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NEW YORK | OXFORD | TORBAY  Ages 14–19 School year 2019–2020

Discover a place of intense dynamism and diversity, built on a foundation of academic excellence and experiential learning. Here you will grow into a confident, open-minded, creative thinker who is ready to find innovative solutions to real-world problems, in university and beyond.

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Welcome to EF Academy Dear Students 7 An Extraordinary Experience 8 Our History 10 Our Teachers 15 Exceptional Student Support 16 Continual Service for Parents 19

University Preparation Extensive University Preparation 24 Plan your Path to Success


Achieving Academic Success 28 Excellent University Placements 30 Global Alumni Connections 34

Our Schools Welcome to New York 39 Welcome to Oxford 45 Welcome to Torbay 51

In the Classroom Our Degree Programs 62 Choose your Path 64 IGCSE Program 67 US High School Diploma Program


A-Level Program 71 IB Diploma Program 73 Maximize your Summer 75

Outside the Classroom Student Life on Campus 81 STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


Creativity and the Arts 85 Business and Entrepreneurship 87 Varsity Athletics and Club Sports


Leadership and Service 91

Your Next Steps Course Dates & Costs 2019/2020


Start your Journey 98 Other EF Programs 101

Welcome to EF Academy

Welcome to EF Academy We open a world of opportunities for high school students by providing them with a superior education abroad, thorough preparation for university and a future that knows no borders.

Dear Students

EF Academy is everything you might expect from a world-class boarding school, including modern facilities, experienced teachers and a highly personal approach to each student’s academic development. Studying with us also helps you grow tremendously as a person and develop the skills necessary for success in an increasingly connected global economy. You will graduate from high school far more confident, self-reliant and disciplined, with real insight into what it means to be a young adult — and a citizen of the world. Consider attending all four years of high school at EF Academy. With an internationally recognized diploma followed by a university degree, your career options will be expansive. A world of opportunity awaits. Studying in our global classroom strongly promotes total fluency in English, academic excellence and superior interpersonal communication skills. You don’t just learn about multiculturalism, you live it each and every day — in class, during after-school activities, around campus and in the local community. EF Academy students hail from 75 countries, so you will also develop an amazing group of friends that truly spans the globe. I encourage you to contact your local EF Academy admissions team to find out more about our life-changing programs.

Jennifer Hepworth President, EF Academy


An Extraordinary Experience

When you attend EF Academy, you choose your desination and live on campus with an exciting community of internationally minded students. Engage in life-changing experiences that will transform you into an independent, globally-minded person whose future knows no borders.

A network that spans the globe Classroom diversity is proven to help students think more critically about the world and their place in it. At EF Academy, you will collaborate with students from more than 75 different countries, and you will encounter new cultures and beliefs in every single classroom exchange. You will go beyond learning about multiculturalism, you live it each and every day — in class, during after-school activities, around campus and in the local community.

Personalized academic pathways Whether you study with us in New York, Oxford or Torbay, you will learn in a small, dynamic classroom setting. Our teachers are dedicated to your success and are often available after class hours to give personal tutoring sessions, organize exam study groups, or guide you through specific coursework. You will create a pathway that focuses on specific coursework that will prepare you for your area of study at university, be it the arts, sciences or business and more.



Part of something bigger


Our unique position as part of EF Education First allows us to truly open your world by giving you access to experiential learning opportunities that will take you beyond our campuses. Intern at one of our EF offices to get experience in the field, become a leader at EF’s international conference, the Global Leadership Summit, or travel to a foreign country with EF Tours. EF Academy’s sister school, Hult International Business School, offers our students the chance to compete in the Hult Global Business Challenge and get fast-track admission to its undergraduate program. At EF, new chances to grow and develop are easy to find.

International qualifications At EF Academy, you will earn a secondary school qualification that is internationally recognized, which means you will have access to universities in the US, UK or any other country in the world. In Grades 9 and 10, you will develop a solid academic foundation as you follow the IGCSE curriculum and in Grades 11 and 12, you will learn to think critically and enhance your intercultural understanding in the US High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate® (IB) or A-Level program.


Support every step of the way Our university guidance team has over 50 years of insight into the knowledge and skills you need to successfully enroll in university. You will be coached throughout your education to ensure that you follow your academic plan, meet deadline requirements and prepare for university. Together, we will help you find your fit and prepare for your bright future beyond EF Academy.


DSC09092 (Copy).JPG

DSC09118 (Copy).JPG

Our History

Since 1965, EF Education First has helped millions of people travel the world, learn a language, engage in cultural exchange, enhance their education and earn a degree. DSCN1083_edit.jpg


Rethinking education

The EF Research Network

It all began when a young Swedish man named Bertil Hult traveled to England for the first time. As a dyslexic, school had always been a challenge for him. But he was surprised by how effortlessly he picked up English in England. Bertil became convinced that traditional methods of teaching were not always the most effective and decided to create something different. Now, more than 50 years later, we are one of the world’s largest and most respected educational organizations.

EF is committed to improving the way students learn. We have launched groundbreaking research collaborations with the universities such as the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Peking University, Moscow State University, and the University of Tokyo. In addition, we have created innovative youth programs with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

Fully accredited and approved Our first-rate facilities, highly professional teaching staff, and innovative curriculum have earned us the respect of the world’s most prestigious accrediting organizations and monitoring bodies. You’ll find their endorsements on the back cover of this brochure.

Shared spirit with the Olympics EF shares a common mission with the Olympics, promoting international friendship and exchange. EF has proudly served as the Official Language Training Supplier and Education Supplier for six Olympic Games, including Seoul 1988, Beijing 2008, Sochi 2014, Rio 2016, PyeongChang 2018, and will continue this collaboration in Tokyo 2020.

24-hour security network The well-being of every single student is our top priority. All of our schools, study centers and residential campuses are monitored by trained security staff. Our 24-hour security network allows us to monitor every aspect of your education with us — around the world and around the clock. That means support and guidance in your native language are only a local phone call away.

EF founder Bertil Hult and other memories >  10

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EF bus 1_Edit.jpg


“We believe in every individual student’s ability to succeed. Supporting them as they achieve their goals and reach their potential is the most important thing we do in our schools.” Jennifer Hepworth President, EF Academy

Our Teachers

A dedicated faculty, personalized academic support and results-oriented instruction strategies are at the heart of our teaching philosophy. EF Academy’s teachers are as inspiring as they are experienced and they strive to see you reach your goals, fulfill your potential and develop your passions.

Academic experts in their fields We place great emphasis on finding teachers who help us accomplish our mission of providing students with an excellent education. More than half of our teachers have advanced degrees, which means they are experts in their subjects and they know how to construct exciting lessons that will inspire you to study and understand the topics and themes no matter your native language.

Highly interactive classes The ability to express your ideas, ask questions and confidently present your point of view is crucial for success at university and beyond, so discussion and debate are often at the center of the teaching strategies employed by our educators. Small class sizes allow regular participation of all students in classroom discussion, as well as personal help and feedback on in-class and homework assignments. In addition, our international classrooms mean you will not only learn about the world from your teachers, but also from your peers. The result is exceptional preparation for the global, interconnected 21st century.

Continuous support and guidance EF Academy’s teaching faculty is deeply committed to helping you succeed. Our teachers are very experienced in working with international students so they can quickly identify any gaps in your skills and knowledge, and give you the extra support you need to catch up. They are available outside of class during weekly office hours and you can seek one-on-one help with coursework whenever you need it. Unlike most high schools, we have dedicated staff on-hand to provide extra help for students who require English language support and US university exam preparation, including TOEFL/IELTS and SAT/ACT classes.

Inspiring learning spaces We designed modern, bright teaching environments in our schools to facilitate interactive learning and student-led discussions. Inviting student lounges and comfortable study areas around campus are the ideal places to meet with classmates to complete homework and review for exams. Whether your passion lies in art or robotics, environmental sciences or drama, you will find studios, labs, gardens or theaters to suit your needs at one or more of our schools.

< Miriam Ortiz teaching Spanish class at EF Academy New York  15

Exceptional Student Support

We offer full personal support and guidance at our schools and offices around the world. We prepare you for success by working with you to discover and develop your strengths and by providing you with an academic environment that will see you thrive.

Our local, personalized admissions service

A supportive living and learning environment

Our admissions consultants will help you choose the right program, courses and location for your high school experience. During the admissions process, we will analyze your strengths and gather information about your interests and ambitions to create a personalized plan for your path at EF Academy. We want our students to break out of their comfort zones and reach their potential, so we provide you with the guidance you need to take challenging courses while ensuring you feel capable and cared for so you can accomplish your goals.

Students studying and living far away from home will always receive the academic support and comfort they need to feel happy in their new environment at EF Academy. If you live on campus, your house parents live alongside you and share daily life with you and your classmates, and if you live with a local host family in Oxford or Torbay, you will enjoy the comforts of a typical home and gain unique insight into British culture and traditions. The transition to studying in a new language and culture can be challenging, so our teachers and counselors will also be there for you to help you adapt and answer any questions you have.

Safe & secure campuses Your safety is our number one priority. School staff, teaching faculty, house parents and host families are carefully screened and interviewed for suitability and our campuses are secure and monitored around the clock by trained staff. We also maintain a global communications network so there will always be someone your parents can contact at the school or in your local admissions office should the need arise.

Universtiy Guidance Counselor Cy Webber helps a student with her University application at EF Academy Oxford >  16

Continual Service For Parents

Research shows that students succeed when their parents take an active role in their education. We aim to involve you in your child’s academic achievements in addition to providing you with a consistently high level of service and support, and reassurance whenever needed.

A direct link to our school

An online portal for parents

When your child enrolls at EF Academy, they will be assigned a guidance counselor or pathway manager who will support them throughout their time with us and serve as your on-campus representative. You can contact them directly if you ever wish to discuss your child’s welfare, progress or success, or if you want to get in touch with one of their teachers.

EF Academy parents can always access the latest information about their child’s progress and achievements. With our secure online portal, parents can view their child’s schedules, grades, attendance and notifications from teachers whenever they want. This tool is available as a desktop or smartphone application and is an effective way to stay in touch and up-to-date.

Your EF Academy team at home EF Academy employs dedicated professionals in 20 countries around the world who ensure we provide the highest level of service to our parents. Should the need arise, your local admissions team can communicate fluently in English with campus officials abroad at any time. Your admissions consultant can also help you plan a parent visit to EF Academy — they can book flights, apply for any necessary visas and organize short-term accommodation on or near campus. Additionally, our staff will provide free English courses to help you communicate directly with the schools, and even host events in major cities where you can meet other EF Academy parents.

< Follow student progress on the EF Academy parent portal  19

“My teachers are very helpful. Every time I need help or have problems with my classes, they support me by giving me extra resources and sessions after school and on weekends.” Sarah Veloso, Angola IB Diploma EF Academy Torbay

With over 50+ years of university admissions advising experience, we provide personal guidance and support along the journey to university. Whatever your aspirations, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

University Preparation

University Preparation

Extensive University Preparation

Thorough preparation for university is a fundamental element of EF Academy’s mission. That is why planning for the future is part of your academic program, whatever your year of study. Our experienced university guidance counselors will help you develop the skills needed for independent learning and living at university, while advising you on how to prepare a strong application.

Working together to achieve your goals University guidance at EF Academy begins as soon as you are accepted to our school. Counselors will work together with you to create a course schedule that will maximize your potential, focus on your strengths and complement your career goals and plans. You will always have access to university guidance counselors who will help you select the higher education institutions that suit you best, prepare you for the SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS exams and perfect your applications. While most of our students apply to universities in the US or UK, you can choose whatever university is the best fit for you, wherever that may be.

Meeting university representatives Our university guidance counselors have spent years developing relationships with universities all around the US, the UK and throughout the world. To help you learn more about your options, our counselors invite universities to visit our schools on a regular basis. You will also have several opportunities to visit university cities and go on campus tours with your classmates.


Specialized study programs If you have clear aspirations for your university studies and future career, we will help you customize your chosen academic program with specific courses that are in line with your goals. We will also highlight the activities and clubs that will allow you to further explore your interests and strengthen your studies. We have proven success in preparing students for the business world, the professional fields of law, medicine and engineering, and visual and performing arts careers.

No wrong decision At EF Academy, you can try different locations through our campus rotation program and you will have full access to our transatlantic university guidance to apply to universities anywhere in the world.

“University guidance begins as soon as a student enrolls with EF Academy, whether it is selecting courses with your guidance counselor, understanding how the application process works with your university advisor, or even selecting activities to join at the club fair. We place a deep emphasis on helping each student find their fit. Our team of dedicated counselors coaches students through every step of the university application process.” Lauren Ciallella Director of University Advising EF Academy New York

“The university guidance team brings more than 50 years of experience in university admissions and advising to EF Academy New York. Our goal is to find the best fit for our students at the best university they are qualified for, wherever they seek it. Two of our advisors actually live in the dorm with the students and are always available to help them with their search.” Michael Muska Senior Associate Director of University Advising, EF Academy New York, Former Associate Director of Admissions at Brown University

“The biggest challenge for students is the overwhelming amount of choice that’s available to them. Our students come from very different backgrounds and education systems, so we work with them to narrow down their choices according to their interests and aptitudes. There’s a university out there for each of them, and we help them find the right one.” Dr. Mark Zumbuhl UK Head of University Guidance, EF Academy Oxford Former Admissions Officer at University of Oxford

“EF Academy Torbay students receive a very high level of personal support with their university applications. They benefit from a two-year program which covers academic and life skills as well as information on how to select and apply to courses in the UK or internationally. I personally oversee all applications and work together with students to explore their university and program options.” Debbie Chatterton Director of University Guidance, EF Academy Torbay 22 years of experience as an educator, counselor and program coordinator



No matter your aspirations, at EF Academy you will work with your advisor to map out a tailored pathway that will help you gain excellent academic qualifications, learn new skills and gain admission to great universities. Each pathway offers an integrated approach to learning through three core components:

Focused Courses STUDENTS ARE STUDYING THESE SUBJECTS AT THE FOLLOWING UNIVERSITIES Business >> University of Chicago >> University of Notre Dame >> University of Pennsylvania >> London School of Economics >> University of Bath >> University of Warwick Engineering >> Columbia University >> Georgia Institute of Technology >> University of Michigan >> Loughborough University >> University of Bristol >> University of Cambridge

In addition to the core curriculum, you will select specific subjects that will maximize your potential and match your career interests.

Enrichment Activities Complement your academic courses by participating in clubs, activities and other opportunities that support your passions. Choose from over 120 clubs and activities offered on our campuses, or create one of your own.

Practical Experience Master your subjects by applying your knowledge in a realworld context. At EF Academy, your classroom learning will be fortified when you are challenged to solve authentic problems and situations that are part of today’s work world.

Arts >> Juilliard School >> Rhode Island School of Design >> Parsons – School of Design >> University of Southern California >> Norwich University of Arts >> University of the Arts London >> University for the Creative Arts Medicine >> Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Studies >> University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) >> New York University >> Hull York Medical School >> Imperial College London >> Royal Veterinary College

>> Courses vary by location. Please check with your local EF Academy admissions team for the latest options.

Medicine Julia chose to do the IB Diploma at EF Academy because she had an interest in medicine, but also wanted to learn about other subjects to expand her knowledge in an international learning community. In addition to the core requirements, Julia focused on higher level classes in chemistry, biology and mathematics. She also joined the Pre-Med club, attended bioscience and medical lectures at the University of Oxford and earned a General Practitioner (GP) placement at a local hospital. Julia Graef, Germany EF Academy Oxford Program of study: IB Diploma Destination: Imperial College London

Business Rena decided to do the IB Diploma with EF Academy because she wanted to focus her studies on preparing for an international career in business. Rena took higher level courses in language, literature, film studies and business management. She applied her problem-solving skills in co-curricular activities like the Hult Global Business Challenge. Rena also interned at the EF Academy office in Hong Kong. Rena Yap, Hong Kong EF Academy Torbay Program of study: IB Diploma Destination: Imperial College Business School (BSc: Business) Cass Business School (MSc: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management)

Engineering Arman completed the A-level program at EF Academy to focus on his engineering pathway. He took higher level classes in mathematics, physics and chemistry. He also attended several conferences and lectures at places like the Oxford Mathematical Institute. Students like Arman are often selected to conduct research in the science departments at nearby universities or intern at engineering, energy or environmental organizations. Arman Karshenas Najafabadi, Iran EF Academy Oxford Program of study: A-Levels Destination: University of Oxford

Art Meihan decided to study at EF Academy to gain high school qualifications, build her artistic skills and portfolio and get exposure to the art and design scene in New York City. Meihanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s courses included English language and literature, Chinese literature, math studies and visual arts. She participated in the Art Club and won a national medal for her artwork from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition. Meihan Hu, China EF Academy New York Program of study: IGCSE + IB Diploma Destination: Parsons School of Design in New York


Achieving Academic Success Class of 2017

Great results are an important part of a strong university application. Earning high scores on your program exams, as well as TOEFL/IELTS and SAT/ACT assessments, will demonstrate to admissions officers your English language proficiency, your capabilities and that you are fully prepared for university.

About IB Scores The maximum score possible for students pursuing the IB Diploma is 45, representing up to 7 points in each of the six required courses (42 points), plus three possible bonus points for the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay components. In 2017, the world average IB score was 29.95 points.





Samantha Freedman



Georgetown University

Filippo Biancifiori



University of Warwick

Emma Faverio



University College London

Varvara Semenova



Imperial College London

Xinrong Chen



University of California, San Diego

Mohammadjavad Siahkamari



University of Toronto

Barbara Sinz



University of Glasgow

Vita Olmanst



University of Bristol

Victoria Orevkova



University of Toronto

Eduardo Oliva Blanco



Williams College




Zixi Chen



University of Edinburgh

Weiming Wang



University College London

Nurperi Damirova



University of Lancaster

Zhoshy Sabdalin



University of Loughborough

Zhuofan Wu



London School of Art

Xiyu Li



University College London

Zeyi Yang



University of Victoria, Canada

Gemi Sari Nastiti



SOAS, University of London

Yu Ngai



University of California Los Angeles

Hoa Nguyen



University College London




Tomas Edward Carillo



Yale University

YuChen Zhang



University of California, LA

Qinlin Yu



University of California, Berkeley

Jideok Soan

South Korea


University of Rochester

Thuan Hoang My Phan



University of California, LA

Renato Zimmermann



Fordham University

Islomkhuja Khodjaev



West Virginia University

Anqi Liu



University of California, Davis

Xinrong Chen



University of California, San Diego

Zichuan Wang



New York University

About A-Level scores A-Level exams are graded on a scale from A* to F, with A* being the highest possible score. Almost all UK universities require A-Level students to study three subjects, though some students may choose to study more either for their own interest or to boost their application. Subjects are graded individually, with students receiving one grade per subject.

About SAT scores An SAT score is an application requirement for many universities in the US. The exam tests what students have learned in high school and how they apply their knowledge. The maximum score is 1600. The ACT is an alternative option for US university entry. We will help you determine which is the most suitable test for you.


Excellent University Placements US

Students who successfully complete an academic program with us go on to universities that best fit their academic and career ambitions. Our graduates have gone on to attend some of the best universities in the US and UK, as well as universities that are ranked highly for specific fields of study like art, medicine and business.

Samantha came to EF Academy to challenge herself academically in an international environment. She enrolled in the IB Diploma program at EF Academy New York where she worked hard to earn a score of 44 (of maximum 45) on her IB exams. The boarding experience helped Samantha learn better time management habits, study skills and how to be more confident. She also got involved in leadership activities on campus by joining the Student Council and the Film Club. “This experience has taught me how to interact with people who are different from me. I realized that even though we come from so many different places, we have so much in common. I learned how to challenge myself and how to get out of my comfort zone.” Samantha is currently studying at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Samantha Freedman, US EF Academy New York, IB Diploma University Destination: Georgetown University



Adelphi University

Purdue University

American University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Arizona State University

Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Auburn University Binghamton University

Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus

University of Massachusetts UMass Dartmouth UMass Amherst UMass Boston UMass Dartmouth UMass Lowell

Boston College

Seton Hall University

University of Miami

Boston University

St. John's University, Queens Campus

University of Mississippi

Case Western Reserve University

State University of New York at Albany

University of New Hampshire

Clark University

Stony Brook University

Clarkson University

Suffolk University

Clemson University

Syracuse University

College of William and Mary

Temple University

Columbia University

The George Washington University

DePaul University Drexel University

The New School – Parsons School of Design

Duquesne University

The Ohio State University

Emory University

The University of Arizona

Florida Institute of Technology

The University of Iowa

Fordham University George Mason University

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Georgetown University

Tufts University

University of the Pacific

Hofstra University

Tulane University

University of Vermont

Howard University

University at Buffalo, The State

University of Virginia

Illinois Institute of Technology

University of New York

University of Washington

Indiana University Bloomington

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Loyola University Chicago

University of California UC Irvine UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Los Angeles UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz

Marquette University

University of Central Florida

Mercer University

University of Colorado at Boulder

Miami University, Oxford

University of Connecticut

Michigan State University

University of Dayton

Montclair State University

University of Delaware

New York University

University of Denver

North Carolina State University

University of Florida

Northeastern University

University of Hartford

Nova Southeastern University Pace University

University of Illinois Chicago Urbana Champaign

Pennsylvania State University

University of Iowa

Pepperdine University

University of Maine

California State University, Fullerton

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Johns Hopkins University Lehigh University Lesley University

Ohio University

Key: Top 50 in National Universities Ranking

University of Missouri University of New Hampshire at Durham University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Rhode Island University of Rochester University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of South Florida, Tampa University of Southern California University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia Tech Wake Forest University Washington University in St. Louis West Virginia University Widener University Williams College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Yale University


Excellent University Placements UK & the Rest of the World

As an international school, we encourage students to apply to universities all over the globe. Our recent graduates are currently studying in over 17 countries around the world. Of the students who applied to UK universities last year, onethird earned a place at a university that is in the top 20 in that subject.

Barbara joined EF Academy because she was seeking a different kind of high school experience. She enrolled in the IB Diploma program at EF Academy Torbay where she finished earning a score of 40 (of maximum 45) on her IB exams. During the program, Barbara grew to be more independent and confident in her abilities. She particularly enjoyed absorbing the different perspectives from her classmates. Her leadership activities included joining the Student Council and Photography Club. “I can achieve more than I think I can – confidence is the most valuable thing I’ve learned at EF Academy.” Barbara is currently studying Genetics at the University of Glasgow. Barbara Sinz, Austria EF Academy Torbay, IB Diploma University Destination: University of Glasgow



University of Southampton


Anglia Ruskin University

University of Surrey

CEU San Pablo / Chicago

Aston University

University of Victoria

Bath Spa University

University of Warwick

Escola Superior d'Administració i Direcció d'Empreses (ESADE)

Bournemouth University

IE Madrid

Brunel University London

University of the West of England, Bristol

City University London

University of Westminster

IE University Segovia

Coventry University


Edge Hill University

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management – Marbella

Australian National University

ESCP Europe Hult International

International College of Management, Sydney

Imperial College London

Monash University

King's College London

University of Adelaide


Keele University

University of Melbourne

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Kingston University London

University of New South Wales

Lancaster University

University of Queensland

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

London School of Economics (LSE)

University of Sydney

London South Bank University

UNSW Australia

Loughborough University Manchester Metropolitan University Middlesex University Newcastle University Northumbria University Plymouth University Oxford Brookes University Oxford University


Bangkok University

University of British Columbia

Chulalongkorn University

University of Victoria University of Toronto

ESCP Europe

Royal Holloway, University of London

Grenoble School of Management

St. Mary's University, London


Swansea University

European Business School

ESSEC Business School

HONG KONG City University of Hong Kong

University of Bedfordshire

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

University of Birmingham

University of Hong Kong

University of Chichester

ITALY Istituto Marangoni

University of Dundee


University of Edinburgh

Sophia University

University of Essex University of Exeter University of Glasgow

MALAYSIA University of Reading in Malaysia

University of Gloucestershire


University of Greenwich

Universidad Iberoamericana

University of Hertfordshire University of Hull University of Kent

MONACO International University of Monaco

University of Leeds


University of Leicester

University of Groningen

University of Liverpool

Erasmus University Rotterdam

University of Manchester

University of Amsterdam

University of Nottingham University of Portsmouth

Soochow University

Assumption University

American University of Paris

University of Bristol


Simon Fraser University

Richmond, the American International University in London

University of Brighton

SAE Institute Zürich


Regents University London

University for the Creative Arts

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

McGill University


University of the Arts London

Saint Louis University, Madrid

Concordia University – Montreal

Queen Mary University of London

University College London

IE University

NEW ZEALAND University of Auckland

University of Reading University of Roehampton

NORWAY BI Norwegian School of Management

Key: Top 150 in QS World University Ranking & Top 100 in Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide Ranking

Global Alumni Connections

Beyond EF Academy, our Alumni Association ensures you stay connected to your invaluable network of international friends and career contacts. EF Academy alumni actively support one another in university and beyond with internship recommendations, networking connections and job referrals.


See more of the world with friends The strong friendships that develop among EF Academy students last well beyond graduation. Even before you finish your program, you may find yourself invited to visit the home country of a best friend or roommate during school vacations or summer breaks. Once you finish your program, you will find you can travel to virtually any place on the planet and enjoy a personal welcome from a former classmate. For the rest of your life, you will be able to experience new places and cultures from the perspective of a local.

Connect, share and interact EF Academy maintains an active Alumni Association with over 3000+ members. Our alumni stay connected through exclusive online groups where they can share career tips and links to interesting articles and resources. Alumni reunions in the US and the UK, organized by EF Academy, bring together graduates for a weekend of networking and learning from guest speakers. Alumni are also regularly invited to their former EF Academy schools where they meet up with their local alumni chapters and host Q&A sessions with current students to share their success stories.


Our Schools

Our Our Schools Schools

Each EFâ&#x20AC;&#x2020;Academy school has a distinct personality that is shaped by its location and international student body. Whether you attend our school in New York, Oxford, or Torbay, you can count on a secure educational environment, modern academic facilities and diverse campus life.

Welcome to New York

Surrounded by 100 acres of landscaped grounds, EF Academy New York offers students a vast variety of academic activities to take part in and plenty of space for them to pursue their passions. Experience an American high school education in an international setting that will inspire, transform and empower you.

Easy access to nature and the city

Vibrant student life

EF Academy New York is tucked in the quiet, suburban town of Thornwood and it is characterized by the many pathways, trails and woodland that surround its academic and residence buildings. Just down the hill from the school is Rose Hill Shopping Center, a small plaza with restaurants and shops. New York City and the famous island of Manhattan are less than an hour away. Here you will have plenty of opportunities to make America’s most cultural city your classroom — class trips to museums, plays and Wall Street promote experienced-based learning, which will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the study abroad experience.

At EF Academy New York, you will have over 40 clubs and seven varsity sports to choose from, plus opportunities to create your own. There will always be something taking place on campus, but some activities will take you beyond our school for an exciting adventure. Activities take place after school and on the weekends and range from organized trips to Manhattan and academic competitions, to basketball league championships and Model UN conferences.

Lights, labs, studios & trails A four-year high school experience at EF Academy New York includes IGCSE, US high school diploma and IB classes where you will engage in lessons and interact with your classmates in inspiring, spacious classrooms. Theater students step into the spotlight in our beautiful auditorium where full-length plays are staged annually. Science labs equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and welcoming art studios not only enrich your classes, they also host science and art clubs after school and are available for you to use for independent study. Complete your school day with a bit of physical activity in our fully-equipped gym, dance studio or basketball courts, or get some fresh air by going on a walk, run or bike ride around eight kilometers of off-road trails on campus using one of the school’s own mountain bikes.

Explore the US university scene The New York area is host to dozens of America’s most respected universities, whether that’s NYU in famed Greenwich Village or Ivy League Columbia University. Many students take pre-college courses at these universities during the school year. Our school in Thornwood is an ideal setting in which to prepare for university enrollment in New York State, Philadelphia, Boston or anywhere else on the East Coast of the US and beyond. During the school year, representatives from 150 universities visit our campus to speak with our students.


About EF Academy New York

George Stewart Head of School MA in Spanish and Latin American Literature, BA in Spanish and Political Science; Kingenstein Research Fellowship recipient from Columbia University; Over 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator at private boarding and day schools.

Academic Programs >> Preparation Course >> IGCSE >> US High School Diploma >> IB Diploma >> Exchange Year

School Highlights and Activities >> Teacher-led field trips to Manhattan and the surrounding area to the United Nations, theater productions, the Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of Natural History and the New York Botanical Garden. >> Enrichment weekends â&#x20AC;&#x201C; participate in programs designed for high school students at nearby universities including: Columbia University, Juilliard and New York University. >> The on-site Learning Center helps students achieve their academic goals through one-onone tutoring sessions and innovative teaching practices that promote faculty collaboration, student engagement and active learning.


>> Student-run events, including International Culture Fair, Homecoming and Prom, Lunar New Year. >> Over 40 clubs and activities, including Model United Nations, Rock Band, STEM Engineering Club, Outdoor Leadership Club, National Honors Society, Drama Club, Art Club, Chess Club and Photography Club. >> Varsity and club sports teams, including Basketball, Cheerleading, Golf, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball.


Accommodation Options >> Single or shared room in on-campus student residence

Location >> 30-minute drive to Yankee Stadium >> 40-minute drive to midtown Manhattan >> 1-hour drive to JFK International Airport >> 3-hour train ride to Washington, D.C. EF Academy New York 582 Columbus Avenue Thornwood New York 10594 United States


Study session in the academic building

Typical weekend in the residences

Homework in the main building residence

Go Storm!

Green spaces on campus to study or relax

Teacher-led trip to explore Manhattan

In the classroom

Experiments in the science lab

Welcome to Oxford

With its historic university and diverse student population, Oxford is known as the academic heart of Britain. At EF Academy Oxford, you will combine contemporary learning with Britain’s academic traditions for the ultimate preuniversity experience that will position you for a bright future.

Prepare to excel

Ideal for university prep in the UK

Our small school encourages you to study, work and flourish in a friendly, mature and supportive atmosphere. The student body is made up of mature, open-minded students who are in their last two years of secondary school and well on their way to university acceptance. Those who succeed here have a love of culture and ideas and a willingness to engage in global issues. They are also incredibly committed to their studies and determined to make the most of the many exciting intellectual and experiential opportunities available to them in Oxford.

At EF Academy Oxford, you will begin developing the skills needed to succeed at university from day one. Our students regularly attend lectures in a variety of subjects given by professors from the University of Oxford, and EF Academy teachers with links to the university have arranged visits to its math department and science laboratories. We actively develop this link by inviting postgraduate students to run sessions for our gifted and talented students. To ensure they are ready for independent research at university level, all students have full access to Oxford Brookes University Library, located next to our campus.

The academic heart of Britain EF Academy Oxford is a five-minute bike ride from central Oxford. The small and vibrant city has beautiful buildings and a large, diverse academic community dominated by the famous university. Beyond the campus, you will find shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas, which offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of your host country. London is one hour away from the school and is easily accessible.

Integrated student life Throughout the term, our students have the opportunity to visit the museums, theaters and galleries in Oxford, as well as Begbroke Science Park, the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and the Mini BMW works in Cowley. With London being so close, students regularly visit the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the British Museum. Opportunities for academic enrichment via plays, lectures or workshops at the University of Oxford and University College London, TED talks, and visits to a range of universities and exhibitions are organized on a weekly basis and students are encouraged to attend these events daily.


About EF Academy Oxford

Dr. Paul Ellis Head of School MA & PhD from University College London; Former Deputy Head at Stonyhurst College; 25 years of experience in education and school leadership

Academic Programs >> IB Diploma >> A-Levels >> Exchange Year

School Highlights and Activities >> Explore Oxford – enter some of Oxford’s 38 colleges for a tour, and have access to some of the lectures and events held by the university.

>> Activities that support your academic pathway and university application.

>> Weekly assembly – practice your rhetorical skills in a school-wide debate each week on current issues and topics.

>> Rutherford Appleton Laboratory visit in Oxfordshire.

>> Enrichment opportunities abound with talks by renowned guest speakers on campus, trips to Parliament, plays at the local theaters, and visits to London. >> More than 20 different clubs and sports, including Drone and Engineering Club, Dance Club, Math Club, Model United Nations, Theater Workshops, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis and Horseback Riding.


>> Business in Action Conference in London.

>> Russia and Revolution Conference in London. >> Lectures at the University of Oxford – recent talks included quantum black holes by Stephen Hawking, evolutionary biology with Richard Dawkins and climate change by Patricia Scotland.


Accommodation options >> Shared or single room in on-campus student residence >> Twin or single room in host family

Location >> 10-minute bike ride to University of Oxford >> 50-minute drive to Heathrow Airport >> 1-hour drive to London >> 2-hour drive to University of Cambridge EF Academy Oxford Pullens Lane Headington Oxford OX3 ODT United Kingdom


In the classroom

Exploring downtown Oxford

Oxford Brookes university library

Cozy on-campus residences

Biking is a convenient way to get around the city

Modern architecture meets historical city

Boat ride along the canal

Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford

Welcome to Torbay

At EF Academy Torbay, our campus extends beyond the classrooms into the quaint town in which the school is nestled. The community – made up of students, school staff and locals – has often been described as a family and you will feel very much at home in this nurturing learning environment.

Life on England’s south coast

Explore the UK university scene

Torbay’s coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants are just a stroll away from campus. Here, you will experience how students and locals weave together to create a tight-knit, welcoming community. On weekends, students often enjoy exploring nearby Babbacombe Beach, sailing in the harbor or going horseback riding. You will also have opportunities to go on teacher-led weekend trips to Exeter and London.

If your interest is to continue on with university studies in the United Kingdom, our academic staff can prepare you for the exams you need and they will also take you on campus tours of the universities in the area. The UK’s efficient train system allows for easy university visits to Bristol, Southampton, Exeter, as well as to London, Oxford and Cambridge.

The town as your campus Student life at EF Academy Torbay is varied, exciting and stimulating. We have built strong links with local businesses in the community that open their doors to our students. As an EF Academy student, you have free access to the local rock climbing and cycling centers, the gym and swimming pool, and you can receive discounts at some cafes and restaurants, just by showing your school identification. School staff also organize themed Enrichment Weeks that are designed to develop students' academic understanding through co-curricular activities and cultural trips. Each Enrichment Week focuses on a subject area such as science or the arts. Students in their final year take part in "higher education days," which include visiting universities to learn more about the application process and what to expect at university.

All-around inspiration Our on-campus facilities have been designed to inspire you. The art studio has large windows that face the sea — perfect for landscape study. The purpose-built physics, biology and chemistry labs are ideal for conducting experiments and research in class and with study groups. EF Academy Torbay is located on top of a hill and its most prominent feature is its modern-day castle where several classrooms are housed. From its outdoor terrace, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town of Torquay and the sea below. Our residences provide a comfortable place you can call home. Here you can also take part in friendly house competitions and social events such dinner and movie nights.


About EF Academy Torbay

Mark Howe Head of School BA (Hons) in History; Former Hampshire Lead History Teacher; Over 10 years of experience as a teacher, administrator and school leader in both UK and international schools

Academic Programs >> Preparation Course >> IGCSE >> IB Diploma >> A-Levels >> Exchange Year

School Highlights and Activities >> Boundless opportunities that enhance what you learn in class - visit the Ancient Roman Baths with your history class, learn about expressionism at an art museum or watching Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Princess Theater. >> Interactive enrichment weeks with schoolwide projects, like the Islands Project, or international teacher-led trips to learn on location in the US, Spain, France or Germany. >> Over 30 clubs and sports, including The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Clik Club (Photography), Drama Club, Robotics Club, Basketball, Sailing, Football or Climbing.


>> On-campus student-run events, including an annual school play, EF Academy’s Got Talent Show and Christmas Dinner >> Visits to nearby universities, such as the University of Exeter or Southampton University where you can attend lectures on artificial intelligence, meet faculty and university students in your subject area of interest, or get a taste of the UK university scene. >> Volunteer opportunities in the community with local aid organizations such as Anode, which supports families in poverty or the Purple Angels, which raises dementia awareness.

NW: Incorporate into facts


Accommodation options >> Shared room in off-campus student residence (Single, twin, triples and quad rooms) >> Single or twin room in host family (for students aged 16+)

Location >> 15-minute drive to Paignton Zoo >> 30-minute drive to Exeter >> 30-minute drive to Exeter International Airport >> 1-hour flight to London EF Academy Torbay Castle Road Torquay Devon TQ1 3BG United Kingdom


Art studio

Life in the residences

Experiments in the science lab

Walking in between classes

Coastal explorations

Lunch outside of the residences

Walks along the seaside

In the classroom

“I really feel like I’m being supported. I have teachers here who would do anything to see me earn the grades I aspire to earn.” Ana Luiza Loio, Brazil IB Diploma EF Academy Oxford

In the Classroom EFâ&#x20AC;&#x2020;Academy students achieve internationally recognized qualifications by learning from experienced and inspirational teachers. We tailor our wide range of programs to your unique strengths, passions and aspirations, and give you the academic skills you need to succeed in university.

In the Classroom

“I believe that everyone has the ability to succeed and I am committed to helping learners realize their potential. I support my students by being there for them with guidance and knowledge, and an open mind without prejudice to provide a positive environment for learning.” Patrick Dunn EF Academy New York, History Teacher & House Parent BA in Education & History; MA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies; PhD in Egyptology, University of South Africa

Our Degree Programs

Choose the right curriculum for you. The British and American education systems rank among the best in the world. At EF Academy, you will find both and we will help you choose the course of study that fits your strengths, supports your goals and inspires you.


IB Diploma

US and UK

US* and UK

The IGCSE curriculum in Grades 9 and 10 allows you to take up to 11 subjects to ensure you create a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. In the UK, the IGCSE curriculum is mandatory while in the US, students can choose the IGCSE courses and exams that best suit their abilities and interests.

The International Baccalaureate® Diploma is a challenging and rigorous qualification that enables students to follow a diverse range of subjects. You will study subjects in six different areas, as well as take part in creative, sports and service activities and write an independent research essay. This is the ideal qualification for ambitious, internationally minded students who want to study both analytical subjects and creative subjects.

A-Levels UK only The A-Level program is a specialized curriculum that allows students to focus exclusively on three or four subjects that are related to the degree they want to study at university. You will choose several specific subjects which will allow you to gain expertise in the area that inspires you most. A-Level examinations are a standard pathway to acceptance to UK universities.

US High School Diploma US only The US High School Diploma is the typical qualification for students applying to American universities. This broad and flexible course of study covers mathematics, science, humanities, English and arts, and allows you to choose classes that match your ability and interests. SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS preparation is built into the curriculum and highperforming students can fill their timetable with the IGCSE or International Baccalaureate® classes of their choice.


*All EF Academy students who successfully complete their high school studies at our US campus will automatically be awarded a nationally recognized High School Diploma in addition to their IB Diploma.

Exchange Year US and UK If you are planning on experiencing a different location and a new study environment, you can join EF Academy for an exchange year. By going on an exchange year in Grade 11 there is an option to continue your studies and finish a high school degree with EF Academy. Your local Admissions office will advise you through the process. With this option you will still benefit from all the guidance, support and expertise offered at the schools.

Our Preparation Programs

It is never too early to prepare. Whether you need to strengthen your academic English abilities, get familiar on the IB program expectations or learn test taking skills for university entrance exams – our preparation programs are designed to help you build a strong foundation for the future.

Summer Courses

Prep Course

You can choose from three summer courses that will enable you to jump-start your IB studies or to focus on the university entrance exam you will need to take before you submit your applications.

The optional 2- to 12-month Preparation Course is for students who do not yet meet the English requirements (IELTS) for their chosen academic program. With this academic foundation, you will be able to truly maximize your potential in the rigorous programs at our schools. In this course, you will improve your general language ability with grammar and reading classes and gain academic language proficiency through classes such as algebra, science and geography where you will complete assignments from the IGCSE, IB and A-Level classes.

Pre-IB The intensive Pre-IB Summer Course at EF Academy will introduce you to key areas of the IB program (mathematics, science, humanities, English). You will get a headstart on your IB studies by exploring the curriculum and completing assignments you will encounter during the school year. SAT/ACT You will begin this summer preparation course by taking a practice version of both the SAT and ACT so that we can determine where your strengths lie. Lessons will focus on covering the key areas on the exams (reading, writing, mathematics, science) and sharpening your test-taking techniques so you can increase your familiarity with these exams and maximize your university opportunities. TOEFL/IELTS If your native language is not English, you will normally be required to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam for admission to a US or UK university respectively. Take advantage of your summer break to familiarize yourself with these exams and enhance your English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills so that you can shine when it’s time to take the tests.


Choose your Path Choose from the IGCSE, US High School Diploma, A-Level or IB Diploma program based on your strengths, age and whether you would like to study in the US or UK. Whatever path you select, your studies will be complemented by thorough university preparation. An exchange year is possible during all grades and for all programs. After an exchange year in Grade 11 there is a possibility for you to continue your studies and finish a high school degree with EF Academy. NEW YORK CAMPUS IGCSE

IGCSE Year 1

IGCSE Year 2


Grade 9

Grade 10



AGE (approx.)







AGE (approx.)


IGCSE Year 1

IGCSE Year 2



>> After taking the IGCSE Exams, you can continue on to the US High School Diploma, the IB Diploma or the A-Level Program â&#x20AC;&#x201A;64


Selecting your University Destination Broad or specialized? Grade 11

Grade 12

IB Diploma Year 1

IB Diploma Year 2


A-Levels Year 1



A-Levels Year 2


In US universities, you will spend the majority of your time studying one field — a “major” — but you will also have the opportunity to take other subjects. Many universities don’t require you to choose your major right away. In the UK, students must choose the subject they want to study when they apply and degrees normally focus on one subject only. This explains why A-Levels focus on a small number of subjects. Three or four years?

IB Diploma Year 1


IB Diploma Year 2



A-Levels Year 1

A-Levels Year 2


IB Diploma Year 1

IB Diploma Year 2


Because UK degrees are specialized, you can complete your university studies in three years. In the US, they normally take four years. Both the IB and A-Level curricula are considered to be equivalent to the work done by first-year students at American universities, so our students are normally eligible for US college credit, allowing you to potentially complete your university degree faster.



IGCSE Program

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the world’s most popular international qualification for students in the first two years of high school. This program provides excellent preparation for A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate® (IB) program and is recognized by top universities worldwide.

Overview The IGCSE is a primary method of qualification for international students who would like to prepare for success in the A-Level or IB Diploma program. As an IGCSE student at EF Academy in the US or UK, you will benefit from a solid academic base that will help you when you continue on to curricula that you will encounter in the last two years of high school. Enrolling in the IGCSE program will also give you time to build up a well-rounded university application which includes a range of co-curricular activities, relevant skills and leadership positions within the student body.

The Curriculum You will be able to select courses from a core group of subjects — English, mathematics and science — as well as electives from subjects like foreign languages, art or humanities. You can choose your courses based on your personal interests and your career goals. The IGCSE was developed specifically for international students so cultural awareness and English language skills are also important elements of the curriculum.

Results You will be externally assessed based on oral and written exams at the end of the two-year program and you will receive an IGCSE qualification for each subject that you complete successfully. You will then be able to continue on to the A-Level or IB program with confidence.


New York, US & Torbay, UK


14 to 16


First two years of secondary school (Grades 9 & 10)

IGCSE COURSES TAUGHT AT EF ACADEMY Languages: English Literature, English First & Second Language, World Literature, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Self-taught Native Language Social science: History, Global Perspectives, Business, Geography, IT, Sociology Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Mathematics: International Mathematics, Additional Mathematics Arts: Art & Design, Music, Drama Other: Computer Science, Physical Education/ Health, Careers, Critical Reading & Writing NEXT STEP: US HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, A-LEVELS, IB DIPLOMA


US High School Diploma Program

Our US High School Diploma program opens the door to universities anywhere in North America. Together, we will build a college-preparation program that is right for you, with a wide range of subjects and learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Overview The US High School Diploma develops students as confident and independent global citizens, ready to succeed at university and beyond. You will reach your potential in an exciting, international environment through engaging classes combined with excellent college counseling and a variety of clubs, sports and activities.

The Curriculum As a US High School Diploma student at EF Academy New York, you will study four subjects from the disciplines of mathematics, English, science and social studies, plus up to three electives such as art, theater, computer science or a foreign language. College counseling, SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS preparation are all included in the curriculum, and there is plenty of time to engage in clubs, sports and leadership opportunities, enabling you to build the best college application possible. Classes are available at a variety of levels of difficulty, and we carefully guide students to choose the classes that match their interests and maximize their potential.

Results On successful completion of this program, graduates will be awarded a High School Diploma accredited by the New York State Board of Regents, plus IGCSE qualifications or IB Certificates where relevant. These challenging credentials are globally recognized and, in the case of IB Certificates, may also be eligible for university credit.


New York, US


14 to 19


All four years of high school (Grades 9-12)

US HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA COURSES TAUGHT AT EFâ&#x20AC;&#x2020;ACADEMY Combine these classes with those in the IGCSE and IB Diploma programs Languages: English Literature, English First & Second Language, World Literature, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Self-taught Native Language Mathematics: Various levels dependent on ability Social Science: Global History, International Business, Geography Science: Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science Electives: Intro to Drama, Foundations of Art, Studio Art, Songwriting, Physical Education/ Health, Critical Reading & Writing NEXT STEP: UNIVERSITY


A-Level Program

The A-Level curriculum that we offer in the UK engages students in a small number of subjects and develops in-depth knowledge. It is the traditional preparation for entry to British universities, and is also recognized by universities globally.

Overview This two-year program of study prepares EF Academy students for A-Level examinations, which are a standard entry requirement for universities in the UK. Our counselors will help you choose the right combination of A-Level subjects to ensure the best chance of acceptance to top universities in your field of study, and talented students may even enhance their studies by taking elements similar to the IB Diploma “core.”

The Curriculum Our A-Level program allows you to focus and specialize your studies. You may choose any combination of subjects to match your intended degree program at university, allowing you to focus entirely on your talents and skills. Most A-Level students follow three or four subjects of their choice, in addition to co-curricular activities, university guidance sessions and IELTS exam preparation. Classroom learning is very hands-on thanks to our small class sizes, and independent study is also a large part of the curriculum.

Results Subject assessments typically take place through exams in May and June and may involve coursework or other practical assessment. You will graduate with A-Level qualifications in each individual subject of study.


Torbay & Oxford, UK




Final two years of secondary school (Grades 11 & 12)

A-LEVEL COURSES TAUGHT AT EF ACADEMY Choose three or four courses related to the subject you aim to study at university. Mathematics: Mathematics, Further Mathematics Social science: Business, Economics, Psychology, Accounting, Law, Media Studies, Sociology, History Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Languages: Self-taught Native Language, Spanish, French, English Literature Arts: Art NEXT STEP: UNIVERSITY










































NAL MIND ED N ES S IB Diploma “Core” Requirements

IB Diploma students will enhance their studies by completing these three elements. EXTENDED ESSAY:



A 4,000-word essay capturing your independent research and indepth study of a specific subject.

Reflect on the nature of knowledge and learning and develop skills to apply knowledge credibly and critically.

A diverse co-curricular program with creative, sporting and volunteering activities.

IB Diploma Program

The IB Diploma program is a world-renowned qualification for students who seek a broad and challenging curriculum that helps them develop all the skills needed for success at university. Thanks to EF Academy’s international focus, our students live the IB ethos every single day.

Overview The IB program is an academically challenging and varied course of study for students in their final two years of high school. The program develops critical thinking, active participation, research and writing skills, which will prepare you for the types of assignments you will receive at university. University acceptance rates are often above average for IB students.

The Curriculum The IB curriculum includes six subjects and three “core” requirements. You will take six classroom courses from qualified IB teachers, ensuring breadth of knowledge in languages, social studies, science, mathematics and the arts. The additional “core” requirements will challenge you to apply your knowledge and understanding: the Extended Essay independent research project, the Theory of Knowledge course and the “Creativity, Activity, Service” component. Hands-on coursework is a prominent aspect of the entire program, allowing students to gain an even deeper appreciation for the subject matter they are studying.

Results You will take written examinations at the end of the program, which are graded by external IB examiners, and you will also complete internal assessment tasks throughout the two-year program. Universities in the US offer up to one year’s university credit to students who earn the IB Diploma — that means that successful IB students may complete university studies in less time than peers who followed an alternate curriculum in high school. Students who graduate from EF Academy in the US also receive a High School Diploma, recognized by universities across the country.


New York, US, Torbay & Oxford, UK




Final two years of secondary school (Grades 11 & 12)

IB COURSES TAUGHT AT EF ACADEMY You will select a total of six subjects from across at least five of the following subject groups. First Language: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Native Language Second Language: English, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish Individuals &Societies: Business & Management, Economics, History, Geography, Psychology, Philosophy, IT in a Global Society Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Systems & Societies, Physics Mathematics: Mathematics, Mathematical Studies, Further Mathematics Arts: Film, Music, Theater, Visual Arts NEXT STEP: UNIVERSITY


Maximize your Summer

Take advantage of the summer break to get ahead and stay ahead. Without any homework assignments to tackle or class deadlines to meet, you can focus on gaining work experience, learning a new language or preparing for the academic adventures you will have once school starts again. EF Academy summer classes The three-week summer classes that we offer at our schools will help you prepare for the year ahead by giving you a head start on tackling the exciting academic challenges you will face. Prepare for your future with our Pre-IB, SAT/ACT or TOEFL/IELTS programs. Your focused courses will be complemented by exciting organized activities, guest lectures and weekend trips.

EF summer internships EF Education First offices in major cities around the world offer EF Academy students the chance to get involved in daily business as an intern. If you are selected, you will work closely with EF’s dynamic teams and gain insight into the world of marketing, finance, business management and sales. Your future is international, and experiencing what a real, international workplace in the 21st century is like will help you choose the field you would like to pursue and kickstart your career.

Language courses As you learn alongside students from 75 countries, it is possible that you will pick up the languages that your friends speak. Use your summer break to travel to their home countries with EF where you can immerse yourself in their cultures and perfect the language. Not only will this experience make your CV stronger, but you will also surprise your classmates with your newfound language skills when you see them again.


“This experience totally changed who I am and where I’m going. I have more confidence in myself thanks to the amazing support from my teachers.” Rebekka Kvalum, Norway IB Diploma EF Academy Oxford


Outside the Classroom At our schools, you will find a range of stimulating clubs, sports and activities that will help you reach new heights as you explore your interests and discover new passions with classmates from around the world.

Outside the Classroom

Student Life on Campus

Gain a well-rounded perspective and build lasting friendships through enrichment and co-curricular activities that allow you to apply what you have learned in the classroom through real-world contexts. Pursue your interests, discover your passion and broaden your horizons in the after-school activities that inspire you the most.

Explore a range of activities The clubs, sports and conferences you will find at any of our schools cater to a range of interests and hobbies. You will have the chance to volunteer in your community, go on faculty-led excursions to experience British or American culture, or express your thoughts at a conference or debate. Competitions might take the form of academic challenges at the regional, national or international level, or school-sponsored sports teams playing against local high school teams. If you can’t find a club or activity you like, or if you feel like something is missing, you will be encouraged to create your own club or share your ideas with Student Council.

Make friends from around the world The best way to make friends at EF Academy is to get involved. Choose from any of the special interest or subject-specific clubs, sports or weekend trips and you will not only interact with your classmates, but you will also meet fellow students who aren’t in your classes. You will bond over your shared experience at EF Academy and your common interests, and you will build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Develop new skills and confidence Participating in activities outside of class allows you to advance the skills you have and develop new ones by trying clubs and sports you’ve never encountered before. At EF Academy, everyone is here to learn and grow, and you will find that the encouraging environment at our schools will help you try new things, step out of your comfort zone and become more confident along the way.

>> Clubs and activities vary by location. Please check with your local EF Academy admissions team for the latest options.  81

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Our STEM program is all about encouraging you to engage in activities that will activate your imagination and encourage you to think outside the box. STEM courses, degrees and careers are growing in popularity and giving you the means to expand your knowledge in these fields is just one of the ways that we open your world.

Skills for success Our STEM activities program is diverse and well developed. You will have a variety of clubs to choose from and you can expect to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interactive way alongside peers who are just as inquisitive as you are. Your participation in STEM activities at EF Academy will enhance your innovative thinking and problem-solving skills as you acquire new strengths in design, engineering and collaboration.


STEM presence at EF Academy

>> Mathematics Club

Students involved in STEM clubs at EF Academy have been recognized at national math competitions, established a robust robotics program, built a vertical garden and taught one another how to create websites from scratch. On a more global level, the skills you hone through your participation in STEM activities will help you see how science and technology can have a positive impact on our society.

On-campus clubs: >> Robotics and Programming Club >> Coding Club >> Gardening Club >> Pre-med Club >> Web Design Club >> Engineering Club >> Science Club >> Video Games Club >> Rocketry Club >> 3D printing Club

Activities & events: >> National math and science competitions >> Hackathons >> Visits to math and science departments at the University of Oxford and the University of Bristol >> Mathematics Trust competition >> Columbia University’s science honors program >> Breakthrough Junior Challenge >> DuPont Science Essay Challenge >> Various on- and off-campus STEM workshops

< Robotics Club at EF Academy Torbay


Art Club

Photography Club

Theater/Drama Club

Music Club

Rock Band

Creativity and the Arts

Many EF Academy students dream of pursuing careers in the arts, fashion, music or film. Access to clubs, activities, exhibitions and performances provide exciting opportunities for you to develop your creative passions alongside your mentors and friends.

Find your inspiration In visual arts, music and theater clubs, you will explore your own and others’ cultures while you develop your individual artistic abilities. At EF Academy, art clubs give you time to focus on your personal favorite forms of art, whether that’s theater, design, photography or film. EF Academy students have staged entire plays, painted store-front windows in the community, exhibited their work at local art shows and taught classmates how to play piano and guitar.


Modern creative space

>> Fashion Club

At our schools, you will find inviting spaces that are the ideal areas for you to let your imagination guide you as you pursue artistic endeavors and express yourself. Find inspiration at galleries, museums, theaters and exhibitions outside of school and create an outstanding portfolio that truly captures your personal style and approach.

On-campus clubs: >> Rock Band >> Art Club >> Choir >> Dance Club >> Film Club >> Watercolor Club >> Photography Club >> Music Club >> Theater/Drama Club >> Literary Magazine >> Impact Magazine

Activities & events: >> Visit local art galleries >> Participate in art shows >> Design posters for school plays >> Costume and set design >> Musicals in London and Manhattan >> Scholastic Art Award competition >> IB Senior Art Show >> Art and culture trips to Paris and Berlin


Business and Entrepreneurship

In the many business-themed clubs and activities offered at EF Academy, you can use what you learn in our college-level business classes to solve problems, lead a project or turn an idea into a reality. This real-world business experience will benefit your studies and your future success.

Endless possibilities As part of the EF Education First family, EF Academy students have access to internships in one of our 500 schools and offices around the world, plus experiential learning opportunities and generous scholarships at its sister school, Hult International Business School. No other high school can offer this range of relevant and exciting international business and entrepreneurship opportunities through its own global network, and you can be sure that your teachers and counselors at EF Academy will do all they can to help you realize your dreams.


Engaging business activities

Activities & events:

At EF Academy, we aim to foster your ambition by opening the door to hands-on experiences. At our schools, you will find opportunities to take part in business case competitions, manage an on-campus student-run store or learn more about the stock market. Combine your business skills with your love for a specific sport and you can manage a team, or use them in tandem with your language and technical abilities, you can lead a company with offices around the world. It is up to you to choose your activities and decide how to use your abilities to succeed in the business world.

On-campus clubs: >> Stock Market Club >> Business Club >> Social Enterprise Club >> Culture and Language Club >> Debate Club

>> Hult Global Business Challenge >> Student Investor Challenge >> School newspaper and yearbook >> Student-run store/café >> University visits to business departments at University of Bristol and University of Exeter >> Business in Action Conference in London

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Kayaking Club

Mountain Biking around campus

Varsity Volleyball

Varsity Soccer/Football

Varsity Tennis

Varsity Athletics and Club Sports

Participation in any of EF Academy’s varsity or club sports is an excellent way to balance your studies with physical activity while leading your team to success on the court, field or track. As part of an EF Academy sports team, you will not only push your physical limits, but you will also practice teamwork, leadership and discipline – skills that can apply to all areas of your life beyond the competition arena.

Varsity sports While academics are at the forefront of an EF Academy experience, we place great value in the lessons that can be learned through participation in sporting activities. Varsity sports — basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf or tennis — usually require students to try out for the team. As a varsity athlete at EF Academy, you will represent your school in games against other local teams that are part of a high school league. We hire external coaches, often with semi-professional or professional experience, to teach you the techniques and strategies you will need to be successful.

Club teams Club sports activities range from group fitness workouts, yoga and dance to golf, rock climbing and sailing. Whether you have practiced a certain sport for years, or you are just interested in trying something new, the club sports are the ideal place for you to build lasting friendships with teammates and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our schools will often hold friendly “inter-house competitions” where teams organized by their residences will compete against their classmates.

SPORTS AT EF ACADEMY Sport Clubs: >> Aerobics >> Badminton >> Basketball >> Horseback Riding >> Running >> Soccer/Football >> Tennis >> Volleyball >> Workout Club >> Yoga >> Zumba >> Sailing >> Kayaking >> Archery

Varsity Sports: >> Basketball >> Cheerleading >> Cross Country >> Golf >> Soccer/Football >> Tennis >> Track & Field >> Volleyball


Leadership and Service

At EF Academy, you will be surrounded by opportunities to be a leader. The ability to take initiative and inspire your peers to reach a common goal is a skill that will prove valuable wherever you go. Cultivate your innovative ideas, enhance your open-mindedness and collaborate with other motivating individuals at our schools and beyond. Be a changemaker Student Council and Model United Nations conferences will give you the chance to harness the power of the leadership skills you develop to motivate and support your classmates as you gain confidence and expand your worldviews. EF’s Global Leadership Summit is another opportunity that you will have the chance to participate in. This leadership conference brings together high school students from around the world for two days of collaboration, seminars and presentations from keynote speakers. These transformative opportunities will not only change your life, they will also empower you to positively lead and influence those around you.

LEADERSHIP AT EF ACADEMY On-campus Clubs: >> Student Council >> Gender Equality Club >> Nicaragua Club >> Environmental Club >> Community Service Club >> Model United Nations >> Animal Rescue Club >> Human Rights Club

Make a difference Helping others in your immediate environment or the community surrounding your school will make you stand out as a leader at EF Academy. Take advantage of your strength in certain subjects to tutor your peers and help them understand the material; or take part in volunteer projects beyond your campus to learn more about your host country and make a difference in your community or in someone’s life.

>> Law Club

Activities & Events: >> Global Leadership Summit >> Model United Nations conferences >> Volunteer and fundraising opportunities in local community >> Duke of Edinburgh’s Award >> Build houses in Nicaragua >> Various student committees >> Orientation Mentorship Program

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“I have gained many good friends from all over the world, especially through the sports I played. My best moment was definitively when our football team won the league. By attending EF Academy I have strongly improved my academic skills and motivation for further studies. I’m happy and grateful for this opportunity.” Peder Volden Snekvik, Norway IB Diploma EF Academy New York

Your Next Steps Each term, EF Academy seeks to enroll eager, curious and motivated students from all corners of the world. If you are ready for a transformative high school experience, we want to hear from you. Visit a campus, meet us in your country or connect with us online to start your academic adventure.

Your Next Steps

Course Dates & Costs 2019/2020

New York Campus

Oxford Campus







Grades 9 & 10

USD 11,750

USD 35,250

IB Diploma

GBP 10,250

GBP 30,750

Grades 11 & 12

USD 13,667

USD 41,000


GBP 10,250

GBP 30,750

Preparation Course

USD 8,950

USD 26,850

Preparation Course

GBP 7,375

GBP 22,125

Pre-IB Summer Course (3 weeks)

USD 6,250

Pre-IB Summer Course (3 weeks)

GBP 4,250



Triple room in residence

USD 3,000

USD 9,000

Shared room in residence

GBP 1,995

GBP 5,985

Twin room in residence

USD 4,395

USD 13,185

Single room in residence

GBP 3,325

GBP 9,975

Single room in residence

USD 5,495

USD 16,485

Twin room in host family



Single ensuite room in residence

USD 6,495

USD 19,485

Single room in host family

GBP 495

GBP 1,485




USD 50


GBP 35

Enrollment Deposit

USD 350

Enrollment Deposit

GBP 250

IGCSE Grade 10 Exam

USD 375

IB Diploma Year 2 Exam

GBP 495

IB Diploma Grade 12 Exam

USD 855

A-Level Year 2 Exam

GBP 195

IB Certificates Grade 12 Exam

USD 495

Student Health & Wellness

GBP 60

GBP 180

Student Health & Wellness

USD 95

USD 285

Student Clubs & Activities

GBP 265

GBP 795

Student Clubs & Activities

USD 395

USD 1,185

Materials & Books

GBP 150

GBP 450

Materials & Books

USD 275

USD 825

OPTIONAL COSTS >> Airport Transfer (first arrival) >> Spring Break Accommodation (triple room) >> Spring Break Accommodation (single room)

USD 170 USD 700 USD 950

OPTIONAL COSTS >> Airport Transfer (first arrival) >> Spring Break Accommodation (shared room)

GBP 105 GBP 500

INCLUDED IN COURSE COSTS >> Erika Travel Insurance Coverage & Erika Sports Supplement** >> Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided Monday to Friday, brunch and dinner provided on weekends

INCLUDED IN COURSE COSTS >> Twin room in host family included >> Erika Travel Insurance Coverage & Erika Sports Supplement* >> For all students: Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided Monday to Friday, brunch and dinner provided on weekends (either on campus or in host family)

*H ost family accommodation is unavailable for the New York campus, all students live in the on-campus residences ** Not applicable for US residents

* Not applicable for US residents



Torbay Campus

School Year Structure




GBP 8,750

GBP 26,250

IB Diploma

GBP 8,750

GBP 26,250


GBP 8,750

GBP 26,250

Preparation Course**

GBP 6,575

GBP 19,725

Pre-IB Summer Course (3 weeks)

GBP 4,250

ACCOMMODATION Shared room in residence

GBP 1,750

GBP 5,250

Twin room in host family



Single room in host family

GBP 455

GBP 1,365

Term 1: Sept.- Dec.



Enrollment Deposit

GBP 250

IGCSE Year 2 Exam

GBP 210

IB Diploma Year 2 Exam

GBP 495

A-Level Year 2 Exam

GBP 195

Student Health & Wellness

GBP 60

GBP 180

Student Clubs & Activities

GBP 265

GBP 795

Materials & Books

GBP 150

GBP 450

Term 2: Jan.- March


September Start: IGCSE US High School Diploma IB Diploma A-Levels Preparation Course

January Start: IGCSE US High School Diploma Preparation Course

April Start: Preparation Course GBP 215 GBP 390 GBP 1,125

INCLUDED IN COURSE COSTS >> Twin room in host family included >> Erika Travel Insurance Coverage & Erika Sports Supplement*** >> For all students, breakfast and dinner provided Monday to Friday, brunch and dinner provided on weekends * IGCSE students are required to stay in residence (accommodation not included in tuition) ** Preparation Course students under 16 are required to stay in residence (accommodation not included in tuition) *** Not applicable for US residents

Term 3: April- June

OPTIONAL COSTS >> Airport Transfer (first arrival) >> Spring Break Accommodation (shared room) >> Lunch card (per year)

June Start: Preparation Course


Start your Journey

Applying to EF Academy is relatively simple. Complete and submit an application. Pay attention to and meet application deadlines. Make sure we receive all material required for your application to be complete. Follow the detailed steps below to start your academic journey with us.

Submit your application

Attend an Admissions Interview

You can complete your application online at, or contact your local admissions office

We take a holistic approach to admissions, taking into account your school grades, your interests and your personal, academic and career goals. The admissions interview will help us get a good idea of what you hope to accomplish at EF Academy, and beyond. We look for open-minded students who are committed to succeeding academically, excited to engage in their new surroundings and prepared to broaden their horizons in an international environment.

>> Official school transcripts >> A scan of your passport >> Certificates confirming your English proficiency if English is not your native language >> An academic reference (optional) >> Short answers to questions that ask about your academic goals and interests


Facebook: efacademy

Instagram: EFAcademylife

Take an Admissions test

Prepare for departure

During the application process, you might be asked to take an additional admissions test (Math test, Cognitive Abilities Test or Secondary School Admissions Test) that will assess your strengths and weaknesses and identify your learning preferences so that we can offer you the appropriate support and instruction to ensure you maximize your potential at EF Academy.

Once you are accepted, we will work together with you and your family to prepare for a successful start to the school year. Part of the preparations include local events and meetings with current and new students, obtaining your student visa, and helping you find and book your flight.

Snapchat: efacademy

Youtube: efacademy


Fast Track to Hult Earn a degree at the global business school

Students who successfully complete an academic program at EF Academy may qualify for fast-track admission to the Bachelor’s Degree program at Hult International Business School.

Why Hult? By bringing together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world, Hult is dedicated to providing you with a transformative educational experience. It’s an inspiring atmosphere that will encourage you to embrace challenges and realize for yourself that anything you can dream, you can do.

Program overview >> Choice of 3 home campuses: London, Boston, or San Francisco. With summer programs in Dubai and Shanghai. >> Flexible course length: 3- or 4-year options and options to further accelerate your degree. >> Inspiring faculty, who bring real-world business experience into the classroom and hail from over 45 countries. >> Experiential learning: utilizing case studies, simulations, and real clients, allowing you to put classroom theory into practice and gain invaluable business skills and experience. >> Career development opportunities from day one.

Real-companies in your classroom At Hult, we focus on making your learning practical and putting your skills to the test. Each year you’ll be challenged to solve real business problems for companies such as: >> UBS >> Amazon Launchpad >> Unilever >> Google >> Credit Suisse


“There is an innovative mindset that surrounds me here. I can think about extraordinary things, seemingly impossible things, and the attitude is always the same: nothing is impossible.” Giovanni Martinez Dominican, Class of 2020

The Hult-EF Academy Scholarship The Hult-EF Academy Scholarship recognizes exceptional first-year students at Hult who have graduated from EF Academy. The scholarship is awarded to students who will bring a unique global perspective to the school community through their international experiences or multilingualism. Hult-EF Academy Scholars are characterized by: >> Open-mindedness >> Exposure to other cultures >> Curiosity about the world Recipients of this scholarship receive $2,000 USD each academic year. For a four-year program this scholarship would be worth $8,000 USD; for a three-year program this scholarship would be worth $6,000 USD. >> Find out more:

Other EF Programs EF Language Courses Abroad

(Ages 16-18)

EF Language Courses Abroad

(Ages 18+)

Learn a language, explore a beautiful city and make international friends at one of our 50 destinations around the globe - you can start any Monday. Study for 2-52 weeks and boost your skills while you familiarise yourself with a new culture.

Learn a language faster abroad - study at one of our accredited campuses, prepare for an official exam and make guaranteed progress while you enjoy an exciting new city. Choose from 9 languages in 50 destinations and study from anywhere between 2-52 weeks.



EF Academic Year Abroad

(Ages 17+)

EF Educational Tours

Gain complete fluency in a new language and live like a local on a 6-, 9-, or 11- month study abroad program. Prepare for an official language exam, or equip yourself with the international work experience you need to launch your global career.

Teacher-led international tours take your students out of their comfort zones and into an experience that makes them more open-minded, more confident, and ready for life in our increasingly interconnected world.



Experience the summer of a lifetime Language Travel Ages 10-14 and 15-17

• Our all-inclusive courses combine language studies with exciting activities and excursions, so you can learn a new language and explore your dream destination. • Improve your language skills with fun interactive lessons. • Travel in an escorted group and make friends from around the world. • Experience a new country and culture. >> Visit us online at:

Feel the high school spirit Spend a once-in-a-lifetime year as a high school student in a public school in the US, UK or Ireland and learn how to master the English language as you experience everyday life in a different country. Live with a host family, discover a new culture and make lifelong friends from across the globe. Available for students aged 14 to 18. >> Visit us online at:

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