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HU Elections Result in New Student Leaders BY CAMILLE AUGUSTIN Staff Writer The BisonWeb student election polls closed at 10 p.m. However, the tension was thick inside Blackburn Center’s game room until 11:21 p.m. struck. As Jay-Z’s song “On To The Next One” finished playing, it was on to the next batch of students who will take their respective positions in the fall. The general elections commissioner held white papers with black wording as he took the microphone to announce the results to the silent crowd. For the Howard University Student Association (HUSA), Brandon Harris and William Roberts will serve as HUSA’s 50th administration president and vice president, respectively. Marcus Ware will serve as graduate trustee and Corey Briscoe will serve as undergraduate trustee. “It is not so much a victory for me as much as it is for the university,” said Briscoe after an early start of campaigning since 8 a.m. “It was the constituents working together and creating synergy.” The moment that many students were waiting for was announced. The executive board that will serve for the fall in the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) is Justin Thomas, Erin Rigsby, Kenneth Boyd and Andrew Hairston serving as executive president, executive vice president, executive treasurer and executive secretary, respectively. “I know now that I have hard work ahead of me and I am ready to take on that challenge,” Thomas said. The Undergraduate Student Assembly representatives are James Alexander,

Briana Carter, Erin Keith, Brittany House, Oyetewa Oyerinde, Kevon Paynter and Lindsay Robinson. For the School of Business, Kyle Hutton, Derrien Hinton, Moriah Thomas, and Allura Harris will serve as executive president, executive vice president, executive treasurer and executive secretary, respectively. UGSA representatives are Aric Adams, Kenneth Burnett, and Derak Carrington. “I am just excited to have my first council meeting next Monday and just getting ready to work with the team and be consistent,” Hutton said. For the School of Communications, Brittney Butts, Derell Bonner, Alyssa McLendon and Victoria Fortune will serve as executive president, executive vice president, executive treasurer and executive secretary, respectively. “I don’t even have the words to express this feeling,” Butts said. “It is just an awesome, awesome feeling and this election really made the School of Communications something to watch.” UGSA representatives are Sierra Wallace, Brittney Jacobs

Bree Gant - Photo Editor

Students were able to vote throughout the day before Howard University’s student elections closed for the 2010-2011 academic year. Candidate Pierre Whatley (left) and Undergraduate Trustee Elect Corey Briscoe (right) share a congradulatory handshake after the announcement of the election results.

Xerox Canada CEO to Visit HU BY RILEY WILSON Staff Writer Chairman, President, and CEO of Xerox Canada, Kevin M. Warren, will be visiting Howard’s campus Thursday. Appointed in December 2007, Warren is one of a few African-American CEO’s today. As part of the School of Business’ Executive Lecture Series, he will be speaking with faculty, staff, and students in an open forum. Also, a select group of students from the SOB Executive Leadership Honors Program and Team Leader Organization will have a private session with the chairman during his visit. Leea Allen, a Howard Alumna, reminisces on her experience with CEO day in the SOB. “I thought that it was great that we could have such influential people come to our school and speak,” Allen said. “When I was in the (SOB), it was different, because we always saw many of the same types of companies with little to no minority representation.” Allen, who is currently working for Target Corporation full-time, said that this particular CEO Day should be very beneficial to the students. “Its really good that a black CEO is coming to campus—now you see someone that looks like you. It’s

and Victoria McDonald. A d a m Florez will serve as the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer S c i e n c e s ( C E A C S ) executive president. Teron Stocks will serve as UGSA representative for the School of Education. However, it was mentioned that grievances were filed but are still pending with the General Elections Commission. These grievances may or may not affect the outcome of the elections.

motivating.” For 15 years, the School of Business has been spearheading the program—focusing on establishing and maintaining strong relations between various organizations and Howard University, yet alone the School of Business. Previous speakers of the lecture series include the Honorable Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia who came last semester and Ms. Lori Greeley, CEO of Victoria’s Secret. The program is free to the public and will be held in the School of Business auditorium at 11a.m.

Photo courtesy of Xerox Canada

HBCUs Draft Agenda for Enhancing Our Communities An upcoming leadership summit inspires students to reach communities BY CAMILLE AUGUSTIN Staff Writer Howard University will host the Inaugural Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Leadership Summit entitled “Remembering Our Past to Shape Our Future.” The summit will take place from Thursday through Sunday. The summit will serve as a place for students from different HBCUs to draft an agenda that will enhance the communities and confront issues that African Americans face today through leadership. HBCU student leaders, black student unions and student leaders across Howard University’s campus are among the prestigious guests. An estimate of 10 to 15 schools will be in attendance. Among those are Morgan State University, Clark Atlanta

University and Tuskegee University. “This summit will give HBCUs across the nation the opportunity to come to the premier HBCU, Howard University, and build an alliance to progress HBCUs in this nation,” said Shavonne Collins, collegiate alliance coordinator for the Howard University Student Association (HUSA) and coordinator of this year’s summit. Student leaders will engage in various workshops and learn about leadership development. They will also learn the importance of playing a role in social justice, said Collins. An evening reception will be held in association with the Office of the President and various functions will be held around Howard’s campus. Collins said Howard is progressing, but it is also important to utilize leadership skills in the community as well. “This is an important event, because we will be able to reach out to our fellow students and build alliances with student leaders across the nation so

we can effectively change our communities,” Collins said. Senior finance major Anesu Nyamuda said that leadership is very important in today’s communities. “Sometimes people want change, but they need someone to help point out how to approach bringing about that change,” Nyamuda said. “Some people have a lot of potential, but sometimes they just need someone to guide them.” Nyamuda said leadership brings out the best in a person and the changes that are made can benefit a collective unit or a team. Bryan Smart, HUSA executive president, said that he wants the summit to provide professional skills to students. “Howard University is the best place to host this event because it is the Mecca,” Smart said. “We want to inspire students to become prominent leaders in their institutions and communities.” Smart said Howard will “put ourselves at the forefront of academia leadership,” by participating in this leadership summit.

The CEO of Xerox Canada will visit the School of Business Thursday.


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March 3, 2010

General Elections 2010: Introducing Your New Student Gover nment Howard University Student Association President & Vice President Votes Percentages Brandon Harris & William Roberts 2094 100.0% Undergraduate Trustee Votes Corey Briscoe 1016 Pierre Whatley 840


54.7% 45.2%

College of Pharmacy, Nursong, and Allied Health Sciences Votes

Executive President / Rebekah Clark 100.0% Executive Vice President /Victoria Phifer 100.0% Executive Secretary / Jasmine Bates Executive Treasurer /Morenike Badmus

Kiara Pesante Marcus Ware



201 436

31.5% 68.4%

College of Arts and Sciences


Executive President / Justin Thomas Executive President / Afia Wilson Executive Vice President / Darrell Jones Executive Vice President / Erin Rigsby Executive Secretary / Andrew Hairston Executie Treasurer / Kenneth Boyd

72 73 69 69

100.0% 100.0%

Undergraduate Student Assembly / Travan Hurst Undergraduate Student Assembly /Dexter Williams 51

42 45.1% 54.8%

Graduate Trustee


Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Votes


Executive President / Kirk Adair 73 Executive President / Ebonee Mitchell 2 Executive Vice President / Brittney Autry 66 GSA Representative/Altovise Ewing 66

97.3% 2.6% 100.0% 100.0%


431 337 337 431 600 663

56.1% Graduate School of Business 43.8% Votes Percentages 43.8% Executive President / Beric Alleyne – President 19 38.0% 56.1% Executive President / Tyrone Jackson 31 62.0% 100.0% Executive Vice President /Nicole Nash 47 100.0% 100.0% Executive Vice President of Finance /Andre Sealey 47 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly / James Alexander 387 11.2% Executive VP of Administration /Victoria Ekwenuke 27 54.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Briana Carter 393 11.4% Executive VP of Administration/Tiandra Hodge Undergraduate Student Assembly / Brittany House 426 12.4% Faculty/Student Relations/Adrienne Tucker 46 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Erin Keith 376 10.9% GSA Representative/ Julius Johnson Undergraduate Student Assembly / Anthony Miller 53 1.5% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Oyetewa Oyerinde 437 12.7% College of Medicine Undergraduate Student Assembly / Kevon Paynter 344 10.0% Percentages Undergraduate Student Assembly / Bradley Perkins 340 9.9% Executive President / Aneesah Smith 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Lindsay Robinson 366 10.6% Executive Vice President of Education/ Pierre Etienne 100.0% Executive VP of Community Service /Christopher Fadumiye 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Caden Witt 305 8.8% Senior Class President / Lakeya McFarlane 119 100.0% Executive Vice President of Alumni Affairs / Joseph Graves 41.5% Sophomore Class President / Justin Senu-Oke 235 100.0% Executive VP of Graduate Affairs/Reza Imani-Shikhabadi 58.4% 77.1% Sophomore Class Vice President / Kali Clark 235 100.0% Executive VP of Communication/ Donique Jones School of Communications



Executive President / Brittney Butts 227 51.3% Executive President / Odunjo Copeland 215 48.6% Executive Vice President / De’Rell Bonner 227 51.3% Executive Vice President / Briana Mosley 215 48.6% Executive Secretary / Victoria Fortune 252 58.3% Executive Secretary /Caroline Snowden 180 41.5% Executive Treasurer / Dominique James 189 45.1% Executive Treasurer / Alyssa McLendon 230 54.8% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Jonquilyn Hill 140 13.2% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Brittany Ireland 163 13.2% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Brittany Jacob 202 19.1% Undergraduate Student Assembly/Victoria McDonald164 15.5% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Sierra Wallace 233 22.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Jazsmin Watson-Booth 154 14.5% School of Business



Executive VP of Communication / Michelle Nicholson 22.8% Executive Vice President Administration / Tara Moon 100.0% Executive Vice President of Finance/ Taira Everett 100.0% GSA Representative / Nicholas Sherman 100.0%

School of Divinity

Executive President /Linwood Blizzard. II Executive Vice President/ Jonathan Butler Interseminarian / Juliana Holm


100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

College of Dentistry

Executive President / Ankur Patel Executive Vice President / Davina Bailey Julastene Dyer – Secretary Kevin Chirigos - Treasurer Chen Kai Lin – Treasurer Steve Malek – Treasurer Vaibhav Rai – GSA Representative Allen Ugwuibe – GSA Representative


100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 35.0% 26.1% 38.8% 85.8% 14.1%

Executive President /Kyle Hutton 384 100.0% Executive Vice President / Derrien Hinton 366 100.0% School of Law Executive Secretary /Allura Harris 356 100.0% Percentages Executive Treasurer/Moriah Thomas 356 100.0% Executive President / Gregory Johnson 33.6% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Aric Adams 179 20.3% Executive President /Brittany McCants 66.3% Undergraduate Student Assembly / Kenneth Burnett 202 22.9% Executive Vice President /Taris Burgess 100% Undergraduate Student Assembly /Derak Carrington 201 22.6% Rachel Johnson – 2011 Class President 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly /Marquel Russell 159 18.1% Emil Ali – 2011 Class Vice President 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly /Caleb Williams 141 15.9% Omari Anderson – 2012 Class President 100.0% Junior Class President/ Seun Olu-Ayeni 101 100.0% Dorian Tyus - 2012 Vice President 100.0% Junior Class Treasurer/ Latavia Green 95 100.0% Shaterra Reed – 2012 Treasurer 100.0% Sophomore Class President /Madiagne Sarr L. Ryan Shaffer – 2L Class Representative 47.8% Sophomore Class Vice President / Patrick Oseni Nicole Grant – 2L Class Representative 52.1% bSophomore Class Treasurer/ Talisha Jones Sophomore Class Treasurer/ Ashir Nelson Graduate School of Pharmacy Percentages

College of Engineering, Architecture, and Allied Health Sciences

Executive President /Ashanta Brandy 74.0 Executive President /Chibuzor Okoro 25.9% Executive President / Carmyn Robey 94 100.0% Executive Vice President /Jonathan Owen 100.0% Executive Vice President of Engineering / Adam Flores 106 100.0% 100.0% Executive Vice President of Architecture /Ashley Smith 106 100.0% Executive Secretary /Tiffany Pagan Executive Treasurer/Rashanda Robertson 100.0% Executive Secretary / Amanda Clopton* 21 100.0% Wanjiku Mwangi – GSA Representative 100.0% Executive Treasurer / Olivia Robbins* 19 100.0% Undergraduate Student Assembly /Glenn Gex 108 91.5% *The asterisk marks represents write in candidates. Undergraduate Student Assembly /Devon Hogan* 10 8.4%



Referendaums Results

School of Education Votes

Executive President / Alexandra Bolden 27 Executive Vice President / Adwoa Dwamena 28 Executive Secretary / Monique McCoy 28 Executive Treasurer / Lindsey Rutledge 27 Undergraduate Student Assembly /John Saulters 14 Undergraduate Student Assembly /Teron Stocks 17


100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 45.1% 54.8%

Constitutional Review: Policy Board - 1,612 FOR Qualifications for Elections/ Officers - 1,650 FOR Article I Section 3: Clause B - 1.307 FOR



Uncontended Excitement

Bree Gant - Photo Editor

Although their slate ran for Howard University Student Association executive office without opposition, Turning Point’s Brandon Harris and William Roberts (president and vice president, respectively) and supporters rooted the announcement of their win in the Blackburn Gameroom last night.



March 3, 2010

Lady Bison Continue to Shoot for Excellence BY ROYCE STRAHAN Sports Editor Freshman Lady Bison guard, Saadiya Doyle, is starting to make a name for herself, not just at Howard, but throughout the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) and the D.C. metropolitan area. After averaging 17 points and 10.5 rebounds, leading the Lady Bison to a 2-0 record in the past week, Doyle has been named a finalist for the Heritage Sports Radio Network (HSRN) National Player of the Week. Doyle won this award on Feb. 3 for her outstanding play and is now seeking to earn her second honor after grabbing her 18th double-double this season. On Monday, Doyle was also announced as the MEAC Rookie of the Week for the eighth time this season and the third consecutive week that she has earned Rookie of the Week honors. Doyle’s best performance came against Bethune-Cookman Feb. 22 when she scored 18 points, had 11 rebounds, two assists and a steal to lead the Lady Bison to a 59-

The sports section is looking for a writer to cover the MEAC Tournament. Photo Courtesy of HU Sports Information Office

Doyle is establishing herself as force to be respected in the MEAC.

53 win. Voting for HSRN Player of the Week ends on Thursday at 1 a.m. EST and fans can vote every five minutes on Doyle and the Lady Bison (15-12, 10-5 in the MEAC) will wrap up their season tomorrow against Hampton in a game set to start at 6 p.m.

If interested, email thehilltopsports@

Photo Courtesy of HU Sports Information Office

Freshman guard Saadiya Doyle got her 18th double-double of the season and is impressing everyone with her efforts in just her first year.

Sports Throwback Photo

Photo Courtesy of

The 1992 Men’s Olympic team has been referred to as possibly the greatest collection of basketball talent ever assembled on one team. The team consisted of players who are now in the James Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and 10 of the 12 players were named to the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. The core of the team consisted of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley. They went on to go undefeated, winning by an average of 43.8 points throughout the Olympic tournament, to win the gold.

Sports Trivia! What university did track and field star Jackie Joyner Kersee graduate from? Search The Hilltop for the answer!

March 3, 1974 George Foreman KOs Ken Norton in a widely publicized boxing match.

Interested writing about your homeNeed Toin Fulfill Those Journalism town team or wantFor to Class? cover Bison Requirements sports? Email thehilltopsports@gmail. and Comecom Grab Anshare Articleyour Fromideas. The Sports Section Sunday at the Budget Meeting Or Email T H E H I LLTOP





March 3, 2010


“Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.” --Thomas Paine T H E H I LLTOP



March 3, 2010


Daily Sudoku Directions: Each row, each column and each 3x3 box must contain each and every digit 1-9 exactly once.

Nicolette McClendon - Cartoonist

Chile Takes Interesting Stance on Foreign Aid In the early hours of Sunday morning, a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the nation of Chile, resulting in a climbing death toll of 795 people and a tsunami watch for roughly 50 countries and territories from New Zealand to Japan. It’s the second devastating earthquake to occur this year (the first being the 7.0 magnitude quake that devastated Haiti in January). Interestingly enough, in the immediate aftermath of the quake, Chile decided to reject aid from other countries in dealing with the damage, unlike Haiti, who directly implored other nations to assist during their time of crisis. The International Federation of Red Cross and other international assistance organizations were poised for action, ready to lend their emergency assistance to what was undoubtedly an emergency. To their amazement, (and the amaze-

ment of the rest of the global community), Chile declined immediate assistance, deciding they had the ability to internally handle the devastation. After a little over 24

Reportedly, the United States government actually refused assistance from search and rescue teams provided by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance following Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps it was an egotistical thing, We commend Chile for how and Chile didn’t want to look incompetent they handled to the rest of the global community. Maybe the matter of they simply didn’t foreign aid. want to deal with the future politics that hours however, the nation re- come along with accepting quested specific assistance in the help of other nations. the form of mobile bridges, Whatever the reason, generators, water filtration it’s commendable that Chile equipment, field hospitals attempted to deal with a and surgical centers. national crisis of such magOf course, assistance nitude alone, but it’s even from organizations and more commendable of them other nations leapt right in, to recognize the real need for delivering the requested sup- help, and humbly accept it as port more supplies then they a means means of aiding vicasked for. Chile isn’t the first tims that have been ravaged nation to refuse assistance by this natural disaster. from other nations in the wake of a disaster.

Our View:

Perspective Bourgeoisie, Broke & Black As a second year student at Howard, I go through an emotional and intellectual amusement park on a daily basis. Upon coming to Howard University, I discovered more racist thoughts within myself than I had ever experienced. I always considered myself a culturally wellrounded individual. Two of my closest childhood friends were Filipino and Egyptian, my babysitter was PuertoRican and my family is full of mutts. I came to Howard to surround myself with the many variations of what once was the most dominant groups of colored people, hoping to bask in an abyss of intelligence. The longer I stay here, the more exposed to ignorance and racism I feel than I ever did at home. Gentrification at Howard is a scary thought, but that doesn’t mean we should treat our non-black students the way we came to Howard to avoid being treated at a predominantly white institution. I found it funny that people were upset that Miss Hampton is white and offended to find that race is still an issue in the Miss America Pageant. If Harvard, Yale, or Princeton had a Black Miss Harvard, Yale or Princeton, and their students were upset about it, we we’d be quick to call them racist. The Sprite Step Off situation was indeed misleading and I can agree on that level that if there was deceptive advertising there is reason to be up set. However, to give these young ladies a standing ovation then decide

they don’t deserve the title is appalling behavior. Having the sororities share the title was just a movement to appease the complainants, and I’m not sure if I support the decision, because I am unclear on how genuine the intentions were. To those who attended and applauded for the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha and then decided they shouldn’t have won, I hope you feel that way for the right reasons. Although I love Howard, it has turned out to be the home of many hypocritical ideas. One of the most fascinating things in history to me is how close knit the black community was until granted the “permission” to shop in facilities run by white vendors. Integration was essentially the end of black business and I see it here at Howard very clearly. A friend and I were discussing another young lady’s attire and I stated that she shouldn’t wear Baby Phat with Coach. My friend corrected me saying, “No…you can’t wear Baby Phat.” Her statement made me think about FUBU, Apple Bottoms, Karl Kani and some of the other black-owned fashion lines that many black people no longer support. Some of these same people would be quick to buy something from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace or Chanel. What makes these Italian and French clothing lines have more longevity and success among our people than products produced “For Us By Us?” I am not trying to change anyone’s spending habits but just

out of curiosity, why is it that after a few summers it’s no longer cool to support these black urban lines (some of which have since been sold to white companies)? I have my moments when I miss home where I knew, understood and got along with people from different racial and religious backgrounds. I also have my moments when I catch myself feeling as though there are too many white people moving into Howard’s surrounding neighborhoods. I have moments when the mindset of my fellow students disturbs me, and when our lack of support for black businesses or each other saddens me. None of this would mean anything if I didn’t inspire a thought in another Howard student to stop and reevaluate themselves. Some of us are bourgeoisie, some of us are broke, some of us are both. But most of us are black, African, West Indian, descendants of enslaved ancestors of the motherland or indentured servants still trying to pay off a debt, or however you want to refer to yourself. We need to find a way uplift others like us without shunning or mistreating those among us who aren’t like us. Treat others how you want to be treated, not how you think they would treat you. Shamiko Reid sophomore, management major

Sports Trivia Answer: University of California in Los Angeles

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March 3, 2010

The College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Student Council announces the Tavere T. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Open to ALL undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE IN Annex 1 ROOM 111-B Applications are due April 9th, 2010.

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March 3,2010  

March 3,2010

March 3,2010  

March 3,2010