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Ayah 144 from surat Al-i-‘Imran So death is different than murder, because Al-Haqq (SWT) says “Died or got killed” and Al-Haqq (Galla Gallaloh) differentiated between death and murder in many of the Ayat in the qur’an << If they had stayed with us, they would not have died or been killed>> Ayah 156 from surat Al-i-‘Imran And <<Those who emigrated for the cause of Allah and after that were killed or died, surely, Allah will provide a good provision for them>> Ayah 58 from surat AlHajj And <<And Whether you die or are killed, verily, unto Allah you shall be brought together>> Ayah 158 from surat Al-i-‘Imran


Fate & Destiny  
Fate & Destiny  

AL-QADAA &amp; AL-QADAR By Mohamed Metwalli Al-Sha’rawii 2 Fate and Destiny (Al-Qadaa wa Al-Qadar) Allah (SWT They also...