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HU Participates in 2nd Annual Great Debate BY MARQUIS H. BARNETT Nation & World Editor This past weekend, a team of four Howard students from across the university participated in the 2nd Annual Great Debate in New Haven, Conn. The event, which was sponsored by the New Haven Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), branched out this year to include four teams as opposed to the two that competed last year. New to the exhibition this year were teams from Columbia and Hampton University, while the returning teams were Howard and Yale Universities. Max Webster, a sophomore political science major at Yale University said that on stage it was “very comforting knowing that the audience would be receptive of what I [was] saying.” Nate Parker, an actor in “The Great Debaters,” hosted the event and said that he was “here because this is where God ordered my steps to be.” “I was thoroughly impressed by all four teams,” Parker said. “These are the minds of tomorrow debating the issues of today that could become the problems of tomorrow, and I am just really blessed to have been a part of this,” Parker continued. The topics for the evening had been chosen in advance, and the teams were granted the opportunity to prepare arguments. Starting the night off,

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Hamilton

Howard students, along with students from Columbia, Yale and Hampton Universities participated in the 2nd Annual Great Debate in New Haven, Connecticut. Melech Thomas, Victoria Miranda, Andrew Jones, and M. Daya Bean represented Howard at the debate.

senior legal communications major Andrew Jones correctly called “heads” on the coin toss, giving Howard the opportunity to choose whether to argue the affirmative or the negative. The topic presented was

Legendary Tuskegee Airmen to Visit HU BY TYESHA ERVIN Contributing Writer There aren’t many AfricanAmerican heroes to survive through World War II, racial segregation and combative race riots and to witness the first African American President take office in the United States. However two Tuskegee Airmen can say they have. At the age of 83 and 88 years old, Alex Jefferson and Bill Hollowman have traveled the nation, sharing their personal struggles with racism while fighting for America in WWII. Hollowman and Jefferson are two of the 385 Tuskegee Airmen still alive and are enjoying their time talking to high school students who have never met legendary war heroes. Today Jefferson and Holloman will speak in Cramton Auditorium at 7 p.m. The cost for students is $5 and $10 for general admission. These Tuskegee Airmen’s amazing triumph paved the way for former President Truman to desegregate the military in 1948. Ken Buckles, a former high school teacher in Oregon did not know who the Tuskegee Airmen were, but after meeting the war heroes and hearing their stories, he started the “Remembering America’s Heroes-Veterans” tour. “For the past 15 years, I have traveled with the Tuskegee Airmen to speak at high schools around the state of Oregon. It has been an incredible experience watching the respect and admiration they have received from the students, teacher and local communities,” says Buckle. For the first time in over 40 years, Alexander Jefferson will be

returning to Howard University’s campus. Jefferson attended Howard University in 1942; however he wasn’t allowed to finish his Master’s degree in Chemistry because he was ordered to pilot training at the Tuskegee Army Air Field in April 1943. Jefferson flew 18 complete missions and was shot down on the 19th. He was captured and spent the rest of the war as a Prisoner of War (POW) at Stalag Luft 3, a camp that housed air force servicemen. “I’m pretty sure I will not see any familiar faces,” Jefferson said jokingly. “However I am looking forward to meet our nations’ future leaders of Howard University.” Jefferson will be accompanied by his good friend and fellow Tuskegee Airman Bill Holloman. Holloman not only flew as a Tuskegee Airman, but also for the Air Force during the Korean War and was the nation’s first Black helicopter pilot for the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Currently, Mr. Holloman is the historical advisor for George Lucas’ new movie “The Red Tails” starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. All proceeds will go to Alex Jefferson and Bill Holloman for a speaking honorarium. Ken Buckle has reached out to Howard students faculty and staff in hopes that no one would miss out on this opportunity. Buckle says that at their age this could be their first and last speaking engagement in Washington, D.C. “American legends and heroes should be received as superstars wherever they go especially at Howard University.” Buckle said.

whether the United States should or should not incorporate universal health care. Howard took the affirmative, or the government stance, and argued that the United States has an obligation, according to the

Constitution, to provide health care to all citizens. Yale, the opposition, argued that universal health care would prevent competition among health care providers and give the government a monopoly on the

industry. The next topic was on the legalization of marijuana. Winning the coin toss, Yale decided to take the opposition. > See DEBATE, page 3

ResFest Looks to Bring Different Residents Together BY COURTNEY JOHNSON Contributing Writer As a glimpse of color sprinkles the grass, notifying us that spring is rapidly approaching, students at Howard University begin to prepare for ResFest, a weeklong, inter-dorm competition held every year during the spring semester. Anticipation floods the halls of each of the university’s residence halls as the posters reveal this year’s theme: 2010 Olympics. The seven-day, student run festival is known particularly for its dance competition and step show. “This year we encourage students to support the other Bree Gant - Photo Editor events as well,” said Grace Lowe, The Quad faced off against the Annex in 2009 ResFest Dance Competition. The a senior marketing major and one Annex dance team took first place last year for the second year in a row. of the coordinators for this year’s festivities. chairperson, Olivia Robinson, and experiences while residing in that ResFest is comprised of a logistic coordinator Alibia Henry. particular dorm.” series of competitions between “Things are going to Lee differs in opinion when teams formed by representatives be slightly different this year,” it comes to favorites. “My favorite from each of HU’s seven dorms, Lowe said. “We wanted to add a event hands-down is the Academic and allows students to take a creative twist. Instead of Taboo, Debate,” he said passionately. “It break from their everyday routines we are going to host a game of allows us to see from freshmen to and studies. ResFest encourages Family Feud, ‘Howard Style.’ It seniors, the intellectual capacity of students to exercise leadership is a spin on the popular television our student body. This year’s judges skills and teamwork in a fun setting, game show centered on Howard for the 2010 ResFest Academic in addition to receiving 10 RSVP University trivia. Also, students Debaters are Gil Robertson, Dr. points for their participation. began the celebration early with Whetsel-Ribeau, former president “ResFest gives students the Recyclemania, a competition H. Patrick Swygert, and Dr. V. opportunity to exhibit hall pride between residence halls to Nenaji Jackson.” and develop camaraderie amongst encourage recycling,” Lowe said. The Academic Debate is peers,” said Marc Lee, dean and Lowe continues, “My today in the School of Business. chairperson for this year’s ResFest favorite part of ResFest isn’t a The dance competition will be competition. “It allows students to specific event. It’s actually the held on Wednesday, April 7, Burr socialize with other dorm-mates spirit element of the entire week. night is Thursday, April 8, and the that they may have not have met. Although normally unlikely, you Step Show will be on Friday, April It gives the different dorms a sense may see a senior throwing up the 9. These events will conclude this of community spirit.” Quad sign, and that doesn’t just week’s festivities, and all three will This year’s coordinators mean the dorm, it symbolizes be held in Burr Gymnasium. are chairperson Grace Lowe, co- something significant in their

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April 5, 2010

Senior Associate Justice Announces Retirement Plan

The retirement of Justice Stevens will give President Obama the chance to change the political makeup of the Supreme Court BY SHELTON J. MURPHY Contributing Writer After 35 years of serving on the United States’ highest court, Justice John Paul Stevens announced his plan to retire on Saturday. Celebrating his 90th birthday this month, Stevens is the oldest current justice. Nominated as an associate justice on 1975 by President Gerald Ford, Stevens was granted Senate confirmation on Dec. 17, 1975 and has served through seven presidencies; the only current Justice to hold said honor. Many have referred to Stevens as a truly bipartisan judge, as he has agreed with and ruled in favor of Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives alike. In a March interview, Stevens announced that he would retire sometime in the next three years, but refused to give a time frame beyond that. “I can tell you that I love the job, and deciding whether to leave it is a very difficult decision,” he said in an interview. “But I want to make it in a way that’s best for the court.” Referring to President Barack Obama, Stevens said “I will certainly [retire] while he’s president,” giving Obama his second appointment to the Supreme Court

Photo Courtesy of

Pictured above is what is known as the “Roberts Court,” after current Supreme Court Chief Justice William Roberts. Justice John Stevens is pictured seated on the first row second from the left.

in a year. Political pundits have speculated since last year that Stevens would retire when he only hired one required law clerk, as opposed to his usual four. President Obama is being called upon now to make a selection that will uphold the same

ideals that Stevens held in his time on the court; often ruling against his own party in the interest of justice. “I think we need someone who will step into Justice Stevens’ shoes, who will be very tough on the issues of executive power,” said Democratic Senator Arlen Specter

on “FOX News Sunday.” “A federal court this past week declared the warrantless wiretapping [ordered by the Bush administration] unconstitutional. I think we need the kind of balance that Justice Stevens has provided to offset the majority on the court, which is

in favor of executive power.” For the past 15 years, Stevens has lead the liberal wing of the court, having the uncanny ability to sway the justices – such as retiree Sandra Day O’Connor – who were in the middle on judicial decisions. Ignoring party lines, Stevens served as the author of most of the rulings that struck down the Bush administration’s policies on the rights of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Junior political science major Kimberly Glover believes that in his trend for setting precedence, President Obama will appoint another minority to the court. “From a personal perspective, I would love to see a liberal African American, but at the same time, [the president] is all about setting precedence and I believe that the next justice to be appointed will be an Asian American.” Junior Charles Frazier agrees with Glover, but takes a different outlook on who he would like to see hold the position. “I can almost guarantee that it will be a liberal, and a minority. Most people think it will be an Asian,” Frazier said. “But, I would like to see someone who is qualified and that is going to represent the law to the fullest. I am a conservative, but I want someone who will do the job right.”

Gender Inequality Still a Reality in the Workplace BY RILEY WILSON Staff Writer

into management positions – women bringing women and men bringing men. The reasons behind the statistics has been argued for quite a while, with many critics suggesting that women are scrutinized more than men. Even White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, wasn’t exempt from this theory. Last November, Rogers was

by Anita Dunn, whom also resigned from position seven months later. “There are a lot of preconceived notions that we may not Even though Women’s Hiswork as hard – it forces us to work tory Month, a month celebrating harder,” says Candace Smith, junior the hard work of female pioneers, broadcast journalism major. “I hapjust ended in March, systematic inpily anticipate the day when women equalities are still relevant in today’s are viewed as just as capable, if not society. According to Grant Thornmore than capable than men to ton’s International Business Report handling any task – whether secre(IBR), a report representing 81 tarial or in a position as CEO of percent of global GDP, “four in a company.” ten businesses worldwide have no “I happily anticipate the day Smith says that she’s women in senior management.” when women are viewed as noticed how the effects of the Asian countries lead the real world has even influenced way, with the Philippines having capable, if not more than capable Howard culture. “The stats we 97 percent of their businesses than men, to handling any see often translate into Howard with women in senior managewhere we have a 7-10 women to ment. Mexico, Russia and Italy task...” men ratio, but the highest lead- Candace Smith, were among the countries that ership positions are currently experienced a decrease in womjunior broadcast journalism major held by males.” en. In an effort to encourThe U.S. reported a 6 perage female students on strivcent decrease in female senior widely disparaged after an unin- ing in the real-world, the Office of managers. The reasons behind vited Virginia couple attended the the President and the Women as these statistics have been argued for Obama’s state dinner in honor of Change Agents will be hosting an sometime, but for Sharon Grant, the Indian prime minister. By Feb- event with President Obama’s Setechnology manager at Legal Aid ruary, Rogers had decided to step nior Advisor Valerie Jarrett. and Defender Law Firm (LAD) down from her position and to venJarrett will be addressing of Detroit, this is an age old issue. ture back into the private sector. female graduate and undergradu“That’s still going on. Men get more Rogers joined Ellen Moran, ate students on how to succeed not money and better jobs – it’s part of Obama’s initial communications di- only as women, but also as African natural networking.” Grant works rector, who resigned from her post -American women. The program is for a predominately female law firm three months after the administra- scheduled at 5:30 p.m. today in the and believes that a big factor is the tion began. She was soon seceded Blackburn Ballroom. way people bring their counterparts

Remove Sanctions Before I Concede, Mugabe says Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has ruled out making any concessions to the demands made by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) until all Western sanctions are removed. Mugabe was referring to negotiations with his coalition partner in Zimbabwe’s unity government, which has been affected by disagreement between the two sides over the sharing of key cabinet posts, President Mugabe’s unilateral appointment of the country’s attorney general and central bank governor, and his refusal to swear-in the MDC’s Roy Bennett as a deputy minister. The ongoing negotiations were jump started by South African leader Jacob Zuma’s mediation visit last week.

The Poetry Corner Ode to Sun’s Daughter Slipped into eternity Looking down Afraid of what’s after now. It can’t be the same as it’s always been, Can it? Eternity’s eyes Full-flavored reality Tasted in your smile Say-say, what’s the time? Gotta remove the blinds Get things cooking in the kitchen Spices from the sage Savor the flavor of Eternity’s eyes Full-flavored reality Tasted in your smile

Glow with a beam on my skin Radiating presence Must be from heaven Who supplied your hue? Eternity’s eyes Full-flavored reality Tasted in your smile Say-Baby, Touch the earth Kiss of life. Raise the dead Awaken sleepwalkers & daydreamers with Your Eternal eyes Full-flavored reality Tasted in your smile -Khalid Rashid, Senior English Major

ICC May Launch Kenya Violence Investigation Soon The International Criminal Court may make a decision early this month about whether to begin investigations into the masterminds of Kenya’s 2008 post-election violence, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said Friday. Annan, who brokered a power sharing deal that ended the violence, spoke in Nairobi, where he is brokering unity between the country’s principal leaders, President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who are feuding over the fight against official corruption. Over 1,300 people died and 350,000 were displaced in postelection violence after Kibaki and Odinga both claimed victory in the country’s December 2007 presidential election.

- Compiled by Marquis H. Barnett, Nation and World Editor

Information from



HU, Hampton, Columbia, Yale Debate Continued from FRONT, DEBATE Howard’s argument was centered on the fact that marijuana is less deadly than a lot of legal substances in the U.S. and that keeping it illegal deliberately targets minorities. Yale argued for the decriminalization of the substance, but to leave it illegal and give sanctions for marijuana possession. Manti Bean, a senior political science and history double major, said that the chance to debate was “a humbling experience because [the team was] not in it for self-gratification, but we were doing it to uplift a community and show the youngsters in our community that it is okay to speak well and not be burdened with ‘talking white.’ It’s okay to have knowledge and to be intelligent.”

The topic for the ColumbiaHampton debate was on whether or not the United States should be a free-market economy, and whether or not the government should put a cap on consumer loans, also known as “pay day lending.” The team consisted of four debaters, a two-person behind-thescenes research team, and coach Javaris Powell, who also serves as the head coach of the Speech and Individual Events Team. Besides Bean and Jones, other debaters on stage Saturday were junior political science major Victoria Miranda and senior communication and culture major Melech Thomas. “I am grateful to coach Javaris Powell, to my teammates and to the NAACP of Connecticut,” Bean said.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Hamilton

Senior communication and culture major Melech Thomas poses for a picture with representatives from Yale, Columbia and Hampton Universities. There was no winner at the debate because it was an exhibition.

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April 5, 2010


Tournament Displays Parity in College Basketball BY STEPHEN KNOX Contributing Writer John Wall, Evan Turner, Demarcus Cousins, Wesley Johnson and Scottie Reynolds have two things in common: first, they make up the 2010 Associated Press NCAA Men’s All-American basketball team; second, none of them will be playing in this year’s NCAA men’s championship game. The only star power in the Final Four came from coaches Tom Izzo and Mike Krzyzewski. In the most competitive NCAA tournament ever, the vast majority of the high-ranked teams were eliminated. The actual Final Four had two five seeds in Butler and Michigan State, a two seed in West Virginia, and a single number one seed in Duke. Now that Michigan State and West Virginia have been elimi-

nated, the two remaining teams are set to battle it out for the NCAA title on Monday night. Senior radio production major Malik Washington said he isn’t surprised by anything that has happened, including the overall top-seed Kansas losing in the first weekend. “These higher seeded teams didn’t take the lower seeds seriously,” Washington said. “Kansas didn’t want to start to playing until there was four minutes left in the game. If a team doesn’t come to play, it’s not a shock when they lose.” A new rumor that has been spread all over the sports world is an expansion of the tournament. The NCAA will vote on whether the tournament should be expanded from 64 to 96 teams. This is partially a product of the smaller schools playing so well recently. Senior audio production ma-

can use to be more competitive in the future. “The perception is the wellknown teams get more funding than the smaller ones and are therefore better,” Mcgee said. “It’s good these lesser teams are getting some recognition and hopefully they can get more funding to be consistently competitive.” Ratings are also a concern for the Final Four without much star power to drive the event. ESPN reported on March 31 that CBS is losing money covering the tournament. Senior psychology major Alfonso Campbell said he thought Photo Courtesy of AP the same amount of people would Duke’s Lance Thomas (above) celebratwatch the Final Four and will ing after Duke’s victory against West watch the final championship Virginia. game as usual. “Hopefully, next year will be jor Emmitt McGee III said this year’s tournament has shown seed- different, because I like to see the ing means nothing. He hopes it can bigger schools play,” Campbell lead to benefits that smaller teams said.

One team that gave a good showing was the MEAC’s own Morgan State Bears. After beating the Maryland Terrapins in College Park, the Bears won the MEAC for the third year in a row with a 27-9 record. The Bears took their 15th seed against West Virginia in the first round and jumped out to an early lead before losing 77-50. Morgan State Head Coach Todd Bozeman said parity in college basketball is why there were so many upsets in this year’s tournament. “The smaller schools aren’t scared of the bigger schools,” Bozeman said. “Many of the players know each other from the AAU circuit in high school. So the players at the smaller schools are familiar with the players at the bigger schools.”

Hopkins vs. Jones

AP Photo / Isaac Brekken

Bernard Hopkins got his revenge on Roy Jones Jr. after 17 years of waiting on Saturday in a 12-round bout between the two middle-age heavyweights. Both fighters showed their age in the fight, which would have been a blockbuster years ago when the two fighters were both in their prime. In the first matchup between the two boxers, Jones delivered punishing blows to Hopkins to defeat him in 1993.

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April 5, 1967 Philadelphia 76ers Wilt Chamberlain sets NBA record of 41 rebounds.

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April 5, 2010


Daily Sudoku Directions: Each row, each column and each 3x3 box must contain each and every digit 1-9 exactly once.

Photo courtsey of

Students Must Balance Between Work, Play Howard University. There’s no other school in the country like it. It breeds some of the most gifted and talented students and hosts an array of notable alumni in a multiplicity of fields. We throw some of the most infamous parties and events, from the national, grandiose attraction of Homecoming, to the sweaty, $3 house parties we frequented freshman year. Being a Howard student teaches us some of the most valuable real world lessons, from dealing with people (i.e. less than polite administration building employees), to financing lessons (dealing with financial aid), and figuring out how to balance work and play, (house parties versus library time). From the perspective of a Howard student, college serves as the most exciting, and educating four (or five) years of our lives. We enter the university as freshmen, given detailed graduation schemes that come along with expected dates of graduation. We take all the mandated classes and strive to complete the recommended

number of credits each semester, all in an effort to walk across the stage as graduates destined for successful careers with nice paychecks, right? Of course we all come here with the same goals of timely graduation, but unfortunately, many students choose to extend their time

but more often than not, a lack of prioritizing and discipline are the major factors in deciding whether or not students make it out of here within the typical four years. We all love Howard, but is that love worth stretching out your college career in an effort to spend a few more semesters in your organization, or witness the next round of celebrity at Yard Late graduation is an issue performers Fest? that can often be avioded if If you changed your mastudents prioritize correctly. jor, or sincerely had academic or financial struggles, we’re not faulting you for being here a couple at the university. years after your expected Partying too hard on date of graduation. the weekend, neglecting But if you’re out parstudy time or even register- tying with the freshman ing for classes that might class, and being relaxed have been too difficult can about your studies, and result in course repeats have let your graduation or withdrawals/dropping, scheme blow away with the which obviously holds stu- wind, you might want to redents back from graduating evaluate your reasons for beon time. ing at Howard. Distinguish Sometimes, even not your priorities. Are you here taking enough credits each spending your money to have semester holds students back fun or earn a degree? from graduating on time,

Our View:

Perspective: Taking it too far Every time a telephone rings that I have to answer, I say a prayer to the Good Lord, that whatever I reply will “be acceptable in His sight.” There are alumni in business, government, embassies around the World that graduated from Howard University, who keep in touch with what is happening at Howard University whether it is real or imagined through The Hilltop, and Washington, D.C., USA by calling on the phone to many of us alumni and staff. When my telephone rang at home at 5:30 a.m. this morning, April 1, 2010, with a colleague in the International Community asking me what is happening at Howard University, that there is the headline that the University “will cease at noon.” That individual was extremely concerned. They had read about the “deficit of over Million USA $200

($200,000,000.00). The question was asked, if it really true. The person said, call me back later. I feel that The Hilltop has taken “a joke too far.” Many of the staff of The Hilltop may not realize that the World is watching everything that the HBCU’s do and how they relate. The President of these United States, Mr. Barack Obama recently signed a bill that affects HBCU’s, and as far as I am concerned, Howard University is the lead university in that group. Are we “a ship of fools?” Does The Hilltop understand that many educational institutions have to close because they lack funds? It is inappropriate for The Hilltop to think that all of the World – all the continents are interested in being “April fools” on April 1, 2010. I am expressing my concern and displeasure that The Hilltop should be allowed

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Crystal J. Allen Editor-In-Chief to print this “foolishness.” Where is The Hilltop’s corporate training, management, communications skills and editorial supervision. You owe an apology to the Howard University community. Here are my personal comments: “I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.” Source: Stephen Grellet (born Etienne du Grellet du Mabilliar) (17731855) a Quaker Missionary from France to the United States of America. A.O. Shaw, Ph. D Technology Center Contract Administrator

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