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EF REACH IN ACTION With the summer months bringing the heat and humidity in Shenzhen, EF Reach saw many changes and growth. One of our largest changes was the departure of Nick Boles, our co-founder, from China. While leaving the program - and especially the amazing children - was extremely challenging, Nick couldn’t be more confident in our new EF Reach co-coordinators, Paul Chan of SZ4 and Jed Holtzman of SZ3. Their passion and enthusiasm for the program is unparalleled, and there is no question that under their leadership, Reach will continue to be a staple in the Shenzhen community. In addition Summer Highlights • New leadership - Paul Chan & Jed Holtzman are now EF Reach Cocoordinators • Continued fundraising initiatives to include more volunteers and improve programming

to our leadership changes, Reach was also lucky to welcome an international volunteer with a background in helping children globally. While the summer brings increased hours at work for many of our volunteers, they have maintained their dedication to the children at Min’Ai & Starlight. EF Reach has been able to utilize some of our fundraising dollars to allow for easier access to the centers, increasing volunteer rates over the past two months. June and July have been a time for heavy volunteer recruitment and publicity - with program highlights expected in EF China’s 20th Anniversary publication. We are looking forward to getting back into our regular routine in August. • International volunteer support from Germany at Min’Ai • Volunteer feature in the Shenzhen Daily, highlighting Anastasia’s visit • Child recognition of regular volunteers at Starlight & Min’Ai

International REACH In July, we were incredibly happy to welcome a visiting philanthropist from Germany who learned of EF Reach online and was eager to help the children at Min’Ai. Communication over the past few months leading up to her visit to Shenzhen allowed Anastasia to get a good handle on our program and what to expect from the children. We are so thankful for her interest and enthusiasm, and are incredibly proud of our international reach!

• Educational and training materials in production for our volunteers highlighting the unique aspects of the children we reach

Paul Chan | Jed Holtzman | EF Reach Coordinators

EF Reach - Summer 2013  
EF Reach - Summer 2013  

Highlighting details of our summer season with EF Reach