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At the beginning interiors of houses used to be furnished by needs of creating areas in the house. The house was the fruit of basic needs of the people. As society grew and architecture became more complex, the profession of Interior Design was born. The role of an interior decorator and of an interior designer are very different. Interior designers must have a deeper knowledge of the art of construction, floor plans and safety norms. We are executors. Although very long time ago it was not recognised as a profession, Interior design does go back to when the first civilizations were born. Crafts men would advise an artistic style to the interiors. In Persia, Mesopotamia, the hanging gardens of Babilon, the Indovalley and in Egypt, crafts men were called to advise an artistic style and adorn interiors and exteriors. Ancient Roman villas and palaces were planned spaces to fit the needs of the Roman habits at home. Today this is the role of an Interior designer, it is the planning and execution of the space and appointing a specific style to them. The first signs of Interior Design begging to become a profession reside in England. During the 17th, 18th and 19th century, Interior Design became a concern to whom built the house. There for back in the days upholsters or crafts men would advice an artistic style for the interior space and execute it. From offering full house furnishings and interior advice, firms developed catalogues presenting lavish prints and styles to attract the growing demand for interior work in houses, apartments to projects such as offices, public buildings and hotels. They organised all the work from furniture design, to artists, textile designers engineers and technicians.

A shot history of interior design  
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