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Education franCaise bay area

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Board of Directors Gabrielle Durana


Julien Gaulon-Brain


Elaine McMurray


Janet Barnes Jen Burstedt Emmanuelle Ichaye-Anum Rafael Pacquing Patricia Spanier Pauline Carmona Consul General of France

Honorary Member

Nathalie Delrue-McGuire Honorary Consul of Belgium

Honorary Member

Alain Houde Delegate of Quebec in Los Angeles

Honorary Member

Jerry Sanders Honorary Consul of Haiti

Honorary Member

Georges Schmit Consul General of Luxembourg

Honorary Member

Hans-Ulrich Tanner Consul General of Swizerland

Honorary Member


ST ion E G G I B niz at


h Frenc

ngu er To h t o M


Orga M A FL i n t he

si de e r P e m th o r f age Mess


the k for m how to r o w ur rea s of o ered to d dren who t l u s e , the r , we gath ll the chil nge is ends i t r n f e r s Dea o pre years ago ation to a Social cha us in t d u c o r y pr 5. Seven gual edu l school.   ve helped t have e v e r 1 a o in a We a nity in 20 rms a bil ternation ple who h e could n e u n t i w o e pe hat comm practical full-tim list of the say t we a o n t i s   s e e c e ture, ce fi h n c f t giv e a u v d t S d n no ta ng. us a many ” o t l a u could ctive spor is ver y lo h b t vice cture his fa le e r of t nd the ad “manufa hor t a col r t decad a e y h o a to ho eight the help ears lcome a c r your this s t alone. y e h t 2 f 1 r i e o o 0 fo done inception thankful f It takes 1 year we w ank you h . T e d s At th mbled an prof fer u and ever y r model. the u s u nt in mily e are h akeholder ral person is key to o s e r fa ep st ltu ty will b any your new l bicu stainabili e a w u p g n u m elp a bili ngsters. S   our h and acco ney. y h . t t i u s of yo t and trus ed that w any year yglot jour l m ur or supp n rest ass ond, for in their po y a s e You c ea and b ng familie r lli Bay A l other wi l a and r irecto D e , v i y cut rel a Since lle Duran t and Exe n ie Gabr r, Preside e d Foun


d e t i d ccre

EFBA's Mission Providing a high quality, bilingual and multicultural francophone education, opening doors and minds to the world.

EFBA's accom

+4,700 hours of Fren

A STRONG COMMUNITY +600 Families +250 Active Members

After -school program

Serving our community over

Highly qualified teachers MeAN ratio

470 children


square miles

22 sites around the Bay Area 27 weeks of class

x 100

EFBA start 10 sites


WASC accredited Wasc

100 families 2009


2010 +5 after - school sites

2011 +1 after-足 school site


6 levels Examinations Center for the DELF exams (100% success)

+3,6 of imm


Star Summer Program

mplishments Summer Camps program

nch Immersion / year

012 12

rt of r Camps m (1 site)

x 600

1,000 registrations over 6 weeks


600 hOUrs French mersion

+600 families

44 sites around the Bay Area Experienced Camp Counselors from France - BAFA qualified MEAN ratio


1,000 hOUrs of French immersion


Cultural programS Museum Quest & Kids' night out 3,600

24 outings 7 museums

2013 +1 summer camp site Start of the cultural programs


2014 +2 summer camp sites WASC accreditation

100 hOUrs of French immersion


2015 Teen summer camps FLAM Textbooks Membership

EFBA by th 15%



11 Full- time Employees 88 PART-time

Earned income

$ 1,200 gro reve

stRU stru cC




Staff Compensation $ 430,000 $ 300,000 $ 155,000

Leadership Team Teachers & assistants SUMMER CAMPs & CULTURAL PROGRAMS COUNSELORS

TRAINING costs 11 43 45

Leadership Team

$ 8,000 Teachers & Assistants

$ 18,000










he numbers

0,000 oss enue

85 Volunteers Volunteers 85 FLAM Textbooks

+ 14,000 hOUrs

$ 65,000 I PADS


UCTURAL uctural COSTS osts


Subsidized Projects









endent CPA)


Camp counselors training

$ 11,000 Pre-teens Summer camps



$ 9,500

$ 10,000

$ 8,000 book purchase

$ 5,500




HAIYU & TRISTEN “Learning French was Tristen’s decision. After hearing a French song on the radio, he was intrigued and thought it sounded beautiful. I then started searching for a French after-school program and found EFBA in January 2013. EFBA was able to provide a special needs assistant for Tristen that he could be fully immersed in a class and be able to learn at the same time. Most importantly, it has been reassuring to know that Tristen was fully supervised and looked after during the classes due to the intimate setting. In simple words, if my child didn’t get access to the individualized help, his best alternative to learn French would have been very limited. I would also like to recognize the caring and professionalism of EFBA staff, which makes their after-school program the best in the Bay Area.”

Dean of Summer Program Director Summer Program Associate


Human Ressources Director

Operations Director






OF efba EFBA of


f Studies Cultural Program Director


Cultural Program Assistant

Coordinator of Volunteers


e Director

Strategic Development & Philanthropy Director

Communication & Marketing Director


GAELLE “A former reporter in Paris, I went back to school in order to get my diploma to teach French as a second language. Moving to California, I realized EFBA was a leader in its field as many other FLAM organizations started to look up to it. Recently, EFBA obtained the WASC accreditation, which represents a seal of quality; families, rightly so, expect a higher level of commitment from the organization’s leaders and teachers. I love being a teacher at EFBA. Every year, it means new assignments, new students and new schools. I also like the freedom that we have as teachers while still having a solid educational structure that is here to guide us. It really is a good balance. Teaching to children is a big responsibility but at the same time so rewarding. We open some doors and allow them to understand other cultures better. We see them grow as balanced multilingual individuals. We also have a great relationship with the parent who entrust us with their children’s education. Teaching at EFBA is a fantastic experience!”

MERLIN “After moving from Paris to Pleasanton with my family, I was looking for a way for all of us to stay in touch with the French culture and language without having my children attend a French school full-time. I became a site coordinator in the early days of EFBA. I helped shaping it in a way that would benefit all EFBA families. I share with EFBA the same altruist objectives and values such as providing high quality and affordable French classes. During the past 6 years, I saw EFBA become one of the main and indisputable French education and cultural program in the Bay Area. Its geographical distribution has been extended, the quality of education has been standardized and improved and new cultural and summer activities have been implemented. In the meantime, the non-profit model has helped secluded areas to benefit from the program with smaller classes. It would be a huge problem for many families if EFBA was not around. I wish nothing but the best to this wonderful organization!”

Merci !



DONORS FRENCH CONGRESSMEN AND CONGRESSWOMEN: Philip Cordery, Sergio Coronado, Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam, Jean-Yves Leconte, Frédéric Lefebvre, Arnaud Leroy, Alain Marsaud, Hélène Conway-Mouret, Christophe Premat, Richard Yung FRENCH HERITAGE SOCIETIES: Ligue Henry IV, Les Fâneurs INDIVIDUALS: + anonymous FAMILIES: Abergel-Pinto, Adamcyk, Anav, Appenzeller, Arnaud, Assouad, Bagi, Baidan, Barnezet Parrish, Bartlow, Berthillier, Beuchotte, Bijl Thompson, Bite, Bizet, Borrelli, Boudrant, Brard, Brathwaite, Burns, Burstedt, Carle, Carman, Castenadas, Chan Kou, Chang Wehrli, Charriere, Chen, Cohen, Corfmat, Corneillet, Cosentino, Cosentino, Cunningham, Curtis, Dahlstrom, Daugherty, De la Cropte de Chanterac, De Saint Salvy, De Vivie de Regie, Decoin, Delafosse, Dellinger, Depeyrot, DeSeve, Dessus, Devaud, Diaz Lopez, Do Carmo, Dragusanu, Drouin, Dubois-Ferriere, Durana, Earley, Ferring, Finger, Forsyth, Fort, Fraeyman, Fu, Gagea, Gaulon-Brain, Gentile, Gerhardt, Ghoutti, Giroux, Gomez, Gougat, Grabowski, Grangier, Guilmineau, Gupta, Haag, Hansen, Harrati, Hopkins, Hurst-Beaumont, Husseini, Ichaye-Anum, Iranpour, Iyer-Schulz, Jackson, Jalil, Jaskiewicz, Jousselin, Kancherla, Kane, Kaufman, Kelly, Khan, Khaneboubi, Kientz, Kihara, Kluyskens, Kunz, Laligand, Lamoreaux Cano, Lande, Lane, Laplace-Grangier, Laurens, Lauzeral, Lehman, Lewy, Lizeray De Lopez, Louis, Luciano, Maish, Margulici, Matzinger, McMurray, Metcho, Michalak, Mollinier, Moosa, Musa, Nandwana, Ngadi, Nguyen, Nolan-Stevaux, Nouri-Moosa, O’Brien, Olsen, Ortega, Paige, Panezic, Paquet Paredes, Philippart, Pilling, Pin, Plotitsa, Poitrey, Privat, Rabbat, Redon, Reyes, Robinson, Roemer, Sadki, Salera, Semeria, Sen, Seris, Skrable, Skrybe-Negre, Sokolowski, Souvestre, Spanier, Sri-Kumeran, Strand, Sudre, Sugii, Tam, Tarwe, Taveau, Testi, Thomasson, Tierney, Timmons, Toussaint, Trana, Tricault, Turon, Van Zandt, Vasilevskiy, Vatton Raclot, Verdin , Veyssiere, Vinogradsky, Wendling, Wermter, Workman, Wright, Yan, Zepka, Zimmerman

VOLUNTEERS Nabil Alioui, Leila Asfour, Nandita Batra, Jenny Bennett, Laura Bouvet, Morgane Breton, Lodie Chalmette, Jeffrey Chang, Chloé Charbonnier, Agnès Charrel-Berthillier, Clémence Chin, Kamilatti Choudjay, Brandon Chun, Natasha Devaud, Alice Di Folco, Bobbie Dowling, Yvette Fantham, Andrea Flint, Faiza Flores, Lucie & Mathieu Gardette, Maxime Gazin, Sim Gérard, Antonaela Gomard, Romain & Kim Gonthier, Mathilde Hoang, Emmanuelle IchayeAnum, Joy Jaillon, Martha Jeans, Charlotte Jourdain, Camille Leblond, Mina Liu, Katrina Louis, Luke Mardignian, Elaine McMurray, Valerie Montalvo, Léa Munch, Mehmet Musa, Sophie Luu, Ruby O’Connor, Rafael Pacquing, Paige Parenti, Marie Pignon, Anna Quinard, Carine Ratovonarivo, Jorge Reyes, Pauline Rousselot, Bernadette Ryan-Leduc, Ewen Sabatier, Layla Sabourian, Rebecca Scholl, Shozo Shimazaki, Lamia Spohn, Patricia Urgate, Vincent Tarrazi, Lucy Van Horne, Alexis Villemur, Merlin Yamssi-Tchokoteu, Sophie Yost

CAMP COUNSELORS Joris Armangau, Cylinia Bertrand, Simone Bloch, Cyrille Bock, Myriam Da Silva, Pauline Danfray, Tidian Danfray, Alice Di Folco, Rémi Ducom, Clémence Dubois, Simon Guay Laberge, Vicky Lachance, Claire Le Gouill, Florence Labrousse, Cécile Palluy, Laurine Perrin, Victor Plantey, Anne Poirot, Anny Ravix, Ewen Sabatier, Abessamad Sassi, Julien Stricher, Mathieu Tarin

TEACHERS & ASSISTANTS Tolga Akgun, Khadija Bartlow, Marc Birnkammer, Simone Bloch, Maude Bouju, Saida Boulemche, Caroline Brachet, Stéphanie Catteau, Zélinda Caudal, Véronique Chopineaux, Chirstine Cimet, Audrey Collec, Elodie Cottereau, Marion Czeropski, Anna Demarchi, Mélissa Demontigny, Isabelle Dizers, Angélique Deveaux, Sophie Dumortier, Lorène Dupeuble, Meriem El Hadj, Elodie Fayet, Catherine Ferenczik, Laetitia Freyman, Caroline Foulon, Diane Garros, Hélène Gendron, Estelle Gackière, Gaëlle Goutain, Emilia Hagerman, Célia Hervé, Fabrice Hubert, Hope Izabelle, Adeline Jalabert, Laurence Kaufman, Marie Legendre, Genevieve Labat, Florence Labrousse, Thierry Le Tiec, Laurence Maisonhaute, Auriane Mathieu de Halleux, Pierre Merieau, Toral Mehta, Haritina Mihaila, Pascale Mimassi, Amélie Morice, Sabrina Nouri-Moosa, Catherine Plottier, Sokrat Postoli, Marie-Anne Poudret, Raphael Pouliquen, Anna Quinard, Karine Reed, Laure Rojas-Berline, Faiha Rtile, Perrine Sherwood, Angélique Sooben, Fanny Suchet, Kirsten Tasker, Raphael Timmons, Cécile Toulmé, Jeanne Tremblay, Tunde Vacsi, Coralie Vandermeersch, Véronique Vassout, Dominique Vatel, Poonam Vaya, Sophie Von Roselé, Séverine Wang, Junghwa Yang-Jaunet, Mélanie Yèche

LEADERSHIP TEAM Myriam Da Silva, Olivier Darcq, Nicolas Deaudet, Alice Di Folco, Camille Doué, Rémi Ducom, Gabrielle Durana, Catherine Frouin-Sanabria, Hope Izabelle, Vincent Minquoy, Grégory Pollet-Young, Alice Tien, Géraldine WolochAddamine, Wen Yu




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