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those creatures except man and Al-Jin refused the offer of choice. They all said to Allah that they can’t handle themselves nor Al-Amanah and they asked Allah to make them oppressed. And if Allah (SWT) had not informed us about that in His book the Qura’an, we would not have known that the offer of choice was there for all His creatures, that they refused to carry Al-Amanah that man has accepted and that they preferred to be oppressed. But let’s explain what is Al-Amanah. Al-Amanah is what another person leaves with you on a condition that he gets it back whenever he wants. He would leave Al-Amanah with you because you are trustworthy and this trust has to be without any written proof or any eyewitness. For example, if someone gave you some money and he got a receipt, a bank check or a money draft in return, it i s not considered Amanah. It is considered a certified deposit. Also if someone left the money with you in the presence of some people, it is still not considered Amanah, but a witnessed deposit. It is called Amanah only if that trust was between the two of you, with no witness or proof. And Allah (TWT) offered AlAmanah to the heavens, earth and mountains, but they all rejected it. Why? Because they felt they are incapable of returning it. That is because if someone left you some money as Amanah, you might hit some bad times and turn towards some of that money hoping that you can return it later. And you might even spend all the money, thinking that you will be able to return it by the time it is due. But actually when the time comes, you can’t get the money and by this, you have wasted Al-Amanh. So man before bearing Al-Amanah thought that he would be able to return it and that he would follow the law of Allah and pay back His rights (SWT) by praying, thanking Allah, serving Him and doing all what Allah orders him. When man started the journey of bearing Al-Amanah, that is this life (Al-Hayat Al-Donia), the devil - Al-Shytan12 - seduced him, so he started doing sins and believed in more than one God. Eventually, man started believing in and serving the stones, the sun, the moon, the stars, the animal and more. By doing that he wasted Al-Amanah, and by the time Al-Amanah is due, when death approaches him, he is to meet Allah unable to pay back Al-Amanah that he chose to bear.


Al-Shytan: Arabic pronounced word meaning the devil.


Fate & Destiny  
Fate & Destiny  

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