of industry ownership of the Brisbane Markets® has again been underlined, with BML delivering another record net operating profit after tax of $9.35 million, an increase of 11.2% over the operating profit of $8.41 million for the 2015 year.



BML continues to deliver on its strategic planning, with key projects and developments being progressed at the Markets over the last financial year. These have provided significantly improved facilities for businesses and transformed the entrance to the Brisbane Markets® site. The 2016 year opened with the finalisation of Stage 2 of the $10 million Central Trading Area roof project. The final roof spanning the area between the Covered Unloading Area (CUA) and Building D and the new marshalling areas to the south of the trading floor were practically complete on 22 October 2015, providing Tenants with a significantly improved working environment. The redevelopment of Building G2 reached practical completion on 12 May 2016. This $6 million project converted an aging industrial warehouse into a modern and fashionable retail and commercial precinct. The transformation included an upgrade of the streetscape, and has revitalised the appearance of the Markets’ main entry, which presents as a contemporary and professional facility that has already attracted new keystone Tenants.

Feasibility studies are currently underway for a new multi-level car park building and new warehouse buildings. Perhaps the most exciting accomplishment of this financial year is the successful bid to purchase the Perth Market City site by Perth Markets Limited (PML), of which BML is a cornerstone investor. This investment has contributed to the increase in total assets of 21% to $294.2 million. It continues to demonstrate our commitment to championing industry-based ownership of Australia's Central Markets and the BML Board's resolve to ensure a robust future for wholesale Markets, and our stakeholders and shareholders. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Board and BML’s management team in their collective capability and determination to work through the challenges presented by the hostile takeover bid to purchase the Brisbane Markets® site. The bid was an unwelcome complication which drew heavily on BML’s resources and resulted in a significant financial impost on the company. Continued shareholder support of BML through this challenge is testament to BML’s strong corporate governance, leadership and commitment to its ongoing communications with stakeholders and shareholders.

Also of marked interest to our industry was the release of the review into the Horticulture Code of Conduct, which contained 13 recommendations for proposed amendments to the Code. BML, as a member of the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA), opposes three of the recommendations and has been lobbying the federal government for a fair, commercial and workable outcome. Progress has been incremental, with some positive feedback being received from government. However, further work on this issue remains a priority. I additionally acknowledge our new director, Ms Evonne Collier. Evonne is an Independent Director of a number of companies and has over 20 years senior executive experience in business management, marketing, sales, branding and communication in local blue-chip and multinational companies, including 10 years within market-leading food manufacturing companies. On behalf of the Board I wish to thank BML’s management and staff. Their dedication throughout a challenging year has ensured BML once again delivered strong results. I also thank my fellow Board members for their hard work, strong collaboration and enthusiasm. It has been a busy year. Finally, I thank all BML shareholders for their continued support and confidence.

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) has had another successful year financially recording: • Net operating profit after tax of $9.35 million, representing operating profit growth of 11.2% compared to the previous financial year. • Total assets were $294.2 million, a 20.7% increase. • There was a 1.6% improvement on total lettable area at 133,629m². • Shareholders received a 15% share dividend payment fully franked in the prior financial year, which was a 20% growth on the prior year.

Tony Joseph Chairman

Brisbane Markets Limited Annual Report 2016


ANNUAL REPORT RELEASED Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) has made its Annual Report available both online and in hard copy form, with this year’s cover capturing the busy procession of forklifts during the trading time.


The 2015/16 edition follows a new look for the publication after positive feedback from the 2014/15 edition, which offers a trimmed down version with a focus on financial performance and its busy service and operational functions.

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is the owner of the Brisbane Markets site, and is responsible for its ongoing management and development.

Take a look at au/publications/annual-reports/ or email admin@ for a hard copy.

BML strives to provide international-standard facilities and services for fruit, vegetable and flower wholesalers, retailers, provedores, secondary wholesalers, food processors, transporters, exporters, industry organisations and market support businesses.


Corporate directory


Share trading


Share regist As Queensland’s only central fruit and vegetable market, the Brisbane Produce Market is the State’s mostAudito important centre for the marketing rs and independent accountant and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. Link Market Services Level 15 324 Queen Street Brisbane Qld 4000 Email: registrars@linkma Website: www.linkmarketse : 1300 554 474 Shareholder inquiries









4 8 7


It records annual trade in excess of 600,000 tonnes Solicitors of produce valued at more than $1.3 billion.




5 6

BDO Audit Pty Ltd Level 10 12 Creek Street Brisbane Qld 4000

HopgoodGanim Lawyers Level 8 Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street Brisbane Qld 4000


4 1


are not traded company, shares in BML As an unlisted public share trading Exchange or any other on the Australian Stock a register of does, however, maintain exchange system. BML company and offers buying shares in the in d intereste parties guidance in the process. the company they can in shares sell to If a shareholder wants a buyer, or where they have identified do so by private treaty ion which will and provide informat alternatively advise BML an interest in who have registered negotiate be circulated to all parties ls concerned can then buying shares. The individua sale. the progress a price and Services, share registry, Link Market If a sale is finalised, BML’s transfer form stamped original of the must be sent a copy on the ownership can be recorded so that the change of company’s share register. in BML, or who buying or selling shares People interested in their in this regard, may register or visit need any information interest by emailing shares@ stor section of our website the shareholder/inve .au.

Top 20 BML shareholders

9 3

fresh source

e of Fruit and Vegetabl The Queensland Chamber nts Pty Ltd S & D George Investme RW Pascoe Pty Ltd

io & Rocco Salvatore io & Teresa Carmel Varapod Santo Antonio Varapod Ltd Perati Investments Pty Family A/C> Ltd <The SM George Cedars Properties Pty Chave Pty Ltd <Super

Fund A/C>

Number of shares

Limited Industries Cooperative


Summer 2016–17 14,822,579 7,887,200 1,847,270


1,125,000 1,100,000 878,140 804,375 765,075

34.88% 18.56% 4.35% 2.65% 2.59% 2.07% 1.89% 1.80%




HIGHLY COMMENDED FOR SITE SAFETY Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) has taken out a Highly Commended in the Most Significant Improvement to Work Health and Safety Performance category of the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2016. The honour was presented by Queensland Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace and Queensland Safety Ambassador and former rugby league great, Shane Webcke, at a breakfast of 550 safety delegates in October. Judges of the coveted competition said BML had taken the lead on improving work health and safety through initiatives such as an online training hub, a Market forklift committee and the forklift operator of the year safety event. BML has worked closely with tenants, contractors and suppliers to ensure a cohesive approach across the supply chain. There has been a shift in attitudes and BML recognises that safety improves productivity. It was the first year BML had entered into the competition, with hundreds of entrants entering in 13 categories from businesses across Queensland.

Under WHS legislation, there is a requirement for Tenants to prepare their own internal TMP to manage Pedestrian and Vehicle traffic inside their Tenancy Areas and Licensed Areas together with the management of Vehicles accessing this Site for the purpose of loading and unloading Goods (Tenant TMP). Tenant TMPs must comply with the requirements of this TMP and the Regulations. In the event of any inconsistency between the Tenant TMP and this TMP and the Regulations, this TMP and the Regulations will prevail.


7. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT MAPS Attached to this TMP is the Roadway and Parking Map which shows: • Roads throughout this Site. • Location of the buildings. • Parking areas. In addition, maps for each Zone of the Brisbane Markets® are attached to this TMP to provide greater detail on each area.









BML has introduced Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology at the boom-gated entrances to the Brisbane Markets® to provide automated entry to Vehicles registered with BML for LPR Site Access. The driver and any Passenger(s) in LPR registered Vehicles must all be Site Access Approved, that is, they must hold a valid Access Card (excepting LPR registered transporters).

Not all Vehicles will be registered for LPR access to this Site.

Where Vehicles are not LPR registered, an Access Card that permits Vehicle entry may be swiped at the proximity reader at each boom gated entrance.

OTHER VEHICLE ACCESS Drivers who are not site Access Approved will need to advise an Authorised Officer why they require entry to the site. If access is required for the delivery of Goods, drivers will need to submit a manifest of those Goods to the Authorised Officer as a condition of entry.








3 2






1 O










Main Entrance Gate

All Vehicles

Gatehouse manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access via Access Card or LPR

Western Access Gate

Designed for Heavy Vehicles

Gatehouse manned 6:30 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday and CHEP 10:30 pm to 6:30 am from Sunday to Thursday. Access via Access Card or LPR 24 hours a day, 7 days a week J1 (excepting Buyers).

Curzon Street Gate

All Vehicles

MARTINor LPR Unmanned Gatehouse – Access via Access Card BROWER AUSTRALIA Monday to Friday 4:00 am to 2:00pm Saturday: Closed Sunday 2:00 am to 1:30 pm

Tiger Gate

Not suitable for Heavy Vehicles

Unmanned Gate - Access via Access Card or LPR Monday to Friday 2:00 am to 11:30 am Saturday: Closed Sunday 2:00 am to 1.00 pm




CTA Entrance

Turnstile Gate PWD Access

Access via Access Card or prior arrangement with an Authorised Officer Manned from 10:00 am to 11:30 am Thursday to Friday

Flower Market Entrance

Turnstile Gate

Access via Access Card

The Fresh Centre (Main Entrance)

Automated Door PWD Access

Open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Afterhours access via Access Card

The Fresh Centre (Side Entrance)

Gate PWD Access

Access via Access Card or by prior arrangement with an Authorised Officer.

The Fresh Centre (Northern Entrance)

Doors PWD Access

Access via Access Card or by prior arrangement with an Authorised Officer. BRISBANE MARKETS® TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN

UPDATED BRISBANE MARKETS® REGULATIONS RELEASED Anyone working at or visiting the Brisbane Markets® has easy access to knowing where to drive and how to act onsite with the release of the updated Brisbane Markets® Regulations.


fresh source

Summer 2016–17



Both documents feature a range of useful contacts, site locations, map, a background on Brisbane Markets Limited and easy-to-read instructions on the key operating rules.




The full version, incorporating the Traffic Management Plan, and an abridged version can be found online at

A focus on safety: Queensland Work Health and Safety Officers (from let) Warren Stackman and Tony Sheehan work with BML Operations Manager Jessie Field to talk through the safety of a forklift with a competitor in the 2016 Forklift Operator of the Year competition.






There are four main Pedestrian access points at the Brisbane Markets® shown in the map and table on the following page.






Pedestrian access through the boom-gated entrances is prohibited.









There are four Vehicle boom-gated entrances into this Site shown in the map on the following page.

All Persons entering the Brisbane Markets®: • Agree to comply with and be bound by the Regulations and the General Terms and Conditions of Entry which are posted at each entrance point of the Brisbane Markets®. • Must complete BML’s Site induction once every 12 months







The entrances to this Site are segregated into Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Access.


The whole of the Brisbane Markets® has been divided into 13 zones as shown in TMP Map 1 at the back of this document. The Northern Industrial Precinct is comprised of Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11.



Visitors being escorted by BML or Tenants and members of the General Public accessing the CTA on General Public Entry Days are exempt from completing a Site Induction.


The Traffic Management Consulting Team consists of BML’s Management Team, BML’s Safety and Environment Coordinator, Tenants, and other Market Users.



The Brisbane Markets®, at Rocklea, has the largest concentration of forklifts in South East Queensland. More than 4,000 people work on site and 405 forklifts are driven by more than 1,100 registered forklift operators.




Keen Brisbane Markets® golfers teed off to raise more than $9500 for Diabetes Queensland at the annual Brisbane Produce Market Charity Golf Day in November.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) has commended Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) for the fire safety systems in place across the site. The annual inspection of the Brisbane Markets® site was conducted by QFES in October, with the attending inspectors noting that the site was fully compliant and they commended BML on its record keeping.

Some 112 Brisbane Produce Market wholesalers, provedores, buyers and workers took to the Brisbane Golf Club course for the four player ambrose.

Brisbane Markets® Tenants were also commended on good housekeeping within buildings.

Experienced golfers Mark Cruse, Mike Streeten, Brad Beavan and Neale Cullen took home the winner’s trophy.

1 1 Brisbane Produce Market Charity Golf Day organisers, from left, Mark Clarke, Phil Thomas and Mark Moore. 2 The JH Leavy & Co team included (from left) Shane Kensett, Leo Anastasios, Ben Schimke and James Tighe. 3 Winners of the four player ambrose were, from left, Mark Cruse, Mike Streeton, Brad Beavan and Neale Cullen.



fresh source

Summer 2016–17


Construction of the Puma Energy Service Station on Sherwood Road nears completion.


SERVICE STATION NEARING COMPLETION Construction of the Puma Energy Service Station on Sherwood Road, Rocklea, is ahead of schedule with completion due at the end of the December.

Construction firm, Evans Built has moved onto the external fit out of the retail store and canopy. Additional landscaping, road surfacing and curbing work is planned. Brisbane Markets Limited negotiated a 30-year term with Puma Energy for the facility. The finished structure will further complement the recently completed Building G2 refurbishment, beside the new facility, and transform the presentation of the Brisbane Markets® site.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLANS Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) has flagged the next major developments for the 77ha site, part of its progressive $150 million Master Plan that has guided completion of numerous major works over the decade. Five projects are earmarked including:

demolition of Building D’s eastern commercial wing, to be replaced by a refurbished amenities block and new insulated panel warehouse. • Building C1 – Plans are to construct a 4000m² warehouse between Buildings A and O. The proposed development would be subject to BML securing a precommitted Tenant for the project.

• Multi-level car park – A feasibility study is underway with the project planned for a site behind the recently refurbished Building G2 and south of the Brisbane Produce Market’s Central Trading Area. • Building N refurbishment – This warehouse was severely affected in the 2011 flooding with part of the structure later demolished. The new work proposes building on the same footprint and enclosing the existing structure with insulated panel. • LPG Facility – Brisbane City Council approval is received to relocate the essential fuelling facility to west of Building R. It will feature a 30,000 litre tank, with more dispensers than the existing facility. • Warehouse DE and amenities block constructed – BML is conducting a feasibility study for partial 10

fresh source

Summer 2016–17

Brisbane Markets® forklift drivers could soon be refuelling at a relocated LPG station.

MURRAY BROS’ WAREHOUSE EXPANSION One of Brisbane Markets® oldest wholesaling firms is expanding, with Murray Bros signing a 10-year lease with Brisbane Markets Limited to take over Building A1, the eyecatching warehouse on the corner of Sherwood Road and Martin Taylor Drive, Rocklea.

SOLAR PROJECT EXPANSION Preparation works have begun to expand Brisbane Markets® successful solar panel project with the $2.5 million Stage 1 project already generating the expected 3% of the total power for the site. Stage 2 preparation works involve installing a further 5,000 panels at a cost of $3 million. The additional panels will optimise the efficiency of the systems, allowing more power to be generated for longer at minimal additional cost.

Murray Bros General Manager, Susan Lewis, said the company was rapidly growing and had been searching for new infrastructure for about six months when the former Oakville Produce warehouse lease came up. The business will take possession of the 4,900m² building in February 2017. “The site is compatible with the growth of our pre-packing business, third party logistics, ripening and imports program so its availability was perfect timing for us,” Ms Lewis said. “Over the next 12 to 18 months we will look at some modifications including construction of coldrooms, ripening and fast cool rooms.” Murray Bros employs 60 full time and about 100 casual staff members. Its Building B wholesale section will continue to trade although there may be some consolidation of its other warehousing sites in the future.

Murray Bros General Manager, Susan Lewis and Managing Director Stephen Edwards inspect the plans of Building A1.

fresh source

Summer 2016–17



TWO NEW FACES ON BRISMARK BOARD Two new faces have joined the Brismark Board after its annual general meeting in November, with Paul O’Toole, of O’Toole Produce, and Troy Beaton, of H E Heather & Co elected from a busy field of applicants. The positions were made vacant with Drew Armstrong, of Armstrong Bros and Craig Spencer, of Carter and Spencer Group both not seeking re-election. Gary Lower remains Chairman. Brismark Board’s Deputy Chairman, Mark Murphy has been appointed Credit Service Chairman. Mr O’Toole and Mr Beaton make up the Board along with chairman Gary Lower, Deputy Chairman Tony Joseph, Deputy Chairman Mark Murphy, Mark Clarke, Stephen Edwards, Noel Greenhalgh, Mark Moore, Hamish Montague and Peter Tighe.



New Credit Service Committee and Junior Executive Committee members were approved by the Brismark Board at its 2016 Annual General meeting.

Hundreds of special kids and their parents were given a bright coloured, healthy surprise with Brisbane Produce Market handing out great tasting fruit at this year’s Special Children’s Christmas Party, in late November.

Members are:

Credit Service Committee Mark Moore, M & D Vegetable Specialists (Chairman); Tony Joseph, Alfred E Chave Pty Ltd; Mark Murphy, United Lettuce; Mark Bauer, Gollagher Bros; Matthew Spencer, Carter & Spencer Group; Craig Chard, So Crisp; Shane Clarke, Favco QLD Pty Ltd; Alex Lazarou, Ross & Co; David Weeks, Lind & Sons; Terry Winston, J Allen Pty Ltd; Rachael Zhong, Murray Bros.

Junior Executive Committee Mark Moore, M & D Vegetable Specialists (Chairman); Mark Bauer, Gollagher Bros; Matthew Spencer, Carter & Spencer Group; Chris Deveney, Favco Qld Pty Ltd; Antoine Fakhry, BG Brisbane; Luke Goody, Central Park; Christian Hoath, Rising Sun Produce; Graham McRae, Perfection Fresh Brisbane; Tim O’Toole, O’Toole Produce; Daniel Spoto, United Lettuce; Joseph Spoto, United Lettuce; Ryan Lavender, Lavender & Sons; Vince Mailli, BG Brisbane.


New Brismark Board Director Paul O’Toole (centre) chats with former Brismark Chairman Ian Boyce (1982/1983) and Brisbane Markets Limited Property Manager Tricia Williams at a recent Brisbane Markets® event.

fresh source

Summer 2016–17

Brisbane Markets Limited and Brismark volunteers joined businesses from across South East Queensland to bring some Christmas sparkle into the lives of the 3,000 kids celebrating the biggest party of their lives. It is the 22nd year that Brisbane Produce Market has supported the event that supports sick, physically impaired or abused children.

Horticulture Code of Conduct ACCC REPORT SPARKS MORE DEBATE A late October release of an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) report into fair trading issues has ignited further debate on the transactional relationships between Central Market wholesalers and their growers. The latest furor has prompted FMA to further clarify its position with the document showing a lack of understanding of the Central Market system.

FMA RESPONDS TO ACCC REPORT Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) has told the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that it shares many of its concerns over failures within the Horticulture Code of Conduct, which it calls an unworkable piece Federal Government regulation. Both the FMA and ACCC have labelled the Horticulture Code of Conduct, currently under review, as “ineffective” with FMA saying it is unfair, commercially restrictive and administratively onerous.

More than 15,000 growers supply fresh produce to Australia’s 400 wholesalers within the Central Market system with more than 12 million transactions occurring each year. The ACCC’s report titled ‘Perspectives in horticulture and viticulture - Industry views on competition and fair trading issues’, documented its findings from a series of grower-based workshops held around regional Australia. The report comes at a time the industry has waited more than 12 months for the Federal Government’s response to an independent panel’s review on the controversial Horticulture Code of Conduct, which again did not have a wholesaler member on its panel. Wholesaler representative group Fresh Markets Australia (FMA’s) has long advocated for change, and is working closely with the Federal Government to help draft a Code that would be a win for the whole industry and not one sector. However, it warns the entire industry that increased legislation is no substitute for good business practices. The Code is due to sunset in April 2017.


fresh source

Summer 2016–17

WHO IS FMA? The Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries, trading as Fresh Markets Australia (FMA), is the national organisation representing each of the six Market Chambers. Each independent Market Chamber represents the fruit and vegetable wholesalers located in each of Australia’s six Central Markets (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle). In total, the organisation represents in excess of 400 Market wholesaling businesses. Market wholesalers are involved in the sale of some 50-60% of the fresh produce sold across Australia in servicing the requirements of fruit and vegetable retailers, secondary wholesalers/provedores, foodservice industry businesses, processors, exporters and the public. The total turnover of businesses in the Central Markets exceeds some $7 billion annually.

“RETRIBUTION” FEARS HOTLY DISPUTED Wholesalers trading on the Brisbane Produce Market floor. There are 60 million transactions Australia wide over five years.


Growers have told the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) they are in fear of making complaints about their Central Market wholesalers, a suggestion that Fresh Markets Australia hotly disputes. FMA Director, Andrew Young, said the claims which are contained in the ACCC’s report date back to more than a decade, an excuse as to why growers don’t lodge complaints about the retail chains, processors and wholesalers.

Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) gave feedback to a Horticulture Code Review Panel in 2015 that it agrees that documented terms of trade are important in the wholesaler and grower business transaction.

“It appears one-sided that the ACCC now appears to be waving the big stick at Market wholesalers, with threats of increasing regulations and monetary penalties only months after the Voluntary Retail and Grocery Industry Code of Conduct was introduced by the Federal Government with no restrictive regulatory provisions and not monetary penalties,” Mr Young said.

Currently, Australian wholesalers and growers have been able to trade with pre-Horticulture Code of Conduct agreements, put in place before the legislation’s introduction in 2007.

He said it was concerning that the ACCC’s report had failed to put the issue of retribution into the context that this was an issue raised mostly about the retail chains and processor more than 10 to 15 years ago.

FMA says these pre-Code agerements have helped maintain a more flexible and workable commercial relationship, over the regulatory alternative, the existing Code, which is inflexible, uncommercial and largely unworkable.

“Any form of heavy handed tactics is not condoned within the Central Market System,” Mr Young said. “However, FMA also advocates that growers should not continue to send their produce to any business that they are not happy with.

It also says it was illogical for anyone reviewing the Code to be critical of these agreements given the alternative which existed and given that a grower could tear up the agreement at any time.

“There are clear steps set out for any aggrieved party to utilise where complaints exist.


Mr Young said there were more than 400 central market wholesalers in six Central Markets across Australia for grower’s to choose from.

“The Central Markets has had a complaints system and debt recovery services in place for more than a decade to investigate and assist fair trading between all parties,” he said.

Australia’s six Central Markets record a $7 billion annual turnover with 17,500 people employed on site.

Monetary penalties look to be introduced under a new look Horticulture Code of Conduct. Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) has been working closely with the Federal Government in relation to a review of the Code but has challenged why monetary penalties should be introduced for breaches. FMA says more than 12 million transactions occur between growers and Central Market wholesalers annually and by any measure, there was a low incidence of reported complaints. FMA remains opposed to what it says is an unjustified impost but has committed to work with the Federal Government to achieve a workable, fair and cost effective Code for the horticulture industry. fresh source

Summer 2016–17


HORTICULTURE CODE TIMELINE There have been multiple reviews in the nine years of struggle with an anti-competitive and inflexible Horticulture Code of Conduct. Take a look at the timeline below:




May 2007

The mandatory Horticulture Code of Conduct is enacted.

March 2008

After six months deliberating, a Horticulture Code of Conduct Committee says it is too early draw a conclusion on the Code’s performance.

July 2008

ACCC held a whole supply chain inquiry, and after two issues paper, identifies 13 recommendations to amend the Horticulture Code of Conduct.

November 2008

A new Horticulture Code of Conduct Committee Taskforce is appointed to provide feedback to the ACCC.

August 2009

The Horticulture Code of Conduct Committee Taskforce supports only one ACCC recommendation, gave qualified support to two and did not support the others.

August 2011

A Horticulture Taskforce, made up of peak bodies, gives a response to the ACCC.

September 2011

The House of Representatives Selection Committee asked a Selection Committee to inquire into and report on the ‘Farm Gate to Plate Bill’: The Selection Committee referred it to a Committee of MPs for inquiry and report

March 2012

A Committee of MPs recommends that the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Horticulture Code of Conduct) Bill 2011 not be passed.

June 2015

Independent review of Horticulture Code announced – no wholesaler sits on the panel.

November 2015

The Review Panel’s recommendations are released for industry consultation.

February 2016

The Review Panel’s final recommendations are forwarded to await the Federal Government’s response.

October 2016

ACCC releases its own report having documented its findings from a series of grower-based workshops held around regional Australia.


Federal Government’s response and the drafting of new legislation.

April 2017

Horticulture Code of Conduct legislation will sunset.

fresh source

Summer 2016–17

CODE MUST DELIVER BALANCE After more than nine years of struggling with an anti-competitive and inflexible Horticulture Code of Conduct, Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) is committed to working toward an equitable and commercially practical resolution. FMA is not opposed to a Code of Conduct, but it is opposed to its unworkable regulations which must be revised so that growers and wholesalers are treated fairly and are able to operate their businesses the way they need to.

If the Code of Conduct was followed to the letter, wholesalers across Australia would be forced to return or reject about 40,000 tonnes (2,000 semi-trailer loads) of fresh produce every week received from growers who refuse to sign Horticulture Produce Agreements or who choose to operate outside the Code’s requirements.

DID YOU KNOW? Without properly functioning Central Wholesale Markets, Australia’s fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain would collapse.

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15/09/2015 5:32 pm

The year that was Another eventful year is drawing to a close for the Brisbane Markets® still in industry hands after a hostile takeover bid through the year, and looking even better, with the completion of new developments and a healthy bank balance. This feature takes a look at the year that was and highlights some of the milestones that have made the Brisbane Markets community so successful throughout 2016.

Ownership • Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) remains with industry-based ownership after a protracted and hostile takeover attempt by Sydney based fund VGI Partners. The majority of BML’s Shareholders were not willing to sell their shares to a private equity firm as part of the $145 million bid.

Performance • Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) achieved a net profit after tax of $9.35 million, an increase of 11.2% over the operating profit of $8.41 million for the 2015/16 financial year. • Total assets as at 30 June 2016 were $294.2 million with net assets at $120.85 million.

Development • Near completion of the Puma Energy Service Station with Puma Energy signing a 30 year lease for the Sherwood Road site. • Completion of Stage 1 development to install one of the largest privately owned roof top solar systems in Australia, and the preliminary works for Stage 2. BML secured a 45% stake in Perth Markets Limited after working closely with the Western Australian fresh produce industry enabling it to secure industry-based ownership.

Industry • Brismark General Manager Gail Woods was appointed a Director of the Freshcare Limited Board. • Making submissions on and aiding in the redrafting of the Horticulture Code of Conduct legislation. • Brisbane Produce Market launched www.buyfruit., an online fresh produce delivery service that works with Your Local Fruit Shop stores to compete in the rapidly growing online fresh food market. • Continued liaison and attendance at events with Memorandum of Understanding partners, Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers and Bowen Gumlu Growers Association.


fresh source

Summer 2016–17

Completion of the Building G2’s refurbishment after a $6 million redevelopment that has created a new healthy lifestyle hub and office.



• Brismark celebrated its 75th anniversary, with the wholesaler organisation celebrating with a morning tea including a 40 year service awards ceremony, a display in the Arch Martin History Room and a 12 page feature in the Spring Fresh Source magazine.

• Brismark chairman and Principal of J Allen Pty Ltd, Gary Lower, is honoured with the 2016 Meritorious Service Award for his contribution to the industry.

• The Carter and Spencer Group celebrated 80 years since brothers Stan and Wally Carter founded the business in Brisbane in 1936.

• Robert Heinrichsen, a Director of wholesaling section Franklin Bros and Queensland vegetable growing business Kalfresh, at Kalbar, is named the 2016 AUSVEG Grower of the Year. • BML is named the 2016 Queensland Corporate Philanthropist of the Year. • Highly commended for the most significant improvement to Work Health and Safety performance in Queensland.

Queensland Opposition Leader, Deb Frecklington, has a personal tour of the updated Arch Martin Brisbane Markets History Room.

Winning smiles: Brisbane Markets Limited won the 2016 Corporate Philanthropist of the Year award.

Site Maintenance and Operations • Licence plate recognition was introduced for cars entering the Brisbane Markets® if the driver holds a BML access card. • Communication networks were upgraded on the 77ha Brisbane Markets® site with 1km of cabling run across the site. • A busy building improvement program included building roof replacements, replacing dock buffers and levelers and removing redundant cabling and refurbishment of toilets and walkways in buildings A, B, C. • A boulder retaining wall was built behind Building A to protect from run off from the adjacent golf course.

Make the connection DESIGN • WEB • PRINT


fresh source

Summer 2016–17





1 2016 Brisbane Markets® Forklift Operator of the Year winners, from left, were Justin Brady (3rd), Jason Thompson (1st) and Peter Cullen (3rd).




2 The Federal election saw the Brisbane Produce Market play host to numerous ministerial visitors including the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull (second from left) and his entourage. 3 Olympian Alana Boyd, Australia’s champion pole vaulter, becomes the face of the Brisbane Produce Market’s Your Local Fruit Shop campaign. 4 Mother’s Day was a big hit at the Brisbane Flower Market with four generations of the one family arriving to select flowers for the special day.

7 5 Brisbane Produce Market’s Annual Gala Dinner was hosted by radio personalities (from left) Donna Lynch and Loretta Ryan. 6 Brisbane Markets® joined with other Central Markets delegates to showcase our wholesalers at major industry conferences on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. 7 George Manettas, of Earth Markets, was crowned the 2016 Brisbane Produce Market Mango King. 8 Bloggers and journalists take a tour of the Brisbane Produce Market to gain a better understanding of the Your Local Fruit Shop campaign.



fresh source

Summer 2016–17



YOUR ONE CONTACT SOLUTION FOR FIRE / LIFTS / SECURITY Independent Fire / Lift Company Australian owned and operated Operations throughout Australia Electrical Contractor’s License

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QBCC License AS4801 Safety Certified Emergency service 24 hours - 7 days a week Security License

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industry NATIONAL VEGETABLE EXTENSION NETWORK LAUNCHED By Anna McCowan, Bowen Gumlu Growers Association (BGGA)

In October, we had the fantastic opportunity to launch the North and Far North Queensland role within the National Vegetable Extension Network in Gumlu, North Queensland. This was followed up with a Burdekin Growers Social Evening the following night in Ayr. These events were held in conjunction with Growcom, with the Burdekin event also supported by the Burdekin Shire Council. We welcomed many growers and industry stakeholders to enjoy a beautiful sunset and beach setting while enjoying the fresh local prawns and barbecue in Gumlu. The Burdekin social evening showcased fine local vegetables

and produce in many delicious rounds of canapes as participants enjoyed hearing several presenters throughout the evening. About the Network BGGA is proud to have joined the National Vegetable Extension Network. It is a national program that is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the vegetable industry levy and it is matched with funds from the Australian Government. The Network comprises the employment of dedicated Industry Development Officers in key areas, the delivery of regional events and distribution of Research and Development (R&D) materials, and information gathering on future R&D needs.

Under this program, my Industry Development role has expanded to cover North and Far North Queensland vegetable growers, a region which spans a 1000km radius from Mackay and north to Mareeba in Far North Queensland. I look forward to travelling around the northern parts of Queensland, interacting with growers and industry stakeholders. The aim of the role will be to work with vegetable growers to improve their access and adoption of industry R&D, with the aim of benefiting business profitability. Other projects in Queensland include the Southern Queensland and Wide Bay Burnett, delivered by the Lockyer Valley Growers and Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers groups.

NEW MANGO QUALITY STANDARDS Expect to find a great consistency in mangoes on the shelves with the Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) producing a new standard for first grade mangoes this season. The AMIA says consumers are less likely to buy more of the delicious golden fruit if they have a bad eating experience, something that it is trying to avoid. The updated AMIA specifications encourage a more consistent product in the shops and explains to customers the flavour and appearance expectations of the many mango varieties on offer. 22

fresh source

Summer 2016â&#x20AC;&#x201C;17

Your Local Fruit Shop participant Joseph Guardala, of Indooroopilly Fruit, looks for consistency when buying mangoes for his store.


Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) Inspectors, frequently ask businesses questions about their traffic management plans when visiting the Brisbane Market site. They are always on alert for unsafe practices in this regard, particularly when it comes to the separation of mobile plant (e.g. forklifts, elevated work platforms, trucks/cars) and pedestrian traffic. This focus has increased, with WHSQ commencing their ‘Onsite traffic management and pedestrian safety project’ in July 2016. This project focuses on the construction, manufacturing, transport and agriculture industries, as part of a state-wide campaign

targeting traffic management across 2016-17, therefore likely targeting fruit and vegetable growers, transporters as well as wholesalers.

plan template as part of our current ‘Safety Scan’ processes. The ‘Safety Scan’ includes general items of safety, but also includes items specific to identifying any risks or hazards in relation to traffic management in the workplace.

The aim of this project is to reduce the rate of fatalities and severity of injuries due to incidents between mobile plant and pedestrians in Queensland workplaces. As part of the project, WHSQ Inspectors will visit businesses to undertake workplace audits, to raise awareness of the risks and request businesses to implement, if not already in place, effective traffic management strategies. These workplace audits have recently commenced across the Brisbane Markets site. Brismark has supported its Members by developing a traffic management review process and

It is important that all businesses with mobile plant, develop and document a business based Traffic Management Plan that adopts a holistic approach focusing on the entire operations of the business, regarding the management of vehicle/forklift/pedestrian traffic. These plans would then include both internal business based traffic management rules i.e. operations within a business, and fleet management requirements or transport controls when operating in common areas on the Brisbane Markets site and on the roads.

WHAT IS A TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN? A Traffic Management Plan is how a workplace is organised to keep vehicle/forklift drivers and pedestrians safe and includes a combination of rules and physical barriers that people must follow. This helps the employer meet their duties to minimise or eliminate risks to health and safety in the workplace.

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fresh source

Summer 2016–17



BUNDABERG’S REGIONAL UPDATE By Bree Grima, Managing Director, Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers

ADVOCACY BFVG continues to follow and provide information to growers on the Australian Competition Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) review of the Horticulture Code of Conduct. We recognise the importance of presenting a balanced view and expect the ACCC review to accurately reflect the opinions of all parties involved. Growers are encouraged to use the free call numbers available to them if they feel their business has been disadvantaged in some way. BFVG also highlights the importance of an open business relationship particularly for those businesses that are reliant on distance communication.

BFVG GALA Every two years the office of BFVG resembles a busy hive with preparations for the biennial BFVG Industry Gala Dinner.

This year saw a tin shed transformed into a magical ‘Night Under The Stars’ for 530 guests. The night began with the PreDinner Networking Event, sponsored by Burnett Land & Machinery and New Holland. Guests enjoyed a range of canapes as the sun went down surrounded by shiny new machinery while listening to the local Youth Orchestra. A four metre mystical archway welcomed guests as they entered the Main Shed where they were met by a sea of fairy lights and elegant table centre pieces. As with every Gala Event, the focus was on local produce and businesses. This was a celebration of the entire Australian Horticulture Industry. Representatives from Brisbane Markets, Horticulture Innovation Australia, AUSVEG, Growcom, Woolworths, Coles and many other representative organisations mingled with growers and other Industry professionals from local and inter-state regions.

BACKPACKER TAX PRESSURE Fresh Markets Australia joined with industry in December to call on the Federal Parliament to agree on the tax rate for Australia’s overseas backpacker labour after continued indecision was causing damage to the $9 billion horticulture industry. The backpacker tax eventually passed the Senate after the Greens agreed to a deal to support the Coalition’s preferred 15% backpacker tax rate in exchange for significant concessions from the Government.


fresh source

Summer 2016–17

Comedian entertainer Tom Gleeson kept us laughing, the popular band The Accidents had us dancing all night and the interactive photo booth made for some fun photos. We sincerely thank everyone for coming and all growers who provided produce for either the menu or the magnificent displays. Photos are now online for viewing here and are free! Simply email us at with your photo codes and the high resolution image will be sent to you.

SEASONAL WISH On behalf of the BFVG Directors and staff we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. We are very proud to be associated with Brisbane Produce Market and we look forward to this relationship continuing into 2017.

DID YOU KNOW? Being a subtropical climate, the Bundaberg Region provides year-round growing conditions ensuring there’s always something in the soil or being harvested.


AHEA MEETS WITH FIJIAN GINGER STUDY GROUP A Fijian Ministry of Agriculture delegation has learned more about the need for consistency, quality and packaging on a visit to the Brisbane Produce Market, in Queensland. The group was on a study tour of Australian Central Markets to gauge customer demands, buying habits and the changing mix of Australian’s tastes to assist Fijian exporters. Australian Horticulture Export Association (AHEA) CEO Dominic Jenkin and AHEA chair Joe Saina both held talks with the group who included Ilimeleki Kaiyanuyanu, from the Fiji Ministry of Agriculture, exporters Kaming Qiu and Sai Kin Yi, and ginger farmer Josua Seduadua. The visitors also spent time in the Sydney Markets at Flemington, Australia’s largest Central Market based in NSW.

1 From left, BFVG Managing Director, Bree Grima, catches up with the AUSVEG team, including Interim CEO Simon Bolles, Senior Communications Officer, Dimi Kyriakou, and Chairman, Geoff Moar at the annual gala dinner.

BFVG Gala Dinner attendees Sharon and Jon Joiner enjoy the event, which is held once every two years. 2

Fijian exporters Kaming Qiu (left) and Sai Kin Yi (right) discuss the quality of ginger with AHEA CEO Dominic Jenkin during a study tour of the Brisbane Produce Market.

3 Growers, Gino and Janelle Marcon are joined by their son Jordan to test out a cardboard tractor on display at the BFVG Gala Dinner.

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retailing MANGO FUNDRAISING THAT’S AOKAY A group of Brisbane Produce Market’s Your Local Fruit Shop (YLFS) stores have raised more than $10,000 to celebrate the mango season and give back to the community at the same time. The annual AOKay fundraiser was launched at the Mango Auction in October with 16 stores taking part over the next month to raise funds for Life Education Queensland and Diabetes Queensland. Customers were asked to buy a $2 mango sticker to place on a “mango tree”. Participating Stores were: • Betros Bros, Toowoomba

NEW LOOK ‘YOUR LOCAL FRUIT SHOP’ WEBSITE The Your Local Fruit Shop (YLFS) has a new look website making finding your local fruitshop or links to easier. The Brisbane Produce Market YLFS program was launched in 2015 and over the past two years has firmly established the logo and reputation for fresh within the participating stores. More than 7,000 Australian growers send to the Brisbane Produce Market annually and in the wee hours of the morning, everyday; the YLFS retailers are shopping around for the best quality and value fruit and veg for you; their customers.

• Charlies Fruit Market, Everton Park

Each YLFS member has their own page in the new-look website so you can find out more about them.

• Clayfield Markets Fresh

Check them out at

• Brady’s Fruit, Palmwoods

• Coco’s Fruit Market, Carrara • Fenwicks Fruit Emporium, Buderim • Fresh Sensations, Capalaba • Fresh Sensations, Carindale • Fresh Sensations, Chermside • Harvest Markets Booval • Indooroopilly Fruit • Louis Booval Fruit Market • Paradise Point Fruit Mart • Rock ‘N’ Roll Market Place, Greenslopes • Rode Fresh, Stafford Heights • Spuds and Plums, Garden City Mt Gravatt 2016 MANGO AUCTION





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Summer 2016–17

BUYFRUIT HAS A GREAT DELIVERY DEAL Due to popular demand, Brisbane Produce Market’s BuyFruit business has extended its free delivery offer so for those in the delivery area, there is no better time than now to shop online for your fresh fruit and vegetables. Anyone ordering at from Brisbane, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich is supporting small business in their community. They are also guaranteed that the fruit and vegetables will be handpicked at the Brisbane Produce Market by a Your Local Fruit Shop expert buyer, which is something you may not get from the big supermarkets and other home delivery services. Visit for more information.

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a better future for People living with


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bean a great year!

Lettuce Celebrate


Get involved in 2017 and support Queenslanders living with diabetes. Find out how you can have fun, get t and raise funds to make a difference. Contact our fundraising team on 1300 136 588 or

Happy Feet Bushwalk Great Brisbane Bike Ride Great Ocean Road Walk Tour De Logan Swim10 And lots more

business FINANCIAL HEALTH IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF BEING HAPPY By Andrew Malins – Affinity Accounting Plus

A good friend of mine recently reminded me how life goals really boil down to one simple objective - being happy. Well of course it’s never as easy as that but it’s a good test for any decision or priority you want to consider. Will it make me happier now or in the future? Money can never make you happy because it’s only a means of exchange we use to hopefully acquire goods and services that in some way or another help us do something we couldn’t do ourselves. What makes us happy is different for everyone. However, self-esteem, family, friends, safety, purpose, fun and love are probably on most people’s list of what makes them happy. What differs greatly is what we “need” to have those feelings. So what has all this got to do with the mundane topic of finance? Your financial health has a lot to do with your self-esteem, family, safety, purpose, fun and lots of other things that contribute to your overall happiness. Every client I’ve ever spoken to has had a different idea of what their needs and goals are in respect of their finances, but in each case,


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Summer 2016–17

their finances were important to them even if they didn’t realise it.

• What types of hobbies or activities do you engage in?

The media and internet are almost entirely made up of “advertorials” in which they simplify issues and make claims to distract us from taking a personalised and holistic view of our financial life.

• Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Unless you are financially trained, it is near impossible to factor in all aspects of your financial situation and create the right solution that suits you. A financial life plan that is put together from years of experience and knowledge will always be better than one from bits and pieces you’ve heard from a number of different sources. Persistence and focus on a well thought out plan will outperform chasing something new that the product pushers have made to sound great. Start with the question “what does happiness look like for me?”. To find the answer, think about these additional questions: • What are the three most important things in your life? • What are your biggest concerns in life? • What is the most satisfying element of your job? • What gives you the most joy in your life right now?

• What does your first week of retirement look like? And what does an average day look like? • What would you like to most achieve in your life? • What major roadblocks do you see in achieving any of the above? Your financial life plan to achieve whatever you answered, should address: • Career, business • Lifestyle and how you want to live your life • Family and friends • Retirement lifestyle and funding it • Legacy – what you want to leave behind If you plan appropriately, and stick to your plan (ride the rough spots, celebrate the achievements), you can have whatever you have sought after, now that’s a long way toward being happy.

MANAGING GENERATION Y By Sal Trujillo, Brisbane Markets Limited Human Resources Manager

With generation Y (born between 1980 and 1994) well and truly integrating in the workforce, the need to manage this generation to achieve productive outcomes is very relevant. There is plenty of information regarding this topic given the general traits which this group is said to bring in the workplace. Generally, generation Y employees have been categorised as being the most formally educated generation who don’t seek a job as much as they seek an opportunity. This generation tends to have multiple expectations of an employer – they are interested in the workplace culture, variety, fun, training, management style, feedback, flexibility and technology. Accordingly, to successfully integrate and reap the rewards that this generation has to offer, leaders need to adopt a different mindset and consider the following: • On Boarding – Given that this generation have grown with technology and information at their fingertips, providing resources on the intranet for them to access at their own pace is likely to have better outcomes. • Growth – Generation Y value training and development as an avenue to reach their career aspirations and long term goals. Managers should sit with their generation Y employee to discuss the company’s commitment towards career development and collectively determine what training and support is to be provided.

This will help in getting the employee’s commitment towards the completion of the training and potentially increase staff retention. • Feedback – to keep Generation Y employees engaged, managers need to remain aware of the employee’s progress of delegated assignments and provide feedback. Feedback can be formal or informal as long as it is timely and good performance is acknowledged. Managers should also consider doing performance reviews every three to six months to ascertain that performance issues are address timely. • Flexibility – When delegating work, describe the result you envisage and provide the flexibility for the generation Y employee to figure out how to achieve it. Generation Y employees grew up learning to figure out things on their own. Therefore, providing the flexibility allows the employee to develop better processes. • Workload – Generation Y are good at multi-tasking with great technical abilities. Therefore, managers can delegate several projects to keep them busy and motivated. As generation Y tend to be effective when working in teams, ensure the projects delegated allow them to work in teams and solve problems collaboratively. • Motivating – To keep generation Y employees motivated, managers need to explain how their work efforts and achievements contribute to organisational

objectives. Make them accountable for mistakes and praise good outcomes. Generation Y can resent being delegated work with no explanation to its purpose. They can also be impatient but always eager to learn. • Rewards – rewarding and acknowledging good performance is important when managing generation Y employees. Given their desire to learn, allowing them time to attend seminars and industry-related conventions can be a good reward option. Attending seminars or other external related educational functions can also allow generation Y employees to get involved in team activities as well as develop their professional profile. Developing good working relationships with employees should be a priority for all managers, as this will allow them to develop a good understanding of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses to achieve productive outcomes.

DID YOU KNOW? Brisbane Produce Market distributes a weekly media release that provides a quick summary on the price and quality trends in Your Local Fruit Shop. Check it out at

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Brisbane Produce Market will be closed to buyers and the public on the public holidays during December’s festive season and public holidays in early 2017. These include: 26 December – Boxing Day 27 December – Gazetted Christmas Day holiday 2 January – Gazetted New Year holiday

Season’s greetings from all at the Brisbane Markets


26 January – Australia Day Check trading times at


With 2017 a matter of days away, it’s time to save some dates in what will be a busy industry calendar for the first half of the year: February 7-9: Olive Symposium, McLaren, SA February 8-10: Fruit Logistica, Berlin, Germany February 17-19: Chinchilla Melon Festival, Chinchilla, QLD March 1-2: Citrus Technical Forum, Mildura, VIC March 27-29: Australian Nut Conference, Melbourne, VIC May 3-4: Mixed Salad Field Days, Melbourne, VIC May 3-5: Australian Mango Conference, Bowen, QLD May 15-17: 2017 Hort Connections, Adelaide, SA June 22-24: Australian Banana Conference, Sydney

FOODBANK AT CHRISTMAS TIME FoodBank’s Brad Lane sees the joy of Christmas first hand collecting excess fresh produce to help feed the hungry. Each year, 400,000 Queenslanders experience food insecurity – around half of them are children. Brisbane Markets® businesses support FoodBank throughout the entire year but it has a much more important meaning at Christmas time. To find out more, visit 30

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Summer 2016–17

LOOKING FOR GROWING LEADERS Nominations are open for the vegetable industry’s national leadership program, Growing Leaders, which will return in 2016. The program focuses on giving participants the tools and understanding they need to have a positive impact on their own future, the future of their business and the future of the Australian vegetable industry as a whole. To sign up, contact Rural Training Initiatives at jill@ruraltraininginitiatives. and request an application form before 22 January 2017 to apply. Please note that places are limited.

Now you’re cooking...



• Commercial cookery • Cooking demonstrations • Small-scale food manufacturing

• Food product launches • Private cooking classes • Test kitchen

• Food photography • Student training • Catering



Fresh Centre, Brisbane Markets 385 Sherwood Road, Rocklea | Phone: 07 3915 4200 | Fax: 07 3915 4291

Toyota Material Handling is the forklift leader in Australia’s fresh fruit and vegetable markets. 1. Proven performers in the fruit and vegetable markets environment 2. New and used forklift purchase, rental or lease options 3. Superior service and parts back-up and support 4. Massive range with Toyota Material Handling’s world leading products 5. Flexible finance deals through Toyota Finance 6. Stability of dealing with the world’s largest forklift company

To make the smart choice and discover how Toyota Material Handling can make a difference to your operations, contact your local branch.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Power Pallet Trucks

Order Pickers

Walkie Stackers

Toyota Material Handling offer • New Sales • Pre-owned • Rentals • Finance • Service and Parts

Reach Forklifts

Battery Counterbalance

1800 425 438

Engine Counterbalance

Skid Steer Loaders

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