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Economize Energy Consumption by Using Energy Meters In the days gone by, the humble energy meter was known as the electricity meter. It performed only one task and that was to measure the consumption of electrical energy in kW. At best one could measure the rate of consumption with the help of a bit of arithmetic. But, there were no means of finding out the consumption of different appliances in the house. Of course, those were the days when electricity probably did not cost so much. Today, things are different. Energy is very costly these days. It therefore makes sense to check the consumption of energy with the use of a home energy monitor. One can use such monitors to firstly measure the energy consumption and thereafter use power devices intelligently so that excess power consumption can be prevented thereby saving the amount being spent towards energy.

The energy meter comes in different types. There are online sites that market products of basically two kinds. The first of these is the online monitoring kind while the other product is the electricity monitor that is essentially based on wireless monitoring and control. There are other products that are marketed too such as three-phase packs, energy saving products and other accessories. But, essentially the function of all home energy monitors and wireless electricity monitors is the same, which is to help reduce energy and thereby save money spent in the electricity bill.

Since the energy monitor is now available in different forms, it is important to appreciate their different capabilities and roles before one can decide on the kind of monitor one wants for the home. The options include online and offline monitoring as well as mobile energy monitoring and use of the PC/Mac for downloading the data. The various types of online home energy monitors available include engage hub solo, engage hub kit, engage e2 hub kit and engage elite hub kit, besides engage elite optical hub kit. The engage online platform will give you all the information necessary to allow you make positive changes in the energy consumption pattern.

The electricity monitors on the other hand are available in models such as ecotouch, e2 classic 2.0, elite classic and elite optical among others. Among these, the e2 classic 2.0 is a third generation of wireless electricity monitors. This product includes a software that helps you track your energy usage on your PC. It also monitors your Carbon Dioxide emissions, thereby enabling you to determine your carbon footprint.

Economize energy consumption by using energy meters  

In the days gone by, the humble energy meter was known as the electricity meter. It performed only one task and that was to measure the cons...