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If there is one word to describe the month of February for EF Reach as a program it would be: promotion. Whether through information sessions, new marketing techniques, Center documentation or even international attention, EF Reach is proving to be a lasting and integral part of EF in Shenzhen.


Through the Eyes of...

Leya Wan (SZ4, Volunteer) Nervous, excited and a little bit worried... with mixed feelings, I was on my way to the center. The moment we opened the door, I was released. Although they still need the help of volunteers, I could see the happiness from their faces. Most them already know how to respond to ‘how are you?’ in English. When we were running around, the kids really surprised me. They held my hand. I felt I was being trusted by those little angels. All kids are angels, but maybe some are made different so they can get more care and love from people.

February marked a new lunar year in China, and with it a newfound push for EF Reach. With the steady routine at Min’Ai successfully in place, February brought an opportunity to dedicate a solid amount of time to promotion and expansion of the program. We are happy to say that through presentations and new promotional materials in both English & Chinese, EF Reach has received a significant amount of new publicity. The power of the internet was also seen this month,

when we received notes from strangers in Germany who had learned of what we’re doing and were eager to offer support! Our promotional efforts were also equally matched by Min’Ai itself, as they included our program and work in their annual report. But alas, this month has also been all about the kids! We are seeing tremendous social growth, as well as improved motor skills and greater attention spans. Not only that, but upon each visit we are finding the recall of vocabulary (and especially songs) has dramatically increased.

Shane Cunningham | Nicholas Boles | EF Reach Coordinators

EF Reach February 2013 Newsletter  

Highlighting EF Reach's progress in February - specifically our public affairs

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