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This is a cluster of hills of various shapes and sizes in the mouth of Vatnsdalur valley and spread over 4 km2. Thought to have been formed by a catastrophic landslide, Vatnsdalshólar are considered to be one of the three “innumerable” phenomena in Iceland, together with the lakes in Arnarvatnsheiði and the islands in Breiðafjörður in the west. The last execution in Iceland took place at Þrístapar in Vatnsdalshólar, when Friðrik Sigurðsson and Agnes Magnúsdóttir were put to death on the 12th of January 1830.They had murdered Natan Ketilsson and Pétur Jónsson at Natan’s farm, Illugastaðir, in 1828. The bodies of Friðrik and Agnes were interred without ceremony at the site of execution, and their heads displayed on pikes. They were later reburied in the cemetery at Tjörn in Vatnsnes. Spákonufellshöfði west of Skagaströnd village offers a variety of hiking routes. This is a popular destination for people wanting to enjoy nature where the ocean, diverse bird species and the majestic circle of mountains stimulate the senses. Spákonufellshöfði offers a view of mountains and valleys to the south and north, as well as to the Strandir area across the panoramic Húnaflói Bay. A brochure about Spákonufellshöfði is available in shops and restaurants in Skagaströnd.

Arnarvatnsheiði is a large green, lake-studded landscape in the highland area, south of Húnaflói. It extends for 80km south to the glaciers of Eiríksjökull and Langjökull. This is a popular trout fishing venue in wild, lonely nature. 4WD track.


Hveravellir A unique nature reserve situated on the Kjölur route deep in the west highlands between the glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull. Hveravellir ranks among the most beautiful geothermal areas in the world with smoking fumaroles and hot pools with sky-blue boiling water. 31

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Official Tourist Guide - North Iceland  

Brochure for Norht Iceland tourism

Official Tourist Guide - North Iceland  

Brochure for Norht Iceland tourism