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GAELLE “A former reporter in Paris, I went back to school in order to get my diploma to teach French as a second language. Moving to California, I realized EFBA was a leader in its field as many other FLAM organizations started to look up to it. Recently, EFBA obtained the WASC accreditation, which represents a seal of quality; families, rightly so, expect a higher level of commitment from the organization’s leaders and teachers. I love being a teacher at EFBA. Every year, it means new assignments, new students and new schools. I also like the freedom that we have as teachers while still having a solid educational structure that is here to guide us. It really is a good balance. Teaching to children is a big responsibility but at the same time so rewarding. We open some doors and allow them to understand other cultures better. We see them grow as balanced multilingual individuals. We also have a great relationship with the parent who entrust us with their children’s education. Teaching at EFBA is a fantastic experience!”

MERLIN “After moving from Paris to Pleasanton with my family, I was looking for a way for all of us to stay in touch with the French culture and language without having my children attend a French school full-time. I became a site coordinator in the early days of EFBA. I helped shaping it in a way that would benefit all EFBA families. I share with EFBA the same altruist objectives and values such as providing high quality and affordable French classes. During the past 6 years, I saw EFBA become one of the main and indisputable French education and cultural program in the Bay Area. Its geographical distribution has been extended, the quality of education has been standardized and improved and new cultural and summer activities have been implemented. In the meantime, the non-profit model has helped secluded areas to benefit from the program with smaller classes. It would be a huge problem for many families if EFBA was not around. I wish nothing but the best to this wonderful organization!”

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