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What is Fashion? Clothes express who you are and what you value. Classification of Fashion: •Style of clothing and personal appearance. •Dress, behavior, and way of living or other personal expressions that is in style at present. •A particular type or variety.

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Effie’s Fashion: Collection Jewelry



Effie’s Fashion: Dresses Collection Tadashi

Tony Bowls


Effie’s Fashion: BG Haute Collection

BG Haute F01020 $300.00

BG Haute F01018 $440.00

BG Haute E19114 $460.00

BG Haute F19117 $460.00

BG Haute F19119 $500.00

Scala Dresses Collection

Scala Q4106 $338.00 Scala Q1040

Scala Q4129



Scala Q17086 $198.00

Scala Q4150 $338.00

Tony Bowls Collection

Dresses Collection Scala

BG Haute



Dave & Johnny

Dave & Johnny Collection

Dave and Johnny 7250 Dave and Johnny 6851 Dave and Johnny 6669

Dave and Johnny 6596

Effie’s Fashion: Swarovski

Swarovski Appolon Ring

Swarovski Alana Heart Pendant

Swarovski Angelic Ruby Set

Effie’s Fashion: Jovani Collection

Jovani B384 $348.00

Jovani 153157 $640.00

Jovani B527 $400.00

Jovani 2211 $2,300.00 Jovani 171096 $400.00

Effie’s Fashion: Tadashi Collection

Tadashi OC8885L

Tadashi FY545L $458.00

Tadashi IT4104LX


$358.00 Tadashi OC888L $598.00

Tadashi YV953L $338.00

Effie’s Fashion: Mac Duggal Collection

Mac Duggal 1129D

Mac Duggal 1133D

Mac Duggal 1181D

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Phone number:- 212-361-9600

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