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Title: Effective Business’s sharing tips for the first time event planners


Sometimes plannings can go wrong. And those who have ever organized an event cannot agree more to the fact that no matter how much you plan for it, some things are bound to happen out of schedule. So if you are about to host your first event, be prepared that not everything will run to plan; but with a better organising scheme by your side, you will be able to make your programme a big hit even after missing out on a few things. In this blog we have listed down some easy-peasy tips for a successful event planning. Let’s have a look at the cheat code that can assist you in organising a remarkable event: 1. Be clear with the event’s motive

The first and the foremost thing that you should be very clear about is the prime goal of the event. Once you have a better understanding of the purpose of your event, you’ll be in a position to decide its format. So, begin by asking yourself questions such as: what is the event aimed at, is it for awareness, is to show gratitude to somebody specific, is it for raising funds, etc. The answer to these questions will help determine the concept of the event, the place of the event, the number and kind of guests, etc. 2. Create an event plan

Creating a blueprint of any process helps in carrying it out smoothly. It should contain even the smallest of details and should be prepared considering the following parameters: • Budget Prepare a checklist of the things you need to spend money on, assign a specific budget for everything, be it the decoration, catering or the venue. Try to get all these done within the money specified for each.

• Flow of the program Create a list that contains sequence of all activities: How the program will start, what will follow up next, what will act as fillers between the two tasks and how it will end. Also, do not forget to include the time assigned for each activity; which should be in accordance with the time required for completing it. Handover this program-flow- list to each member of the organising committee, so that everybody works in coordination and everything goes as planned. • Include entertainment factor An audience attentive is the mantra for achieving goal of the program. And hence, include something which keeps the viewers glued to their seats while allowing them to be more focused on the motive of the program at the same time. In short, make the entire program enjoyable by adding elements of entertainments which also help in splitting the sessions into small parts. 3. Have a backup plan

Everything is set. The stage, tables, chairs, food, speakers, mics, etc. and then, all of a sudden you have last minute changes in the flow of the program. Now what? Well, this is where the backup plan comes to rescue and should be made to save you from such situations. 4. Allocate the right duties to the right person Picking up the right team is important, but what is equally significant is allocating the right duties to the right person depending upon his calibre and intellect. 5. Market your event Publicising the event contributes majorly towards its success. Though, social media is an apt medium for promoting your event, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned in marketing your event on other platforms as well. Also, keep aside some amount for marketing as well. 6. Ask for feedback

With fingers crossed, you would anxiously wait for the program to end well and when it does, you might forget to take its feedback. Asking the participants how the event went is essential and will help you analyse the points where and how you went wrong. This assessment will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes in the future and help you improve the quality of your events. You can also take feedbacks through social networks or record video reviews, evaluate them and use them later when you prepare for your next event.

Now that you have these tips handy, you can easily organise an event. Some things you will learn only when you will practically implement the above points, but remember to be positive and not be afraid of the surprises that may spring up. All the best for your first step! If you are looking for a corporate event management company and event planner, then please visit at

Effective business sharing tips for the first time event planners  

If you are looking for a corporate event management company and event planner, then please visit at

Effective business sharing tips for the first time event planners  

If you are looking for a corporate event management company and event planner, then please visit at