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NATIONAL PARKS - NATURE RESERVES Birdwatching The North of Iceland is a great place for birdwatching. The sea cliffs around the coast are teeming with birds such as puffins, gulls and guillemots, while the lakes and moors of the north provide an excellent habitat for ducks and waders. There are many designated birdwatching areas with bird watching shelters that provide an excellent way to view and photograph the birds from the land, while taking a boat out to sea is also a great way to watch sea birds. For more information, please check the chapter on boat tours. The Birding Trail guides you along birding sites in Northeast Iceland from Lake Mývatn to Langanes peninsula.This area is probably the richest birding area in Iceland in terms of number of species and abundance of birds.


Vatnsnes – Illugastaðir in Vatnsnes, birdwatching and seal spotting locations. Tel. +354 451 2345,,


Gauksmýri – reactivated pond, rich birdlife, 30-40 species. Path accessible for wheelchairs, birdwatching shelter. Tel. +354 451 2927,,


Skagafjörður, Sauðárkrókur, coastland and lakes, an interesting birdwatching area. Miklavatn, south of Sauðárkrókur, is a protected wetland with substantial birdlife. Tel. +354 455 6161,


Grímsey Island, rich birdlife especially seabirds e.g. puffin, guillemot, fulmar, arctic tern and eider.


Tröllaskagi, Fjallabyggð, interesting birdwatching.,


Dalvík, Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve. An area of about 8 km² of wetland that is an excellent habitat for many species of breeding birds. Tel. +354 466 1551 or +354 861 8884,,


Hrísey Island, moorland, bushes and rich vegetation, bird sanctuary, birdwatching shelter.


Akureyri, Krossanesborgir – wetland rich in birdlife. Birdwatching shelters. Tel:+354 450 1050,,


Akureyri, estuary of river Eyjafjarðará, birdwatching shelter. Tel:+354 450 1050,,


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Official Tourist Guide - North Iceland  

Brochure for Norht Iceland tourism

Official Tourist Guide - North Iceland  

Brochure for Norht Iceland tourism